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32, klance

32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

Just a warning. I thought this was a given considering the prompt, but angst ahead. Happy ending tho.

Lance remembered imagining space to be something magical, dark but full of color, where his knuckles wouldn’t bleed after being slapped with rulers, where his possibly dying mother wouldn’t feel alone, where she wouldn’t have to force a smile towards him. He used thought space was pink, he thought that when the sun was out, when no one on Earth could see, flowers bloomed in ways that he never could. Space was where his sister said she could love someone and love herself at the same time without their parents permission.

“What the ever living fuck was that, Lance?”

Keith’s voice was harsh against his ears, but he deserved it; admitting that is the problem. Admitting that space was not full of flowers, not full of his father’s laughter, not full of his mother. Space, as Lance experienced it, was nothing but blue.

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O Mama Don't You Cry - Zach Werenski

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Notes: look its not a smut for once (and ima wait on a few smuts, write a few non-smuts for you all then post bc :) ) but yeah, here’s a sUPER cute Zach Werenski one and its a lil fluffy with a bit of a grumpy zach so be excited!! also i feel like my titles have nothing to do with the story and im sorry

Warnings: Mentions of underage drinking

Mentions: Dylan Larkin, Jack Eichel, Auston Matthews, Noah Hanifin, Charlie McAvoy, a few more

Requested By @werenzki (also check out her imagines bc if you have time to binge-read, would definitely recommend!!): I’d love who when the reader is at some party or something and she’s interested in zach werenski but he thinks she’s into Dylan Larkin so he gets sort of awkward and jealous but by the end of the night she turns her attention to Zach and it’s all cute and stuff..

Up Next: idk its a surprise y’all

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Life | Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: angst and fluff (!!!)

Words: 1,637

Summary: The reader and Daryl go out on a run whilst in Alexandria. He never speaks to her and she never speaks to him but wants too. The reader almost gets bitten by a walker whilst thinking about her past life and the following things occur. (Disclaimer: the reader is a lot younger than Daryl - about 22) 

A/N: Hey gang! I have so many ship requests so I thought I’d change the layout of my blog again because it’s stocking up with ship requests! I hope you all are well and pls don’t butcher me on daryl bc it’s my first time writing him. thanks!! 

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Daryl Dixon was a strange character. He barely spoke to anyone who was relatively new. The only people he spoke to frequently were Rick and Carol and you knew that was because he knew those two the longest out of everyone. 

You two had had minor interactions, if you could call them interactions. You once went over to garage at Aaron’s place to give him a bit of your water because you’d realised he’d been out there for so long and he was probably going to get heatstroke. The only thing he said to was, “Hm, thanks,” and a nod of the head. You knew deep down that he wouldn’t have had a full conversation with you there and then but it would’ve been nice. 

It was odd for you because he was the one who saved you outside the walls. You had come into an altercation with a couple of men and these men thought it was alright to be suggestive towards you. They came onto you but didn’t get too far as the men were taken down by two arrows, through the head. He then proceeded to tell you his name and that he had a camp. The rest was history. 

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Veronica X Reader : Love is a Battlefield

Fandom : Riverdale
Ship : Veronica X Reader
Notes : This might be a oneshot or it could turn into something more

Reader is Veronica’s girlfriend, and their 3 year anniversary is coming up. Reader is a vigilante and when she doesn’t show up for their date, Veronica freaks out and breaks up with her.



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Forever//Daryl Dixon

Info: y/n is split up from the survivors and her boyfriend, Daryl. She is lost on her on and in the country, surviving on almost nothing other than hope she’ll find them again. When she is finally reunited, she isn’t the same.

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sexual abuse and abuse

It was a mess, panic, walkers, gunfire. The governor had blown up the prison and y/n happened to lose the rest of the group. She had been alone for months on end, seeing signs of sanctuary, the closer she got, the signs changed. ‘No sanctuary’ is what she read. She sighed and moved on down the tracks.

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For @jodiereedus22 😘

You’d been captured along with Herschel and Michonne, and now here you were, in the back of a van being taken somewhere to be killed. You all had bags over your heads so you had no idea where you were going. The van comes to an abrupt stop which throws you all forwards, unable to cushion yourselves as your hands are tied behind your backs. The muffled sounds of the governor talking make their way through the van windows.
“Who’s he talking to?” Michonne asks.
“I don’t know, can’t quite make the voice out,” you reply.
“I think it’s Rick,” Herschel says.
“We’re back at the prison?” You gasp. Suddenly the van doors open and Herschel is dragged out, followed shortly by Michonne, then you. The three of you are kneeling facing the prison you imagine, and your thoughts are confirmed once the bags are ripped off of your heads at the same time. The light blinds you and it takes a while to adjust and see Rick standing the other side of the fence, the others back up by the prison, watching intently. You see Daryl lower his gun as he realises you are one of the hostages.
“We need you out,” the governor bellows.
“We can work this out, live together, the prison’s big enough,” Rick tries to compromise.
“Rick, I don’t think you’re taking me seriously. Do you want to see how serious I am?” Before Rick can answer, a gun shot rings out right next to you and you duck your head down instinctively. As you go to look up, an intense pain runs through your body and suddenly everyone from the prison starts shooting.
“AH!” You shout as you move.
“(Y/N)!” Michonne calls out, looking down at the blood starting to soak through your top. Someone comes up behind you and cuts your ropes, then in the confusion you all run off in different directions, Michonne aiming for the governor and you trying to find somewhere to see what damage has been done. You find your way to the edge of the trees that line the edge of the prison and lean yourself against a tree to take a look at your wound. You can see where the bullet went in, then feel around your back for an exit wound, but soon realise it’s inside you. Suddenly a walker comes at you and you manage to step out of the way as it falls forward and onto the ground. You stamp on its head, crying with pain as you do, but knowing it’s the only way. You limp further into the trees, hearing the commotion still happening behind you and wishing that Daryl was with you right now.
After a while you find a road, and sit down on a fallen tree, deciding this is the best place to try and patch yourself up. You get your knife out and feel inside the small wound to figure out how deep the bullet is. You stick the knife in and dig it out, sweating pouring down your face as you do. As the bullet falls out, you let out a scream and fall to the ground.

“What was that?” Glenn asks, hearing a scream in the distance.
“Someone’s in trouble,” Tara replies.
“Come on!” Glenn shouts as they both run towards where the noise came from. They get to the stretch of road where you’re laying unconscious at the side.
“Hello,” Glenn calls out.
“What’s that?” She asks, pointing to what looks like a body on the grass verge. They approach with caution until Glenn recognises your outfit.
“(Y/N)! (Y/N), can you hear me?” He gasps as he drops down to your side and checks your pulse.
“Is she okay? Is she breathing?”
“Yeah, there’s a pulse,” Glenn nods, looking down at your knife on the ground and the bloodstained bullet next to it. Tara follows his eyes and gasps.
“Did she take it out herself?”
“Must have done. I’ve gotta dress that wound before it gets infected,” Glenn says, “keep a look out for walkers.” He takes a rucksack off his back and sets it down beside you, then gets out a small first aid kit and starts cleaning you up.
“All done, but we can’t move her until she wakes up,” he looks around, worried, then a truck comes along the road, a large man with ginger hair and a cigar hanging out of his mouth leaning out of the window.
“Y'all know the way to Washington?” He calls out to Glenn and Tara. With that they strike up a conversation and apart from having to go off on a mission to Washington for the scientist guy Eugene, they were willing to help with transporting you to a safer place. About a day or so after loading you into the back of the truck you start waking up. Tara leans over you and you look at her confused, not knowing who she was.
“She’s awake!” She calls out to Glenn.
“(Y/N)! It’s me, Glenn,” he says, rushing it your side and smiling down at you.
“Glenn? What’s-? Where am I?” You croak out as Tara hands you a bottle of water and Glenn helps you sit up. A searing pain shoots through your side and you remember getting shot.
“The governor, he attacked the prison, everyone scattered and we found you at the side of the road passed out,” he explains, “Abraham, Rosita and Eugene found us and are willing to take us to a safe place. There have been signs for somewhere called Terminus, maybe our group have seen them too. It’s our best bet.”
“Okay, that’s a lot to take in right now,” you exhale, trying to breathe deeply through the pain.
“Oh, and this is Tara,” he finishes.
“Hi,” she says shyly.
“Hello,” you smile, thinking that you recognise her from somewhere.
“She was with the governor, but she’s not like that, he brainwashed a lot of people to think we were something we weren’t,” Glenn says.
“Ah. Thought I recognised you,” you nod.

Days go by in the truck. Tara helps you change your dressing and you get to know the three people who picked you up. Rosita can be a bit blunt sometimes, but she’s harmless enough, Eugene is quiet but seems to be a human encyclopaedia, and Abraham is a loud mouthed man with a great sense of humour. You were nearing Terminus and Glenn had found signs that Maggie had written on, indicating that she was heading there too.
“What do you think we’ll find when we get there?” You ask the group.
“Chances are these people have food, shelter and water if they’re inviting people in. But then again, telling people where you are leads you to be vulnerable, especially in this world-” Eugene rambles.
“Oh come on, just have some faith for once,” Rosita chimes in.
“If Maggie gets there before us, I hope she’s okay,” Glenn sighs. The closer you get, the more nervous you all become. Everyone had trust issues these days, and it was a scary thing meeting new people. Just thinking about what happened with the governor makes you feel sick. You hit a blockage and Glenn and Tara get out to check a tunnel. You stay in the truck, still recovering from your injury, and keep checking how many minutes are going past, worrying that something has happened to them. Some time later, you hear chattering coming towards the van, and a voice that you hadn’t heard in weeks.
“Is she okay?” The female voice asks.
“She’s getting better each day,” Glenn replies. The van door flings open and Maggie stands there, one hand on her hip and one interlinked with Glenn’s.
“(Y/N)!” She squeals, jumping into the van and rushing over to you. She squeezes you tightly and you wince, then she quickly lets go and apologises.
“Maggie! I can’t believe they found you!”
“Didn’t ya know I put a tracker on Glenn back at the farm. Can’t ever get away from me that boy,” she laughs.
“Hey, what are you two laughing about?” Glenn asks.
“Maggie’s just helping me feel better,” you smile.
“On to Terminus then?” Maggie asks.
“It’s the only chance we have of finding some of our group,” Glenn nods, “lets go!”

