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Hey guys ! I added these little alien to my redbubble portfolio !

They each have a flag of the LGBTQ pride ! (Bisexual, Asexual, Genderqueer, Lesbian, Gay, Intersexual, Transgender, pansexual).

If you are interrested in one of theses little things, you can find them here :


Thank you again very much for your help and your support guys !!

Zelink FF: “Fit For a Princess”

I was feelin’ Zelink tonight so I typed up a quick PG fic about Link preparing his Hateno house for Zelda’s arrival. Enjoy the fluff!


“Linky was supposed to be here quite some time ago”, Purah mused, finally noticing that her guinea pig had been missing for a number of days. She had new tests to run on both him and his Sheikah slate, including more rune tinkering and a modification to the slate’s teleportation carrying capacity. Soon, two people or one horse and a rider would easily be able to teleport around Hyrule. Purah hoped that eventually she could design a modification that would enable the slate’s carrier to teleport OTHER things here and there, such as guardian remains or perhaps precious stones. The lab was always in need of funding anyway, and charging Link for her services now that Ganon was defeated seemed reasonable enough. Goddess knew he had plenty of money to invest, anyway. Purah decided to propose the idea to him the next time he came around, whenever that would be. She grunted with annoyance, stamping one of her small, freshly shined shoes.

Like any other child, she loathed to wait. “Where would he have run of to?” Purah huffed impatiently. In her head, she imagined Link intentionally wasting time- scaling the sky-tall mushrooms of northwest Hyrule, using the stasis rune to send giant boulders clear to the heavens, chasing after viscous tundra bears as though they were speckled pink ponies…

“I’m sure whatever he’s doing is of utmost importance”, replied Symin. He plucked a long, white hair off of the tall bookshelf in front of him. “It’s extremely out of character for Link to not show, and especially to do so without any word.”

Purah sighed and plopped down heavily on her wooden stool, painted to resemble a thunderwing butterfly. “I suppose you’re right. Maybe I should go find him, make sure he’s alright. But, ohhhhhh!” She grabbed the corners of her stool and leaned back dramatically. “I can’t leave, looking this way! Symin, would you go fetch him for me?”

“Ill see what I can do”, Symin replied woefully, not looking forward to yet another trip away from the Lab. The direct sun always shone too brightly on his fair skin, and he had allergic reactions to most things he touched. Nonetheless, there was a task at hand which only he could accomplish.

After lacing his shoes up and applying a generous layer of sun salve to all visible parts of his body, he trudged towards the door, fidgeting with the handle for a moment. “I’ll check the village first, for the general direction he headed”, he muttered in Purah’s direction. “And I’ll send notice if he’s left for… goddess, who knows where?”

Stepping through the threshold and out into the yellow-green grass of Hateno, Symin shut the Lab’s rickety door behind him. He walked slowly down the hill, taking note of the deep, spotless blue stretched above him. Though it was already late as midday, he knew better than to trust the sky to remain clear. Hateno was notorious for two things: fresh milk, and flip-of-a-switch weather patterns.

Upon reaching the base of the town, Symin stretched his neck around a bend in an attempt to find a friendly face with whom to speak. There was a stable hand- and given her general composure, she seemed a bit rude, but not unapproachable. Nobody else seemed particularly interested in what she was doing, which was by the look of things, not very much. She leaned against a small stable in front of the Inn with her arms crossed, chewing a blade of grass. Symin slicked back his hair and approached her with a kind confidence.

“Good evening, ma'am. A word?” He asked gently, as though one wrong move would cause her to blow.

“Sure, I got a word for ya. I’m a sir”, the stablehand corrected.

Symin stuttered in surprise. After running through a number of apologies, he finally stumbled into his original question.

“Have you seen Link around?” Symin pulled at a stray strand of hair ticking the corner of his mouth. “Sort of short, blonde mop, stoic expression?”

“Oh, Link! Sure. He’s been locked in his house last two, three days.” The stablehand huffed a little. “When you see him, can you ask him to, uh… help me catch a couple more of those restless crickets? Damn things are too fast for me.” He smiled sheepishly, the added, “I’m needing a lot of’em.”

A strange expression flickered across Symin’s face before he regained his composure. “Crickets. Got it. Thanks.”

Symin wondered what Link may be doing in his house, especially for TWO DAYS. The boy couldn’t even sit still long enough to sleep at night, let alone spend two days locked in his ramshackle home. No, Symin concluded, something had to be going on. He walked past the strange cubic model houses on the hill to a frighteningly rickety bridge. Goddess, how long had THAT been weathering there? He crossed it carefully, hoping the warped wood wouldn’t break under his weight. The bridge was suspended 50 feet above a pond, and Symin was as capable of swimming as a stone.

He reached the end of the bridge with a sigh of relief, facing Link’s cottage. He had made several home improvements, that much was obvious. Last Symin had seen of the place, it had been falling apart. He noticed saplings planted around the yard, along with white flowers cropping out from the grass. The place had a door now, and the roof had been patched. It seemed less run down, and more quaint.

Symin’s eye was caught by a small, blue bloom cropping up near the old stable. He walked towards it curiously and bent down to meet the little bud.

“Silent Princess?” He whispered in amazement. “They aren’t native to this area.” In fact, they were native to very FEW areas at all. The flowers had grown in number the last hundred years, but were still not incredibly common. They grew mostly in the fields of Hyrule, or around Great Fairy fountains. They were both places almost no one had access to. Except for maybe, a certain Hero…

“I wonder, could Link have dropped seeds here?”

