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'Once Upon a Time' Creators Explain the "Next Chapter" to Come in Season 7

The Hollywood Reporter turned to series creators/showrunners Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis to go inside the decision to overhaul the series, what it means for old characters and why fans should continue to tune in for season seven of Once.

Are you approaching the story of adult Henry as a total reboot of the original Once Upon a Timepremise?

Kitsis: Kind of, yeah!

Horowitz: I hesitate to use the word “reboot.” We’re more thinking about it as a hybrid of a lot of things. We’re paying homage to the original premise, but there are certain characters who are returning and some who are not. It’s a combination of a lot of things, but what we’re trying to do is go in a new direction but stay true to the spirit of what the show has always been.

Will you be recasting any other characters as adults?

Kitsis: Potentially, yes. Not right away. That’s the biggest one.

Horowitz: We want to keep under wraps how we get to Henry grown up and what that means for Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) and Rumple (Robert Carlyle), who are returning regulars. There’s stuff that we’re excited to unveil, but it’s not about recasting so much as we’re hoping to open up the universe more.

How do you plan to tell stories about Regina, Rumple and Hook without some very important family members?

Kitsis: The answer to that question will be answered next year. We’d rather show it than tell it.

Henry’s got a daughter. Will we be meeting her mother?

Kitsis: Yes, next year. [Lucy’s] mother and Henry will be a very epic love story in the tradition of Once Upon a Time, just like his grandparents. We can’t forget, he’s the grandchild of Prince Charming, which technically makes him Prince Charming Jr.

Horowitz: Junior junior. Prince Charming III.

How many new roles are you looking to create with six series regulars leaving?

Horowitz: I don’t think we want to confirm exactly right now, but we will say there will be more regulars, and they’ll be more recurring characters as well, and we’ll probably make some announcements as the summer progresses.

Besides Jennifer Morrison, who will return for one episode, who has promised to pop back in?

Kitsis: Everybody has said they’d be willing to come back. As our show is and has been for six years, we see people come back all the time. Rose McIver came back and she is the lead of her own show [The CW’s iZombie, which was also renewed], so we hope to be seeing everybody.

Horowitz: While we tried to really wrap up a lot of their stories and give a nice send off to these characters we’ve loved being with for six years, they’re still part of the universe, so hopefully we’ll be seeing different people at different times.

Fans, as would be expected with six regulars leaving, are upset. How do you get them to come back for season seven?

Kitsis: At a certain point after six seasons, some people’s journeys needed to have an endpoint. We believe that what we are going forward and doing is what people love about the show, which is a show about hope and fairytale characters trying to find themselves in the real world. We’re going to return to more storytelling like that, and if they love the original Once, then hopefully they will enjoy the next chapter and the new universes and adult Henry.

Horowitz: We’ve been so blessed to have such an incredibly passionate fan base that feel so strongly about all these characters that we totally hear and feel the emotion at hearing that some of these characters won’t be there every week. But some will and then there’s always chances of seeing some again. But really, I think as Eddy said, we’re trying to go on in the spirit of what we started in season one and telling those kind of stories again with a new canvas that’s really exciting to us as storytellers. We really hope that the audience will feel the same way as they see these new stories that we start to tell.

Kitsis: Part of it really is, creatively, wanting to end one chapter and begin a new one and get back to that fresh, original idea that resonates.

Once did hit a string of series lows in season six. How do you hope to bring new viewers back and broaden the show to those who haven’t tuned in before?

Kitsis: You can’t really control ratings. Every year ratings go down and everyone reacts like it’s the first time. I think that though ratings are down, what’s interesting is the fan base continues to be up, so we’ll still trend and all those things. That being said, we feel it’s a great way next year for new viewers to come in and not be burdened with knowing the six years of mythology. You can come in fresh next year, and I think if you like fairytales and you like magic, you should check it out.

Horowitz: The live, next day ratings — we all know they’re becoming more archaic … We’ve been so encouraged that regardless of what numbers are saying, we have an incredible fan base that’s been so passionate all these years. To us, it just feels like a miracle that it’s season seven and we’re working on it. We’re so grateful to the fans who have stuck with us, so that we’re here.


Ditto ~ George Weasley imagine

Warnings: bullying

Ditto ~

You silently made your way to the Ravenclaw tower, trying to avoid as much eye contact as you could.

