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The Improvisation

Close your eyes and feel every wave
Relax and enjoy the freedom you deserve
Live the moment, cherish every minute
Prepare to show them your best set

Carry your feet and take your chances
Go and enter in calmness and boldness
Face the crowd as if nobody’s watching
Trust yourself to do your thing

Heed to your surrounding
Find the rhythm of everything you’re doing
Hear the beat of the sound and give it life
Know that everything is alright

Make every muscle movement felt
Stretch yourself, there is no limit
Improvise, do things your way
Make everybody stay

Let there be emotion
Pain is sweet, be tired but move on
Be happy still and impress the people
Just do it, give it your all

Communicate but connect in silence
Show every feeling, share your experience
Your body’s the medium, your movement’s the language
You craft is raw, your art is rich