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Necklace (Mick Rory x Reader)

Request: I was wondering if you could write a Mick Rory x female reader oneshot? The reader is Snarts sister. It would take place after Snart dies. You and Mick had never been super close but now he seems like the only person who can make you feel better. One day as he is sitting in a chair and everyone is in the same room, you walk in with puffy eyes and just walk straight to Mick and sit in his lap and curl into him. The rest of the team is shocked as he just simply squeezes you back? Sorry its long

Prompt: After cleaning your room in the Waverider you find an old necklace with a picture of Snart and shock everyone when you seek comfort from Mick.


Warning: The death of Snart is mentioned. A little bit of angst and a little of fluff

A/N: I’m getting my shit together yall! More to come, Happy Reading!

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You were cleaning up your room in the Waverider when you stumbled upon an old lock necklace that contained a picture of Snart on the left and Lisa on the right. Your heart clenched in pain at the sight of Snart. The pain of his death had broken something inside you. You never thought you’d lose your twin brother like this or at all.

You couldn’t stop the tears that formed in your eyes and put the necklace on. You wiped away your tears and left your room with only one thought in mind. You need to find Mick.

Mick was the only person aside from your siblings that knew how to comfort you. Words have never been necessary for you guys to communicate with each other. You could always tell how the other was feeling based on one look. Back in 2016 whenever Snart went off on a robbing spree and didn’t get back to you for days Mick would call you every other night to let you know that they were okay. Whenever you got sick, Snart and Lisa would stay with you while Mick went out for your favorite foods. Mick has always been an shoulder to lean on, someone to count on and you needed him now more than ever.

You walked into the kitchen and saw everybody spread out having their own conversations and eating. In the back of the room you spotted Mick getting a beer from the fridge and taking a seat. You walked past everybody and ignored somebody greeting you.You walked to Mick and he looked up at you, his usual rough and angry look softens as soon as his eyes landed on you.

He opens his arms and you sat on his lap and with your arms around his neck. He wrapped his arm tightly around your waist to hold you in place and used his other hand to run his fingers through your hair to comfort you. Everyone in the room looked shocked, but you ignored them as Mick placed a small kiss on your forehead and you slowly calmed down.

“I’ll always be here.” he whispers in my ear.

Connecting the Dots

This is an Emily x reader requested by anon that I finally got around to writing. I really liked writing it!!! When requests reopen y’all seriously need to request more female!character x reader fics, please haha. (Also tho I haven’t had the chance to write Emily very often, so I apologize if the characterization isn’t fantastic)

You and Emily reveal your relationship to the team. 

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Emily could frankly say that she was a little disappointed that the BAU hadn’t figured it out yet. She had figured she was being embarrassingly obvious with the whole “head-over-heels-in-love with a person she worked with” thing, but oh well.

Over the loud thumping beat of rhythmic drums and trilling strings, Emily could feel your thigh burning against her own. Dancers sweat and ground themselves into the ground, a flurry of commotion in the bar as the BAU huddled more-or-less discreetly in a particular corner booth.

Emily waited impatiently for all the others (Hotch announced his child came first and Rossi cited old age as an excuse, but otherwise the whole team was there) to be indisposed to music and alcohol and “team bonding”so she could rest her palm on your knee, loving and clandestine and okay very hot, too if you were telling the truth.

You raised your eyebrows in her direction, trying to warn her that doing these things was a bad idea. You hoped she didn’t notice the shiver that raced up your spine as she gave your knee a little retaliatory squeeze (she totally noticed). You could tell that she was totally about to move and whisper something entirely cruel into your ear, but a joyful, jarring voice sprang between the two of you instead.

“Why aren’t two pretty girls like you dancing on a Friday night like this?” Derek smirked, an arm wrapping around each of you.

