everybody needs a rock

Welcome to my SU AU(actually I don’t know if anybody did this yet)

Meet Bilbo. Guess what his gem is.

Here we have Bilbo defending Thorins gem. Thorin got poofed by Azog.

My poor baby’s gem got cracked when he got chased by Smaug.

Personal headcanons:

-all the people in Middle Earth have gems. They still have their own names and being called by your gem is rude(at least concerning hobbits) and considered classicist

-hobbits usually cover their gems. that is why you don’t see bilbos gem(it’s also very convenient for him since they’re LOOKING FOR THAT FRIGGIN GEM IN HIS CHEST!!!)

-bilbos summoned weapon is sting(surprise!), thorins is his shield(his gem is on his forearm)

-after the first run-in with azog everyone is worried that thorins gem got damaged. but bilbo got there in time :D cue thorins regeneration on the carrock

-orcs, goblins and the other creatures of morgoth are artificial and corrupted gem. Corruption can manifest differently in this verse (they can still be intelligent and stuff, hence azog and shit)

-Bilbos gem/the Arkenstone(there, I said it) only starts corrupting the people in his vicinity AFTER it got cracked. That’s why Thorin fell so fast ( jep, goldmadness is corruption here). Also why the shire isn’t full of corrupted gems.

BILBO DIES ENDING: Bilbo get’s shattered. Yes, sorry, just ignore this part if you want. He gets shattered by Azog when he distracts him to save Thorin. With the Arkenstone shattered Thorin and co.’s corruption disappears.

EVERYBODY LIVES ENDING: Bilbo only get’s poofed. Thorin shatters Azog and pulls a Rose Quartz/Rapunzel on Bilbo’s gem. BOOM. CORRUPTING GEM CORRUPTS NO LONGER; EVERYONE GETS DE-CORRUPTED AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER, GOOD NIGHT, THE END. also imagine the awesome fusions. BAGGINSHiELD FUSION!!! OH GOD!!


Sweet Emotion

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He spun her around in his chair. “Dinner, my place, seven o’clock?”

Kirsten shook her head, completely confused by Cameron suddenly breaking her concentration. “Um…yeah, sure? Any reason why?”

Cameron shrugged. “I don’t know. I’m in the mood to cook, so I figured I’d cook for someone and why not that someone be you?”

Her eyes squinted at him. A few weeks prior, the two had a heavy conversation about what she saw in his head. Kirsten, still only having and feeling real emotions for only a month at most in that point in time, said she couldn’t reciprocate his feelings. He said to her, “I understand. But now, I’ve got a second—hell, third shot at life. You know how I feel about you, and I promise I won’t stop loving you. But I’ve got to move on for me. I can’t sit here hanging on a thread waiting for you; that’s just not healthy. I’m sorry.” She remembered him sighing, shaking his head slightly before continuing. “Look…I can’t force you to say something you don’t actually mean for my own closure, and I’m not going to. I want to help you with your feelings as much as I can, but I can’t linger around any longer. If you do, at some point, feel the same, I’ll come back for you. In the meantime, I’m going to put my efforts elsewhere. I’m sorry.”

It stung. It was a horrible feeling she never wanted to experience again. Was it heartbreak? Anger? Sadness? Fear? Whatever it was, it made her cry that night, and she was still trying to recover. Cameron caught her off guard, now, asking her to have dinner at his place. Friendship dinner? Dinner of truce? She had no idea. But what was the worst that could happen? He breaks her heart again?

Okay, that sounded pretty miserable. But maybe, just maybe, it would give them a chance to be close again and talk like before. She had realized that she did love him, and when he rejected her like that, it was because of love. However, she still didn’t know if she was in love with him or not. The difference wasn’t clear, and Cameron wasn’t being clear as to what this dinner meant.