The greeting to Terminus is strangely friendly and you all immediately have a bad feeling about this place as soon as Gareth opens his mouth. That’s when you see Daryl’s crossbow being carried around by someone. You nudge Maggie and nod over in the direction of the weapon. She nods to you, then gets Glenn’s attention. As soon as you three are aware, they catch on and throw you all in to a dark train carriage, then lock the door behind you. There’s a small slither of light that shows there’s other people in here and Abraham is first to speak up.
“Who’s there?” He bellows, using his voice to scare whoever it is. You and Maggie come up either side of him and then a face appears. A fave that you thought you’d never see again, a face that you missed so much everyday it made you cry during the night.
“Daryl?” You whisper, barely audible.
“(Y/N),” he gasps, voice breaking as he realises you’re alive, “I thought ya were dead.” His arms wrap tightly around you, squeezing you against his chest. You cry out in pain and he loosens his grip.
“Sorry, still hurts,” you whisper, looking up into his tear stained eyes.
“I wish I’d ‘ave been there,” he breathes, tears finally falling down his cheeks. You start to cry as well and bury your head in his chest as you hear Glenn explaining to Abraham who Daryl was.
“…and he’s (Y/N)’s boyfriend,” Glenn says.
“Husband,” Daryl corrects, looking over your shoulder at him.
“Shit, sorry, forgot. Husband,” Glenn apologises.
“How did ya get out?” Daryl asks, turning his attention back to you, soaking his tshirt with tears.
“I ran into the woods, got the bullet out but fainted and it was pure luck that Glenn and Tara found me,” you answer.
“What happened to you?”
“Nothin’ for ya to worry about. Found Rick, Carl and Michonne on ma way 'ere though,” he mumbles into your hair, then kisses your head. You knew he was keeping something from you, but decided not to push it in this tiny container you were stuck in. With Daryl by your side, you knew everything was going to be alright now.


Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat

Summary: (Soulmate AU) A year after the death of his parents, Dan finds that the only reason he’s able to get up in the mornings is because of the ring on his finger - the one that beats to the rhythm of his soulmate’s heart. Soon enough, Dan finds another reason to wake up in the mornings. And he supposes that’s due to a kind stranger who keeps invading his thoughts.

A/N: I think it’s been a month since I last uploaded a fic, so here’s a soulmate au for ya! Hopefully it’s not as garbage as my last one. Enjoy! :)

Warnings: alcohol use/mention, thoughts and mentions of suicide, slight depression, it has a happy ending i swear

Word Count: 9,189

Read on ao3! (Where there are italics for better emphasis which you won’t find on here because I’m not reading through and italicizing certain words who has time for that.

Dan was tired.

As he sat upon the roof to the carpark, downing his last bottle of beer, he just wanted it to all be over. To let his eyes slip closed, the darkness welcoming him with open arms.

He took the final swig, and chucked the glass bottle forward, listening to his crash into the earth with a shattering noise.

“That could be my bones,” he muttered to himself, letting the tears stream silently from his eyes. They were cold against his cheeks, almost freezing as they reached his chin and dripped off.

Yes, Dan was tired. But he would never slip too far. No matter how many times he begged God, no matter how many times he looked up at the night sky, and wished to be among the stars. Because deep down, there was someone who would be sad to see him go. Even if they didn’t know him.

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Everyday I Love Ya

“Bill, do you think I’m fat?”

Stan paused where he stood (about ten feet away from the clubhouse, hidden behind a tree with a book of birds clutched to his chest). He leaned around so that he could just see the two lone figures in the grass.

Bill and Eddie were sitting across from one another, a deck of cards between them and a pile of change to Bill’s right. Bill had lowered his cards, frowning. “W-What do you m-mean, Eddie?”

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Imagine- being barely legal and in love with Daryl

You’ve been with the group quite sometime. They have found you in the woods, starving and almost dead. They brought you with them in Prison and took care of you. It passed almost one year since then and it didn’t pass on any single day that you are not thankful for the family you’ve been given. 
Everybody accepted you very quickly, probably because you were very young and very loyal to the comunity. Rick literally adopted you to his family, embracing you as his child.So, you made really strong bro-sis bond with Carl, and also he was your best friend, beside Beth and Maggie. Although, you were 17, you promised yourself you weren’t gonna ruin this second chance life gave you. You practiced a lot, every day, go on runs, do laundry and prepared food. You loved this people so much so you give all of yourself to contribute. And even though you loved all of them, you loved one person just a little bit more (or different). Daryl Dixon. He was the one to spot you in the woods. He carried you in his arms when you were barely breathing, He made sure you eat everyday till you got better. Than, he helped you with training, spending all his free time with you. When you went on your first run, he was so protective, giving you space, but never took eyes of you. It was so easy to fall in love him and it happend so naturally. But..You could never let him know that. He would probably get mad or run from you. The age gap between you was almost 20 years. And what could some inexperienced girl like you give to him? 
Those thoughts run trough your mind every single day and somehow it was harder and harder to keep your mood in check. You couldn’t say it even to your best friends.  
Whenever you saw him, your day instantly got better and you couldn’t stop smiling. He cared about you, and you knew it. He would tease you or tickle you, but only when you’re alone. And you knew that is too much of expresing love and care for a person like Daryl. But those moments with him made you even more sad. You couldn’t shake the feeling that he see you as a kid or worse- a little sister. 
Being in love is so complicated. Being in love with someone so unreachable is even worse. 
Your 18th birthday was approaching, and you almost forget about it. Living in a world of deads have tendency to make you forget about all those things. So when Maggie, Beth and Carl broke in your room at midnight with  cake, you were so suprised. You started to cry and laugh. 
- ,,I love you guys, so much. I.. I… I don’t even know what to say. ‘‘ You started to sob. 
They all hold you in a hug. Carl was the first to let go. He took some of whipped cream and throw it on your cheek. You started to laugh even harder, now completely stopped crying. You compose yourself after Maggie and Beth let go and stopped attacking your face with kisses. 
- ,, You need to make a wish’‘, Maggie said bringing you a single candle. Carl started to giggle and said: ,,You know, tonight is a full moon,so it can became truth’‘. You closed your eyes and imagined Daryls lips on yours. Suddenly, you opened your eyes and blew so hard smiling. 
-,, Here, its your present. From all of us. And you need to wear it now.. Party is just getting started’’, Beth said.
-,, What party? What.. I…’’
You were interupted with Ricks appearance in the doorway. -,, Do you really think that I would let my daughters birthday to pass without the party?’’, he smirked and started walking towards you. He pulled you into hug and kissed your temple. ,, Happy birthday, my lil badass. You are a grown up, now.’’ You started to cry again and hugged him harder. ,,Thank you! Thank you! I love you, Dad!’’, you weeped. 
.. Come on, guys, party girl needs to get ready. And if she continues to cry, she will drown entire comunity’’, Maggie joked. 
You were left alone to get dressed. The present from Maggie, Beth and Carl was a beautiful- white summer dress with straps that crossed at the back. There was just a little of cleavage, but it fit your breasts perfectly. It was tight around waist, and flare around your thighs. It was a little shorter for your taste, but in the world like this, you coudln’t be picky. You put your curly hair down and put some mascara. When you turned around to look yourself in the mirror, you were shocked.. You haven’t looked that cute and dressed up in years. Then it came into your mind… Daryl will see you like this. You couldn’t stop smiling as you stepped out of your room and started walking down the stairs to the living room. Your stomach started to ache when you heard voices. 
When you stepped on the last stair, the voices stopped. You entered the room and everybody started to sing ,,Happy birthday to you.’’’ You covered your face with your hands. After they finished singing, they started approaching one by one to kiss your cheeks and hug you. Everyone except Daryl. He was nowhere to be found. Your face fall instantly, but Abraham pull you to dance to the ,,You shook me all night long’’, so you were distracted soon. Everyone was smiling and giggling and dancing. Even Rick, which was hilarious! 
But you kept your eyes wandering around room, searching for those ocean blue eyes. 
After an hour of dancing and drinking (you barely convinced your Dad to have that beer), you started to feel dizzy. You started pacing out of house and soon as you stepped on porch, you hit on something hard. You look up and your heart clenched. There they were. Those eyes you could get lost into it. You smiled like crazy and started to blush, starting to realize that he is holding your waist. 
-,, I thoutght you forgot.’’, you started to chatter. He shifted slightly, but still hold his hands on your waist. 
- ,, I would never..’’, he whispered. He pulled his hands fast and picked something from his pocket. 
-,, Here, this for ya.’’, he said giving you a small box. ,, Happy birthday, lil wolf’’. You opened it way to quickly and put your hand on your mouth when you saw it. A small bracelet with wolf pendant. He always called you ,,little wolf’’ because he found you in the woods. You eyes started tearing up and you couldn’t hold it any more…You didn’t know if this was alcohol or the whole euphoria, but it gave you enough courage. 
You looked into his eyes and before he could figure it out, your lips was on his. It was your first kiss, but you poured all your heart into it, grabbing him to his shoulders. When he didn’t respond, you tryed to pull and appologize, but just as you were about to do so, he parted his lips and his tongue found yours. One of his hands landed on the small of your back, touching your exposed skin, and the other cupped your face. You held him tight, starting to feel a little breathless. It was magic. It was everything you ever wanted and more. Both  of you started pulling away from kiss, still holding each other. 
.. - I love you, Daryl.’’, you said, shivering. 
-.. I..I… do to, princess. But..’’ You put fingers on his lips. 
-.. No, no but.. Please. Just hold me. Just kiss me.’’, you begged.
He smiled, kissing you again and pressing you hard against himself. 
When you parted again, you started to laugh and throw your arms around his neck. 
- ,, This is the best birthday present EVER!!!’’ you screamed. 
- ,, Shhhh, lil wolf. Your father is gonna kill me if he hears us..’’
- ,, Well, I believe you know just the right way to make me quiet’’, you said winking. 
He looked around and took you in his arms, walking towards the backyard. 
You looked to the full moon and smiled, resting your head in the crook of his neck. He kissed your hair line and whispered: ,, I do, lil wolf. I do.’’

Dating Namjoon would include

A/N: This kinda sucks so i might add to it later but no time rn bc work but enjoy!!!!