Emily glanced at you and smiled a little, eyes alight, “Didn’t feel like it.” (Oh, god, she was being so obvious with those eyes and that smile and you were no doubt swooning too, how did these people- profilers of all things- miss the blatant relationship)

“You’re kidding!” Spencer interrupted, sliding into the booth so that his shoulder bumped against Emily’s as Derek climbed in on your side, “You love dancing!”

Emily shrugged and took a sip of her drink (something fruity and pumped with entirely too much alcohol), trying to hide her wicked smirk.

Derek and Spencer eyes Emily strangely, glancing between Emily and you then back to Emily and back to you. They would’ve kept going, suspicions mounting with each dubious scan of the pair of you, but then JJ and Garcia rolled into the booth after the boys, smiling and sweaty.

“This music is amazing!” Garcia cooed, gushing as she drowned her dance-related panting in alcohol, downing an entire frilly drink in one.

JJ smiled, “You didn’t come out to join us, Em!”

Emily smiled back, big and wide, “I didn’t feel like it today,”

JJ and Garcia, being Emily’s best friends, knew something was off, but their suspicions were harried by the alcohol and exhiliration trilling through their veins. Garcia still persisted though.

“But you always love dancing!” She pressed, and she leaned forward, the sweet stench of alcohol hanging off of her giggle, “I saw a cute guy staring at you from the bar. If you went out there, I’m sure he would dance with you,”

“I’m good.” Emily shrugged, sipping her drink. She pressed instinctively closer to you (oh, god, everybody was so drunk, not even Emily was safe), “I don’t need him. I’ve got somebody else”

And it seemed that was the key word that set everything spiraling. Both Garcia and JJ gasped then slipped into sputtering and stammering, pointing with wide eyes at both you and Emily.

“Nooooo way!” Garcia squealed. JJ squealed something along those lines as well, long strings of excitement spewing from both girls.

“What am I missing?” Derek asked, curious eyes on the two blondes

“ASK EMILY! OR Y/N!” Garcia said, because she was much too shocked to announce her suspicions.

Emily smiled then, glancing at you, hoping for your agreement. This was it. They would know and everything would change.

“Yep, the girls are right,” Emily said, holding up her enfolded hands with yours, “I’ve already got somebody to dance with.”

“Tick tock goes the clock, he gave all he could give her…”

Here’s to Melody Pond, River Song, the woman who convinced the Doctor that he was loved, and got him to become equals with somebody and lean on others.

(”Dance with me,” he said. “Melody, Mels, River- dance with me.”

And so they did, and they matched each other step for step, breath for breath, and their bicardial bodies wearied at the same time.

Even Rose had tired long before he, that first night that everybody lived and gold came streaming from his hands, flying out upon the world and making the suffering of weeks disappear just like that, and everything was enough.

And they held each other, and wasn’t that strange and- humany-wumany?

But when he said as much to River, she just smiled at him a little sadly and said, “No, sweetie,” and kissed him, his first real kiss in two incarnations.

They ran hand in hand to a back bedroom, flew at each other and supported each other’s weight in rapid alternation and matched each other step for step and breath for breath, and they both came completely unbound.

Afterwards, he blinked up at the ceiling, feeling like a leaf swept away with the current.

His wife’s face appeared in front of him, and he was swept up in her eyes, but anchored anew at the same time, and he felt more alive than he had since- since the Great Time War.

He stared at her in wonder, and his mouth opened, and then he was saying something and marveling at himself, despite all that had happened.

“And I you,” River told him fiercely. “I love you so very much, Doctor Song.”

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platonic gonpika


That’s @.@ a hard one! but let’s try!