Suddenly, you bumped into someone.
“Hey! Watch it!” The voice yelled. You looked up and there she was. The girl who hated you for no reason: Jennifer Goldstein. Even the sound of her name made you want to vomit.

When you didn’t respond quick enough, she grabbed you and pushed you against the wall, causing you to fall on your bum. “Aren’t you going to apologize?” She said bitterly.

“Leave me alone, Jennifer.” You muttered, pulling yourself off the ground.

“Excuse me? What was that?”

“I said: leave me alone.”

By now, a small crowd had gathered around you two, hoping to see a fight break out.

“Oh, (Y/N). You think you’re so special. You think everybody loves you, but in reality, nobody cares about you! You are the least popular person here because nobody likes you. And anybody who says they do, are lying to spare your feelings. So, sink right back down to the ground where you belong.” And with that, Jennifer pushed you back onto the floor, making your books scatter everywhere.

“Oi! Leave her alone!” Someone from the crowd shouted. You looked up and saw your best friend, George Weasley, shoving through the crowd.

“Aw look! It’s your boyfriend to the rescue!” Jennifer laughed.

“Listen here, Jennifer, and listen well. 
(Y/N) is the kindest, smartest, and sweetest person you’ll ever meet. And you’re just jealous because you know you will never even come close to being half as amazing as her.” George snapped.

The crowd went silent, and your face turned red. Jennifer glared at him, trying to find a comeback.

“Whatever. Get out of my way.” She mumbled, shoving past George.

You stood back up, grabbing all your belongings. You tried to talk to George, but he immediately ran off.

When the crowd broke up, you saw Fred in the background. You walked up to him to get some answers.

“Fred, do you know what all of that was about?“

He chuckled. “You are so blind, (Y/N).”

“What are you on about?”

“George is so in love with you, and you are completely oblivious.” He laughed.

Your cheeks turned red again. You needed to find him.

You thanked Fred and ran to the one place you knew he’d be; the Black Lake.

And you were right.

There he was, sitting under a tree, staring at the water.

“Mind if I join you?” You asked, taking a seat on the grass next to George. He simply shook his head.

You two sat in silence for a little while, staring at the lake.

“Thank you for what you said back there.” You said, looking over at him.

“It was nothing.”

“No, it wasn’t ‘nothing’. Everyone else was just watching it all happen and didn’t say anything. You’re the only one who cared to stand up for me. It really meant a lot to me.”

He was quiet for a few seconds before speaking. “I was just tired of listening to her lie. You’re such an amazing person and I love you way too much to watch you get hurt like that.”


“I said: I love you way-”

It all happened so fast. One minute, you were listening to George speak, the next, you were kissing him.

His eyes became wide, but he didn’t pull away from the kiss.

You broke away from him. “S-sorry I just-” you began, but George cut you off by pulling you back into the kiss.

It was everything you imagined your first kiss would be, and the fact that it was with George made it ten times better.

You could feel your heart beating out of your chest as he pulled you closer, deepening the kiss.

It felt like an eternity before you two pulled away.

“Bloody hell, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.” George smirked.

You smiled. “Ditto.”

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Hey guys, could you please update with some long fics? Particularly for the 20K-50K tag, since you updated the longer ones recently.

only for you boo

if this river don’t drown me, it’s down i’ll mean to roam by Anonymous (1/1 | 35,403 | PG13)

“Who the hell are these guys.” Commander Hale barks, his hand automatically going to his hip holster and Stiles lunges forward, stopping him from pulling his gun out.

“No! Ah… Um. Commander Hale. These are…. These are Atlanteans.” He manages to stutter out, removing his hand from Commander Hale’s person under Peter’s deathly glare of death. He takes a step back but watches as the Commander doesn’t immediately pull his gun out so he counts it as a win.

“What?” Kate hisses, turning to look back at Stiles with a shocked expression. “You can’t be serious. Atlanteans? That’s impossible!”

Stiles Stilinski: Spy! by Anonymous (1/1 | 24,006 | R)

Stiles Stilinski, a desk-bound CIA analyst, volunteers to go undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer, and prevent diabolical global disaster when the field agent he’s assigned to — and in love with — is killed while on a mission to retrieve the coordinates for a nuclear device.