- buying a lot of insurance plans and Namjoon’s like, hey babe why u do that? And then he breaks the tv or some shit and you’re like…that…that’s why

- trying to give him kisses but then he gives you this ..this look, and then you’re rolling on the floor laughing and he’s still looking at you like what??? It’s called romance, look it up

- late night food runs where Namjoon’s half asleep and stares at a bag of chips for like 3 minutes with his mouth open

- buckling him in when you take him to the dorms early in the mornings while he drools on the side of the window and fogs it up lmao

- that’s the same way he comes home too

- you probably steal his clothes more than you should, and he yells at you for it but you know he doesn’t care because he likes the way you look in his tee’s

- calling your mom and then she cuts you off the ask if Namjoon has been eating well, and you’re like…anyways

- “eating your p-” “shut the hell up, jimin”

- y'all probably don’t ever go clubbing together because if you do, Namjoon broke 7 glasses, he hit a girl in her titty cause he was trying to moon walk, it’s a mess just stay home

- sitting on his lap while you guys watch your favorite movies together and his hand makes little trails up and down your back

- throwing kisses to him whenever you’re in the audience and namjoon catches them and everyone’s like ueugh u guys r so gross

- buying little icecream treats together but 5 seconds later he’s covered in chocolate, so you gotta carry around fucking wipes like he’s a baby

- him helping you study but you can’t focus on it anyways cause you’re staring at his lips and he acts so exasperated but he likes it on the dl

- sometimes his vocabulary in English will fail him and you’ll both go around trying to guess the word he was looking for

- Jin coming over to help you clean up because he understands who you live with

- opening up his computer and it’s so fucking slow and you tease him about viruses from porn and he gets all upset and in his feelings

- sometimes when you’re both falling asleep together he’ll reach over and grip you in this tight hug all night but you love it cause you feel safe

- daily texts from him even if he’s working because he’s like, dead set on not ignoring you for work and even though you tell him it’s fine, he still makes sure you know you’re #1

- having to stock up on Spider-Man band aids cause he don’t know how to not hurt himself

- you probably come home and have to kick Yoongi and him off your bed because they fell asleep from the night before

- massaging his shoulders the day he has a showcase while he sighs all dramatically because he doesn’t wanna leave you

- driving him around in the car, while he’s all in ya face singing songs and he doesn’t stop until y'all almost crash lmao

- planning trips together all the time and staring up at the stars while he tells you all his big dreams

- but then jimin almost hurts himself jumping off the roof so you have to leave him to tend to a crying baby

- his hands are always very cold so you jump whenever he touches you sometimes and namjoon thinks it’s the cutest thing ever

- namjoon bringing you giant helpings of food like you can’t even finish what he brings you but he’s still trying to fork food into your mouth lmao

- walking on the beach together until Namjoon basically trips you and you got sand in ya mouth

- bringing the boys coffee and when they all finally stop hanging off of you Namjoon’s just smiling at you because he’s not the only one who loves you and it’s important to him you get along with everyone else cause you’re a permanent part of his life

- begging him to let you listen to some of his new music and then when he finally lets you he shows you his newest song and it’s so sweet and beautiful and it almost brings you to tears and when you ask him the title he tentatively tells you it’s named after you and then you’re on the floor sobbing and namjoon doesn’t know what to do

- sometimes you get too drunk and super giggly and namjoon has to fight you from jumping off the roof this time

- “y/n, if you come down you can have kisses”

- you scrambling down and namjoon is laughing while he pulls you into his arms and carries you inside while the rest of the boys hoot and holler in the background

- your friends sniff you and then they eye you like …are U wearing his cologne….and you’re all shifty eyed like hahahahaha no what ahahha maybe

- namjoon tossing you his phone to answer and when you answer it you’re all confused but it’s Jackson on the other line like “is my buddy namjoon there?????” And he’s in the background like no, no I’m not, tell him

- smacking his lips at you like he’s sneaky whenever you tell him to pick up his clothes from the bathroom floor

- trying to take showers and then you see his head pop in like…u need some help washing ya hair??? I can assist if u need it

- fan taken photos of y'all, like it goes from cute hand holding and kisses but then they got shots of namjoon tripping you and your ass falling on the floor

- blushing whenever he tells you how beautiful you are, while jimin and Taehyung fake gag in the background

- baby kisses on his cheeks when he’s too tired to even move himself from the couch.

- reminding him everyday that he’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen while he’s just like oh stop it...but really tho?? Lmao

- being fake deep together when its like 2am outside and y’all getting all political about bread or some shit, go to bed

- namjoon the type to sleep in an “x” position and take up ALL the room and you gotta remember you love him

- having his photocards but you dont tell him, until hoseok outs you one day smh but its okay cause namjoon adores you just as much

- namjoon is such a cute little boyfriend, like there’s always that outer exterior that he tries to pretend he has but you really know he’s such a sweetheart and he shows you himself even when he’s vulnerable and you can’t contain your love for him either because your his entire moon and stars and it's 

anonymous asked:

54 with lance with reader having a mental breakdown and just completely loosing it and being aggressive but mostly at themself and crying and lance trying his best to calm them? thank u 💗

this is such an old request???? but lol here ya go!!

Every second, of everyday, you were there. You were there, but it’d never ever feel as so. You were simply an extra pawn, placed to the side during a complicated game of chess. You were the extra person, during a whimsical game of musical chairs, but you’d never get even a single chance to move toward for a seat. Everything around you, your world, was in slow motion. Theirs? They saw things in speedy flashes of light, and action. Action filled with heartily effects of pain.

Perhaps, not being apart of said action was a good thing, pain was inevitable when you were apart of it. Though, it seems pain demands to be felt when it comes to the human mind and body. Without pain, you feel nothing. And that’s exactly how you felt. Being cast aside, without even being realized that you were. Was your pain. But you wanted more, you wanted to feel this pain with others. If you didn’t share the pain, no one would get it but you, and you’d suffer so bad you’d turn numb. And what’s a body without feeling? Nothing.

You sat, arms wrapped around your knees that touched your chin. Staring at the glistening water of the pool above you. Water, it reminded you of Lance. A strong paladin who inspired you. Water, above you, as always. You had a pounding headache, it felt as though giant hands had gripped your head and began to slowly squeeze. You could pop any time depending on the pressure.

“Y/n? Why are you up so late?” The echo that ran through the large room and bounced off of the walls almost startled you. But it was soft, and kind, and landed on your ears like clouds. That was Lance, perfect even without trying.

“Wow funny question, could ask you the same.” You turned your head, peeking for only a second before looking back up at the pool. His steps echoed, the echo faded as they came closer. To a stop beside you. You looked down at them, but didn’t dare look in his eyes.

“Yeah. I guess so,” he said, taking a seat, “I’ve been having a hard time staying asleep, so I thought I’d go for a walk. How about you, why are you up?” He asked, legs criss-crossed with his forearms in his lap.

“I don’t know.” It came as a whisper. Quiet, yet, loud. He looked at you, eyes seemingly have been forever paved with concern as he frowned.

“Y/n, is-is everything okay?” You felt his hand land on your thin clothed shoulder, you flinched, and immediately snapped at him.

“Don’t touch me!” Your eyes were consumed by fire as Lance pulled back, shocked and scared by your abnormal and sudden outburst. You were never like this, you were always so sweet and kind. You held the team together, without you, they’d most likely be dead. But naturally you didn’t know that, you doubted yourself and you doubted the affection you got.

“You have to tell me what’s wrong, please.” The way his whispers carried through your head, vibrating and bouncing, broke your heart. He was desperate to hear what was wrong, and he sounded on the verge of tears and that’s not something you’d like.

“I’m mad, okay?! I’m mad, because I feel, I-I feel like you guys don’t love me! I feel worthless and I don’t see a point of being here with you guys anymore! Whenever I talk, nobody listens to me, Lance. Nobody. I- I just want someone to hear me, Lance. I just want someone to notice.” By the end of it, you had fallen into his arms and sobbed, struggling to truly get your words out clear enough. Only me, you thought, the one time you actually got to speak your mind and have someone listen, and they probably couldn’t even understand you.

“We do listen to you, we all do. Even if you think we don’t, I can promise you we do. And you aren’t worthless, alright?” He tried his best to calm you, arms wrapped around you comfortably and his hands stroking your back and your head.

“Please don’t shut me out.” He could hear your mumble muffled against his jacket as you gripped tighter. Your night ended with you crying yourself to sleep while in his arms, him carrying you to bed and staying there with you.