Don’t Panic - Coldplay

Bones sinking like stones, All that we’ve fought for
Homes, places we’ve grown, All of us are done for
We live in a beautiful world, Yeah we do
Oh all that I know
There’s nothing here to run from, 
Cause here, Everybody here’s got somebody to lean on

Friend, Please - Twenty One Pilots

I feel for you, but when did you believe you were alone?
You say that spiders crawled inside and made themselves a home
Where light once was
Petrified of who you are and who you have become
You will hide from everyone, denying you need someone
To exterminate your bones
Friend, please remove your hands from over your eyes for me
I know you want to leave but
Friend, please don’t take your life away from me
(…)  Would you let me know your plans tonight?
‘Cause I just won’t let go ‘til we both see the light
And I have nothing else left to say
But I will listen to you all day, yes I will

Alone Together - Fall Out Boy

Cut me off, I lost my track, It’s not my fault, I’m a maniac
It’s not funny anymore, no it’s not
My heart is like a stallion, they love it more when it’s broken
Do you wanna feel beautiful, do you wanna, yeah
I’m outside the door, invite me in, 
So we can go back and play pretend
I’m on deck, yeah I’m up next
Tonight I’m high as a private jet
‘Cause I don’t know where you’re going,
But do you got room for one more troubled soul?
I don’t know where I’m going, but I don’t think I’m coming home
And I said, I’ll check in tomorrow if I don’t wake up dead
This is the road to ruin and we’re starting at the end

Thousands Enemies - Girl Dead Monsters (translation)

Spending time with you when you’re in a bad mood
There’s one thing I’ve found out
You’re just pretending while fighting frantically
Like a block of ice don’t ever change
Even in the heat of the summer sun stay with me and don’t melt away
(…)There’s one thing I’ve found out
I’ve been postponing what I have to do
and doing only the things that I want
We eat and prepare for battle, 
I want to hold onto this steel will forever
Nothing can penetrate it
I’m sure that even now I’m standing firm under its protection
There are countless paths to take
There are enemies waiting for me; they’re waiting for you too
When I’m lost I want you to show me the heart’s map
If you do that I’ll understand where I am right away
I won’t understand just by myself

Nearly Morning - Luke Sital Singh

No one understands you’re on your own
You’re not the only one who seems alone
We know the feeling, just believe me
It’s nearly morning, Any second now
It hurts, It really hurts It’s in your blood
To give yourself away For nothing much
When no one understands you’re breaking ground
You’re not the only one who can’t be found 
As sure as the night will cover your eyes
As sure as the voices telling you lies
Counting the days that never arrive, any second now
As sure as the stones that slow you feet down
As sure as the circles turning you round
As sure as the piece that never got found, Any second now
All of the time you thought you got close, 
How hard it is to love those old ghosts
You get the least but you give up the most, Any second now 

Middle of June - Noah Gundersen

Time is a cold wind blowing through the leaves
Of a tired old tree that I sit beneath
Where I think about the world and I don’t know how
What will happen to us now?
And peace is a ladder up to the clouds
That I’m wishing I could climb but I don’t know how (…)
And we come and we go, All the saints and the liars, sittin’ by the fire
What will happen to us now?
And hatred is a sharp knife held by the blade
It’s cutting in your palm ‘til you feel no pain
And burning in your eyes with a righteous rage
‘Til the ashes blow away
And love is a thing that you can’t define
Though you try with all your might through the riddles and rhymes
But it’ll fly you like a kite; it’ll throw you to the ground
But that’s the best thing I have found.
 And it comes and it goes, Where it’s headed, no one knows
And we come and we go, Like the winter and the spring
Losing everything just to gain it back again

(^I know it says love but or the sake of it i’ll interpret it as platonic love, since otherwise I find it… surprisingly fitting)

I was actually scared about this one but I think it’s a good list :O Hope you like it!!

Take care jkdfhdfjk

A compilation of songs that remind me of RebelCaptain in no particular order. (I got a few ideas from @oopsabird and @nativehueofresolution and @tigerstark. Check out their playlists; they’re better than my ragtag group of songs.)


Starlight. I will be chasing a starlight until the end of my life. I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore. Hold you in my arms. I just wanted to hold you in my arms.