He might even make it out of this alive if Agent Derek Hale would stay the hell out of his way.


A Sterek adaptation of the movie Spy.

A Wolf’s Ribbon by Dexterous_Sinistrous (6/6 | 36,091 | NC17)

Derek had been coached on how to approach the child heir apparent while hundreds of eyes watched him. He kept his eyes focused on the cradle, leaning over the edge as best he could to see the baby everyone had been talking about.

Stiles smiled when he saw Derek, kicking his legs out as he reached a hand up for him. He cooed at Derek, his fingers grabbing at the older boy in an attempt to touch him, all to no avail. He gurgled out a laugh when Derek reached a hand down into the cradle, snatching hold of his fingers as best he could.

Derek offered a small smile in response, allowing Stiles to playfully tug on his hand.

The two children made an adorable sight before the Court and their parents. That was the moment Queen Talia and King John decided to arrange their marriage. Every second was planned out without the voiced concern of the children.

Family Relations by impalagirl, wilddragonflying (1/1 | 30,389 | NC17)

Derek’s been living peacefully in New York City for going on five years when his half-brother, Scott McCall, calls him up to tell him a friend recently lost their alpha and the alpha’s family is being a bag of dicks about inheritance, and his friend already has one child with another on the way. “I know you don’t like omegas,” Scott had pleaded, “but please; he doesn’t have anywhere else to go.”

Derek, because he had never been able to say no to Scott’s puppy eyes - even when they were pulled out over the phone where Derek couldn’t even see them - eventually agreed. Of course, he probably should have asked what the omega’s name was.

Under the Sea by impalagirl, wilddragonflying (1/1 | 20,420 | PG13)

“Name your price.”

Jennifer catches the movement, and she laughs. “I don’t want any of your plundered treasures,” she says, smirking. “I want something a bit more… valuable.”

Stiles swallows hard. “Like what?”

“Well, for a prince who spends words like endless coin, I’d say a suitable price would be… your voice.”

Stiles’ jaw drops. “What?

Everybody Wants Some Sterek by Electricviolinist, Marbleeyes (1/1 | 26,262 | R)

Loosely based on Everyone Wants Some. Stiles thought College was going to be a hundred times better than High School, especially after winning a baseball scholarship. It was a shame that he’d forgotten about his hidden talent of pissing off everyone he meets, especially a certain green-eyed team mate.

All In by myredturtle (3/3 | 39,120 | R)

Scott finally pulls a a stunt so boneheaded that Stiles can’t think of any way to get him out of it. Hoping to outrun the fallout, he packs up his father and they move to Canada. Unfortunately, nowhere is safe.

Burning House by witchgrassi (1/1 | 46,281 | NR)

For as long as he can remember, Stiles has been dreaming of the burning house in the woods. At first he thought that they were just nightmares, but as he grew up he realized that they were actually visions of the future for the Hale family and that he was the only one who would be able to save them. 

The Fine Art of Selling Yourself

Part of my work as a content consultant involves reviewing applications submitted by people who want to be freelance writers. This process has given me more insight into what someone wants to see when they’re looking at your application, resumé, and writing sample than I could’ve acquired in any other way – and because I’m a nice person, I’m passing this knowledge along.

A little background: I color-code my reviewed apps on a spreadsheet. Green means “GO,” meaning we should pick up this person as a writer. Yellow means “MEH,” which means they might have either the writing experience, or the desired knowledge base, or even a little of both, but for one reason or another I wasn’t really impressed. Red means “NOPE,” which is my kind way of saying that person sucks ass.

Obviously this is geared towards writers and writing, but you can also slot in any sort of gig and most of the advice still fits. Use it wisely and use it well.