For the angel that is @jodiereedus22 ❤️❤️

The prison had been a beacon of hope to your group, and you’d all settled in well after the farm had burnt to the ground. You and Daryl shared a cell and you couldn’t be happier with how he was finally opening up to you. Your group had come across a town called Woodbury and their leader ‘the governor’, who wasn’t the nicest person in the world. Daryl had found his brother who he hadn’t seen since the beginning and was torn as to whether to go with him or stay with the group. You’d argued countless times about the pros and cons of each situation, not made any easier by Merle sticking his nose in your business.
“Come with us,” Daryl said one day, after a particularly bad row.
“And trust your brother with my life? I don’t think so,” you snapped, “how are you two even related?”
“Ya trust me don’t ya?”
“Of course I do. But it’s completely different to trusting him as well.”
“Please, I don’t wanna leave ya,” he begs.
“If you loved me at all then you wouldn’t!” You shout, walking out of the cell. When you get back he’s gone. You go and see Carol, she hasn’t seen him, then to Rick, he hasn’t seen him either. Glenn comes up to you and sits you down.
“(Y/N), I’m sorry, I saw Daryl leaving with Merle early this morning when I was on watch,” he says softly, “I’m so sorry.” You look at him and start to cry, he holds you and after a few minutes you suddenly run off to be on your own. Sitting by the fence, you stare at the walkers snarling and reaching for you. With the way you’re feeling right now, you want to walk into a group of them and become one. You walk right up to the fence, almost so that they can reach you. Rick watches you from the prison through binoculars and silently worries.
Over the next week, you withdraw yourself even more. Daryl hasn’t come back yet and it feels as though half of your heart is missing too. You do your chores, then disappear into the cell you used to share with him. Some of his things are still there, his smell still on the sheets. Every night you cry into his pillow, sobbing hard, your body shaking as tears stream down your face. Rick needs you on top form now that the governor is threatening to attack, so he puts you on watch on top of one of the buses for the night, to make you feel part of the group again.
Unbeknownst to you, Daryl’s returned and is helping Rick with the fences before coming to see you on watch.
“D'ya think she’ll be mad?” Daryl asks Rick as he looks over at the bus, the sun setting and illuminating your face.
“Oh yeah, really mad. But she loves you Daryl. It’ll take a long time for her to come round, you left without saying goodbye. She cries every night, I don’t think she knows we can hear,” Rick explains sadly.
“I should never have left,” Daryl bows his head as the words leave his mouth.
You look over to Rick and see someone’s with him helping with the fences. Suddenly a truck catches your eye in the distance, but as you go to signal a bullet goes straight through your shoulder, knocking you off the top of the bus and falling to the ground. Daryl sees you fall after being shot and looks to where it came from, spotting the truck as well.
“Rick! (Y/N)’s been shot! QUICK!” He shouts, running up the hill. As he gets halfway up, the truck comes belting through the gates by the bus you were on and walkers start spilling out of it. Daryl picks up speed as he knows you’re there somewhere.
“You get (Y/N), we’ll sort the dead,” Rick yells as he runs along side him and sees your group coming out of the prison to help after hearing the loud noise. Daryl gets to you just as walkers we’re closing in. He stabs the closest few and quickly slings you over his shoulder, running back inside the prison with you. Herschel is inside, unable to help with the hoard outside, but ready to assist anyone with medical attention. Daryl runs in and carefully places you down on the table in front of Herschel. He looks Daryl up and down, surprised that he’s back, then looks down to you, unconscious and with a bullet wound.
“Daryl! What happened?” Herschel asks, limping over to you.
“She… she got shot, fell off the top of the bus. Walkers… almost got her,” he stuttered.
“Get my kit from over there would you?” He asks as Daryl starts pacing. He grabs the kit and hands it over the Herschel, who sets it down next to you, then gets out some large tweezers. He digs the bullet out, cleans the wound and stitches you up, bandaging over it.
“Is she gonna be ok?” Daryl asks, biting his thumb.
“She’s lost some blood, but not too much. She’ll have a large bump on her head, but should wake up soon. We need to keep an eye on her incase she has concussion,” Herschel explains, “now I’ve got a couple of other people I need to see. Are you okay to stay with her?”
“Yeah, 'course,” Daryl mumbles, sitting down next to you. You start crying whilst asleep and Daryl wipes your tears away. This continues for the next couple of days as you lay there out cold. On day two as Daryl sleeps next to you holding your hand, you wake up with a scream as a nightmare pulls you out of unconsciousness. You lay there panting with fear, sweat dripping down your forehead, when you see Daryl’s face pop up into view, his hand going immediately to your cheek.
“(Y/N)! What’s wrong? Are ya okay?” He asks, eyes wide with shock.
“I’m… fine… is this real?” You answer between deep breaths.
“Yeah, it’s real. I’m back. Ya fell off the top of the bus when ya got shot, I saw it happen,” he rambles.
“You… you were the one with Rick.”
“I was helping him with the fences when it happened.” You went to sit up and get away from him, still affected by him leaving, but he stopped you.
“Herschel needs to check ya over before ya get up,” he says, gently laying you back down. You frown at him and say nothing as he walks off to find Herschel.
“Well hello there (Y/N), lets take a look at your head,” Herschel says, opening your eyes wide and looking into them with a light. He then moves his finger about in front of your face, your eyes following it. He asks you a few questions and then steps back and checks your dressing, making sure you hadn’t bled through.
“Okay, you seem good to go. You’re a lucky woman (Y/N), if Daryl hadn’t been there, you’d be walker bait. Take it easy, not to much bending down, and make sure you see me about your dressing everyday,” he explains.
“Thanks Herschel,” you smile.
“Don’t thank me, thank Daryl,” he chuckles, then exits to check on the wounded who helped clear the walkers. You sit up on the edge of the table, facing away from Daryl, then head up to your cell. Daryl follows, but you ignore his footsteps behind you as you enter the small room and sit on the bed looking down at the floor.
“(Y/N), I’m so sorry I left,” he starts, standing in the doorway, “I was stupid-”
“Yeah you were stupid. And heartless, and cold, and you broke my fucking heart Daryl,” you begin to sob, your shoulders shaking, then you wince in pain.
“I didn’t mean to. I love ya,” he sighs, now kneeling in front of you, between your legs and holding your thighs.
“If you loved me, you wouldn’t have left in the first place,” you cry, “leave me alone.”
“I ain’t going anywhere,” he says defiantly, “I’m staying here with ya, I know yer angry at me, but I love ya and I ain’t leaving.” You huff at his statement and lay down on the bed facing the wall. He lays down behind you and wraps an arm around your waist, then leans his head up by your ear.
“I’ve missed ya,” he whispers, hand squeezing your hip. You turn to face him and look up into his eyes.
“I can’t just forgive you that easily Daryl, you really hurt me going off without saying a word,” you say sternly.
“I know, and I’m sorry, I wish I’d never done it. I regretted it as soon as I stepped out of the fences.”
“Why didn’t you come back?”
“It’s a long story, but I’m here now, and I promise ya I’ll never leave ya again,” he says softly, nudging his nose against yours.
“Pinky promise?” You ask, lifting your hand and sticking out your little finger. Daryl smiles and does the same, linking it with yours and shaking it.
“I pinky promise,” he repeats. He puts his arm around you and pulls you into his chest.
“Ouch,” you wince, “I did get shot y'know.”
“Sorry baby,” he says, looking concerned, making sure no blood is leaking out onto your dressing. You settle into a comfortable position and fall into a deep sleep for once without crying. Daryl holds onto your all night, his grip only loosening when he drifts off as well. The next morning you wake to find him looking down at you, his hand tucking a small piece of your hair behind your ear.
“Morning,” he croaks in his deep southern voice.
“Morning,” you smile. Daryl sits up a little and pulls you further onto his now bare chest, your head up on his shoulder. You kiss his neck and his chest, running your hand along the scattering of hair on his torso, lightly dragging your nails across his skin as you go. He strokes your arm, sliding his way down to your hip and over your bottom, giving it a light squeeze.
“I jus’ wanna lay here all day,” Daryl admits.
“Then we will,” you reply, kissing his chest again. He smiles down at you and kisses your head, squeezing your bum a little harder as he does so.


This Ain’t No Joke, Sweetheart - Chapter 6

SPN FanReality

~Let me tell you about my weekend…~

Beka, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

2,665 Words

Warnings: Angst. Teeny bit o’smut. Major Oops. 

A/N: I just… there’s nothing I can say about this that’s gonna make it OK…

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Chapter Six - Sunday Afternoon:

Everything hurt. My head, my legs, my arms, my skin; everything. I guessed it was the crash after the adrenaline rush, but I had to pull myself up the eight front steps leading to my house and then groaned at the next three up to the porch, clinging to the white railing for support. Sam rushed up behind me and put his hand on my back, patting gently.

“Are you alright?” he asked softly.

I rolled my eyes at him and continued on my way. “Yeah, just perfect.”

Once inside, I collapsed onto my little red couch and dragged a pillow underneath my head. A nap would be perfection. The boys filed in, Sam shutting the door quietly behind him before heading over to the computer. He had no idea what we were dealing with, but based on my description, he had a few hunches.

Dean plopped down into the recliner and pressed the button, lifting the legs as he settled back. He put his arms behind his head and sighed happily. “We should get one of these for the Bunker.”

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anonymous asked:

Companions react to catching a sad looking SoSu listening to the "Hi Honey" holotape and just kinda running their fingers over their wedding ring that they still wear...

Here we go! See? I promise this blog didn’t transform into a Deacon shrine heheh >.> Here’s some nice hurt/comfort for all of you out there! And by the by, my summer just started, so hopefully this will mean an increase in companion reactions yes? :3 We’ll just have to see! Also, these ended up being kinda romance/pre-romance by accident, so, y’know. It is what it is :)

EDIT: Fixed it :3

Deacon: “Hi Honey…” The room was dark. Sole sat hunched over, legs drawn up and their head cradled in the corner of the wall. Their Pip Boy lay flat across pressed-in knees, gently illuminating the curves of their face.

“Hi Honey…” It said for the third time that night. Subdued gasps shook free some tears still stubbornly clinging to their chin; they made soft plips on the glass screen where they fell.

Deacon had been reading the next room over, contenting himself with a volume of Proust. His attuned ears pricked to attention at Sole’s faint cries. He frowned and clasped the book close before leaving the novel alongside his long forgotten sunglasses. The only things visible in Sole’s shadow-drenched bedroom were the softly glowing hills of Sole’s cheeks.

“Hi Honey…”

He didn’t say a word. He just walked over and sat down behind them, letting his legs extend against the walls as his thighs rested against Sole’s hips. Reaching around their closed off shoulders, he clicked off the Pip Boy. “That’s enough for tonight boss.” He whispered gently against their ear. Sole let themselves sob a little less softly and turned their face into Deacon’s neck. The man lovingly carded his calloused fingers through their hair and pressed a kiss to their temple.

The coolness of Deacon’s lips on their face smoothed over Sole’s grief, allowing Sole to melt further into his supporting frame. Soon, Sole’s softly snoring breath caressed Deacon’s clavicles. Giving one more kiss to their forehead, Deacon carefully lifted Sole up and set them under the billowing sheets of their bed. He slid in after them and securely took Sole in his arms. He hoped it was enough to ward off their pain, at least for one night.

Preston: Panic. Everything between their ears was panic. Sole crushed a hand to their hyperventilating chest. Raiders, one of them, Sole thought they were all dead, but one almost sliced Sole’s neck open. They left a thin red line across the sweep of their throat before Preston put a bullet in the raider. Sole staggered to the nearest wall, leaning a forearm against the brick structure. Frantically they fumbled around their wrist and flicked on their PipBoy and

“Hi Honey…”

Yes. Yes. Their spouse. Yes, and their baby. Everything was fine. Everything was fine and they were back in their perfect home with their perfect spouse and perfect baby and please oh please take me back! Take me back! Let me not be here! Please God!

Suddenly a pair of rifle-roughened hands gripped Sole’s arms. “Sole. Sole Look at me. Hey now, don’t cry. Everything’s fine. Just look at me and take deep breaths.” His hold on Sole was warm on their skin, drawing them safely back to reality. Sole’s gaze finally focused in on Preston’s comforting brown eyes. His attention felt like a familiar plush blanket, the kind that offered security on your stormy nights. His thumb lovingly caressed Sole’s wet cheek. “There we go. You look much better without tears on your face.” He told them gently.

Sole let out a strangled sigh and latched their arms around Preston. “Hold me please.” They begged quietly. The minuteman locked his arms protectively around his partner.

“Don’t worry babe. I’ve gotcha, always will.” And he sealed his oath with a kiss to the crown of their hair.

Cait: “Hi honey…”

“If I hear ya hit the replay button on that thing one more damn time, I’m going to lose my shite. Give it here, yeah?” Fight-worn hands easily plucked the PipBoy from around Sole’s wrist. Sole stayed slumped over, watching the ground with deadened eyes. A few dark spots spattered the concrete between their feet, well on their way to drying up by then.

Cait dropped a hand roughly on Sole’s shoulder as she sat beside them. “I can’t imagine how hard this must be on ya. If you ever need to talk, I’m right here ya know.” She patted Sole’s back a couple of times, pausing a few moments to think her next statement over. “I… I know you can’t heal all at once, but maybe take it easy on the wallowing? Believe me, the longer you draw it out, the worse off you’ll be in the end.”

Sole released a long, shaky breath and curled into Cait’s side. The woman stiffened reflexively at first, but relaxed and let her arm slide around Sole’s shoulders, holding them close. A small chuckle huffed through her nose as Cait leaned down to press a kiss to Sole’s hair.