Bodies//The Smashing Pumpkins

Now we drive the night, to the irony of peace. You can’t deny forever the tragedies that reside in youLove is suicide

There is a light that never goes out//The Smiths

To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die

Forever Young//Youth Group

Heaven can wait we’re only watching the skies, hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?

(I chose this version because it’s more toned down than the original)

I’m Safer on an Airplane//Copeland

I think I’m safer on a jetway than a world without hopeI think I’m safer on a jetway than a world without love

Run//Snow Patrol

Light up, light up as if you have a choice. Even if you cannot hear my voice, I’ll be right beside you, dear.

One Day//The Verve

One day maybe we will dance again under fiery skies. One day maybe you will love again, love that never dies

Welcome home//Radical Face

Welcome homeI’ve come home

Feeling yourself disintegrate//The Flaming Lips

Love in our life is just too valuable, oh, to feel without it for even a second, but life without death is just impossible, oh, to realize that something is ending within us.

I Will Follow you Into the Dark//Death Cab for Cutie

Love of mine, someday you will die, but I’ll be close behind. I’ll follow you into the dark.

Don’t Panic//Coldplay

Bones sinking like stones, all that we’ve fought for, homes, places we’ve grown, all of us are done forOh, all that I know, there’s nothing left to run from, ‘cause here, everybody here’s got somebody to lean on

Every Breaking Wave//U2

Are we so helpless against the tide? Baby, every dog on this street knows that we’re in love with defeat. Are we ready to be swept off our feet and stop chasing every breaking wave.

To Wish Impossible Things//The Cure

It was the hope of all we might have been that fills me with the hope to wish impossible things

White Daisy Passing//Rocky Votolato

Because I couldn’t let go when the water hit the setting sun

More than Life//Whitley

The sun on her face and the touch of lovers hands. The pain that comes today is here, then goes away

Comes and Goes (In Waves)//Greg Laswell

This is for the ones who stand, for the ones who try again, for the ones who need a hand, for the ones who think they can


Meet me on the battlefield, even on the darkest night, I will be your sword and shield and you will be mine

(*As recommended by @rebelcaptaintrash)

I’ll update this as I find more songs.

Kyungsoo - More Than Just A Study Session


It was Thursday night and this only meant it was study night for yourself and your work partner Kyungsoo. You both managed to help each other; he helped you with Math and you helped him with English so the two of you made a good duo.

You were packing your bag as the last school bell had finished ringing signalling classes end which was always a relief for most students on this ridiculously hot day. As you closed your locker and locked it up, you turned around only to be faced with none other than Kyungsoo, whose grin was wide and so deviate. Secretly, you did have feelings for this cheeky and overwhelmingly sexy man.

“Hey.” He raises his eyebrows as all focus was on you.

“Hey.” You repeat, unfamiliar with the situation you were in. Usually you met Kyungsoo in the library and that wasn’t for another ten minutes but today he had is bag and everything; completely ready and set.

“So I have a proposal to make to you.” You nod on for him to continue, “Instead of going to the library, I was going to suggest that you come over to my house? Nobody else is there to disturb us so we have the house to ourselves.” As suggestive as it sounded you nodded your agreement with a smile. The good thing about ditching the library was that you knew you weren’t going to get told to shut up when your voices boomed excitedly when you simply understood a technique or formula.

“Awesome. Are you ready to leave?” He politely asks.

“Yeah, I have everything.”

“My place is only in comfortable walking distance from here, do you mind walking in the heat?”

“Not at all.” The both of you smile, not exchanging any further words until Kyungsoo finished leading you out of the locker bay and out behind the small gap in the gate that led onto the bike track that wasn’t far from the lockers themselves.

“It’s quite hot today.” He sighs as he looks up into the sun, squinting. You only do the same feeling quite exhausted and flustered by the suns beaming rays.

“Honestly, it’s too hot to even study.”