  • Tailor your resumé to fit the gig for which you’re applying. If you’re applying to be a writer, highlight any experience you have writing in your resumé. Make it so like every third verb is “writes” or “wrote.” Quantify that experience (meaning use numbers – the bigger the better). Use unpaid work if necessary, but show the person looking at your resumé that you’re actually someone who writes things on a regular basis. Seriously, “maintains active writing blog with an average of 10 original writing posts per week” impresses me more than if I have to think “oh, this person was a history major, so I’m assuming that means they wrote papers at some point.” I’m not saying how much more impressive, but at least it shows you care about writing, that you are practicing regularly and improving your craft.
  • Edit. Edit. Edit. Edit your resumé. Edit your writing sample. Edit your cover letter. Read and proofread them backwards and forwards. If I see a typo in someone’s resumé I’ve pretty much immediately mentally closed their file and moved on to the next. If you don’t have the diligence to correctly proofread a single page document, you’re probably going to end up being trouble for editors down the line. Speaking of which …
  • Your resumé should not be more than a page. Have a separate document for your publications and include a line on your resumé that they’re available on request, if you’re that awesome – but channel Hemingway and cut that sucker to a page. If you’re applying to be a writer, I don’t care that you worked two different construction jobs, or that you’re a server at a restaurant. This goes back into the tailoring – if it’s irrelevant to the job for which you’re applying, remove it. Keep in mind relevancy concerns both the subject matter and the writing itself – so if you’re applying to be a style writer, and you’ve worked in a clothing store, obviously you keep that in since it shows you’ve had experience with that. Use your best judgment. Your resumé isn’t your unabridged work history, it’s your 15-second commercial spot.
  • Use numbers, not words. AP style says spell out small numbers, but on your resumé? I don’t care. I’m only looking at your resumé for maybe 30 seconds at most and I’m generous with my time. Numbers break up monotony and draw the eye. If I see a number like 69 I’m drawn to it. Don’t ask me why. Use precise numbers where you can. I’m more interested in 32 than I am 40, because if you have nothing but round numbers it tells me you might be fudging. I don’t mind a little fudging, but a lot of fudging is suspect, and tells me you might fudge in the content you write as well.
  • Rounding and fudging are not the same, by the way – if you say you’ve written “more than 200 articles” someplace, and you’re still writing there, that keeps your resumé evergreen, which means you don’t have to update your resumé every time you write an article – which is not only efficient, but also industry-standard for journalism in general and web content specifically.
  • Research the site or publication where you want to write, and tailor your writing sample to their “voice.” Write something new if that’s what you have to do. In my case, the website for which these people are applying to write has a peppy, conversational tone. Don’t send me an academic paper as your writing sample. Yes, I get it – you can write a lovely paper for school. That doesn’t tell me whether you can write for us.
  • Don’t use passive voice, ever. Especially in resumés. I so look side-eyed at anyone who pops off something like “is responsible for.” Yawn. I don’t want to read your job description – I want to know what you actually do. “Is responsible for producing 5 articles per week on the fluctuations of the price of tea in China” becomes “Produces 5 articles per week ….” See what I did there? Go do.
  • Don’t lie. I’m sitting in the chair I am for reasons. I can probably kick your ass at research and analysis. If you’re lying, I’ll find out, and you’ll get the big “NOPE,” along with flaming incredulous notes in the “comments” section of my spreadsheet – even if you would have qualified if your app was stripped of the lies. Sure, your resumé is a big puff piece – but there’s a difference between puffing and farting, and I have no interest in reading your farts. Don’t tell me how great you are if you have nothing with which to back that up – and don’t just make it up either.
  • Here’s how you puff: when my mom and dad went on their first date (they were set up on a blind date their freshman year in college), my dad told my mom all about how he’d lettered in three sports in high school and had all these trophies and whatnot. Football, basketball, and baseball. My mom didn’t believe him. Why? My dad was like 5’7 and at the time weighed about 130 pounds soaking wet. But here’s the thing: all of it was absolutely true. He did have all those trophies. He had excelled in those three sports. He just neglected to tell her that he lived in a small town with a total population of less than 500, and went to a county high school that had fewer than 200 students. It totally looks better to be the proverbial big fish in a small pond – provided you conveniently omit the dimensions of the pond in which you swam.
  • Show, don’t tell. This is where your writing sample comes into play. I might be interested when I read your resumé and you’ve told me you wrote this and that and were editor of this or that student newspaper and whatnot. But then if your writing sample looks like something hunt-and-pecked by a semi-literate person while drunk at 3:00 a.m., I’m going to look elsewhere. Actually, the more you build yourself up in your resumé, the more your writing sample has to bring it. There’s a common mantra in the freelance writing world – “under-promise and over-deliver.” A stellar writing sample overcomes a “meh” resumé any day of the week (and even if I’m not sufficiently caffeinated).

