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Request: Hello! I simply adore your imagines. Could you do a NewtxReader where the reader has severe anxiety but Newt doesn’t know until he finds her in the middle of a panic attack. And he calms her down and loads of fluffy moments. (Ps. I love your angst imagines. They make my heart ache, which apparently I like. Who knew?)

Word Count: 1,325

Pairing: Newt x Reader

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The world works in facts, standards. X + Y = Z. Multiply 5 by itself and you’ll earn 25, no matter the circumstances. Throw something solid in the air and it will come back down regardless of its weight.

It’s comforting, this certainty, to know that if X happens, Y will follow without fault.

You wish as you sink to your knees that humans worked the same way. That every situation resulted in only one outcome, one feeling. You know it’s impossible – emotions are messy – yet as you land on the cool tile of the bathroom floor, your last coherent thought is about how nice it would have been to know that watching seven strangers and three friends walk in that door would be the terror’s invitation, that only minutes later some unseen antagonist would waltz on up from its nest in your gut and take over everything.

You lie down, the cool tiles a welcome break from the sweat beading up on your face, ordering yourself to breathe.



Merlin’s sake, just breathe.

A knock at the locked door interrupts you. “Love, did you want me to put the chicken in the oven now or in a few minutes?”


You suck in air and muster the last of your strength. “Now.” A lie. It’s not supposed to cook for ten more minutes, but saying that takes far more breath than you can draw in.

“At 425?”

You drop your head onto the ground, gulping in breaths as the world spins around you, a whirling mess. “Yes.” The word’s quiet, little more than a whisper, as you shut your eyes.

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ISTPs in theory vs in reality
  • ISTP-Ti in theory: ISTPs can fix a car without ever studying engineering! They are so good at figuring things out and finding resolutive solutions to everything!
  • ISTP-Ti in reality: fuck, I overheated my coffee... wait, if I put it in the freezer it will cool down much sooner! I'm a genius!
  • ISTP-Se in theory: ISTPs are very good observers and extremely aware of their surroundings. They can easily pick up details!
  • ISTP-Se in reality: [Someone: Remember Jenn? The one that wore a blue dress to yesterday's event] I hardly even remember what /I/ was wearing and you expect me to have noticed that?
  • ISTP-Ni in theory: ISTPs' Ni helps them remain future focused and goal oriented.
  • ISTP-Ni in reality: Was that due tomorrow? Oh shit! Another project I'm gonna have to bullshit...
  • ISTP-Fe in theory: ISTPs low Fe makes them be unaware of other people's feelings.
  • ISTP-Fe in reality: Why did I say that? I'm such an idiot. I totally offended them. They are so judging me. I should not be allowed to talk ever again. I'm so embarassing, Lord.
I think im ready to meet that special girl everybody is always talking about. So Holy Gay God bring me that awesone girl and get me laid please. Amen
—  late night thoughts

Sometimes i forget that Annabeth was Percy’s first (human) friend

I’d Love To Posess You – Baekhyun [1/? Halloween Series]

Genre: Demon AU, Angst, Romance  

Words: 1225

Warnings: Religious and slight NSFW Content!

Members: Byun Baekhyun

Guests: Suho, Chen

(Y/N) = Your Name, (Y/L/N) = Your last name

Gif is not mine – credits to owner

Since I can remember, I had opened my eyes everyday in this small town. A small town in which me and my brother were so left alone. With light steps I walked down the woodened stairs to the dungeon, a plate with food on my left hand. Whenever I took a step, the staircase made an eerie sound, like someone actually was torturing a cat. I took one of the lanterns that had lighted my way in a soft orange tone, and opened the door. The moment I walked into the dark room I already heard his charming voice calling for me. ‘’Ms. (Y/L/N)… I missed you, Ms.(Y/L/N)… Come here…’’ His voice sounded desperate. Sometimes I was sure that he could smell me the moment my feed touched the wooden stairs. Through the moonshine and the orange tone of the lantern I could see two red eyes glimmering into my direction. There  was he, the most dangerous creature that ever crossed paths with me. Byun Baekhyun. Since my father had died, my older brother Suho took the duty to become the priest of our local church, like my father had been. Last year some teenage girls in our village disappeared. The whole village started to search for the girls and in the end they found them in the woods… dead. The dead bodies were transferred to the next big city from here, but the doctors could not find the cause of the deaths. The locals started to search for themselves and suddenly they found him… Byun Baekhyun, devouring one of his victims in the woods. They captured him and bought him to us. Suho did not even need to look in Baekhyun’s bloody, red eyes, to know that this person was possessed by a demon. Suho had kept me in the church for over a month while the abductions happened, but the day this young man arrived in our halls, screaming and acting out, I was so curious that I needed to look what was going on. The moment I had stepped out of my room, the demon started to disappear and a confused voice of a lost boy came to the surface. ,,Where-where am I?’’ He had said when he locked his eyes with mine. ,,(Y/N)! Go into your room!’’ Chen, a good friend of Suho, had said and pushed me to the end of the room. Chen was in love with me, everybody in the village knew it, and Suho always talked with me about what a good husband Chen would be for me. The moment Chen touched me, the demon started to act out again. The locals put him into the dungeon under our church and Suho went down from time to time to try to exorcise the demon out of his body. But he was too aggressive and wild, except when I was with him. Suho gave me the task to bring the demon food and soothe him, so he would become tamed in the end. Even though it sounded strange, somehow I and this demon got along pretty well. He was listening to me whenever I needed to talk and sometimes I got caught in his alluring aura. He was so charming and seductive… I needed to calm myself down whenever I was going down there.  