“Oh… Well we can do something else.” Kyungsoo’s smile is very misleading - either way he meant, ‘lets bum 'n’ grind and get down with one another’ or simply meant 'okay, let’s play scrabble and eat pop tarts’. You didn’t want to question him, you just wanted to forget about what he said and his facial expression and to continue on talking and gossiping like you usually did whilst these study session were in place.

The two of you dragged your hot and bothered bodies down the first laneway that cut away from the bike track.

Literally, in around five minutes you were standing on the porch outside Kyungsoo’s house as he fiddled with the keys in his right hand, trying to find the right key to open the door in front of him.

“Do you need help with your English work?”

“No. Need help with Math?”

“Not really.” You laugh, figuring that the reason to why you were actually here was pointless.

“Oh well, I enjoy your company. You’re cute.” The confidence in Kyungsoo’s voice when calling you cute was something any girl would swoon over. You are only about to laugh and give him a small thank you as he opens the door and allows you to walk inside.

“Your house is nice.” You mention as he throws his bag into his bedroom which happened to be the room right by the front.

“Want something to drink?”

“Yes please.” You say fairly parched, “Do you have this house all to yourself?”

“Only until around 6 o'clock.” He smirks unconsciously as he fills up two glasses of icy water as he reaches the kitchen. You walk in and stand on the other side of the isolated bench in the very middle of his kitchen.

“What do you want to do?” He passed you one of the glasses he held in his hand as he asked.

“I don’t mind, anything will do.” You break out into a small smile before you begin to gulp down the water.

“Well, being honest, I’ve always wanted to play Truth or Dare with you.” He looks down at your hand on the bench then meets your eyes showing his familiar and cheeky heart-shaped smile.

“Truth or Dare? Really?”

“Yeah. Can we play?” He almost was begging and you couldn’t resist as his excitement jumped out onto you and got you into the mood too.

“Fine, you can start.”

“Okay, truth or dare?” He says as he leans up against the bench with his glass in one hand.


“Who do you like?” He asks, wiggling his eyebrows in a suggestive and humorous manner. You laugh and managed to say, “So cliché.”

“Answer the question please.”


“Liar. You definitely like somebody. Everyone does in this year level.”

“Well, I’m not everybody am I?” You defend yourself very quickly, not showing any signs of untruthfulness and fluster.

Kyungsoo stares at you strongly thinking he could have been able to see right through you, before moving on as he takes your word and nods his head very slowly.

“Truth or dare?”

“DARE!” He says full of excitement as if he’d already made up him mind three hours ago.

“Okay, I dare you to…” You look around the house, trying to think of something when something finally came to mind.

“I dare you to eat a piece of fruit from that bowl in the most sensual way possible.” You sway innocently, really wanting to see that sexy side of him.

“Oh, so you want to play an 18+ game of truth or dare?” He pulls out his phone, opening up an app as he takes you and an apple from the bowl to his dining table set up and put his phone between the two of you so it was clear and visible. You both sat down in the chair provided and sat facing one another.

“I’ll do my dare first and then we can use my phone.” He says. You nod in agreement and watch him take the apple. He looks at you with a mischievous smirk on his face, his stare firm and lustful as he let’s his lips wrap around one side of the apple, biting deeply and slowly into it. He slurped and sucked up all the juices and let out a small moan which made you laugh hysterically. Kyungsoo watched you as tears formed in your eyes from laughter and couldn’t contain himself from laughing with you.

“Come on, that was sexy.” Kyungsoo added between laughs.

“Okay Soo, you can think that.” You calm down, wiping moisture from your eyes and smile at him.

“Now it’s your turn. Truth or dare?” He turns to his phone to see your name appear.


“You’re no fun.” He pouts, tapping the [truth] button as he begins to read out your question, “What should your partner wear to turn you on?”

“Oh that’s easy. A suit; a slim and plain suit with slicked back hair. Sexy.” A bubble of imagination overcomes you before Kyungsoo rolls his eyes jokingly; popping the image you had of him in a plain, black suit with a slim plain tie with his hair folded over all professional and so damn sexy. His school uniform was close to a suit and you were surprised you hadn’t noticed until now. Black suits were so much better anyway.

