everyday lies

She’s thirteen,
and the word rolls off her tongue
like it’s nothing–practiced–
she’s said it before, even if she knows she shouldn’t.
She freezes just as soon as she’s said it,
the tip of her pencil ceasing to move against the canvas.
“Don’t tell Mom and Dad.”

She’s fourteen,
Johnny’s over and he’s not supposed to be here
when Mom and Dad aren’t home.
They’re sitting in the middle of the room,
colorful paper littering the floor around them,
and they both look up at me when I enter.
“Don’t tell Mom and Dad.“

She’s fifteen.
Her first boyfriend turned out to be a jerk.
He’s been sending her messages everyday,
making up lies and calling her things he shouldn’t.
She tries to laugh it off–pretend it’s just a joke,
but we both know that it’s been eating away at her.
“Don’t tell Mom and Dad.”

I’m nineteen, she’s fifteen,
and I’ve just spilled red juice all over the carpet.
For a moment, neither of us move,
both too shocked to react as the stain sets in.
She’s the first to move, ripping a handful of paper towels
off the roll and sending me wink and a smile.
“Don’t tell Mom and Dad.”

I’m nineteen, she’s sixteen,
and we’re driving home from the grocery store,
headlights reflecting off a street sign
and a carton of ice cream freezing against my thigh,
when she tells me she likes this boy,
but he’s two years older and says that he likes her too.
“Don’t tell Mom and Dad.”

Still nineteen,
and we’re sitting in an empty Chinese restaurant
waiting for our order to arrive,
when I casually mention that
I like boys but I like girls too.
Her eyes widen as they meet mine.
“Don’t tell Mom and Dad.”

—  These are the things we keep to ourselves. //
Life is Strange: Polarized

If Max gets a bad ending:

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If Max has to die:

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If Jefferson somehow gets away with everything:

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If Nathan isn’t redeemed:

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If Nathan is killed:

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If Nathan gets a horrible ending:

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If Nathan doesn’t get a good ending no matter what you do:

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If Chloe dies. Again.:

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If there’s no way to save Chloe:

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If Warren gets hurt in any way:

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If Samuel gets hurt in any way:

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If PriceField/GrahamField isn’t made canon depending on player choice:

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If the storm destroys the city:

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If we have to rewind back to episode one and let Nathan kill Chloe, making all our choices useless:

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Poem for Virgo♍

Yes you
Are the chosen one in our imperfect world
You are here to fix the broken, to light the darkness with the touch of a finger
But you have a curse on you too
You are not perfect
No one will ever be
Like you
But you will never be
Like anyone else too
Working yourself off everyday to find the lies in everyone’s heart
Judging every inch of their soul with your naked eyes
And finally you realize
There’s no point in it
Cuz in the end
When everything becomes perfect
The broken glass shards
Will be your insecurity

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