That was when he saw several plooms of dust come out of Link’s window, followed by deep coughing from inside the house.

Symin rushed towards the door, politely knocking once before shoving his way in without invitation.

He found Link clinging to a rafter, reaching above himself to dust the CEILING.

“Sir Link”, Symin started. Link jumped, caught off guard for once, to Symin’s surprise. “If I may ask, what in Hylia’s name are you doing?”

Link looked down at him, rubbing his neck embarrassedly. “Cleaning, actually.” His clothes were completely filthy. Where they appeared to be dampened with something, dust, dirt, and other strange brownish substances clung to him. His hands were none the better, and his hair was pulled back into a messy, sweat-streaked ponytail.

Symin sighed, meeting Purah’s impatience. Of all the things he could have found Link doing, cleaning was considered quite low on the priority list. “While I agree with a tidy keep, you’ve left Miss Purah waiting for you to make an appearance at the lab for quite some time, and her patience wears thin very quickly these days.”

“Sorry”, Link muttered half-heartedly. “I’ve been distracted. I’m trying to prepare everything for the Princess’ arrival.” He blushed deeply.

Symin grinned excitedly in response. “Oh! Our Princess Zelda is coming for a visit? How long will she be staying? I’m sure she would love to meet with Purah and discuss improvements on the Sheikah technology!”

“Well, she’s been spending time getting reacquainted with the country.” Link paused for a long while, calculating his next words. “She doesn’t want to return to the castle just yet, as it is in repair, and she has little interest in living anywhere but Hateno…”

“Ah.” Symin nodded in understanding. He had anticipated that Link and Zelda would fall back into their roles of princess and knight eventually. It was their original dynamic, after all. Perhaps returning to it would provide them both with some sense of familiarity in this new, strange world. “Her highness would be living here with you”, he said conclusively.

"Yeah”, Link confessed. He flustered in the way that only came about from mention of the princess, or shamelessly forward Great Fairies. “One hundred years ago, it would have been considered completely improper- never would have happened. To be honest, I’m surprised she suggested it at all. She can be quite traditional.” He leapt down from the rafter in one graceful movement.

“Sir Link, do forgive me, but I fear you have an error in memory. You lived beside the princess in the castle, before Calamity Ganon, and it was approved by the royal court”, Symin corrected. His voice softened to a more friendly tone. “It wasn’t so taboo- she was safe near you. Your services are less necessary now than they were back then, since our biggest threat has been snuffed out. But even so, I’m sure the Princess is very capable of handling herself.”

Link laughed, really laughed- the sound was full bellied and rich as monster cake. “She can hold her own wherever she goes- there is no question about that.” He rubbed his neck shyly. “But she isn’t moving here to be protected.”

“Then why would she be…” Symin started, before noticing Link’s deep, red blush.

Oh, Symin, you damnable fool! He chastised himself silently. “Oh, goddess… I beg your forgiveness, Sir Link.” He hung his head in embarrassment. “I was unaware of the status of your relationship with the Princess. Pardon my assumption.”

“Don’t worry about it”, Link brushed off. “I hardly believe the reality of it myself. Which is probably part of the reason I’m doing all of this, in preparation.” He motioned around his little cottage. “Helps me get a better grip on things.”

Symin smiled, relieved to find Link hadn’t taken offense to his obliviousness. “The world has changed, my friend. People see each other as equals, and the old laws that established one’s rank and class have been long forgotten.”

“It isn’t only her title, or her lineage. I couldn’t have allowed myself to hope for something like this… before.” Link mindlessly readjusted his ponytail as he spoke. “Not with her.” He pulled the leather chord around his hair, then rested his hands on his hips in a defiant sort of way. “But, enough with the squishy talk. Purah needs me for something?”

Symin nodded ruefully. “Yes, and immediately. If I return to her empty handed, she’ll have my head as kindle for the blue flame outside the lab. And I’m only partially kidding.”

“Purah is a force to be reckoned with, no doubt about it. I promise to come back with you. But listen, before we leave…” Link’s face grew gravely serious. “…I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Of course.” Symin braced himself, wondering what sort of treacherous task Link would propose. His stomach knotted as he ran through a million different scenarios, each ending in disaster. How would he even manage to keep up? Link had traversed through the electric jungles of Faron, the frozen wastelands of Hebra, the scorching sands of the Gerudo desert. What services could he possibly offer to the young hero? Was returning to Purah without Link somehow safer than agreeing to whatever may be asked of him? And if so, how could he possibly say no? Symin pushed his fears to the side, realizing that even if it were to be a death sentence, he owed his loyalty to the hero of Hyrule. This was something he would simply have to overcome- despite the statistical probability of his death. He closed his eyes, before quietly asking, “What is this favor, young Hero?”

Link breathed in and back out slowly. “Would you help me bake these fruit cakes?”


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My love #Ming

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snarkytoon  asked:

Omg you're so right, sorry that was wayyy too general vague... I didnt realize how much that would actually be whoops, What about Each of the burners/Chuck relationships?

Okay!  Well I am Real Tired so this is going to meander and ramble kinda but I WILL DO MY BEST.  Apologies in advance, you didn’t give a specific question RE: the couples in question so I’m just gonna………talk……

Let’s start with the obvious one.

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