You snatch the phone from his buttery and sweaty palms and ask him the question, “Truth or dare?”

“Hmm, dare again.” His face devious and cheeky again. You hit dare and the unthinkable occurs.

“Your partner must lay down. You must move your hand all over the other partners body.” The two of you genuinely look at each other, mentally sending messages although it was perfectly safe to say your thoughts aloud.

“A-Are you like… Okay with that?” Kyungsoo swallows harder then you just had.

Without any words, you take his hands and put them on your shoulders.

“As kinky as it sounds, touch me.” You smile at him as you close your eyes, breathing deeply.

Kyungsoo got straight into it. His hands explored your neck, shoulders and arms, entwining his fingers into yours just to touch ever skin cell your body formed. Although you clothes were on this was his chance and he wasn’t going to let it slip away. As his hands rested on your chest, he looked at you intensely yet so innocently letting his hands slide down to cup your breasts. You smile as his hands flinch, moving down your torso very slowly. They move to your thighs, rubbing every inch of them before making his way down your past your school dress and to your bare, soft legs.

“Done.” He pulls away, placing his hands in his lap instantly, covering the small bulge that had begun to arise from his pants.

“You didn’t-. Doesn’t matter.”


“Nothing. It’s my turn.” You were going to tell Kyungsoo that he hadn’t explored your back, nor your behind but you let it slip aside.

Kyungsoo was generally perverted and kinky, but had shied away from this opportunity. Kyungsoo had true feelings for you, none of those lustful feelings and he didn’t want to lose his feelings due to this dare and the sexual transmission he was perceiving, he didn’t want to rush things yet.

“Truth or dare?” He asks anxiously.

“Hmm…” You see a glimmer of hope in Kyungsoo’s eyes. He wanted you to go for that dare. “Dare.” You smile and watch him fist pump. He clicks the button on his screen

“Okay, you and your partner must go to the nearest closet and make out for seven minutes in pure heaven.” Kyungsoo chuckles as he reads the dare, smiling at you excitedly.

“This keeps getting better and better.”

“Are you enjoying this more than I think you are?”

“Yeah, of course ____, there’s only one reason to why I am playing this with you.” He leans in close towards you, his eyes still focused on you.

“A-And that reason is?” Your voice shakes as he becomes insanely close to you.

“It’s because I like you ____.” Kyungsoo looks at your moist lips, smirking at you. His lips were so close to yours and before you could react, they were touching you in a soft manner. And then again, just a little more firmly and again and again until the pair of lips wouldn’t release for one another.

You found your hands gripped in Kyungsoo’s hair, his hands on your waist as you both stood up. Kyungsoo raised his hand under your dress and began to touch your bare torso. You took his arm and raise it so it was cupping your breast, squeezing it softly.

The two of you stumbled up against the dining table as you sat up on in, your legs wrapped around Kyungsoo. His kisses were soon proceeding down your neck ad to your bare chest as he had pulled apart your school dress and removed your bra, his lips and fingers caressing your breasts carefully.

Your hands pulled off Kyungsoo’s polo shirt and undid his school shorts, your hands instantly rubbing against his solid and ravishing cock that was still stuck in his briefs.

“Ahh, Kyungsoo.” You moan as he pulls your dress off and sits on a chair before taking off your soaking panties, rubbing his finger against your clit. He smiles wrapping his finger around one of the folds before pulling them from your legs.

“You’re beautiful ____, you know that right?” He looked up at you as he gently respreads your legs once again. You couldn’t find any words to answer his half rhetorical question just as he finger fondled with you, sliding against your folds and clit. You moaned in satisfaction, biting down on your lips as he teased you entrance with the end of his strong finger.

“Kyungsoo, please don’t tease me.” You say with frustration.

