clawhauser may be heartbroken, bogo may be humiliated, and the rest of the zpd may be scarred for life but at least nick won’t ever be placed on parking duty ever again (even though he’s pantless and judy killed him)

Everybody go home, we found the best Halloween costume.

“Our son Prométhée loves to sort my cards, and recently became fond of the world of Kaladesh, especially two of its inhabitants, the thopters and the gremlins.

This Halloween will be the first time ever he will dress up. When we asked him what he wanted to dress as, we were a bit surprised by his request, and how to fulfill it was a head-scratcher, but we simply asked him what, in his opinion, were the important parts of a thopter:
"the nose, the belly, the back and the wings”.

So his mother and him patiently crafted these from plastic, Styrofoam mask, paper, and acrylic paint, and he was very eager to “pilot” his own thopter.

He will be 3 years old this very Sunday, and will have his birthday party Monday, in his thopter costume.“

- Proud Dad Emilien


elementary rewatch ❖ heroine (10/11)

Owl Song

by Margaret Atwood

I am the heart of a murdered woman 
who took the wrong way home 
who was strangled in a vacant lot and not buried 
who was shot with care beneath a tree 
who was mutilated by a crisp knife. 
There are many of us.

I grew feathers and tore my way out of her; 
I am shaped like a feathered heart. 
My mouth is a chisel, my hands 
the crimes done by hands.

I sit in the forest talking of death 
which is monotonous: 
though there are many ways of dying 
there is only one death song, 
the colour of mist: 
it says   Why   Why

I do not want revenge, I do not want expiation, 
I only want to ask someone 
how I was lost, 
how I was lost

I am the lost heart of a murderer 
who has not yet killed, 
who does not yet know he wishes 
to kill; who is still the same 
as the others

I am looking for him, 
he will have answers for me, 
he will watch his step, he will be 
cautious and violent, my claws 
will grow through his hands 
and become claws, he will not be caught.


They already won 2017 everybody else can go home.

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voltron's going to have 4 more seasons and I wouldn't be surprised if Klance didn't happen until the 6th one (although i'd like it in s4 at the latest but yea, i can dream)... but i'm sure it /will/ happen at some point!! like yea, 6 seasons is a lot and therefore i'm pretty sure it'll have more than one relationship so maybe even if ka/llura or some other Keith or Lance ship will happen soon, Klance is 100% the end game ship (trust me, I sold my soul for it, and also it's got too many hints)

ok anon sold their soul for klance it’s basically canon everybody can go home now

Troubles and Worry

Rating : T

Pairing : Mahiru x Kuro

Note : Hello everyone ! This is my first fanfiction about Mahiru and Kuro from Servamp ! They are so cute together I couldn’t help but write something about the two of them. I hope there isn’t too much mistakes ! Enjoy !

Dislcaimer : I don’t own Servamp or any of the characters (sadly …)

While the sun was finishing his race in the sky, with flamboyant and warm colors, and everybody was going home after a difficult day of work, the Sloth pair was out to do some shopping for the week and their evening meal, walking happily or lazily on the sidewalk. Like always, the light brown haired boy had a smile on his delicate face, his big chocolate eyes shining with joy when he spotted something interesting, and was humming a song that he heard in the morning, just before going to school. Unlike him, the black cat on his shoulder was yawning hard enough to break his jaw and couldn’t keep his eyelids open more than three seconds, falling asleep here and there like it was a normal thing to do. That wasn’t unusual. After all, Kuro’s real name wasn’t Sleepy Ash for nothing. Even if it could have seemed troublesome at first, because he couldn’t do a single thing by himself and that he could be annoying sometimes, slumped on the sofa, leaving all the chores to his Eve, the young man didn’t thought it was a bad thing to have him in the apartment. He had company and a friend to talk to when needed. He didn’t regret that day when he picked the dirty feline. He felt whole again with the bluenette by his side. However, Mahiru was a bit concerned by his behavior since their last fight against Tsubaki’s subclasses, and he hoped that everything was fine with his Servamp or that he would talk about whatever was on his mind to him. It was hard to make him talk, even if it was for a simple word like ‘Thank you’ or 'Goodmorning’, and the boy feared that his nerves would let go at some point and that he would hurt himself pretty badly.

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