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based on that convo yesterday, i did want to draw out a few pertinent points.

in discussing the current issue with liang and the asian-american protests.

its true that i’ve seen a lot of asians lose sight of the central point.

bc this thing isn’t about liang. its about Akai Gurley, the Black man he killed.

its about anti-Blackness and state violence (via the police).

its about the fact that ultimately, we as non-Black ppl think Black lives don’t matter.

that’s why, of all the possible ways in which asians aren’t treated equal to whites, it is this particular issue that has us all upset.

like. liang is a scapegoat. if he were white he wouldn’t have been convicted. blah blah blah.

everyday in small ways and large asians are oppressed by white supremacy. u don’t have to look very hard to find some case, some incident in which asians were punished/treated differently than a white person.

so why this case. why now.

its bc Akai Gurley was a Black man and we don’t think Black lives matter.

this is why that other post was apologism and a derail. the social conditions pointed out are true enough. but its largely irrelevant. all the things mentioned have been true for a while. they’ll remain true for a while yet.


I popped into a local shop to pick up a few items today and ran straight into three interesting things:

1) Hey!  It’s a lefty American Vintage ‘64 Telecaster!  Lefties are rare to begin with, and when you DO see them out there, they are usually regular, everyday *blah* guitars…like MIM “Standard” Fenders and Les Paul Studios.  Don’t get me wrong, these are fine guitars…but if I was a lefty I would also want to run across the occasional “Deluxe”, “VOS”, or “Relic” lefty too!  Something exciting and expensive…and DIFFERENT!

3) Check out the interesting new finish on this brand new American Deluxe Strat.  Nice!

5) And another new Fender finish on a new “Deluxe”.   When I think that CBS, in the 1970s, cut so many of the “custom colors” out of the line as a cost saving measure, it warms the cockles** of my heart to see Fender getting so creative with the multitude of new production or FSR finishes.

That’s just great…nothing like hot cockles.  Thanks a lot Fender!  :D

** stick with this clip to the end…it will explain everything ;)

Preference #396: He makes fun of your obsession for a show

Niall: He didn’t even ask anymore if you would go out on Tuesday night. He knew the answer was no, as long as your favorite show was playing. You could simply record it, but you never did. No, you had to see it live. It was too important to miss by even a minute. ”this obsession you have with this show is not healthy,” Niall joked, when he wanted to take you to a big industry party on Tuesday, and knew it would never happen. You rolled your eyes and stuck out your tongue towards him. “I love one show. Let me enjoy it.” He wrapped his arms around your waist, “I would if that didn’t mean I can’t have your company to things on certain nights.” You laughed and shrugged your shoulders, “It is one night Niall. I believe you’ll be fine.” “I’ll miss you,” he told you, knowing there were no words to convince you to come. You kissed him quickly, “I’ll miss you too.”

Liam: Once your show started, it was as if you went into another world. You heard nothing Liam said, and saw nothing he did. Your only focus was the show before you. He found it the funniest thing, and when this week’s episode came to an end, he laughed, “You and that show. I’m telling you the house could be fire, and you’d still just sit there.” You were not so certain of that fact. You had no idea how engulfed in the show you could become. “I’m not that into.” “I should film you! You ignore the world once it’s on,” Liam informed you, planning to do just that next week. “Just wait. I’ll show you next week. No matter what i do, you ignore me.” “Well maybe you’re just annoying. I am trying to watch a show,” you responded, a bit of laughter in yours words as you did, “You should actually pay attention too. Maybe you’d like it just as much.” “No, but I’m glad you do.”

Harry: Every single week Harry made fun of the way you went on and on about your favorite show. You could tell he was only joking though, so you made no effort to stop. Not that you would have anyway. You truly loved it, and felt a need to speak about it so much. “Let me guess, this was the best episode yet,” Harry cut in, before you could start gushing about this week’s episode, “Just like last week’s, and the one before, and the one before, and the…” You held up your hand to stop him from going any further, and rolled your eyes playfully. “I’ll have you know I did not think last week’s was the best. Remember? Or did you tune me out again, I can repeat it all.” Harry laughed at that. He had no doubt you would do just that. “No, no, I remember. I was joking. Okay, what happened this week. I should just watch this show already, so I’ll fully understand what you’re saying.”

Louis: For the first time in your life, you were completely obsessed with a show. Every week you could not wait to see what would happen. You had never been so into anything before. You didn’t even realize how much you talked about it, until Louis began making fun of you. “If I have to hear about that show one more time [Y/N], I’m gonna start ignoring you. Please shut up.” You bottom lip shook, not realizing he was only joking. He noticed the tears welling in your eyes, and his tone instantly changed, “Baby, I’m joking. I was just joking. I love hearing you talk about it. Your face just lights up. I love how happy it makes you. I was only kidding.” You didn’t know if you believed his words, but you wanted to. “You’re sure? I’ll shut up if I annoy you.” Louis shook his head, and pulled you into his arms, “No, please. Talk about it all you want. I was only kidding, I promise.”

Zayn: “Let me guess, you’re about to talk about your show. Again.” Zayn interrupted you, before you could speak. But the moment you opened your mouth, he knew what would come out. It was all you spoke of lately, ever since you’d gotten into it and began your binge watch that had been going on for almost 2 weeks now. You hesitated to speak now. Zayn noticed this moment where you stopped yourself, and laughed, “I don’t mind. Just saying, I know what you’re gonna talk about. Just tell me, what now. What happened? Another character die or something?” You shook your head, “No, not this time. It was a happy season end, for once. Do you really want to hear about it?” He didn’t. Not at all. But it made you happy to talk about, so he sighed, “Yeah, tell me. What happened?”

No no but im really tired of the ending people make were like Nico just stays to the side lines of the camp and watches sadly but silently as Percy and Annabeth get married and have kids and he loves him forever and hurts everyday and blah blah etc-no, you know what should happen? You know what I want to happen? I want Nico to just leave all of that shit behind him, the camps, everything. And he goes to Venice and he gets a apartment and says fuck this I’m living with the  mortals- and he works in a book shop or something like that and then one day he meets this guy who’s Italian and that’s the only language he speaks and he’s a few years older and hella tall and he’s fucking hotter then Adonis and Apollo put together with light brown  eyes with flecks of gold in them  and the most majestic fucking dark brown wavy hair and perfect fucking olive toned skin and he has a name that’s hella Italian and he’s a demigod but he’s never lived like one and he’s an artist and he and Nico move into together and they’re so, so fucking in love with one another and he paints and draws Nico all the time and calls him his muse and Nico teaches him English and he’s always kissing Nico’s face and calling him adorable endearments in Italian, and he holds Nico when he has nightmares and always assures him he’s perfect the way he is and  he loves showing Nico off, not giving a flying fuck what others think and they fuck so hard they break fucking furniture and then keep going on the broken pieces and they get married and shit and adopt some abandoned  demigod twins and Nico finds his own happy ending without any of the other people who ever hurt him in the past to drag him down. Fuck yeah. thats awesome.