“It’s okay now love. I gotcha.” She shook Sole playfully, and their arms wrapped around her waist. They rested like this, sharing the warmth, until both of them drifted to sleep.

Danse: Sole straddled the railing on the Prydwyn, letting their feet dangle above the Commonwealth. The green glow of their PipBoy mingled with the soft light of the stars to fall against Sole’s face. Sole stared at their wrist, an empty body lifting an empty hand to replay an empty message.

“Hi honey…”

Canine teeth worked at the inside of Sole’s gums with barely restrained grief. They allowed themselves one large breath: audible inhale and audible exhale. Behind them, boots padded across the catwalk with regimented tempo. A pair of orange-jumpsuited legs suddenly rested against Sole’s blue-suited ones.

“Soldier, you’ve been out here for hours now. You need to get some rest for tomorrow.”

The vault-dweller shrugged noncommittally. Danse sighed.

“Fine. At least let me keep you company then.”

Sole made no argument, their spouse’s voice still cooing softly at their infant child. Danse watched them slump against the cold metal bars, and working the inside of his lip, he braced Sole’s back with the warm breadth of his broad hand. He moved it up and down slightly, not entirely sure if it was a comforting movement, but hoping it helped them nonetheless.

Unexpectedly Sole turned into him, awkwardly folding themselves against the soldier’s chest. Danse lifted his arms in surprise, but then reluctantly let them rest lightly around Sole’s waist.

“Thanks Danse.” Sole’s voice was rough from crying. Danse patted them consolingly.

“No problem soldier. At ease… we’re going to be here a while.”

Piper: “Hi Honey…”

“Wuh-huh?” Piper blinked awake, rubbing her eyes and sniffling her sleep-dried nose. “Sole, is that you?” She asked groggily. What time was it? Midnight? Swallowing, Piper swung her legs off of the side of the bed and meandered downstairs into the living room. As her feet hit the landing she saw Sole flinch at the creaking floorboards, their eyes glistening at her. They gripped the PipBoy close to their chest as if they’d been caught stealing.

“Sorry! Didn’t mean to wake you.” Sole apologized.

“Sole? Why is your voice all… gravely? Have you been? Oh… oh Blue.” Piper’s face crumpled in realization, and she quickly strode over to Sole. They leaned away from her touch, embarrassed and ashamed. Piper knelt beside them on the floor. “Look at me Sole. C’mon.” Piper coaxed.

Sole’s lips trembled as they turned their face to face Piper, eyes still closed. A few deep breaths later, and they managed to crack their eyes open a little, vision still bleary. Piper pressed her lips together in a thin, sympathetic smile. She used an inked thumb to wipe away Sole’s tears.

“Need a hug?” She asked. Sole’s head rolled to the side, face suddenly more remorseful than before, but then they slung themselves into Piper’s arms, sobbing. “Hey there Blue. I gotcha now.” Piper sighed, turning her face into Sole’s hair. Quietly she rocked them, waiting until they both fell asleep, slumped against the couch.

Nick: Sole played it as quietly as they possibly could.

“Hi Honey…”

They had to bite their hand to keep from sobbing. It hurt, but it would hurt more to forget their spouse, everyday recalling a little less how they sounded, how they said ‘I love you.’ Sloppy sniffles bypassed Sole’s defenses, and their eyes clenched around rebelliously forming tears.

Nick walked in from the other room, his keen synthetic hearing picking up the soft crying. He knelt beside the bed where Sole laid down with their back facing him. He sighed, a leftover artifact of human behavior, and sat down beside Sole’s head. With his encapsulated hand he gently pulls some strands of hair away from the sticky tear-tracks matting them to Sole’s cold cheeks.  

“Hey there kid. Let’s focus on something less heartbreaking, yeah?” With his other hand, Nick clicks the power off on the PipBoy. Sole swallowed some long dried spit and rolled over, their eyes meeting Nick’s in the dark.

“I don’t wanna forget them.” Sole admitted, voice left gargling from the crying. Nick offered them a sympathetic look. Without a word he scooped them up into an embrace. Sole clutched onto the back of Nick’s trench coat with shaking hands and pressed their face into his shoulder. He rubbed their back soothingly.

“It’ll be alright sweetheart. It takes time to heal, and you’ll always have those memories of your spouse. Even if you forget the specifics of their voice or their face, you’ll never forget the times you spent together or the love you felt towards each other.”

Sole nodded into his shoulder and curled in tighter to him. Nick kissed their hair and kept them close, letting them stay in his arms and have somewhere safe to sleep. His yellow eyes softly glowed on Sole’s snoozing face. They seemed more at peace now, and Nick smiled. Good, if anyone deserved peace in his eyes, it was Sole.

X6-88: “Hi Honey…”

“Sir/ma’am? May I assist you?”

“Huh?!” Sole jumped and looked over their shoulder, eyes wide and filled with still spilling tears. They sniffled and wiped their nose quickly, standing up from their spot in the corner in a futile attempt to appear as if they weren’t just crying.

“I… was that your spouse on the PipBoy?” He asked softly. Sole swallowed back a second wave of emotion.

“Y-yeah.” They said, voice cracking. X6 paused a moment before taking off his sunglasses. He put a firm hand on their shoulder and said,

“My condolences for your loss. However, do not feel as if you have to grieve in private. I will understand if you need… how do they say it? A shoulder to cry on.”

With trembling lips, Sole gave X6 a watery smile and wrapped their arms around the courser. He inhaled sharply through his nose, not really expecting Sole to take his offer literally. However, he supposed it was the least he could do for someone so crucial to the Institute… or maybe just… for Sole’s sake alone.

MacCready: Sole stared up at the stars with dead eyes, PipBoy laying across their stomach and little rocks digging into the back of their vault-suit. They’d long since run out of tears, but Sole still kept pressing the replay button.

“Hi Honey…”

“Sole,” MacCready appeared above them and kneeled down to forcibly turn off the personal device. He frowned at Sole, but when they gave him a blank gaze, his face softened. He sighed tiredly and sat down beside Sole’s head. Tentatively, he caught the tip of a few strands of Sole’s hair between his calloused fingertips. “It might be healthier to leave that one be for a while. Dwelling on the loss… it makes it harder to heal. Believe me, I know.”

Sole blinked owlishly a few times at the mercenary before sighing. “I know,” they croaked. “I just miss them so much.”

MacCready’s heart broke for Sole. He knew that same pain once upon a time. Hell, sometimes he still felt it.

“Come here.” He said gently, more an offer than a demand. Sole groaned while sitting up, nestling into MacCready’s open arms. He held them tightly, close to the chest. With one hand he massaged their head soothingly, and the other secured Sole’s waist. Time moved unnoticed by them after that, and a warm embrace slipped seamlessly into deep sleep. Neither MacCready nor Sole had bad dreams that night.

Curie: “Hi Honey…”

“No more Sole please. I cannot bear to see you cry anymore.” Curie seemed on the verge of tears herself; Sole just looked up at her with tears still streaming down their face. They hiccupped a couple of times trying to compose themselves, and Curie flung herself around them in a hug. She hushed them, cooing desperately and trying to calm them down.

Eventually Sole sobbed themselves weary, and the last wisps of their energy were exhaled against Curie’s neck. The little scientist shivered and held them closer, her tiny arms attempting to crush Sole to herself with all her might.

“Oh my. Such strong emotions! They are taxing no?” She said shakily, petting Sole’s back with more force than necessary, frantically trying to calm Sole down. Chuckling through the tears, Sole leaned away and grabbed Curie by her elbows.

“It’s okay Curie. This is normal.” They reassured her in a worn voice.

“Oh no! I am doing this wrong, aren’t I?” Curie frowned, eyebrows drawn up. Sole shook their head.

“No Curie, you were doing just fine… In fact, maybe you could hold me some more?”

Curie grins widely at them.

“Of course my love. Anything you would ask of me, it is yours. Here, let me hold you again.” Both Sole and Curie smile at each other. The hug is everything they needed, and they don’t let go for hours yet.

Hancock: “Hi Honey…”

Bootfalls heralded the ghoul’s arrival. Promptly, Hancock shut off the PipBoy.

“No.” He said gently. Sole continued to stare at the wrist-device soullessly, and Hancock fished around in one of his coat’s infinitely deep pockets. He finally pulled out a canister of Jet, offering it down to Sole. They looked at it, contemplated, and then slowly pushed the drug away. Hancock shrugged before joining Sole criss-cross applesauce on the floor.

Neither said anything for a while, the master bedroom of the mayoral residence resounding with a deadening silence. It was enough to drive someone insane, and Hancock tossed around the idea of taking a hit himself. Looking at Sole, he decided against it. Instead, he scooped them up by the knees and pulled them into his lap.

Sole sighed and nested their face in the crook of the mayor’s neck. Hancock played with strand of Sole’s hair, feeling the softness between his gnarled fingers before letting it fall gently back into place. The survivor found it comforting and nestled deeper into Hancock.

“Thanks.” They said.

“Don’t mention it. You’d do the same for me.”

And even if that wasn’t true, Hancock would do this for them anyway.

Dogmeat: Dogmeat whimpered at the fourth “Hi Honey…” He circled around his master, stopping to nuzzle their side. Sole hiccupped and looked down at Dogmeat with bleary vision. They sobbed a little more intensely, reaching out for comfort, and Dogmeat quickly huddled up to Sole and lets them wrap their arms around his warm fur. Sole cried until they fall asleep on Dogmeat, and the hound kept vigil over his master until they finish resting.

Strong: “Hi Honey…”

“Why human play again? It only make human weak.” Strong frowned down at Sole who startled at the sound of his voice.

“Crap.” They hiss. “I thought I was being quiet.”

“What? Why human leaking from eyes? Strong never leak from eyes! Is this weak human thing?” The mutant asked gruffly. Sole clicked off the PipBoy, shaking their head. They bite their bottom lip before looking up at Strong.

“Yeah, it’s a human thing. I’ll finish up soon.” They reassure him. Strong glares confusedly at Sole.

“Is liquid… Milk of human kindness?”

Sole chuckles breathlessly.

“Not really, but that’s your closest estimate so far. But yeah, it’s… sort of related. When you… when you’ve shared milk of human kindness with someone, and they leave you… then you uh… humans leak from their eyes. Yeah, that about sums it up.”

Strong balks. “Leave? Why other human leave? It make other human weak! That not helping brother! That bad!” The mutant scrunches up his nose. Sole sighs at him.

“Sometimes… Sometimes it’s not the other human’s fault. Sometimes other things, things they can’t control, take the person away.”

Strong frowns again, looking sideways at Sole. He huffs.

“Strong think he understand. Maybe will talk about it later.”

Sole smiles, genuinely this time. “Sure thing Strong. Anytime.”

