everybody talks shit

I’m having a hard time trying to understand why in hell Eva or any of the girls would be mad at Sana. We know what she did was bad but honestly? It didn’t come from a place where Sana just wanted to hate on Sara. She was exposing her because Sara is the one who’s spreading so much hate.

If I was one of the girls and Sana came and explained me exactly what happened, I’d just throw a pyjama party for us in order to forget about the people who try to hurt us.

so here’s an unpopular opinion

PepsiMax squad aka A bunch of idiots

So… you’re telling me that they know Sara talked shit about them behind their backs, they have actual proof of it, and instead of oh, i don’t know, THROWING HER OUT OF THE FREAKING BUS, getting angry at her or at least calling her out on her shit, they… defend her? “everybody talks shit about everybody”? bitch are you for real? is she for real? are THEY FOR REAL? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET LIKE WOW CONGRATULATIONS I THOUGHT YOU GIRLS COULDN’T GET ANY DUMBER BUT SHIT THERE YOU GO PROVING THAT YOU ACTUALLY CAN BRAVO

@a-million-chromatic-dreams right?? I used to think about that as a kid, just trying to imagine it but it’s so hard to even fathom. also, I’m really glad the word “spaghettification” exists lol

@karikes good. it’s good to always be aware of them

since we first met, i thought you were nice but i figured i didn’t really want another girl in my life because i was hurt, my heart was like ice but you seemed a little different and with you i felt right. i fell in love with you but then you decided to be a bitch and leave me for a bit.
stayed up every night wondering what i did wrong, i couldn’t stop crying because i wasn’t strong and i could feel myself dying on the inside.
and i still remember the day you texted me after six months “sorry i have been busy with myself for a while, how are you doing?”, “it’s okay, i know what you are going through and i hope you are doing alright. i’m fine” i replied as i heard my heart shatter because fine is not what i was. i think you knew i was lying since you started crying. you felt bad because you realised you hurt me but i wasn’t mad, i was sad but the word sad couldn’t describe how i felt.
we started speaking again, we’d talk all night because it felt right. didn’t mind losing sleep because i loved speaking to you. when i was speaking to you, i felt alright. my feelings got stronger and i knew i was fucked. i questioned, what am i going to do now? it was complicated yet all i wanted was you.
my mind was screaming “yes” but my heart was saying “no, stop, don’t do this to yourself again”, i listened to my mind but i wish i didn’t and if i could go back in time i would have listened to my heart.
we went from strangers to lovers real quick but we kept everything a secret because we both didn’t know if it was going to last and to be fucking honest everything was more perfect when nobody knew about us. lies were being spread, everybody talking shit, everybody wanted to tear us apart because everybody was fucking jealous of what we had but they couldn’t have. nobody could ever come between us, right? that’s what you said.
i knew you didn’t deserve someone like me, you deserved better yet you promised me all you ever wanted was me.
everything was so fucking perfect, you were so perfect to me. i loved you with my whole heart. you made me forget about all the bad in my life. you were the only reason why i was still here, you were the only reason why i felt happy.
days, weeks, months passed and things were getting bad, we started arguing but we fixed things quickly because we were madly in love with each other and couldn’t live without each other.
as months passed things were getting worse. things got more serious.
i still remember the time i wanted to break up with you, i don’t know what happened with me but i know i was fucking stupid. i remember you telling me you were crying to your parents because you were scared to lose me. i hurt you and i told you i would never forgive myself for hurting you. you said “don’t worry, i forgive you” but i know deep down you didn’t because you were bleeding because of me.
time passed and more arguments were around the corner. you were loving me less and less as every day passed. you didn’t love me as much as you used to, you didn’t want me as much as you used to, i knew you were slowly giving up on me, us. you kept telling me i was the one losing interest but i was preparing myself to lose you because i knew you were going to leave me soon.
lately you have been acting so distant, was that a sign from you telling me you didn’t want me anymore?
you broke up with me. “we both have no time for each other anymore, we are getting busy, i am busy with college and my exams coming up” that’s what you said yet you always had the time to go out partying and hang out with your friends. you stopped spending time with me because you preferred your friends. you said you wanted to spend more time with me and you promised we would, yet you never made time for me. you blamed me for everything, you pretended i was the one being busy all the time but no, it was you.
it’s been almost two months since you left, my heart still aches. i am still trying to figure out how your feelings “just” changed. still wonder how you could throw us away after everything we have been through. i must have missed all the warning signs.
i always gave you my best. i was loyal to the end. didn’t cheat like every dude nowadays. i know i wasn’t perfect, i am not saying i was. i am human and i make mistakes but i thought what we had was worth everything we went through.
don’t you remember telling me how much you loved me and all the promises that you made? now you ignore me, that’s the only thing you are good at.
you run away from your problems, you push things away, hoping it will leave you alone.
i believed in love because of you and now i am heartbroken and hate love because of you. i don’t hate you but i hate myself for still loving you.
i still hope you will come back one day, i hope our paths will cross one day but i know nothing will ever be the same as it used to be. i really do wish you the best on every path that you pick, whether it’s with a new guy or your ex.
—  you broke my fucking heart (something i wrote)

I could tell Josh was really going to go off in that video because at the beginning he said “everybody’s talking shit about me 24/7” and he really emphasized every single syllable in twenty-four seven and that’s when I knew it was a wrap

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"Nobody cares, everybody talks shit about everyone" aka I am fake too so it's not a big deal that Sara is fake... guuuurl if some of my good friend was talking such things behind my back I would NEVER be okay with it my trust would be destroyed.... fakefakefake

i knOW????? and they also admitted they all talk shit about each other lmao?? logic

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so to everybody talking shit on the internet about charlottesville; do you have a gun? do you have a group you train with? it's about time to get ready, because shit is about to go down. they're coming for us, and we need to defend ourselves sooner rather than later. if we don't see a nazi protest riddled with bullets very soon, we'll have a lot more of them than we can deal with on our hands.

I’d say that mutual defense is a lot more than owning a gun and a lot more than fighting in these pitched battles which are necessary but I think that while we definitely need to work on mutual defense we need to work just as hard at expanding mutual aid

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It often strikes me as odd - some things that appear to me as big deals you shrug off but little things like this get your goat - everybody knows that people talk shit in interviews.

Lol I know. I’m just annoyed and tired of the constant bullshit. Sometimes it’s easier to ignore or to just vent in dms, other times I want to scream and shout about how pissed off I am.