everybody's tea

Upon learning Montparnasse has never had a proper Christmas, Jehan brings him as their plus one to les Amis’ annual Christmas dinner.

And sure, it’s awkward, Montparnasse stays mainly with Jehan, watching them getting delightfully redder as the champagne and wine bottles empty, but it’s a family holiday, and Jehan is his family. He didn’t get to pick his family’s family, but does anyone, really?

Then comes the time to hand over the presents. As expected, Montparnasse gets one from Jehan, a very pretty jacket he’s been eyeing for a while. But there’s one he never saw coming. Whoever thought of offering him a box full of fancy teabags had been severely mistaken.

The little doctory one with the glasses waves at him with a wide grin: “Jehan told me you’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, so I made you a calming blend. All homemade. It got me through med school. You know what, I’ll put the kettle on right now!”

Thus begins Montparnasse’s uncontrollable and maddening fondness for Joly


Height comparison (as presented in my art style) of characters that I like very much ˇwˇ RT!Chara wants to stand next to Core which is why they’re so grumpy.


CORE!Frisk by me
Doofus!Chara by @rustnut
Tea (Green Soul OC) by @mister-larare
Reaper!Chara by @renrink
Sleepy!Frisk by @royalpaladin01
Drunk!Chara by @hawker-rawr/@ask-drunk-chara

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For your doctor!Cas fic list: A Hole in the World by AnnelieseMichel is probably my fave fic in any fandom ever. It's ABO, which isn't everybody's cup of tea, but if you're okay with it then you really need to add this fic to your "to read" list!

I haven’t ever read any ABO fics bc I don’t really understand or care for them but I might consider this one :D it looks really good! this may be the only ABO fic i’ll read lol, thanks for the rec! <3

I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but… 

I got to thinking about soft and fluffy Yuuri. And tender moments. And a little bit of OmegaVerse babydaddy. Seahorse dad in a mermaid AU. Something. And I kind of really want it? 


The Bitch That’s Always Throwing Up:
-Libra, Sagittarius

The Sloppy Can’t Walk Drunks:
Pisces, Gemini, Cancer, Taurus 

The One That Can’t Keep Their Clothes On:

Gemini, Scorpio, Aries

That Loud Ho:
Sagittarius, Libra

The One That Walks Off Into Rooms With Stranger(s):

Libra, Scorpio

The One That’s Making Sure Everyone Is Okay/Has What They Need:
Virgo, Taurus, Cancer

The Ones That Wants To Go Home:
Taurus, Virgo,  Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

The Self Appointed DJ:

Leo, Cancer, Virgo

That One Snake Gossiping/Gathering Tea On Everybody:
Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus

i know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but i really do like the idea of soulmate mark aus, and i’m wondering about how it’d work among spirits in rotg. 

but you know, mostly i just want human jack to just look at his wrist, frowning as he wonders what kind of person this kozmotis pitchiner is (if it even says kozmotis pitchiner, because it’s sort of been smudged over with this weirdly dark film, leaving only the pitch part really visible, and he’s never been the best reader to begin with).

and he’s a little scared and worried, because as far as he knows, there isn’t any kozmotises in town, so he’s going to have to leave burgess one day to find this fucker. and he’s not sure if that’s okay, because he has to take care of his sister. 

except that never happens because he freaking drowns one day. 

and maybe thousands upon thousands of years ago, kozmotis pitchiner had the name jackson overland somewhere on his body, but he never met the boy, and settled down with the most wonderful woman ever and having emily jane. 

the question is what happens when they’re both no longer human.