Codsworth: “Hi honey…”

Sole sniffled, looking up desperately at the stars. They licked their lips free of tears and closed their eyes. The grief was suffocating. 

“I miss them too. I can’t imagine how hard this must be.” Sole felt Codsworth delicately lay his metal claw on their shoulder. Despite the cold metal, the gesture was comforting, and Sole leaned their cheek into the robot’s hand.

“It’s hard without them, y’know… Thanks for being here Codsworth. It helps to have someone who understands.” Sole said.

Codworth would’ve smiled gently if he could. Instead he made a softly audible sighing sound. 

“I’ll always be here sir/mum. Have been for 200 years, and will gladly be so for 200 more if you desire… You’ve become such a positive force in the Commonwealth. Nate/Nora would’ve been proud. You do their memory honor.”

Sole smiled up at Codsworth. He titled one eye-stalk empathetically, giving their shoulder a comforting squeeze. If there was anyone Sole could count on in this crazy world, it was Codsworth, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Press Play {Jerome Valeska.}

Jerome’s POV: (holy shit i never wrote in Jerome’s pov..) 

It’s been two weeks since she took her last breath. I haven’t laughed, smiled, or even killed anyone. I haven’t left this room or place. Theo’s place. My princess is dead and I, sadly, can’t change that. Theo knocks on the door. “Jerome.. you have a visitor.” I roll my eyes, Theo can’t leave me alone can he? Sometimes I wonder if he’s gay. “Let em’ in.” Theo opens the door and let’s Edward Nygma walk in. Ed was Y/N’s best friend. “Ed? What are you doing here?” He looks down at the box in his hands. “I.. I found something at Y/N’s. I thought you should hear it.” He sits next to me and awkwardly hands me the box, with a Walkman. “They’re cassette tapes?” He nods and stands up. “I’ll leave you be. Goodbye, Jerome.” He walks out the door. Leaving me confused as ever. I open the box to see  cassette tape and tons of pictures of me and Y/N around it. I sniffle and wipe my nose. I slide the tape into the Walkman and press play.  “So you pressed play. I’ll admit. I don’t know who’s listening to this. It is either me, reminding me why i’m with him.Or.. It’s you. ‘you’ can be anyone. The GCPD.. My best friend. Edward Nygma.. riddle man.” she chuckles on the other end. “Or you’re Jerome. My baby. My adorable ginger. Now I know.. you probably found this and like to be a nosy ass…” I smile at her ‘compliment.’ “Or, something bad happened to me or J. But if it is just me listening to this, I’m just going to get straight to the point.” My eyes fill with warm tears. I blink them back as i continue to listen. “I made this for my favorite ginger ever.. Jerome Valeksa.” Theo knocks on my door. My head shoots up and i press pause quickly. “You okay?” I sigh at the question that i get asked EVERYDAY. “I’m fine.” No. I’m not fine. My princess just died.. how am i suppose to be ‘fine?’ Now stop asking repeatedly. “dinner’s going to be ready soon.” I shake my head. “Not hungry.” I hear Theo sigh, and walk down the hall. I press play again. “Jerome I love you so damn much. Our relationship might be a crazy one, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I remember when I was in 7th grade.. I fantasized about having a cheesy boyfriend who would buy me anything I wanted just for some stupid kiss or a good reputation.” She laughs. “What a moron I was.. but baby.. You are and mean way more to me than that. I remember on Valentines Day.. you bought me like.. I don’t know.. 30 chocolate bars. And every time i offered you one.. you refused and said, ‘nope. they are yours. now eat them.’ I, of course, rolled my eyes and just ate them all because what was the point of trying.. ya know? You also gave me a jar that had red little scraps of paper. You told me they were reasons why you loved me. And the jar was full to the top. I know right, cheesy.” I remember that. It took me hours to do. “I completely freaked. No one. I mean no one, ever did that for me.” She couldn’t stop crying after I gave it to her. Then she smiled her beautiful smile. the one i fell head over heels for. “What did i do to deserve you?” You didn’t do anything. I didn’t deserve you. I brought you into my crazy life and that’s how you ended up dead. It should be me. Not you. “You just smiled and kissed me. The smile i completely fell for. Now a note for myself.. If you and Jerome are in a heated arguement, don’t leave him. 1) he will probably get pissed and kill like over 5 people just to find you. 2) it will get better. 3) you still love him. No matter how much you tell yourself that you don’t.” But you did leave, Y/N. You left me here alone. Why’d you leave me? “And Jerome.. if I did.. leave.. I’m so sorry. But i doubt I chose to leave.” No gorgeous.. you didn’t choose to. Jim Gordon let you die in that alleyway. Because he would rather watch you bleed to death then save you.. Just because I killed stupid commissioner Essen. “Now, Jerome.. baby.. if i was.. killed.” she pauses and I hear her breath hitch. “I know you’ll kill them. Worse. Painfully, hopefully.” She sobs quietly. A warm tear slides down my cheek. I don’t bother wiping it. I hate it when she cries.. and knowing she was crying when I wasn’t home and how i can’t wipe her tears anymore.. kills me.  “If i did die.. you’ll forget about me baby.. You life will go back to normal. You’ll meet someone. Have kids. Be a great father. Even though it breaks my heart to say this.. i know you will.” No, Y/N. That’s where you’re wrong. I can’t move on from this. “It isn’t going to be easy.” It hasn’t been easy. “But you’ll get through it. I know you will.” No princess. I won’t. I hear a door open and shut in the background. “Gorgeous?” someone calls.. me. “speaking of Jerome.” i remember that. She was sitting on the floor in our living room. “there you are princess!” I can picture myself grinning and hugging her. “Hiya Babe!” “wat ya doin?” She chuckles.. “memories babe.. memories.” I break down when she laughs as i hear me kissing her all over her face. I miss her so much. “You’re too adorable.” “I know.” she chuckles. “Say goodbye baby.” “Byeee. OH! There’s nothing more contagious than laughter.” I hear my laugh, which caused her to laugh. I’m not laughing, but the past us is. I hear a click. The tapes over. I sneak out of my bedroom and go into Theo’s supply closet. I grab a camera and sneak back into my room. I prop it up on the desk. “Hi.. most of you know me.. I’m Jerome.. Jerome Valeska. And um.. my baby girl… died a couple weeks ago..” I wipe my eyes. “No, I’m not committing suicide. no matter how much I want to end this pain and misery.. I have a job to do first.” I grab the Walkman. I breathe heavily. “I am going to play this tape.. I already listened to it but you get to hear it.”


I chuckle as i press the blade to his neck. “I SAID that’s ENOUGH!” I turn around, removing the blade from Bruce Waynes neck. Theo glares at me. Next thing I know, a knife is plunged into my throat. I whimper at the sudden impact. “I know, I know.. it’s not what we rehearsed.” I choke on the blood that starts to dribble down my chin, as theo lies me on the ground. I smile wide. “Tha-nk Y-You..” I mutter. Theo looks at me confused, then he realizes what I mean. I smile as wide as I could. It then all goes black.. 

 Holy wow. This is um.. depressing and horrible. PERFECT COMBINATION!! Anyhow! How’s yall day? Mine is just fucking peachy. 

War (Sodapop//part 6)

‘It was a story Shakespeare would have written’  Ponyboy would tell to his class. Sodapop would be proud of him, an English teacher who taught about true love and tragedy.

“Our unit is Shakespeare. Our first story, you all might have heard of, Romeo and Juliet. I want you guys to tell me what you think true love is, maybe it was something you had witnessed, felt, or saw in a film.” he would pause, looking around at his students. “Mercy, what is love to you?”

“Well, love is perfect. When you fall in love, the person you love doesn’t have any flaws anymore.” she smiled, daydreaming of her future love. Ponyboy nodded, going on to the next.

“Jason, what is love to you?”

“Sex, happiness that last for a long time.” he answered, twirling his pencil.

“I think love is more than sex, Jason,” another student, Mary, spoke up. “It’s balance, giving and taking. Something you’ll never know.” she huffed, causing him to roll his eyes. “What do you think love is, Mr. Curtis?”

“Love,” he sighed, smiling down at his paper. “I would like to say love is perfect, that my mom and dad was the perfect love story but I can’t. I’ve-I’ve seen true love. It’s messy, impulsive, undefinable,” he glanced over at the picture of Sodapop and (Y/N) for a moment, remembering the day he took it. They were in the park, the whole gang. Dallas, Johnny, Two-bit, and Steve played football while Pony sat with Darry, Sodapop, and (Y/N) under a tree. Ponyboy could resist the picture perfect moment of the two. She was playing with his hands, not paying attention to anything else, as he stared at her with a smile that said ‘I Love You’. “Love is a lot like hope, it can be crippling. The love I’ve seen, it could-Love like that could light the whole world. Love isn’t perfect, it’s not finding a perfect person. It’s loving someone with their flaws, and god, if you see it-” he paused, picking up the photograph. “You’ll feel it radiate off that person, and it won’t fade, not even after they are gone. I want you to pass this around,” he handed the first student the frame. “These people in the photograph, they were truly in love.”

“Who are they, Mr. Curtis?” The students asked.

“The boy, he’s my older brother, and the girl,” he paused, taking a deep breath. “That girl is his fiancé. They met when he was 16, a little bit before two of our best friends died, they were together for two years. He was called for war and he never came home,” he took the photograph from the last student before continuing. “She was pregnant with his baby, a baby she named after our friends, and the day we got the M.I.A letter… I watched her beat on the chest of the army man and collapse to the ground. For the rest of her pregnancy, she laid in the bed they shared, she cried day and night. We could hear her scream ‘Why him?’ and how she wanted him to come home. How all she wanted was nothing more than to hear him at the door, see him one last time, she could be happy. Six years makes no difference, she remembers his last goodbye, and that was the day, I believe, she died inside. And from that day on, died a little more. When at her worst, she’ll lay in bed, crying all night long. They brought out the best of each other, parts of them that they didn’t know about. It was a romance novel, their love.  I think the only thing keeping her alive is that child and the hope of him coming home but she knows he won’t. Have you ever heard someone ask an empty grave,‘If you loved me, why did you leave me?’ Everyday, I see the result of true love. I think the worst part is that her son doesn’t know his father’s dead. He looked at his pictures but he doesn’t know him. He doesn’t know him because she can’t bring herself to admit he’s gone. She never got another lover, I don’t think she could have. She doesn’t look at other men. Maybe some of you thinks that’s bad for her, maybe it is but she loved, loves my brother and my brother loved her. I would give my own life, I would kill myself to bring him back for her because I can feel how broken she is,” he went on and on. “You should have seen the way their eyes lit up at the mention of each others’ name. Hers still do, until she remembers. She was the strongest of all of us until she lost him. So, to me, love is painful and I wish I could take her pain away.”

