• me:*watching sport news with my family*
  • me:all these football fans are just crazy
  • my bro:what?! look at you! you are crying cause some destiel is not canon or whats the wierd word you use
  • me:*what thats not true I am completely okay*
  • me:what did you say?! you want me to punch you?! YEAH?! FIGHT ME YOU LITTLE SHIT!!
  • my dad:*looks at my mom* where did we make a mistake

Múlthét pénteken voltunk a Magyar Formatervezési Díj megnyitóján, ahol kiállítási jogot kaptam MA Diploma munkámmal, az IPM magazinnal.

Ha még találtok Free Poster feliratú szóróanyagot, vigyetek magatokkal nyugodtan! (viszont ha a magazint elakarod lopni jól vigyázz, mert blu tackkel van leragasztva, és a lopás egyébként sem egy szép dolog!)

The opening ceremony of the Hungarian Design Award was on last Friday, where my MA degree project: IPM magazine has been exhibited.

If you still find some free posters, you should gather one from my table!
(if you’d like to steal my magazine, be careful because it is secured with some blu tack on its back, also stealing is bad!)