everyday is black history

I’m always surprised at how far the writers are allowed to go on Black-ish. And they REALLY go for it. I guess they figure they might be cancelled at any moment but they’re gonna leave a mark. They’re gonna bring up these rarely discussed topics. They’re gonna make people uncomfortable. They’re gonna be able to say they tried to educate folks on black history and the everyday black experience. If people didn’t listen, it’s on them. We have this out here, right now and it’s so important. If you’re choosing to remain ignorant… well that’s on you.

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. reacts in St. Augustine, Fla., after learning that the senate passed the civil rights bill, June 19, 1964.


this is why bleached, white washed, lying history is so dangerous and why things like black history month is so critical. 

and remember, everyday is black history month because everyday is white erasure day. 


To commemorate Black History Month, everyday I will be posting a Black or Brown skinned anime character from our favorite anime shows!


To kick off the month right we have:

Princess of the Tenshiheisōban : Yoruichi Shihōin‼️

From the anime Bleach, She’s smart, witty, some might even says she’s “catty”. You can find out more about her, by watching all 15 seasons of #bleach on Crunchyroll ‼️ 

Which Dark Skinned Anime character we should celebrate tomorrow?! COMMENT BELOW‼️

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