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Reasons to love Wen Junhui

Ok time to move on to my bias wrecker. 

For Performance Unit/Team Week day 2, here’s some reasons you should love Wen Junhui

he’s a literal prince

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his acting skills are A++ (like look his portfolio could get him into SM i’m not even kidding)

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he’s super good-looking and he knows it. like wow I envy him so much

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his martial arts skills 

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he takes care of everyone 

an absolute sweetheart

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that weird mansae thing

meme junhui

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his knack for skinship

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positivity prince!!! (watch OFD)

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his dance skills

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basketball ring jun

christmas tree junhui

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his voice <3

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can’t wink for nuts (i’m not sure where this gif is from sorry)

looks like kim heechul (he knows it too)

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his confidence

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he’s a little out of this world

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one half of chinaline/junhao

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kinda strange, but we all love him for it

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mike wazowski

sexy and he knows it

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mama jun

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I mean how can you not love him??

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am sorry am just having a proud moment remembering when GD hurt his ankle and yet he didn’t postpone any show and did all his concerts on a cane and barely dancing but serving vocals and quality performance and everybody came to see him


he was literally using a cane

and got his men with him who came to support him

and he gave his all and did his choreography sitting…

and oh yes, all his concerts were totally sold out with a huge success

i hope to have even a bit of the success and respect he has in my career.

During a Interview about the end of RS Mark Hamill commented that he will appear on Milo Murphys Law

First of all, the people that were on the show itself - J.G. Quintel, William Salyers, Sam [Marin], Roger Craig Smith, just everybody - all of these performers, they were just fun people. I really enjoyed them. It was one of the last shows where we did it all together. ‘Cause more and more, you record your characters separately. I’ve done, I don’t know, half a dozen _Miles from Tomorrowland_s, and I’ve never met the cast. I did a show called Milo Murphy’s Law, again, they have you individually and you don’t get to interact with the rest of the cast. So I’ll miss those people certainly.

bellamyyoung THANK YOU @darrencriss !! My whole neighborhood & I came to see you in #Hedwig last night, & you CRUSHED it. It was exactly what we all needed. I really can’t thank you enough. Everybody, go see this performance! He’s an ANIMAL!! You will be reborn right along with him. #ArtHeals #AllWeveGotIsLove Hope today is beautiful to each of you! 💗❤️💗❤️💗 

SHINee in Dallas Fanmeeting - Fanaccount

- they performed everybody, hello, sherlock,lucifer, view, replay
- key likes watching reaction videos and apparently taemin does as well??
- Minho kept making cute little english comments
- onew wants to play your bf as his next acting role
- fav part of visiting fans in the state : meeting all his fans (Minho)
- what is something that inspired your fashion : im just trying to show my identity in my style (key)
- next aspiration : try to find my own sound, my own identity, his own solo concert in the world (Tae)
- which is your fav song ever written : Odd Eye (Jjong) inspired by his members
- where do you see yourself in 10 years? Jjong : I’m sure we’ll be working really hard in our own fields, at that point Onew & Minho will have lots of movies and Taemin, in 10 years will have his own label
- Key says “YOU WANNA SEE EACH MEMBERS’S AEYGO” (to decide the order of the teams for charades) Tae tries to kill him, Key threats Tae go to first,Tae says “I’m sorry key”
- team onew wins charades!!
- there was a surprise event for taemin’s birthday and he was obviously very surprised and touched and Key asked when his birthday was LOL

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Beauty and the Beast is a 2017 romantic musical directed by Bill Condon. It stars Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans. The film is a remake of the 1991 animated musical about Belle, who falls captive to a Beast only to slowly gain affection for one another as time passes. 

I loved the animated version. It is by far my favorite so-called “Disney Princess” movie and I was raised with its characters and music. Of course, expectations were high going into this film. The trailers looked very promising and all signs lead to the film not disappointing much-anticipated fans. And sure enough, fans were not disappointed. Beauty and the Beast is a magical visual experience; One of Disney’s best animated musicals becomes one of Disney’s best live-action musicals.

Let’s begin with the positives.

First off, performances. Everybody in this film was very invested into their character. You can clearly tell everybody was having fun during the making of the film and not a single performance let fans down. Emma Watson did great as Belle, adding singing and dancing to an already impressive set of talents. Dan Stevens is great as the beast. We really learned to feel for his character and sympathize with him. Josh Gad is wonderful as Lefou and Emma Thompson is amazing as Mrs. Potts. Even veterans Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen put in great performances as Lumiere and Cogsworth respectively. But perhaps the best performance has to be the one I doubted the most; Luke Evans as Gaston. At first, the casting choice seemed peculiar as Gaston is much more muscular and tall in the cartoon, but to my surprise Evans stole the show as the egotistical Gaston. He captured his selfish and delusional nature perfectly, and I can only give him credit for that.

Also, production value and special effects. Everything concerning production was brilliant in this film. The production design was absolutely outstanding. It is easily some of the most impressive sets of the year and every shot utilized its beautiful surroundings. The costumes were just astonishing and one scene in particular blows audiences away. The “Beauty and the Beast”, “Be My Guest” and “Gaston” musical numbers were just incredibly well-executed and it was incredibly pleasing to the eye. Some of the special effects really wowed the crowd, including myself.

However, there is one small problem about Beauty and the Beast, and it hurts the film significantly.

Predictability. This is the most obvious flaw, as this is a remake of an animated classic; audiences will know what happens, which beat of the film we are in and what the characters fates are at the end of the film. However, to the film’s credit they do insert some extra scenes and musical numbers that elevates the film beyond just a generic remake. But the fact that the audience anticipates what will happen does not help the film much.

All in all, despite the film being predictable due to the fact that it’s a remake, the film still manages to add more originality and depth to the film by adding some scenes and songs and I certainly appreciate that effort. It is full of great performances and amazing special effects, costume design and production design. If Disney makes the rest of their live-action remakes similar to this, then I am certainly all for it. Beauty and the Beast receives an 8.1/10.