Yes, I’m picky. Yes, I’m a hard ass. But you know what? So is everybody else in a similar position. No company’s going to pay someone to review applications if that person is wishy-washy and open to giving everybody a chance, no matter how poorly qualified they are. But here’s the funny thing: we have no quotas. When we bring someone on as a writer, it makes no difference if they write 3 articles or 300. They aren’t even required to write a single thing. So I want to say yes to everybody. I want to give everyone a shot – but they have to provide me at least some indication that they’re able to do the work. All of these tips represent the barest of minimums. Following them doesn’t mean you’ll get the gig – but it does mean that at the very least, you won’t look like an ass.

© 2014 by Jennifer R.R. Mueller

It’s Not Your Popularity; it’s Their Entitlement.

My friend messaged me today, upset about “people on the internet”. More specifically, recent backlash to Metroid Prime: Federation Force and Blast Ball. This goes beyond just backlash though; apparently, there’s petitions to shut down the game as well as some other things. He said it pissed him off. He said at least the developers are experimenting and trying out things, and that a lot of hard work might have went into development of that game. I pointed out how it just didn’t look good. It might not look good at all, but hard work must have gone into it, and there was no right for people to be making petitions as well as issuing casual death threats.  

“My dad is watching a documentary interview about The Hollies,” I typed back, after saying I’d tell him a story. “They’re a British band who were famous around the time of The Beatles; recorded in the same studio, wrote a lot of songs that got famous, they were big. ‘Bubblegum pop’ stuff way back in the day. There was a point where the lead singer and writer, Graham Nash, wanted to write more artistic stuff, more stuff that was deep. He wrote King Midas in Reverse and he loved it, it was his pride and joy, he held it in such high regard. They put a lot of work and orchestration into it. It was critically acclaimed but only charted in the Top 30, ultimately a flop.

“Nash and the band had to sit down and think, because they realized then that the band was not on the same page, and they realized they had to do something. The lead wanted to deviate away from their bubblegum pop sound that they used to do, that they were known for. But it seemed like they couldn’t risk it. As much as the lead wanted to break that old thing, and not be defined by what people thought, he couldn’t do it. 

Now their wives or girlfriends, I don’t know who, I forgot - they suggested a silly thing, so they wrote a song called Jennifer Eccles. It has a catchy whistle to it and everything, I actually like that song, so does my dad. The band for the most part despised it. The whistle that everybody knew became the bane of their existence. It sounded like their old shit, very simple and sweet and silly.” I could actually feel my teeth clench as I finished typing. “Top 2 on the charts. It saved the band until Nash left.”

My friend understood, and bless him, he knows his shit. I told him I was glad he understood how much work and effort goes into content creation; I also reminded him sometimes it doesn’t work out for the best, as was demonstrated countless times by many people other than some British boy band. He quickly pointed out that he was into the K-Pop scene, known for some of the most rabid fans out there. I chuckled and said “yeah, tl;dr entitlement”. He said he hated the word. I said I hated when people resonated of it. 

Sometimes, we tell people all the time that they should do what makes them happy. Sometimes, we tell people the moment they try something they like, that it’s utter crap and to go back to the other stuff because they’re not good at it, or we don’t like it. By the rule of “you can’t please everyone” and “everyone likes different things” this is a fascinating conundrum, and it’s expected. It’s human, it’s understandable and it’s okay.

I myself am not looking forward to the new Metroid games at all. I feel like it’s a waste of resources, time, and effort that could be going into a better attempt at a Metroid game. As a content creator, I understand how taxing that must be when you work on something and just cross your fingers, shoving the negativity in the back of your mind that says “people are not going to like this” when it’s more than just the anxiousness but instinct and statistics telling you this.

Being a fandom content creator teaches you that very quickly. Once you want to break away from it, or if you even take a break to make something different - not many people care as much since the type of people you want looking at it aren’t around, or maybe they don’t like it. Doesn’t matter how many man-hours you put into it or if you tried something new. Doesn’t matter if you like it compared to that stupid little sketch or thing you made that’s still getting notes. Doesn’t matter. A lot of the times, so many people (who have built up recognition but want to try something new) give up on original content or doing something different because they feel like what they think doesn’t matter. It only matters when it caters to the people who recognize their other stuff, even after they’ve expressed they don’t want to do it as much or they want to stop.

