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I’ve been thinking about this PewDiePie situation and the right-wing response to it a bit, and I think it pretty well demonstrates the social rot at the heart of capitalist socialization.

Whenever somebody gets called out for using blatantly offensive and discriminatory language, the far right always thinks that the response is entirely performative. Everybody that is offended isn’t REALLY offended, we are just performing offense in order to play nice with “respectable” society. In other words, we are all just playing a game, and the end goal is getting ahead. Everything is a competition. Social justice is just another element in the game, and some people choose to take that route in their quest for power and social capital.

You can call this out as childish and selfish, because it is, but it also points to a much deeper problem in the way capitalism teaches us to think about morality. We are taught from a young age two conflicting narratives - that we should be kind and respectful to other people, but also that everything is a competition and you should do everything you can to be the absolute best. Those two ideas are incompatible with each other. You can’t simultaneously respect other people while viewing them as your competition in the game of life. So people normally end up predominantly recognizing one side or the other - we either decide to be especially kind and respectful to each other, or we decide to view everything as a competition.

For the people who choose the second option, morality becomes part of the game. Nothing anybody does is actually genuine - it’s all just a ruse to push other people out of the way. That’s why they can’t believe that there is anybody that actually doesn’t want to be offensive. That there are people who aren’t offensive when nobody is watching. The only reason you would ever be respectful in the first place is because other people are watching - because you’re trying to get ahead. It’s all a competition.

Some prominent parenting strategies exacerbate the problem. “You can’t do that because I say so.” If no reason is ever given, why are people doing anything? Because it’s a game. Just like school, just like work.

And the truth is, we all play that side from time to time. Everybody lies on their job application. Everybody acts way too happy to be at work. Everybody pretends to like their boss more than they do. Everybody plays nice to the horrible customers that you would otherwise strangle. Even people who choose to be genuinely kind are forced to play the game on occasion as well. And the people who chose the competitive view of the world recognize that.

So we can certainly mock and laugh at the people who can’t figure out that there are actually good people in the world who do good things out of genuine compassion. It is a laughable position. But it’s also baked into all of us from a young age in capitalist society. And that’s the real tragedy.


“We’re here in Detroit, at the Fox Theater where everybody that has performed has signed the wall, which is the most amazing thing. So many legendary artists have signed this thing. It’s absolutely crazy. It goes all the way up to the top. We have decided that we are going to film here on this door. Dan and Phil. Check that out. There forever, in the history of the Detroit Theater.”

I’m taking a lil hiatus to hopefully un-fuck my wrist, but have this old doodle because it’s the most effortlessly on point pre-bbq Josh I’ve ever or will ever draw

Just got into Chicago to speak at the American Studies Association conference! Hit me up if you’re in town. 👍
I like to pretend I’m above getting nervous when doing public speaking, but when most people in the audience are a few decades older than you, cis, and tenured, it can still be hard. I’ve done public speaking at least a hundred times but there’s always an underlying aspect of it that can make me worried about my performance. Everybody gets nervous. However, we can remind ourselves that if someone judges you based on your public speaking ability, they’re overlooking what’s really important: what you’re actually saying.


✨Debuted in 2008, oldest member was 18, youngest was 14 (not korean age)
✨Known to be a secret project so there were no rumours or public appearances before debut yet they became extremely popular with their debut song and brought ‘skinny jeans’ to men in the fashion world
✨They received their first win less than 4 months after debut along with an official Fanclub name, the same year they received newcomer awards grand slam and there were tons of other groups that were nominees.

✨Tough, sexy concepts were trendy but they made a cb with a completely opposite concept (Juliette), at the same time as their comeback stage they were nominated as first place along with suju & davichi, SHINee won.
✨Ring Ding dong is still picked as a 'song you shouldn’t listen to for year 12 final exams’ bc it’s so addicting, the song also achieved triple crowns, a fake SHINee group was created in Cambodia after the song was released.

✨Lucifer was released and it still remains to be well known today, the 'buffering dance’ was also famous. They held their first ever concert 2 years after debut, at the time it was going to be held at the 88 Gymnasium but people complained that the venue was too small so it was changed to the Olympic gymnasium, they also had a solo concert in Japan (before their Japanese debut) and all tickets were sold out.

✨Debuted in Japan and basically killed the charts, they set the best record out of all loop groups. The number of albums they sold was incredible to the point where the Japanese records association gave recognition to SHINee’s album as a golden album.
✨They performed at London’s last square, for the first time their website went down from the crowded ticket reservation system.

