once-ler’s music career question-rambling

the once-ler can definitely play the guitar well and he can sing. He could’ve had a music career! Or maybe he tried to, but it never amounted to anything…

What stuff would he sing about if he isn’t singing about boredom, or how their corpses would get picked apart by birds, or other weird subjects? (I think the most normal subject he sang about was friendship and making his dreams coming true).

From the screenplay:

Imagine if he got a real microphone! I wonder how much singing he does while cooking with all these kitchen utensils around.

His guitar biggered and biggered and he got new massive speakers so his playing could be extra loud. Would his guitar playing annoy his employees? He did compose the “Everybody Needs a Thneed Jingle”, maybe he made updated versions of it with his biggered guitars.

If he ever wrote and released other songs, I wonder what the album covers would be like. Imagine how he would feel when performing songs, instead of receiving tomatoes and being booed off, he received crowd adoration. Would he bow at the end of performances? What about the dance moves, would he still do all the hip/butt shaking?

His whole family does his guitar hop thing. Maybe that’s a signature move of his.

What kind of fancy stage exit would he do?

(Would he still do that? :P )

what did he do with all his guitars when his company broke down? Would he feel ashamed by the bigger guitars like he did when he took off his bigger hat?

anonymous asked:

Well my sister just asked what I would wear in a zombie apocalypse. I said a thneed. Now she keeps jumping up behind me when I'm drawing and screaming ,"EVERYBODY NEEDS A THNEED! A FINE THING THAT ALL PEOPLE NEED!" God, I missed this fandom so much. (^^)

cute story!

“Unlike many people on this fandom, I really believe that Oncie is an introvert. In fact, the only times we see him being all crazy and outgoing, are when he’s around the forest animals or the Lorax. Yes that’s right, we also have that everybody needs a thneed scene, but for me he looked kinda nervous and not as outgoing during that sequence. Hint the way he reacts with other humans/people (his family / his costumers that came to his house singing) he seems rather nervous the first time he meets these people, and I think it is implied that he likes to be alone and has a hard time interacting with others.”


Ah I finally recorded another one! Everybody Needs A Thneed from The Lorax songbook. I didn’t edit this one at all so pls be kind. /)_(\

Other songs I’ve played: This Is The Place, Thneedville, Let It Grow, Funeral For A Tree.

Italian version of “Everybody Needs a Thneed”