Being able to recognize time sucked; Kirsten no longer had an excuse as to why she took so long to respond to things. Only a few seconds had passed, but it was probably a few seconds too long. She finally answered, “S-sure. Yeah, dinner sounds great. Um, do you want me to get anything from the store?”

Cameron shook his head. “Nah, I’m good. But seven o’clock, okay? Call your Uber driver ‘uber’ early so you’re on time.” He smiled to himself at his play on words.

Kirsten rolled her eyes with a wide grin. God, was he adorable sometimes. “Alright, fine. I promise to be there at seven sharp.”

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anonymous asked:

if all the type had a debate how would it go and who would win??

ENTJ: *very evidently instigating* I’m just saying – that if i had a bag of gummy worms right now, I wouldn’t share it with anyone. Like, it’s not that difficult of a concept. None of you. The thought wouldn’t even cross my mind. I just hate sharing – I hate it.

ENFJ: *pupils contract like an eagle spotting prey* I can hear injustice from a mile away *shoves ISFJ out of line of fire, as a beam of what looks like off-brand heart emoji shoots out of their chest to assail ENTJ* *this sequence, of course is entirely imagined by ENFJ and they’re actually just standing there with their face all smushed up in concentration*

ISTP: *laying witness to the spectacle* Uhhh….look, I hate to be the guy who points out the obvious here, but you’re literally 5 feet away from each other. And ENTJ, you need to work on your sarcasm *whispers* Poe’s law, c’mon man, even my inferior Fe knows this

ENTJ: Oh lol, I’m not being sarcastic, I just hate sharing.

INFP: *begins feverishly writing in journal* *the entry reads:

‘’Today is one of terror
and I am here to say
it’s caused by an unsharer
who’s called ENTJ’’*

*sniffs, wipes tears and puts away notebook*

ISTP: *watching INFP uncomfortably* Ooookay….

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If the arrancar were forced to contribute to a "Las Noches Bulletin"

As requested by anon. :)

Soul Society has the Seireitei Bulletin, a serial newspaper that many of the shinigami contribute to. In this list, we will pretend that Aizen was feeling nostalgic and/or cruel one day, and decided to force various arrancar to send him ideas for what column they would “like” to write in the Las Noches Bulletin. This might be the result!

1. Ulquiorra’s Proposed Column: “A Heart to Heart With Ulquiorra”

“Readers will send me questions that they have about humans or human behavior. I will answer them, using the expertise I gained from the woman. Everybody will be enlightened.”

Aizen’s response: “Okay but don’t overdo it on the rhetorical questions. Or the metaphors.”

2. Findorr’s Proposed Column: “Findorr’s Daily Facts”

“Everybody loves facts! And I will show off my vast repertoire of facts by sharing some of them in every issue! People are welcome to send me their own facts, which I will label as ‘exacta’ or 'no es exacta’!" 

Aizen’s response: "You’re going to send facts to yourself to make your column seem popular, aren’t you?”

3. Aaroniero's Proposed Column: “Delectable Eats”

“I will sample all of the food that Hueco Mundo has to offer: the rocks, the sand, Szayel’s fracciones, etc. And then I will comment on how it tastes.”

Aizen’s response: “You might want to include things *not* in Hueco Mundo.”

4. Szayel's Proposed Column: “Szayel’s Perfect Science Corner”

“It is time for everybody to learn about the amazing experiments I am doing! Each issue, I will write about my research!”

Aizen’s response: “Isn’t that the same as Kurotsuchi’s column?”

5. Yammy's Proposed Column: “Things That Are Big”

“Like pictures of big things. Big dogs. Big watermelons. Big rocks. Because everybody needs their daily does of 'big.’”

Aizen’s response: “Yeah…..only if I have extra space.”

6. Abirama's Proposed Column: “GET PUMPED”

“I’ll write motivational columns! To get people PUMPED!”

Aizen’s response: “I have a caps lock quota, just so you know.”