“Is she good with her son?”

“She loves her son, so much, as much as a mother could. He’s loved,” Ponyboy answered, looking at the students. Some of them having tears in their eyes before giving out the playbooks. “Love is a funny thing. Shakespeare knew that, he knew that only fools run to love, and only fools run to war.”

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Difficult Times

Fandom: Brettonio

Tv Show: Chicago PD / Chicago Fire



Rated: M

Words: 2377

Part: 1 of 2

Characters: Sylvie Brett  Antonio Dawson  Kelly Severide  Gabby Dawson

Genre: Romance, Drama

Part 1

She was standing her ground, she knew she was wrong but was not going to give in anyway. The sun had already settled a few hours ago but she just came home because work had taken longer than she had expected when she told her friend to go home to her kids and she’d take care of her stuff as well. She hadn’t noticed time flying by as she was deep in thoughts. The radio had been playing quietly in the background playing music. She had really lost track of time, when she heard the vibrating of her phone inside of her purse.

She picked it up without looking who was calling. “Where the hell are you?” Antonio’s with anger filled voice shot through the line. Sylvie was taken aback by his sudden outburst, so much, she almost dropped her mobile.

“Still at work.” She snapped back. “Come down will ya. I have a lot of work. I just lost track of time.”

“We said we have dinner together tonight. I cooked.”

“I am so sorry hon. I totally forgot.”

“Don’t Hon me Sylvie. You better make this up to me or…-” “Or WHAT?” Screaming into the phone, Sylvie stood up not carrying that her chair fell over at her sudden reaction.

The line went dead.

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anonymous asked:

companions react to Sole being gravely injured because of them (e.g. taking a fatal bullet?) >;3c

Great idea!

You though it was gonna be all fluffs and rainbows on this blog? HECK NO! Enjoy 3,000 + words of suffering plebs. (Love you ^3^).

Hancock: They knew better, they knew better. Hancock pressed his fists into his forehead. Sole was bleeding out, right there in front of him on some dirty Goodneighbor back alley. The shady chem dealers were already painting the concrete with the inside of their skulls, but so was his Sole. They knew better than to jump in front of him like that. “Gah, why ‘ya gotta go and do stuff like that?” Hancock kneels beside Sole and bends down to rest his forehead on their tummy. They had already stopped breathing; he noticed that whenever his head kept sitting perfectly still on Sole’s armor. The ghoul scrunched up his face and clenched his teeth; it was all he could do without his tear ducts.

He doesn’t cry, and he doesn’t sob or moan. He just sits there for a while, waiting for Sole’s heat to eventually disperse because he knows that when he finally notifies Dr. Amari, that would be the last time he ever got to see Sole. So he lay there, silently staring at Sole’s long vacated expression. He eventually reaches out to grasp one of their hands. They’re starting to feel cold. He lets out a shuddering sigh. It’s time.

Getting up felt awful, like there was a lead ball rolling around in his head. Hancock finally began to break down as he picked Sole up. He had to bite on his bottom lip to keep it from trembling, and almost bit down hard enough to draw blood when a sob worked its way to the surface. When he entered the Memory Den’s basement, Dr. Amari took Sole from his arms. She let him say one last goodbye. Hancock gives Sole one last touch to their hand, “See ya later pal.”

Nick: “I can’t believe you!” Nick scolded Sole. “That was stupid! That was beyond stupid! I can be replaced with parts Sole, you can’t!” Nick crushed Sole to his chest as he made a mad dash to the Old Church. Barreling into Railroad HQ, Nick shoves Drummer Boy out of his way. He needs to see Carrington. “I need some help here dammit!” Nick yelled. “Calm down Mr. Valentine, please! Let me see Charmer.” The doctor swiped all of the equipment off one of the desks sitting around and ordered Nick to put Sole there. Nick forced his hands to release Sole, but he still hovered over Carrington. A small audience had begun to form a little ways from scene. “If I could have some space please, everyone.” Carrington frowns at the gathering agents.

Nick left with the others and marched outside. It was too crowded for him to think down in that awful crypt. That thought would’ve made him vomit if he could.  About a pack of cigarettes later, Drummer Boy came up to fetch him. “Dr. Carrington’s got them stable, but…” The messenger lets the sentence die on his lips. Nick understands well enough. This might be Sole’s last night here in the Commonwealth, in his life.

As he walked back in, Nick saw Sole resting on a secluded mattress in the back of HQ. He took a seat beside their head. “Hey kid.” The silence was killing him. “Did I ever tell you about the time I tracked Ellie while she was on a date? The guy was a real creep, but Ellie had never been more embarrassed to see me in her entire life. Heh.” Nick blinked a few times as if tears were forming in his yellow eyes. “I got another one for ya,” and Nick began telling Sole all of his best detective stories to a sleeping Sole. He stayed with them until he saw the last breath leave their body. Nick squeezed his hands into fists as he closed his eyes. Without another word, he left the building. As he pulled out his last cigarette, he regrets not being able to tell Sole his stories while they were still alive to enjoy them.

MacCready: “No, SOLE!” MacCready tried to stop Sole, but it was too late. They had already pushed their way in front of the aimed gun. “SOLE!” Two shots rang out. One from the bullet that blew through the raider’s head, and one from the bullet that was meant for MacCready, but pierced Sole’s heart instead. MacCready could only watch as Sole slowly sunk to the ground. The mercenary hopped over his cover and ran to Sole, dropping his gun in the process. He fell to his knees and grabbed Sole underneath their upper body and put their head on his lap. Sole was halfway breathing through gurgling blood, and their eyes kept focusing in and out on MacCready’s face.

“Come on Sole, don’t you die on me! I’m supposed to protect you remember? Why would you do something so ridiculously stupid!” MacCready’s body shook, and he glared at Sole through the tears that began to gently splish onto Sole’s cheeks. Sole makes a few sounds as if they want to tell MacCready something, but before they can make it out, their eyes roll into the back of their head. MacCready clenches his teeth and digs his fingers into Sole’s shoulders.

“Sole I swear! You can’t leave me alone here! I-I’m afraid of being alone! I’m afraid of not having you by my side everyday! Without you, I’m just another mercenary living between hits, and I c-can’t do that again. Not after th-this. What we h-had.” He couldn’t continue, his words beginning to devolve into hiccupping sobs. He wasn’t sure how long he stayed, but MacCready held onto Sole until he finished crying every last tear he had stored in his body.

Deacon: Deathclaw, an ambush from behind. Deacon decided that he was definitely not made for close combat. The barrel of his rifle was caught between himself and the beast, and the metal began to buckle towards his face. It can only bend so far. “DEACON!” Sole launches themselves into Deacon as the gun snaps. Deacon falls away, and after landing in the packed dirt, he rolls over. For something so horrific, it’s eerily quiet. Sole’s head hangs low over their chest and their feet dangle as they slump over, suspended from the lizard’s impaling claws. “SOLE!” Deacon screams; he puts a bullet in through the monster’s eye. Sole slides off the blades and onto the ground as the Deathclaw falls backwards.

Deacon stood there, no expression, too shocked. He stumbled forward onto his knees. It takes a minute to begin crawling to his fallen partner. As he hovered over them, their glassy eyes stared vacantly over his head. “Hey Charms. C’mon now, you c-can’t fool me. Charmer? Come on Charms wake up!” He slaps their face a few times. “Charms? Sole?” Deacon heaved as a sudden hurt in his chest stole his breath away. “No. No no no! You can’t do this to me Sole! Wake the hell up!” Deacon slammed his fist into the dirt beside Sole’s head; he’s lost his composure. “Dammit Sole get up! GET UP! Oh my g- Sole!  You cannot be serious. You told me to let you in and I did! You said you would help me, and now you’re gonna fucking LEAVE ME! YOU’RE A FUCKING HYPOCRITE SOLE! DAMMIT! DAMMITDAMMITDAMMIT!”

Deacon screams and falls back, holding his head in his hands, sitting beside a dead Sole. He started to sob, and then he couldn’t stop. He’d held it all in for so long: the UP gang, the murder, Barbara, and now Sole. “AAAAAHHHHHAHAAHAAAA! AHHHHHHHHHGGHHHH! AUGH! Ough! Oh!” When he can’t scream anymore Deacon just wails, and his hiccupping sobs jerked his chest with every breath. “Help me Sole. Please.” His head hurt from the sobbing, and he was so tired. He carefully made his way to lay down beside Sole. As he finally drifted off, he can only think of how he never got to say goodbye.

Danse: It was a suicider. Danse’s power core knew just when to fizzle out, and then he was locked in place as the brute sprinted toward him. He closed his eyes braced himself for a potentially gory death, but the beeping began to fade. When Danse looked up, he saw Sole distracting the suicider away from him. “SOLE!” He cried. “ARE YOU INSANE? RUN!” As if Sole wasn’t already, but the supermutant was too, and he was faster. Danse could only helplessly watch from his suit as Sole disappeared in a flare of blinding light. “SOLE!” The paladin exited his armor as fast as possible and ran to where Sole had poofed away. He discovered their body face-down in a steaming crater. An involuntary sound escaped Danse’s normally cold façade. He scooped up the broken, crumpled Sole.

“Don’t you die on me soldier! We still have work to do!” Danse shook his partner, “Open your eyes, Sole! Now’s not the time to be resting!” Danse refused to believe the futility of his efforts. He placed Sole back down on the ground and began jamming stimpacks into their thigh. After two, he grabs Sole’s shoulders and shakes them again, harder this time. “Sole! Can you hear me?” Danse searches their face for any sort of movement. Nothing… Nothing.

“ARGH!” Danse unravels, and he just didn’t understand why why why Sole did it. He’s so angry. So angry, but he can’t tell Sole. They’ve gone somewhere they can’t hear him anymore. Danse balls his fists into Sole’s jumpsuit and pulls them to him. He wants to cry. He wants to, but nothing came out. He just sat there, holding Sole and breathing heavily as he realizes more and more how divided he is from them. “You were careless.” He whispers into their unhearing ear. “This is not where I needed you soldier. I need you here. Without the brotherhood and without you… where am I supposed to go now?”

Preston: It was supposed to be routine. How many times had he and Sole already fended off raiders from the settlements? They were holing up behind a wall for cover when Sole suddenly hugged Preston’s side. Preston jumped at the embrace. Why, of all places, did Sole decide to bond while under fire behind a flimsy plywood wall, but then he saw it. Their eyes glazed over, and Sole started sinking against him. “General!” Preston quickly hooked his arms under Sole’s shoulders to lift them up. “General, answer me!” Preston felt Sole’s blood seeping into his jacket.

