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Top Ten favorite Logan moments?

1. I thought our story was epic, you and me.

2. Every single moment with Heather Button

3. When he got himself arrested so that he could beat up Veronica’s assailants

4. When he helped Wallace with the egg project so that they could beat Angie and help Veronica get into Stanford

5. “If you don’t like my girlfriend, then… just start heading towards the rectangle with the knob.”

6. Come back to me. - ALWAYS.

7. As heartbreaking as it is, when he broke up with Veronica in season 3.

8. The mirror image in Not Pictured (Veronica resting on Logan’s lap) + Logan making pancakes for Veronica the morning after

9. Everybody Wang Chung tonight! Wang Chung or I’ll kiss your ass!

10. “You’re not a killer, Veronica.”

ask me top 5 / top 10 anything!

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I mean..... Warped 2005 trick doing the hip movements from sugar live and like the fucking little teenager he is he gets a goddamn boner and accidentally grinds up too much against his guitar and lets out a moan, making everybody go wild (Pete's freaking out internally)

wow…everyone would be death by sheer lust, honestly….

season twelve premiere in a nutshell

- mr scratch is back and the baddest bitch out

- theres a new guy and hes hot and a person of color (thank fucking god, it’s like cbs finally realized they could have two people of color on a team of six and all of america wouldnt throw flags at their precious white tv screens) and hes damaged in a really sexy way but he also has a precious sweet side and literally everyone on the team has a crush on him including Hotch and Rossi. he also likes getting in people’s faces and i dont know about you but thats a plus.

- garcia didnt make sexy jokes (because there’s a morganesque guy on the team and he reminds her of her bestie who has quit and she doesnt want to catch friend feelings because of the morgan pain that we all still are hurting from) and everybody noticed she wasnt being bubbly or making dirty jokes but no one said anything

- mr scratch used reids name to buy stuff from a sex shop so……. thats supposed to be a joke because reid is obvi not getting any, but you never know. he could have a shawty on the side that we aren’t clued in on. hell he could have two shawtys. we dont know

- speaking of reid, the boy band haircut is back and now he looks like the precious, darling cinnamon bun he is and he took his mom on a trip to france over the hiatus which is just sooooo adorable and i swEAR TO GOD IF SOMEONE LAYS A HAND ON HIM THIS SEASON IM GOING TO BECOME THE NEXT UNSUB ASK ME IF IM PLAYIN

- also evvvvvverybody knows hotch’s time is limited because thomas fucked up one two many times behind the scenes and they gave him the axe and mr scratch is back, so its only a matter of time before one or both of them dies

- tara is precious as per usual and her feelings are valid and i want to give her a blanket and some tea and maybe pat her on the head a couple times because NOTHING IS HER FAULT AND SHES A SWEETIE

- rossi, i cant get a read on right now but thats because he just got back together with his ex, so hes probably getting laid a lot and has no complaints.

- the plot was sickening and the writing was actually on fleek and im gagging. i love this ep. it was gross and scary and they used mental health and d.i.d. in a way that didn’t seem to be super degrading to people with it. the characters with the sickness were treated like people and were shown nothing but respect from the BAU so im glad about that. i always like when the BAU are woke. but also what do i know about sensitivity with this subject? i dont have d.i.d. so my opinion on that doesnt really matter. ANYWAY mr scratch is back and im beyond excited because hes a sick little fucker and hes definitely going to stir the shitpot, no doubt about that. so this season is about to be baller af. i cant wait. after 11 seasons they can still come up with an interesting plot line. as a viewer, im satisfied. as a fan, my faith in them is temporarily restored. all they have to do is make sure prentiss’s reign will be a badass one and it’ll be a great season. 

- may the hugs be plenty and may their beer stay cold

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After seeing your post about the AO3 thing, I feel the urge to like, never use the site again honestly. I have do much hate for it now. Authors and fic writers should be able to mention their dpnations because they need to earn money too, greedy AO3

ah no no, please don’t feel that way! I don’t think it’s AO3′s fault at all - there have been times in the past when people got in legal trouble for writing fanfic even when they weren’t getting donations or anything for it. I think this is to avoid the possibility that anything like that could happen again, so it’s much better to just ban mentions of things like that completely in order to make sure everybody is safe from being accused of using other people’s creations to earn money.

The people who run AO3 do a lot of work for no return so I don’t think they could be called greedy at all!

The only ones I’d be annoyed with in this situation are those who know about the rule but choose to flag fics instead of warning the author privately, because I know a lot of us didn’t know about that rule so we weren’t violating it deliberately, and if you get too many strikes on your account you can end up losing it. So it’s much nicer to let people know by sending them a message rather than flagging the fic for abuse.


Lazy sketch relevant to Malkul Dagoon suffering from looking through Too Many Goverment FilesTM. Maybe I’ll do something fancier in the future, but for now, I’m too tired. xux

By the way, I recently noticed I’ve gotten a butt-ton of followers in the past couple of days. Thank you so much, everybody! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know that so many people want my content on their Tumblr dash. Hope you all enjoy my future posts. c:

Stream Night Tonight!

Hey everybody, sorry for taking so long to make this post! But yeah, tonight we’re going to stream The Brothers Bloom, a fun movie by one of my fav directors (not quite Russian but there’s Russian characters in it lol). The tentative starting time is 6pm Central, but I’m down to move that back a bit if its too early for anyone. As always, anyone I don’t tag, pls let me know if you’re interested. All are welcome!


“Sonte kemi darsem… who the hell cares.” September 28. 

“Even though she is really happy, Cinderella is well aware of the fact that getting married isn’t an achievement. She fully understands that getting married, was the next step in her relationship with Prince Charming, and not some life goal. It’s something, literally everybody can do/does. Because honestly, why the fuck would you make a big celebration for involving the government in your relationship with your partner. And as far as respecting the traditions goes, Cinderella wants to pay her respects, but doesn’t want to show off doing so, because it beats the whole purpose of it.”