“But it’s fun.” He smirks up at you and you couldn’t help but glare him off. “Fine.” He shifts, moving in towards you as you lips meet the lips between your hips. His tongue flickers between your entrance and your clit as his fingers work inside or you, curling and touching your sweetest spots.

“Mhm, Kyungsoo!” You grip the mop of hair below, tugging and fiddling with it as the pleasure only begins to overcome you. You could feel yourself, sticky and wet against Kyungsoo as he sucked on your swollen self.

“That feels so good. Don’t stop Kyungsoo.” You were so close to climax but was all ruined by Kyungsoo’s evil ways. He removed his willing finger and wet lips from you and stood up, pulling on the elastic to his briefs.

“What are you doing?”

“It’s my turn. You can’t have all the excitement and leave me here all alone.” He could tell you were pissed off as you had specifically told him not to stop and that your climax had been destroyed.

“Besides, the longer you hold off an orgasm the better it is in the end.” He winks as he strokes himself, becoming close to you. He bends over and takes the wallet from his school pants pocket and pulls out a blue plaster wrapper. He opened it up and unravelled a condom which he rolled onto himself.

“Oh, and you would know from so much experience, right?”

“I in fact do.” He pulls off a cheesy smile as he lines the tip of his member up at your entrance. Kyungsoo hooked onto your hips, pushing himself in as you couldn’t help but tremble at the touch of him inside of you.

“You’re so tight.” He groans, moving very slowly, so your body could subtly get use to him.

Throughout all the cheesy, flirty, mischievous smirks and winks the moment could almost have been lust but ridiculously enough it had actually somehow become so loving and caring. The way Kyungsoo went about this whole situation was something you wouldn’t really expect from any of the boys you went to school with.

“Are you okay? Am I hurting you? Tell me when it’s okay.” We’re constantly being said as Kyungsoo really didn’t want to hurt you in this situation. He really did care about you. He loved you and he realized this was the way he was going to demonstrate it.

Through all the moans and grunts of snippets of pain, you allowed Kyungsoo to continue, to control you and make you his. He was automatically hitting all the right spots, like he already knew where all you sweet spots were.

“Yes! Kyungsoo! Harder!” You managed to say as his lips were nibbling and kissing in between the crook of you neck. His thrusts were deep and hard -getting harder by demand - making it all feel so good.

“Ahhh yes!” Kyungsoo sighs in satisfaction, as he slowed a little to catch his breath.

“I’m almost there.” You pant as your body begins to contract in all the right way, you moans strictly becoming more aggressive as you felt your teeth beginning to cut through lip. Kyungsoo took the apple that had been sitting on the table and put it between your lips to stop you from harming yourself due to the pleasure he’d been applying. You took one gigantic bite from the apple and chewed through it as you moaned through your climax.

“Ooh ____. Yes! I’m just about to-.” His cock was soaking from your cum and was relieved as the anticipation was real.

You stared at Kyungsoo whilst flinching as his very movement, silencing encouraging to reach his orgasm as he was grunting harshly, so close to the finale.

You couldn’t feel anything when he stopped because of the latex separating the two of you but you could tell by his body language that he’d done himself justice. He looked up at you smiling as always, nodding his head without breath. You took the apple and took another bite out of it also smiling, mocking his

“God, you’re so sexy when you do that.”

“I appreciate that.” You kiss him on the lips just as you finish chewing.

“What a productive studying session.”

“The best one I’ve ever had.” You wrap your arms around Kyungsoo, shuffling off the table.

“I think we’ll be studying more at my place then.”

There was no more discussion, both of you knew studying frequently was now going to have to be rescheduled.

If anything, you’d realised two things today: Kyungsoo was actually such a good kisser and apples were now your favourite fruit.

