everyday dishes

things to remember when you move out

•always have bottled water in your house/apartment
•pay your bills on time
•wash your dishes everyday
•don’t tell anyone you don’t trust you live alone
•call your mom and tell her you love her
•make sure you have extra toilet paper
•remember to close the curtains when changing
•lock all the windows and doors at night/before leaving the house
•double check that the stove is off
•don’t leave lights on too much
•use real plates instead of throwaways
•have flashlights in every room
•fruits and veggies are important
•night lights aren’t just for babies and kids
•electric and water bill are more important than cable
•don’t eat out too much
•do your laundry
•it’s okay to ask for help
•own at least two recipe books
•never lock yourself out
•but don’t hide a spare under a mat/plant
•don’t open the door without knowing who it is
•wash your bed spread a lot
•make sure you always have food in the fridge
•if you feel unsafe call someone
•candy/snacks are not meals

two guys catcalled laurenular and I in the street earlier

5 minutes later we ended up driving past them

naturally, wound the window down and whooped and hollered at them as we passed

I have NEVER seen two teenage boys more confused and offended in my life



*bae walks in*

Bae: what’s for dinner?

*closes lights*

*opens spot light*

*taps mic*

*strums guitar*

Me: chicken stuffed with mozzarella wrapped in parma ham with some home made mash

Bae: but we ate that dish like everyday.

Me: yeah so?

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whaaaaaaaaat?! i don't believe that! McDonalds every day? how is this even possible? i mean you look fucking great for someone eating junk food daily but tbh this is not good for your heart so yeah, cooking from time to time is not a bad idea

You say this assuming I have room in my apartment to cook anything.

Trust me I would, but the sink is piled up with dishes everyday and looking at that does not instill me to make food because I know none of it will get washed and it will pile for a goood week until I get passive aggressive.

I was raised in a family that washed dishes and used the dishwasher as a drying rack so, having thousands of dishes in the sink is a very uncomfortable thing to look at everyday.

Second Best: TMR Newt Imagine

Request: None because this is my first imagine😂
Summary: You had been in the glade for awhile, always receiving unending amounts of attention, until Teresa arrived. Jealous of the beautiful girl, you become a completely different person.
You sighed, running a stressed hand through your hair. It was slicked back with the sweat with the overbearing heat of the Glade. You lacked a pony tail to tie up your locks that had become a nuisance ever since you were kicked out of your Med-Jack job thanks to a new greenie that had just arrived. Ever since the girl had decided a Med-Jack would be the job she would be the best at, you’ve been accompanying FryPan in the kitchen, tirelessly chopping away at assorted vegetables. FryPan didn’t trust you handling actually making the meals, so you were stuck doing the tedious and repetitive work that you dreaded everyday. Either cleaning the dishes or tending to the tiniest of jobs that pertain to cooking the Glades meals. A frown stretched across your lips, your eyes trained outside of the kitchen, a gap in the makeshift wall allowing you the ability to gaze at the scenes outside. Your eyes were trained on Teresa, the new girl that all the boys couldn’t stop obsessing over. Each and every day at the fire, you could hear their taunting calls, not even noticing the comments that were directed towards Teresa had shrapnel that was hitting you too. It was like they hadn’t seen a girl in years, even though you still mingled amongst them.
Teresa, the girl with chocolatey brown hair that danced at her waist, stomach as flat as a board, eyes as blue as the sky itself, and chest that flirted scandalously with each passer by. An inner voice inside of you wanted to spit at her, slut, for the way she teased each boy with her entrancing gaze. But you bit your words back, doing your best to not notice Newt, the gimpy boy who you’d do anything for, hobbling up to her. He called her name loud and clear, eyes flitting down to her chest that was about ready to burst from the small enclosure of her shirt, back up to her eyes. Each galant stride she took, Newt struggled to keep up, but the poor boy was trying his hardest to stay in stride with the uninterested girl. At least, you thought she was uninterested. That was until she stopped to converse with the boy who made your heart stutter and knees melt like butter. Laughs loud enough for you to hear within the maze were emitted from the two. Teresa went to playfully seat at Newt, before resting a hand upon his bare bicep. By then, you were fuming. Your knuckles had revealed their pasty white as you gripped a knife with an unimaginable amount of force. Then, something triggered inside of you. Teresa leaned in to peck an innocent kiss on Newts cheek, something you had been dying to do since you had arrived here, before sauntering away from the boy. Instead of the urge to let the knife fly from you clutches, and bury itself deep inside of the girl you loathed with a passion like no other, your heart snapped. Each string taunted, until it was cut, snapping back to you. The air had been sucked out of you, your lungs not allowing the precious element to enter back into your organs. You gasped, pressing a hand to your chest as you dashed out of that kitchen, unknowingly to have Newt worriedly chase after you.
Tears threatened to brake free of the prison that were your lids as you sprinted away from human activity. The wind slapped at your face, even it angry with you. You finally reached a safe place, the Deadheads giving you all of the peace and quiet for you to cry each and every tear out. Branches reached for your hair splayed out behind you, whipping at your exposed flesh. Finally, you reach your remote corner of the world you were trapped in. Deep enough in the Deadheads for no one to hear your haunting howls of pain. You came to a halt, air rushing into your lungs finally as you did your best to soothe your rapid heart beat. You choked out a strangled sob as you flung yourself to the dirt covered ground, not even caring about the grit that you would have to scrub off later. You just wanted to forget about everything for a moment as you wallowed in self pity. You knew you weren’t the most attractive girl in the world, but here, you ranked pretty high since you where the only girl to exist in this place, but ever since Teresa had to come out of the damn box, she was the center of attention. You were just the second now. Second prettiest, second funniest, second everything. You were just second best. And that crushed you. But you sobered up instantly when your ears picked up on a clunky set of feet storming through your safe haven.