“Oh, no no please no!” Preston held Sole to him as he lowered them both to the ground. “Sole.” He tried one more time, breathing unevenly. They were laying down now, the firefight still blazing above them. Preston looked into Sole’s unresponsive gaze, and he could feel his anchor slipping away. Suddenly he was back in a dark place, without Sole and without a will to live.

Preston just laid there with his General. The settlers had already pushed the raiders back, but no one had discovered the pair behind one of the shacks. Preston couldn’t sleep, and he couldn’t feel. Everything was numb; the only color he had in this life had faded away. Finally, a single tear blinked free from Preston’s eyes, and the minuteman’s lips began to quiver with shaky breaths. He wept softly into his General’s coat and waited for blessed sleep to take him away.

X6-88: X6 slaughtered them. He killed the Gunners, all of them. It was the only thing he could think of to do so that he wouldn’t have to look at Sole’s bullet riddled body. But now, all the Gunners were dead, and Sole was still there, looking up at the sky with white eyes. It was unsettling, and X6 didn’t like it. The courser was still processing the event as he stood over his dead charge. He was supposed to protect them, and now he felt faulty. Sole’s death felt like an error in the code, and for once, X6 envied the Gen 1 synths. They didn’t have to feel the cold misery of failure, of loss.

He doesn’t want to touch them. He’d touched plenty of dead bodies before, disposal, but he couldn’t build up the strength needed to touch Sole. He felt like turning himself into the Synth Retention Center. He felt like sitting beside Sole forever. He felt like following them, even though he knows that’s a stupid and selfish thought.

He decided to ignore his impulses, and left, not looking back once. He lost himself in wandering, and never again activated his courser chip. Let the Institute come find him, he thought, all they’ll find is a defective machine.

Curie: Curie refused to believe it: Her Sole, laying there on the ground with a halo of blood pooling around them. She should have been more vigilant instead of trying to look at some stupid plant. She didn’t even notice the mongrel dog stalking her. All Curie knew was the sudden pressure of Sole leaping into her side and the spray of warm blood across her cheeks. The shock is pervading, and it prevented her from sobbing. Curie could only look on, wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

“Sole.” She put a delicate, shaking hand on the wound. Stimpacks! She remembers. The panic flooded into her body with full force at the recollection. “Sole! Please hold on! I have some stimpacks. Oh no, please do not let it be too late. Oh, oh!” Curie fumbled the syringes out of her knapsack and grasped the medicine with trembling hands. She completely missed Sole on the first try. “No! Zhis stupid human body is too clumsy!” Tears began to flow hysterically onto her cheeks now and made it even harder to apply the needle, but somehow Curie managed to inject Sole. “Sole, please wake up!”

But Sole just continued to lie there, giving the horizon a thousand-yard stare. Cait throws herself on top of Sole desperately. “Please Sole, please! I do not want to experience zhis world wizout you! Oh Sole, I’m so sorry! I’m so so sorry! Oh!” Curie lets the hysteria roll through her in waves until she’s too tired to weep anymore. Curie remembers having to bury her companions in Vault 81, and cannot bear to leave Sole’s body to rot in the sun. Curie spent the next twelve hours digging and digging and digging a grave for her Sole, and the next twelve she spent digging and digging and digging a grave for her grief.

Cait: “Ya better wake yer’ ass up now Sole!” Cait smacked Sole’s face, then smacked it again. “C’mon you brainless idiot, get up! Argh!” Cait threw Sole back against the wall and started pacing hopelessly around the room. Stupid fuckin’ ferals! And she’d been so daft not to realize one was comin’ straight for her. Sole brawled with the glowing one, and it took a good bite out of their neck. So much blood; not even this much covered the mat in the Combat Zone.

“Why’d you go hand to hand with a feral Sole, WHY?” Cait stopped pacing to crunch down over her knees, holding her shins. “I can’t fuckin’ breathe! I can’t breathe Sole and it’s your own damn fault!” Fingers through her hair, Cait was back up to pacing until finally collapsing in front of Sole. The brawler grabbed Sole’s empty face with both hands and searched with all the intensity she could muster to divine some kind of life in those eyes.

When nothing intelligent greeted Cait from within Sole’s depthless cold eyes, she began to dry heave a little. Cait’s jittery hands fished out a jet canister from one of her pockets. She pushed away the thought of how disappointed Sole would be if they could see her now,;one month clean and about to throw it all away. But to hell with it, she thought, it’s not like they’ll ever know. As the jet hit Cait, she felt her emotions evaporate into a blissful numbing sensation; she didn’t even register when her head hit the floor.

Piper: Out of all the things, a wild, irradiated radstag. A radstag! There Sole was, skewered several times over on the front of the dead radstag. Sole just jumped in front of it and lodged a knife between its eyes. It could have been her, but Sole just… “Oh Blue- Blue! Oh no- Oh my-“ Piper dropped to her knees, defeated. The tears came without effort. Piper reached out her tremor-addled hands to Sole’s suspended body. She tried at first to gently pull Sole off, but the horns were too deeply lodged inside Sole’s ribs. It was almost enough to cause Piper to vomit right there.

“Aaargh!” With a pained wail Piper ripped Sole from the radstag’s antlers, and Sole’s body fell lifelessly onto Piper. “AAAA!” Piper screams as Sole lands on her: so much blood. Piper couldn’t assemble the strength to push Sole off of her. She just let her beloved friend’s body hang limply over her as she cried into the night. “Soooooole! Oh Sole!”

Finally Piper calmed down enough to shove Sole off of her, and she stumbled as she stood up. She ran; she ran so far away, lungs burning at the rush of the cold night air. She kept calling Blue’s name, waiting for them to catch up to her and flash her their smile as they sprinted past her. It didn’t happen. It never would. Piper cried more at the thought, and it was harder to see through the tears. She tripped over some steps and just crumpled at the bottom. Sleeping there for the night, bruised and contorted, hurt a lot less than losing Blue.

Codsworth: “Sir/mum?” Codsworth hovered over Sole’s crumpled body. “Please say something, I need to know that you’re alright.” Sole didn’t respond. “S-Sole? Please… please don’t do this. Please.” Codsworth begged, and he wished with all of his circuitry that he could cry. He wished he could have picked Sole up and taken them to get help, but his ridiculous appendages were useless! He felt so useless! Useless! Useless! He’d spent the last two hundred damn bloody years washing a useless car, now he’s too useless to help his one and only family member, and as for the forseeable future it looked like he was going to be useless for the next two-hundred years too! “Sir/mum please! You must get up! Please! I’ve waited for so long to be a family again, you can’t just leave now! I-I can’t, I can’t… I…” Codsworth began to weep as much as his metal and circuits would let him. He turned off his hover function and dropped down on the hard tile beside Sole, rolling over a little to rest against their side. “I’m coming with you sir/mum. Wait for me.” Codsworth powers down one last time.

Dogmeat: Dogmeat watched in horror as his owner was flung through the air. They had thrown themselves on a grenade thrown close to his paws. Dogmeat dashed to where Sole landed, and tried to nuzzle them awake. When Sole did’t budge, Dogmeat began to whimper and paw at their arm. “Arf! Arf!” Dogmeat looksed around desperately and ran off. He came back with a stick and drops it into Sole’s motionless hand. Dogmeant whined again and again until the whines morphed into solemn howls. He kept his vigil for an hour until he finally curled up beside Sole for one final cuddle.


Strong has lost brothers before, but grief to this degree he had never experienced. He made sure to smash those puny humans for what they did to Sole, and when he was finished he left immediately. He didn’t want to remember Sole as a dead thing in the ground. From that day forward he called off his search for the milk of human kindness, and before he left the area, he called out to Sole, “YOU BROKE PROMISE.”

We Were Doomed From The Start (Junhao Zombie Apocalypse AU Angst)

Summary: A place, a world, a way of life not so far away from our own. Where the living get consumed by disease, their corpses pillaged and raised to walk the streets; entire cities abandoned, humanity reduced to cowering in its corners like rats. The Grey Flu ruled the world now. Xu Minghao and Wen Junhui were just two more of its loyal subjects. Junhao. Angst. 

(A/N: the masterpiece that me and Jaycen (@the-shinee-knight) wrote as a team because forever we’ve been wanting to write something together. I didn’t realize how much I missed the rp style of writing. but seriously Jaycen is one of the most amazing writers ever - what he wrote here brought me to tears and then what I had to add myself only made me cry more. I don’t think there’s much more to it than that. obviously the title is from a Fall Out Boy song because I love my 2007 emo - even tho this song is from like 2014 but whatever. also idek if Minghao even has a sister or any siblings at all but this is what I wrote because fanfiction. warnings: blood, gore, lots of angst, tears, and pain. hope you enjoy it anyway, though ;) -Tanisha<3)

We Were Doomed From The Start.

The King Is Dead… 

The sunrise.

It used to be beautiful. It used to be serene, welcomed, pleasant.

Now it was just a reminder of another day in hell on earth.

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 1,690

Genre: Fluff

Description: You hear a rumour about Jungkook and automatically assume the worst.

Warnings: Swearing.

~ Masterlist ~

You could feel your blood boiling under your skin, setting you on fire. The feeling would have been no different than if your blood had been replaced with lava, making the hair on your body stand up. It sent hot chills down your spine and set a bright red tint on your cheeks. You were hot and bothered, and not in the good kind of way.

The rational part of you told you to relax. It was probably a misunderstanding, right? Probably, but that was the problem, probably didn’t mean definitely no. The insecure side of you broke wild, your body shaking with adrenaline. You told yourself to relax, to calm down before Jungkook got home.

You knew it. You knew you’d never be good enough for him. He was an idol, afterall. Someone with the title golden maknae would never be someone you deserved. He truly was perfect by your standards. Every second with him felt like it wasn’t real, like he wasn’t real. How could he be? That being said, your relationship itself was not perfect. He was a busy guy, after all, and you felt more alone with him than without him. Every waking second you looked yourself in the mirror and reminded yourself of how unworthy you were for him. You didn’t have a perfect body, your skin wasn’t flawless, your hair bordered on frizzy, your teeth weren’t completely straight. But him, he had millions of girls fawning over him - how could you not be insecure with him?

Your phone buzzed nonstop for what felt like years. You wanted so badly to pick up, to hear his voice, but the bile that settled in the back of your throat and the shaking of your hands refused to comply.


“Hey beautiful how’s your day??”

“You’re probably busy! Msg me later.”

“Ya! Pick up your phone I miss you”

“Okkkk it’s later. Are you working?”

“Jagiya.. It’s been hours I’m starting to get worried. Is everything okay? Your phone isn’t dead because it’s not going to voice mail.”

“Are you ok?!”

“Did I do something?”

“If you don’t answer your phone in an hour I’m going to come check on you.”

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