80s Lyric Starters

I"I heard you promise but I don’t believe it.“
"You own the money; you control the witness.”
“I’ll be alone dancing, you know it, baby.”
“Don’t you forget about me. Don’t.”
“I never meant to be so bad to you.”
“Do you remember when we used to dance and incidents arose from circumstance?”
“A thing led to another; we were young.”
“You know I like my girls a little bit older.”
“I don’t wanna lose your love tonight.”
“Stay the night but keep it undercover.”
“Just ‘cause you’re right it don’t mean I’m wrong!”
“Sometimes I feel I’ve got to run away.”
“Take my tears and that’s not living.”
“I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way.”
“Woman, you want me? Give me a sign.”
”Welcome to your life- there’s no turning back.”
”Nothing ever lasts forever.”
“Everybody wants to rule the world.”
“I’m so glad we almost made it.”
“That’s the way you do it; money for nothing and the chicks for free.”
“I should’a learned to play the guitar.”
“Insanity has found its way to TV screens.”
“They fight ‘for king and country’…. how many millions will they put to sleep?”
“Jessie is a friend, yeah. Always been a good friend of mine.”
“You know, I feel so dirty when they start talking cute.”
“Cause she’s watching with those eyes, and she’s lovin’ him with that body, I just know it. And he’s holding her in his arms late, late at night…”
“Where can I find a woman like that?”
“I saw your name and number on the wall.”
“Don’t change your number.”
“I tried to call you before but I lost my nerve.”
“And we danced like a wave on the ocean.”
“All I know is that to me, you look like you’re lots of fun.”
“I live on the second floor. I live upstairs from you.”
“Yes, I think you’ve seen me before.”
“I try not to act too proud.”
“I think it’s cause I’m clumsy.”
“I think I’m okay.”
“It’s not your business anyway.”
“I guess I’d like to be alone.”
“Who am I to disagree?”
“Everybody’s looking for something.”
“Some of them want to use you; some of them want to get used by you.”
“Sweet dreams are made of this.”
“Keep your head up.”
“It’s no better to be safe than sorry.”
“I’ll be gone in a day or two.”
“They took the credit for your second symphony.”
“I met your children.”
“You were the first one. You were the last one.”
“Pictures came and broke your heart.”
“We can’t rewind, we’ve gone too far.”
“She says we gotta hold on to what we’ve got.”
“We’re halfway there.”
“Baby, it’s okay. It’s okay.”
“I have suffered for my anger.”
“There are wars that can’t be won.”
“It is hard to hold on when there’s no one to lean on.”
“Everybody needs somebody to love.”
“Everybody’s bitchin’ cause they can’t get enough.”
Lord, we gotta keep the faith.”
“Hey, man, I’m alive. I”m taking each day and night at a time.”
“I’m feeling like a Monday but someday I’ll be Saturday night.”
“I”m only sixteen but I feel a hundred years old.”
“Yeah, I’m down, but I know I’ll get by.”
“I’m gonna live my life like I ain’t got nothing but this roll of the dice.”
“I wanna blow myself away, don’t know if I can.”
“I’ll be back on my feet, I’ll be doin’ alright. It may not be tomorrow, baby. That’s okay.”
“Darlin’, you give love a bad name.”
“When passion’s a prison, you can’t break free.”
“You promised me heaven and put me through hell.”
“There’s nowhere to run. No one can save me. The damage is done.”
“I play my part and you play your game.”
“Your very first kiss was your first kiss goodbye.”
“Whoa, you’re a loaded gun.”
“Your love is like bad medicine… bad medicine is what I need.”
“There ain’t no doctor that can cure my disease.”
“It’ll take more than a doctor to prescribe a remedy.”
“That’s what you get for falling in love.”
“You get a little and it’s never enough.”
“On the street, where you live, girls talk about their social lives.”
“You were livin’ in another world, trying to get your message through.”
“No one heard a single word you said.”
“You should’ve seen it in your eyes, what was goin’ round your head…”
“Take a line every night. Guaranteed to blow your mind.”
“I see you out on the streets, callin’ for a wild time.”