Is that our own faults as fan-artists? Maybe, probably. So we try to appeal to the popular demographic again, knowing that there’s some people we just cannot please. Knowing that it’s easier that way, but it may or may not help us in the end. Some of us have found bigger success than others with their original content or deviating away from our old fandom popularity. Some of us are still getting messages about “why aren’t you doing [x] stuff anymore? :(”. 

I’ve been in the TF2 fandom for a while; I’m going to be in this fandom for a while. But I’ve seen an artist or four who have quit doing TF2 fanart; one reason because they actually thought they were getting worse, another one stating it was their crutch and part of a bad time in their life. I’ve heard several video creators who have said they’d rather not burn out playing TF2 and the videos they’re so proud of have little to no views compared to the ones they shat out in instances. I’ve witnessed animators who want to make other things other than TF2 machinima in SFM, only for the comments to be flooded with people telling them they’re worthless if it’s not TF2 or if it’s not something they’re known for. I no longer want to tell the person who inspired me to dedicate production to the competitive scene that he inspired me because he no longer wants to be associated with that side of him. 

Sometimes, we tell people to do what they want to do, what makes them happy, even if it’s different. Sometimes, we tell people we don’t like it when they do something different. It’s human, it’s understandable and it’s okay. But sometimes, it fucks me up because it’s funny how that works

“Have I changed anything? Not really, because it wasn’t really even about money. It was about me, my personality, my mentality. The growth that I’m talking about is personally, I don’t care if you like me. I deserve a certain amount of respect. I became less afraid of just saying what I meant. So I do that — I haven’t changed anything in my contracts or with money. I’ll still do a movie for barely any money if I want to do the movie. I’m OK with being paid less than a man if he’s doing more work. It was more about me trying to grow out of this silly idea that I had to be liked by everybody. I would hope that the person paying me doesn’t like me at the end of our phone call. I was hoping to inspire other women to say, ‘We’re not victims! Your vagina isn’t a get-out-of-jail free card. You can still speak up, be blunt and say what you mean.’”

On Jill Scott

So everybody knows by now that a bunch of celebrities nudes got leaked on Twitter, I feel bad - I really do - but what upsets me is that Jennifer Lawerance’s pics get leaked and everyone wants to defend her and say that her privacy has been violated. Meanwhile, Jill Scott’s nudes get leaked and all anyone can do is make jokes because her **natural breasts ** sag. Like…are you fucking kidding me? This woman is beautiful and talented regardless of what people say, but how come the same outrage that went out for all these white celebrities isn’t being extended to Jill Scott. I have seen nobody (except other Black women) defend her and her right to privacy.

So where are you Tumblr feminists? You wanna get all in arms about every other goddamn thing, where are you to talk about the blatant violation of this woman’s privacy?

I wonder if Sarah was the one who ruined Beth's life

The thing about Beth Child’s is that she looked like a very accomplished person. She spoke several languages, she made detective at a pretty young age she had everything going for her. So I can’t help but wonder if Sarah wasn’t the one who accidentally ruined everything for. So here is my theory

Beth was living the life. She was extremely athletic, she was very intelligent, she was good with people. Both with suspects,civilians and her fellow cops. She finished the academy in first place and was rising rapidly through the ranks. Life was good. And then one day one of her fellow offices calls her in. Just a rapid check because her fingerprints happened to be a crime scene several hundred kilometers away. He quickly checks that she was on a patrol and dismisses it as some random mistake. But Beth’s natural curiosity gets the better of her. She starts tracking the case and then a few weeks later her fellow cops finally manage to arrest someone for the crime. Sarah Manning

Beth is completely shocked when she sees this. She comes to the only logical conclusion in her mind. She had a twin sister. She confronts her parents about it. Angry. Demanding answers. They naturally deny everything because they know for a fact that they had only one daughter. It’s not the kind of thing that you forget. Beth bitter,angry and confused pushes her parents away. She doesn’t want to confront Sarah directly yet because she is on the fast track towards detective and a criminal sister might undermine her chances. So she starts investigating on her own. And each answer she find just brings more and more question. When she sees that Sarah comes from Britain she digs in European databases and what she finds there rattles her even more

