everyday carry uk


Bico Australia we kind enough to let me review their newest EDC product. The Keyklipz titanium keyrings/ Carabiners. At present I’m running a minimal edc system on my keyring, I’m testing what is the minimum amount of items I need and not just adding items and weight unless I am using an item conststantly. Ive been testing the Keyklipz to see whether it has any benefits over using a regular split ring or a carabiner to hold items together. With constant changing of gear, the Keyklipz is great for swapping items with minimal effort, the locking system feels secure and I can clip it onto my jeans or bag if needed quick access to my keys, with the added benefit of a bottle opener, it can save you from having to carry an additional opener with you. The Keyklipz is also very light, so that is also a benefit and being made of titanium means that it will be strong. The design is functional as well as looking good, with other designs available, there will be one to suit everyone’s taste. All in all I’d say that the Keyklipz would be a great addition to any EDC. So check them out and give them a try.