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The Barbie Fashionistas Guide

Because I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE ELSE. This is the guide for the names of each Barbie Fashionistas character (post 2015 reboot).

This isn’t a perfect guide. It’s a work in progress. I’m posting both the official and theorized names for the characters and molds. I’ll try to keep the post updated as new dolls are released, so bookmark this if you need it, I guess. Message me if you know the name of a head mold for any of these dolls.

This is a very long post, and not all the images are great quality.

UPDATE!: On January 28, 2016, Mattel released 3 new body types for their fashionistas line.

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I redressed Denim & Dazzle in some of Boho Fringe’s extra clothes.  I also pierced her ears, added bracelets, and  the necklace.  The necklace is from Everyday Chic.  I previously added some paint to it (it was all silver before), intending Everyday Chic to wear it, but then decided to give her a different necklace from a fashion pack.  I’m glad I found a good use for it here :)


[Request] Anonymous 

I based the outfits on what their ideal types would wear on an average day.

I said I wouldn’t do outfits, but I wouldn’t have been able to explain it fully without references. I also didn’t go as detailed as I usually would on outfits, since I didn’t have much time.


I feel he would like a very feminine girl who often wore many types of dresses. He said that he liked girls that were similar to puppies, so I chose a looser dress since puppies are easy-going and cute. I think he would like a girl who dressed natural with an effortless and approachable style.


He’s said many times that he would like a girl that was similar to him. So I think a strong, independent and also slightly edgy street style is something that he would like. He seems to like a lot of monochromatic colors (black, grey, white), colors that wouldn’t attract the attention of most people, but would be filled with swag


I think he would like a girl who could dress feminine, but at the same time remain casual with loose fitting materials. He would prefer if a girl wore clothes that weren’t overly sexy, since, as we all know, he gets flustered very easily and would like her to wear things she could goof around in. Because who knows when he’ll burst into one of his silly moods.


He would like an easy going girl as well. I think he’d want his ideal type to dress similarly to him with an everyday chic style. He’d like her to wear street clothes that is down to earth, but gives off the vibe that she cares about her appearance.

I hope you enjoyed this! And thanks again for the request.