everybody says it but i can say it the most confidently

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I'm black and I lived in Korea for a semester (wit a bunch of yts) and I can confidently say that most Korean people are more interested in black ppl and other poc den di yts. They're interested in our culture. They think we're beautiful. Of course there's some cons too cuz there are some blackaboos in SoKo but for the most part everybody is just curious.

this is extremely interesting n i’ve been hip to this!!! i watch a lot of poc vloggers in korea and they’re always telling nothing but good things about korea n how more often than not koreans genuinely love black ppl n the discrimination in korean is hyped. n young koreans [normally millennials] say that discrimation is really only held on to by di older generation n korea is slowly but is definitely trying to b more open to other races. i remember this korean artist painted a big, gorgeous mural on di side of a korean building n it was a mural of a dark skinned black woman w natural hair n natural features wearing a hanbok n korean netizens said nothing but positive comments about it n praised di mural. it was nice to see, ima try to find di link for y'all so y'all can see as well 🤔