“Y/N?” A thick accented voice called your name, hearing his lopsided steps trailing closer and closer to your worn out figure.

No. No. NO! Not him. Anyone but him.

You didn’t want him to witness this state you were in. You didn’t want him to find out the mask you had been covering your agony with for the past few weeks. I hurriedly wiped at your face, ridding yourself of any stray year still lingering on your cheeks. You pushed yourself off of the woody floor, brushing off the dusty dirt that clung to your clothes. Just as you did your best to run your fingers through your snarled hair, her bursts through the tree line, worry stretched across his face.

“Y/N, are you ok?” He questioned, cautiously walking up to me.

“I’m fine Newt. Just wanted a bit of peace for a moment.” The lie seeped right past your lips, eyes not even wanting to meet his impressing gaze.

“Are you sure? I thought I heard crying.” Newt took a larger step in your direction, trying to pry as best as he could.

“I’m fine Newt.” You snapped, glowering at him, feeling the tears start to pool in your eyes once again.

“Are you crying?” He interrogated, taking another step towards me until he reached your rigid body.

Your eyes were doing their best to find more interest in the barren Deadheads, but to no avail. With his steps being longer than usual, his body was brushing against your own, each breath you took making your chest press against his. His scent trapped you here, encasing you in the musky stench that adorned him. But before you could make a move to step away from him, his fingers caught your chin, forcing your head to turn towards him, but you defiantly didn’t look at him.

“Look at me Y/N.” He ordered, his tone stiff but still soothing all wrapped up in one.

You gave into him, eyes glancing up to meet his intense stare. His eyes were like a swirling brown, the color waltzing with his pupil, although the brown wasn’t dark enough. You was caught up in the trance that is this boy. Your breath caught in your throat, but this time it wasn’t because of the cries that you had become familiar with, but because of how close this boy was, and how tantalizing he had become. Your lips parted, your eyes intent on his lips, his tongue darting out to flicker across them. My stomachs rolled with a strange feeling at the action, before me eyes were set back onto his. But he wasn’t looking into your eyes anymore, he was looking at your lips with a burning intent. You didn’t even realize how close had had become to you. His breath teased your skin, bumps raising on your flesh at his cool air. A smirk danced upon his lips at the way he knew he made you feel.

“Can I kiss you?” He questioned, eyes trained on yours for a moment.

Al you could do was respond with a nod of your head, your voice lost in this moment. He leaned closer, lips barley ghosting over yours, before he pulled back slightly. You pouted, jutting out your bottom lip. Newt ignored it, diving in again, but this time sucking on your bottom lip you poured with. A breathless moan escapes your mouth at the suckling action.

“Newt.” You whispered, wanting to feel his lips on yours.

A chuckled fell from his lips, before he finally did what you had been waiting to do for a year now. His lips hesitantly met yours, the sensual moment making your heart stutter in your chest, and your stomach clench. Each and every move he made, made you fall for him even more. You hadn’t even noticed the way his two hands cupped your cheeks, your motions in sync as you relished in each other presence. Your arms twisted around his neck, bringing him closer to you if that was even a possibility. You groaned into the kiss with the passion and love it held just behind the simple action. When your lungs had finally decided that air was more of a priority than kissing Newt, you pulled away, drinking in the sweet air mingling around you.

“Y/N, no matter what you think inside of that head of yours, with me, you won’t be second best, you will be THE best, and I will treat you like the princess you deserve to be.

And in that moment, I fell fully in love with Isaac Newton.


I am taking requests everyone! Just inbox me ;P. Also you don’t know that struggle it was to write in second person point of view. Hope everyone had a great day! :*

EXO - you becoming vegan and wanting them to join you

Anonymous said: Imagine you telling EXO you becoming a vegetarian/vegan and wanting them to as well

Thank you so much for the request! I really appreciate it :)


Baekhyun: “That’s great Y/N! Uhh… I don’t know about me though…“

Chanyeol: “Are you sure you can stop eating all the amazing meat I make for you?”…. *pause* … “I sure can’t”.

Chen: *thinking* But… Meat….

D.O: *actually totally up for it* “What do you want me to make tonight? I have the day off”

Kai: “You’re joking right?” … But would then accept it but wouldn’t become a vegan himself because meat.

Kris: “Sure. But please make your own food then. I‘m sorry, but I won’t make two different dishes everyday. - Cause I’m not gonna be vegan right now, it’s too time consuming… Maybe later though”

Lay: *gif*

Luhan: *is dis girl srs?*

Sehun: “When you have the money to buy all that expensive ass food then I’ll be there. But until now, I’ll just stay here”

Suho: *Deep thoughts* “Okay, I’ll join you, but promise you’ll get your proteins! It’s important, and I don’t want you to get sick.”

Tao: *sends eyes to Kai, dis bitch be craycray*

Xiumin: “Sure” nothing else. Just… “okay” and then a smile.


I do think all of them would approve of YOU becoming vegan/vegetarian, but I don’t think all of them would become vegan/vegetarian as well. Thanks for reading!