✨Sherlock was released in Korea after 1year&6months even after the long period of no cb THEY still managed to win triple crowns along with giving the public/Kpop world a huge impact with their choreography and vocals.
✨Japanese arena tours happened, along with continuous tours around Asia

✨MoY, MoM, MoU became another success
✨Their mr removed performance of everybody became a hot topic as their live skills were perfect even from the tough choreography,
✨Received a daesang award
✨The only group that won 3 awards each at Seoul music awards and golden disk awards

✨Taemin became one of the very first sm artists to release a solo album his album Ace made it to 2nd place in Bilboard world album charts
✨Short SHINee world tour
✨SHINee fandom in Japan grew bigger with their album releases

✨Performed at Tokyo dome for the first time, gathering 100 000 fans.
✨Jonghyun’s first solo album became the first ever album in Korea to chart no.1 on Billboard world album charts
✨Their comeback 'Odd’ brought a trend of contact lenses and wide pants to other idol groups and the public. They became the first group in Korea that released a song in the deep house genre, married to the music also showed good results

✨For the first time after GD’s 'Heartbreaker,’ Taemin became first (high quality artist) in 'Male solos’ His prerecordings gathered many fans, up to 1000
✨Jonghyun’s solo album received a compliment about musical quality from Billboard
✨1of1, which many people call a 'failure’ wasn’t a failure they became the first idols to attempt a full 90s concept, from music video to clothes and their widened vocal range was shown through Tell Me What To Do, in addition, 1of1 member parts were divided almost equally which gave a strong indication of all members’ strong vocals
✨In terms of awards (the main ones): Newcomer Award in 2008 AT GDA and SMA Popularity award from 2009 to 2015 at GDA (2014 was Taemin)
Popularity award in 2010, 2012-2015 at SMA
✨not a single member has left the group and there has been no changes

SHINee rules.
-The End-

✨SHINee world fandom made 'cannon cameras’ trendy amongst fandoms
✨'let’s walk on a flower path’ became trendy after SHINee world made it a fan event banner at SWC4
✨Only idols that have received both the prime minister’s award + ministry of culture award

-janel tricia-

Hazuki's Twitter
  • Twitter User: Hazuki, I'm watching the Hibiya DVD with my family. I don't know how to handle this awkward moment when you're talking about outdoor sex during pulse_ (˙◁˙;)
  • Hazuki: You know like when both of my parents were actually there at Yaon [the venue]
  • Hazuki: [uploads pic of the Mucc tribute album] I wasn't told anything in particular but if I showed you the inside of this I'd be killed for sure
  • Tatsuro: Definitely don't do it
  • Hazuki: Uahh

“Popee sure can be demanding…”

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For @popeeandthewolfzurkus because it’s based on some convos that happened there (seriously go check out that blog it’s great)

@theheartbre4kkid Here is the finished piece!

Remember when everybody watched 12.05 thinking it’d be really gay because Adam Rose was on it and the title was “The one you’ve been waiting for” so we thought they’d make bi!dean canon but all we got was some nonsense shit
Wild times

Reasons to love Wen Junhui

Ok time to move on to my bias wrecker. 

For Performance Unit/Team Week day 2, here’s some reasons you should love Wen Junhui

he’s a literal prince

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his acting skills are A++ (like look his portfolio could get him into SM i’m not even kidding)

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he’s super good-looking and he knows it. like wow I envy him so much

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his martial arts skills 

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he takes care of everyone 

an absolute sweetheart

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that weird mansae thing

meme junhui

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his knack for skinship

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positivity prince!!! (watch OFD)

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his dance skills

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basketball ring jun

christmas tree junhui

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his voice <3

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can’t wink for nuts (i’m not sure where this gif is from sorry)

looks like kim heechul (he knows it too)

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his confidence

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he’s a little out of this world

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one half of chinaline/junhao

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kinda strange, but we all love him for it

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mike wazowski

sexy and he knows it

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mama jun

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I mean how can you not love him??

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saphael week 2017 |  Day 2: Disney Fairy Tale AU

Cinderella AU feat.:

  • poor musician Simon getting a lucky break
  • Magnus Bane, who is THE party planer, people are clamoring to get his services, he’s just so magical
  • Magnus offers Simon a job at a party for one of his friends
  • Raphael as the ‘prince’ / leader of the clan if you’re going with the vampire thing
  • Simon is human tho
  • Magnus as the Fairy God Father *throws glitter confetti*
  • Raphael and Simon hit it off with their shared love of music
  • Raphael plays piano, the two of them like to play together
  • Magnus comes up with new excuses for them to meet ‘by accident’
  • Raphael is worried Magnus is going too far and it’s gonna blow up in their faces
  • also: Raphael is aroace, obviously
  • his relationship with Simon is totally platonic and Simon is definitely not a pushy jerk
  • Simon teaches Raphael some basics of how to play a guitar and Raphael in turn offers to teach him playing the piano
  • lots of touching and hand holding ensues
  • fluffy times!