ok, so if this thing worked (I REALLY hope it did!!!), that means today is september 11th (??) xD WHICH IS ALSO:

TYLER HOECHLIN’S BIRTHDAY!!!! ;7; let’s wish him a happy birthday!! that he stayes the way he is- a sweet and nice person- our ray of sunshine xD!!!

and i’m still in Greece, hopefully still alive xD haha (2 more days :DD)

i drew 6 characters that Tyler played up until now :3 (there ARE more, this is just a few of them i have chosen! Plus i put a huge watermark across the pic so people can’t steal it :P hope that works!!!


Int: Your films appear to be so believable that audiences assume there’s a lot of improv. But I know how hard you work on your scripts– This is obviously a line you wrote.
Dir. Richard Linklater: No, [Hoechlin] came up with that line!
Hoechlin: I don’t remember saying it. We did the first screening, the line happens and I laughed at my own joke. I felt like a douchebag. I had no recollection of saying that.
Linklater: That’s about when you know you’ve cast the absolute right person. The little things that come out of their mouth are so perfectly in character.