She sees her face everywhere. Katja, Danielle, Aryana, Janika. Different versions of her everywhere. She feels lost and alone. She can’t confide in her parents after the big fight they had, she can’t really talk to her fellow officers because she can’t show weakness with the detective test looming ahead. So she visits the department’s shrink and asks for some help to calm her down. The pills work. She finds her center for a while.  She aces her test, she become a detective. She manages to ignore the mystery of her biology for now. And for a while things are good. She repair the relationship with her parents. By miracle just after helping her next door neighbor move she meets Paul. A truly great guy she falls hard for

But she can’t help but be who she is. A cop. Despite wanting to ignore the other versions of herself she can’t help but investigate. She find that Sarah is not the only one in North America like herself. She finds them. Alison Hendrix, Cosima Niehaus, Jennifer Fitzsimmons. She lies to Paul and everybody that she has work to do but in reality she goes and monitors them whenever she can. All but Sarah. She doesn’t have the strength to look at the woman who made her open Pandora’s box

The strain of living this double life is too much for Beth. She she makes the the shrink give her even more pills.

For a while everything is good again but then she sees that the European clones are getting killed off. The paranoia sets in deeply. But also her protective nature. She can’t let innocent people get killed so she contacts them. All but Sarah. Even now she can’t face her

Working with the clones alongside with her growing paranoia pushes Beth even more at the edge. Killing Maggie Chen takes her from the edge and plunges her straight into the abyss. Her answer? More and more pills. She doesn’t feel like she can trust anybody anymore. Not even Paul.

And then she finds out that she is right. The only light she had left in her life Paul…was the one betraying her. Even the pills don’t help anymore. So she decides to end it all. And that’s when she finally sees the face that started all of this. Sarah Manning. She finally got to meet her

How would you describe the ride you’ve been on with your career, for the last few years?
  • JENNIFER: It’s a hard thing to sum up. Really honestly, it’s a job. I really love acting. I really do. I really just think of myself as a working woman, and I just go from set to set and work. You have to promote a movie and work, and people are going to have opinions, but it’s weirdly very easy to block out the world. There’s just a few years of getting used to it. Your entire world changes. Now, it’s very easy for me because I’m isolated. I have a new normal now. I feel very stable and normal and happy, but it took a few years to get used to being looked at differently. It’s a very alienating feeling because you don’t feel different, but everybody reacts to you differently. But you can’t think about the pressure, or it will just keep you up. So, there was a few years of getting used to it, and then I got used to it and was like, “Okay, let’s get back to work.” People react and can do whatever they want, and that’s fine. That’s on them. I just have a job. That’s how I think of it.
  • Q: Actors can often struggle to find success, after completing a big film franchise.
  • JENNIFER: You think I’m doomed. I’m fucked, aren’t I?
  • Q: Why do you think you’ve been able to continue to find success?
  • JOSH: She’s a damn good actress!
  • JENNIFER: I’ve been really fortunate. I shot the first Hunger Games movie, and then I auditioned for David O. Russell for Silver Linings about two weeks after we wrapped. So, he had no idea what was about to happen. I remember there have been a few times where I would have really loved time off, but I was very aware of how overwhelming these movies and this character was, and that was a big fear of mine, signing onto the movies. I want people to lose themselves when they’re watching a movie, and not see the same character. This character, however, is remarkable. I think she’s the greatest female character, ever, so I wasn’t too mad at that. I just tried to keep working, so that people could see other characters and other things that I could do, instead of taking vacation time. Now, I’m aging like a President.

January 1st 2015 all ten season of Friends are going to be available on Netflix!

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When I was in film school I got to work with Marta Kauffman. I loved those days…

You know the entire beginning credits of Friends was shot a week before the show was first aired and it was them playing in the Warner Brothers fountain outside the studio. I dont know why but when I found that out it made me love the writers that much more. The sad thing is, the show could have easily gone another 5 years or more. The Network wanted it, the writers wanted it, everybody wanted it on the cast except for Jennifer Aniston. In season 10 she was filming 4 movies at once and she wanted to focus on her movie career… which everybody understands but I was always bitter about. A TV show like friends… like Sienfeld… Like Saturday Night Live… they are what is remembered through time… not Along Came Polly and Bruce Almighty lol… She made more money but whatever… 

Did you know that the cast all started around $24,000 per episode and in season ten all ended over a million per episode everybody getting paid the same amount of money.

