everybodys all american

Drink up, buttercup. You’re about to get all the Mr. Wednesday you can handle. 

The combination of watching Civil War and then Eurovision the next morning has led me to spend most of the day picturing Wanda Maximoff making all the American (and Asgardian and Wakandan) Avengers watch Eurovision with her. Natasha, of course, already knows about it and thinks that’s a great idea. Clint knows about it because Natasha has been making it the centerpiece of his family’s Memorial Day barbeque for years. 

Everybody else starts out staring in awkward confusion, but by the time the votes are getting announced they’re all jumping up and down and yelling indignantly. 

the civil war nearly breaks out again

“We’re going to have a campaign that is about issues, not insults. A campaign that talks about plans and policies. That tries to bring people together. I want to be the president of everybody, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, all Americans. I love this country.” —Hillary