7. Charlotte’s Proposed Column: “Beauty Tips For A More Fabulous, Extraordinary, Confident, Beautiful YOU”

“And don’t be afraid - this won’t be a shallow column that focuses only on what a person wears or how one does their hair! No! This column will teach you how to be beautiful on the inside AND on the outside! A more beautiful you - in every way!”

Aizen’s response: “I am instructing my editor to take out any strings of adjectives longer than one.”

8. Halibel's Proposed Column: “Should I sacrifice, Halibel?”

“People can write to me about dilemmas that involve their uncertainty about whether or not they should give something up. Is it right to sacrifice a good job for an exciting job? Is it worthwhile to sacrifice sleep in order to take evening business classes? That sort of thing.”

Aizen’s response: “You’re actually taking this seriously, huh? Well, it sounds fine, but be warned: if it’s boring, I *will* cut it.”

9. Grimmjow's Proposed Column: “A King Knows Best!”

“I figure I’ll give tips for fighting! You know - how to get your opponent to fight you, how to make a fight awesome, how to get someone off your back if they’re trying to steal your prey, how to sneak out when your boss is being a hardass, that sort of thing.”

Aizen’s response: “Are you sure this is the best strategy, Grimmjow? Basing a strategy on how to be successful on *your* experience?”

10. Starrk's Proposed Column: “My Dreams”

“I’ll write about my dreams. I tend to have interesting ones.”

Aizen’s response: “I’m still not paying you for the time you sleep, you know.”

11. Zommari's Proposed Column: “What You Always Wanted To Know About Hollows”

“We espada must not forget our hollow roots. My column will discuss all things hollow: our way of life, our strengths, our justice.”

Aizen’s response: “And you think you’ll be able to write more than one column about this?”

12. Sung-Sun's Proposed Column: “Stop Being Uncouth”

“I will give tips for how to be ladylike and proper, rather than an uncouth, argumentative embarrassment.”

Aizen’s response: “This may make your workplace awkward.”

13. Ggio's Proposed Column: “You’re Fighting Wrong!”

“I’m gonna look at footage of people fighting, and let them know all the things they’re doing incorrectly! My mockery will make them stronger!”

Aizen’s response: “You may not be popular.”

14. Nelliel’s proposed column: “Conflict Resolution with Nelliel”

“I just think that people need some tips about how to resolve conflict without resorting to violence!”

Aizen’s response: “You know that the readership will be all arrancars, right?”

15. Nnoitra's Proposed Column: “Conflict EVOLUTION”

“I’ll teach you how to pick fights! Even when your opponent is being needlessly stubborn!”

Aizen’s response: “Yeah, I’m totally putting these two columns back-to-back.”

Intersectional Feminism Is For Everyone

Intersectional feminism is for:

women, men, white women. black women, Muslim women, poor women, old women, young women, Indian women, Asian women, Korean women, Mexican women, biracial women, women in underdeveloped countries, fat women,aboriginal women and men, Native American women and men, women with eating disorders, men with eating disorders, visible minorities, lesbians, bisexual women, bisexual men, two spirited people, asexual women, asexual men, gay men, transpeople, gender queer, gender fluid, non binary genders, teenagers and children, the disabled, the elderly. domestic abuse victims, rape/sexual assault victims, the working class, people with mental illness, women with multiple oppression, men with multiple oppression, socially “unattractive” women, single women, married women, women in open relationships, promiscuous women, women who had abortions, women who wear dresses, stay at home fathers, women who are the boss, feminine men, masculine women and anyone else who experiences oppression.

ya’ll don’t even understand what gia’s speech to hayley means to me. 

Like she is so understanding of elijah and so in tune with his damn needs. She told her how elijah has been everybody else’s damn rock but nobody has been his, how elijah has been living for everybody else around him and has hardly lived for himself, how deserves to have his own life and his own happiness and a somebody that will ride for him like he rides for everyone else, some who will be his rock for a change and SHE IS THAT PERSON and I’m soooo

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