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I know you've got a busy schedule with monthly books going on, appearances, and planning sessions. Do you ever get free time to read comics from some of your fellow creators, whether current series or back issues?

Never as much as I want but I read comics everyday. for work and for fun.  plus, friends and colleagues are constantly producing new material and showing it to me.

 plus, I love comics. I’m inspired by them. I am moved by them.  I know there are some creators who say they ‘pride themselves’ on their ignorance to the modern industry and art form but any creator who can’t conjure up enough enthusiasm for someone else’s work is missing the best part.

  • Every John green book: my name is Kirk assgun and I m not cool or popular and I'm bullied everyday because I fuck comic books and I watch this really cool show called the Big Bang theory. But it's okay because I at least have 2 other bros and 1 convenient negro friend. You see that girl over there? That's kaydence Tigerlilly Dookieson. SHe is the love of my life. She is misunderstood and like really cool indie bands like Coldplay and she's been smoking since she was 7. She's not like other girls. If only she would realize that the missing key to her life was me, a greasy white boy

So my friend gave me this idea that Wayne Manor is wired with this top notch sound system wired throughout the house, even the cave and grounds. The boys have wars over what music gets played and Bruce has a whole list of banned songs. The current fight is this:

Jason: “I swear to god! It’s not even December! Dickhead turn off the Christmas music!”
Dick: “If anyone needs Christmas cheer it’s you people! So the Holiday Hits station stays on!”
Tim: “I mean, at least it’s after Thanksgiving?”
Jason: “Who’s side are you on, Replacement?!”
Damian: “-tt- This entire season is just a ridiculous excuse for excessive capitalism.”
Tim: “You want to run WE! How can you be smearing capitalism if you want to run a multi-billion dollar company?!”
Damian: “It is my birthright, Drake.”
*Tim and Damian slowly devolve into nonsensical screaming*
Dick: “Stop it! This is the season of love and family and giving!”
Jason: “I’m going to give you a punch in the face if I hear ~last Christmas I gave you my heart~ one more time.”

Meanwhile Cass has plugged her ipod in and started up her George Gershwin playlist.
Alfred: “Excellent decision, Miss Cassandra.”

- Little Red

LoveVirus! AU Comic, Page 2

//Forgive me and my poor artistic skills, I tried my best to draw Toilet-

Anyways, MePhone4 gets a virus. And it’s getting late, he should be on the stage with MePad and Toilet. So, MePad decides to send Toilet to get him.

Hope y'all are enjoying this !!! If Ye have any questions, ask me :0