“Unlike many people on this fandom, I really believe that Oncie is an introvert. In fact, the only times we see him being all crazy and outgoing, are when he’s around the forest animals or the Lorax. Yes that’s right, we also have that everybody needs a thneed scene, but for me he looked kinda nervous and not as outgoing during that sequence. Hint the way he reacts with other humans/people (his family / his costumers that came to his house singing) he seems rather nervous the first time he meets these people, and I think it is implied that he likes to be alone and has a hard time interacting with others.”


Italian version of “Everybody Needs a Thneed”

Everybody needs a thneed, A fine thing that all people- You know what we need?! For you to stop! (Yea!) You suck! (Yea...) Everybody needs a thneed! A fine thing that all people need! The thneed is good, the thneed is great, Let's hope we're not too late! It's a super trendy hat, It's a tightrope for an acrobat, A net for catching butterflies, Daily use for EXERCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISE! Everybody needs a thneed, (A THNEED!) A fine thing that all people need, (WE NEED!) Everybody needs a thneed! (ahhhhhh ahhhhh) We want the thneed, (ahhhhh ahhhhhh) We need the thneed, (ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh) We need a thneeeeeeeeeeeeed!