‘’Here your dinner…’’ I said while sliding the plate through the gutter. The moment the orange light fell on his skin, Baekhyun’s red eyes lit up. ‘’I don’t want it though…’’ he said in his deep voice. With a loud noise he pushed himself forward and shook the rods. ‘’I WANT YOU, I WANT YOU, I WANT YOU!’’ he aggressively roared. Before I could take a step away from the gutter, he reached out his hand and snatched me by my collar. Now I was pressed against the hedge, my body so close to his that I could feel my skin burning. His breath was tickling my neck when he spoke softly now. ‘’I can smell that jerk Jongdae on you…’’

My eyes widened. Jongdae visited us today to help us cleaning the big organ in the main hall. ‘’He did not touch me…’’  I assured him but Baekhyun became insane by just imagining Jongdae being near me. ‘’You belong to me…’’ he murmured with clenched teeth. I wanted to say no, but the fire in his eyes scared me. ,,Say my name!’’ he ordered me to do but I only shook my head. I knew how he acted out whenever I said his name; it was like he was in frenzy. ‘’SAY MY NAME!’’ he shouted again and pushed me harder against the fence, so that I started to whimper in pain. In that exact moment I locked my eyes with him and the fire distinguished. ‘’I am so sorry…’’ the normal Byun Baekhyun said and appeared in front of me. ‘’Please… Please, I am so afraid… please let me out… I will explain everything… I will pay for all the mess I made…’’ the sorrow in his eyes was driving me crazy. He looked so human. My eyes wandered to the key holder on the wall. Maybe I could grab him by the arm and guide him to Suho? I walked to the keys and got them. ,,Oh god, thank you.’’ Baekhyun mumbled while I was turning the keys in the lock. But the moment the gutter opened, I felt something pulling me inside. With a loud sound I landed on the ground. Why was I just so stupid? I could not scream because his hand was pressed against my mouth. ‘’ You get so easily seduced by me… (Y/N)’’ I could hear his husky voice beside my ear. He was holding me from behind. ‘’You are still blind to the fact that the normal Byun Baekhyun disappeared completely, I have all the control over this pretty body an can use that for my advantages. And that advantage is to get you.’’  He let his hand go from my mouth so I could breathe again. ‘’I am not afraid of you…’’ I said angrily. ‘’Oh yes you are Ms.(Y/L/N)… and that’s why you fell in love with me.’’ The moment his voice reached my ears I felt shame and disgust. I tried to wriggle my way out of his grip but he was to strong. ‘’You are in love with a demon and I’d love to posses you.’’ He moaned into my ear again which made me shiver on my whole body. ‘’Please… let me go…’’ I tried to say but it was just a weak whisper. It was a whisper because somehow I did not want to go; somehow his body was warm even though he was a demon. Somehow I felt attracted to his luring nature. ‘’You know what will happen when I kiss you… or touch you…’’ he reached his hands out to my body.

‘’You will make a contract with a demon…’’ and with that he turned my face around, so I could see those flaming red eyes through the dark. His lips came closer and closer and I could hear rain drops falling onto the little window of the dungeon. Since when did it start to rain? ‘’I am not possessed by this demon…’’ were his last words before crashing his lips onto mine. ‘’I am possessed by you.’’

————————————————————————————————- I though about doing two or three more of these halloween scenarios. If you have suggestions which creepy creature and which member I should do you can tell me. Maybe some of it will give me ideas. Also this scenario was inspired by the deleted story ‘‘Demon Under The Church’‘ by wattpad user PaperMars! ♥

ohhhh okay gotcha i thought u were saying your top five of anything was all you and i was like same dude

so without further ado, here are my top five of @hellofoxmulder

Number Five:

Number Four:

Number Three:

Number Two:

Number One:

as you can see, that one i liked so much that it was actually my lock screen for a while

and here’s an Honorable Mention because i really like this pic and u r bears

love u ❤😘

BTS GIF reaction to flirting with their s/o

I’m taking this to mean how they would flirt/react to the flirtatious vibe, but if the reactions aren’t right, you can send in a more specific request and I’ll get right on it! I’m trying to get my insomnia under control (famous last words) so requests are welcomed! :)


At first he’d be really calm and collected, but as soon as his s/o hit a soft spot with him, his brain would explode.

Him: “Ah, really, you’re so cute~”

You: “Not as cute as you~” *you kiss his fingers*

He’d falter and try to find a response, but after your spur of the moment affection he’d just stare at you lovingly. 

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You’d unwittingly give him golden opportunities to be cheesy all the time. He would definitely take them.

You: “Hey, where’s the sugar? I need some for my coffee.”

Him: “I’m right here! I’ve got a little more sugar for you…”

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He’d either be inappropriate or just plain dumb.

Him: “Let’s flip a coin- heads you’re mine, tails I’m yours.”

Namjoon: “You guys are already dating, you know that right?


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All over the place all the time. Not that you’re complaining.

Him: “You have a wonderful mind.”

Also him: “Your butt looks really good in those jeans.”

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Gets flustered by your flirting all the time. Doesn’t know how to react when you say certain things.

You: “Everybody always talks about your buns, but you’re a cinnamon roll to me.”

Him: “Why are you like this?!?”

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Too cute for his own good. Doesn’t know when to stop.

Him: “All this love for you!”

Either leads to a cuddle session or hard core cringing for five minutes.

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Tests your patience all the time.

Him: “I love you.”

You: “I love you too~”

Him: “We’ll see about that…”

*does stuff like this the rest of the day*

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Would you be willing to just talk to anyone who came up in your inbox? I don't think I'm the only one who wishes they were friends with you 😌

Of course~ Everybody can talk to me via the chat function

I’m always happy to get to know new people~