Did you know that they wrote chandlers character gay but changed their minds on episode one. 

Did you know that the white dog statue that is in many of the episodes was a real gift that was given to Jennifer Aniston for getting the Friends role. Jennifer later sold it to the show when it became so popular in the episodes where joey gets his own apartment.

I am going to shut up, I can talk about friends for hours :D

Screw this “let everybody ship what they want” mentality….something needs to be done.

We cant just shrug our shoulders and act like its not a big deal.

This crackship “fandom” constantly does everything to take the fun away for others…but then acts like they are the victims.
It goes beyond simple shipping war…its pathetic and makes everybody look like a god damn dirtbag.

It gives the ouat fandom in general a bad name and makes us all look like ungrateful assholes.


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josh and Jen coming out to the world that they are together

Jennifer’s eyes nearly bulged out of her head. “Tell me you are not serious?”

Suddenly, a wide grin spread on Josh’s face and he chuckled lightly before taking Jen’s hands in his and squeezing them. “You were the one who said she doesn’t want to talk about it out loud!”

“I know!” A frustrated huff escaped Jen and Josh couldn’t help but laugh at the way her eyebrows crunched together. “But that doesn’t mean I wanna write about it. How fucked up is that?”

“Hey, listen to me. This is the perfect opportunity. Emma and Andrew did it too, why can’t we?”

She let go of Josh’s hands and picked up her fork, stabbing at one of her fries with deadly determination. “Because they did it for charity, that’s why!”

Now it was his turn to release and angry huff. “Jennifer, I don’t want to play this game anymore. I want to go out with you without having to give a shit about paparazzi or fans making up any rumors about us. I want to tell the whole world that you are mine and I don’t give a fuck about what anybody else is going to think. I chose you, Jennifer.” All the playfulness from earlier suddenly vanished from Josh’s face and Jennifer could feel the goose pumps making its way over her arms.  

“Watch your language, Joshua. We are in public.” A chuckle escaped her but Josh’s face remained motionless. “Why do you want to do it this way?”

Josh reached for her hands once again. “Because we are not the ones doing things like everybody else.”

The waitress gave them a strange look when they asked for waterproof pencils and gave her money to buy two white shirts for them, but after she showed up with the items and Josh gave her one of his famous half smirks her overly friendly attitude immediately returned.  

“Stop flirting with her, dammit.”

Josh looked up from his current task. “Hey! I am writing your name on my shirt, am I not?” An easy smile appeared on his lips and Jennifer immediately felt better about the whole situation. As insane as it seemed to be, Josh was right that the whole act fitted them perfectly.

After a few minutes of silence, his voice interrupted her concentration once again. “I’m gonna keep that forever, just so you know.”

“I hope to see you in nothing but this shirt on each of our anniversaries.” Jennifer smirked and Josh’s face immediately turned red before he looked around to make sure that nobody overheard their conversation. “Damn Lawrence, I had no idea you had it in you.”

Now it was Jennifer’s turn to blush. “I’m looking forward to show you later what exactly I’m able to do.”

A few minutes later they finally finished their tasks and Josh made sure to leave their waitress a generous tip, after Jennifer mentioned something of never being able to eat here again.

She gripped his hand tightly and stared through the window at the waiting paparazzi. “Are you sure about that?” Her eyes searched his for any indication of unsteadiness, but everything she was able to find was adoration.

“Yes, Jennifer. I’m ready to let the world know that you are mine.”

Together they started to make their way outside and immediately caused a massive scene. The few paparazzi were suddenly all around them and threw questions at them. It was ridiculous, really, and everything Josh did was repeatedly tell them to look at their shirts.

At one point, Jennifer couldn’t help but burst out laughing when she spotted a nearby passant staring at them with his mouth wide open and a ridiculous expression on his face, but when they finally got to their car and were securely sitting in it, both of them couldn’t wipe the smiles from their faces.

Because they knew that tomorrow all the newspapers and magazines would be full of pictures with them, and finally the whole world would know that “she is his” and “he is hers.”