everybody loves raymond show

Look at all these doodles. LOOK AT THEM! I filled up a whole page! I really need to do this more often it’s great practice. My sort of post series Atem, with and without ponytail. I could have shading in his skin, too but..meh, next timeXD These are just practice doodles anyway~ I really love every single one of them, especially the dork face one:

“You know what..? I’m tired, can you just call yourself an idiot?” is actually a quote from ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, and it’s still my favorite line out of the whole show lol And the ‘Number 1 Fan’ is actually from a text post that is buried somewhere on my blog, if anyone finds it please tag me with it so I can reblog it again with this! All in all I really had fun with this. All Hail the Sass King! XDD

I’ll draw more later today. Heading out this afternoon for a while to get some fresh air while the weather is still nice. Enjoy!


Harry explaining WMYB on Freshly Squeezed in mid 2011 (x)

Or alternatively, hi I’m Harry Styles and our new song about an insecure girl is probs, most likely, most definitely, is about a friend who is also a girl, not a love interest, as my boyfriend is sat down there below me. It might be only 2011, but I’m already checking my wording to make that clear. Thanks, all the love H. 

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relationship status: single, hopefully not for long

favourite colour: blue in all shades, been loving yellow and green lately

lipstick or chapstick: chapstick i put on a ton all the time and reapply every like 4 minutes because i eat it off my lips lol

last song i listened to: they all float by waterparks

top three shows: all time - everybody loves raymond, malcolm in the middle and how i met your mother, rn - how to get away with murder, the fosters and desperate housewives (i watch it with my mom dont judge)

top three characters: all time - pansy parkinson (hp), ginny weasley (hp) and nico di angelo (pjo), rn - connor walsh, oliver hampton and laurel castillo (all htgawm)

top three ships: all time - drarry (hp), valdangelo (pjo) and  everthorne (thg), rn - coliver (htgawm), callie x aj (the fosters) and flintwood (hp)

Survey 175

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  • Music (bold the ones you like)

Acceptance. Coldplay. Dave Matthews Band. David Bowie. Foo Fighters. Hellogoodbye. The killers. James Blunt. Teddy Geiger. Linkin Park. Music.Ok go. Panic at the disco. The Postal Service. Timbaland. Jack Johnson.Norah Jones.Peter Bjorn. The Wreckers. Beyonce. Drake. The Fray. Michael Buble. Metallica. Massive Attack.Queen.Journey. The Cars. Supertramp. Eurythmics.Sublime. The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Wu-tang Clan. Fergie. Sarah McLachlan. Band of horses. John Mayer. Jason Mraz.Justin Timberlake. Michael Jackson. Kenny Chesney. Carrie Underwood. Lynyrd Skynyrd. Neil Young. The Beatles. Brad Paisley. Tim McGraw. Taylor Swift. P.Diddy. Jay Z. Lil` Wayne. Lil` Jon. Three 6 Mafia. Nelly. Young Joc. T.I. Sean Paul. 50 cent.Eminem. Eiffel 65.Ace of Base. The Underdog Project. Dream Theater. Santana. Alicia Keys. Incubus. Victor Wooten. Matchbox 20. Ludacris.Gorilaz. Paramore. Say Anything. Taking Back Sunday. The Darkness. Weezer. The Eagles.Jimi Hendrix. Reel Big Fish. Anberlin. Mae. Family Force 5. AC/DC. Hootie and the Blowfish. Electric Six. Outkast. R.E.M. The White Stripes. Prince. Mika. Crystal Castles. Britney Spears. Spice Girls. The gossip. Lady Gaga. Nirvana. Smashing Pumpkins. Third Eye Blind. Metro Station. All time low. Motion city soundtrack. Mandy Moore. My Chemical Romance. Fall Out Boys. Black Eyed Peace. Boys like Girls. Jonas Brothers. Demi Lovato. Selena Gomez. The Cure. Cobra Starship. Death Cab for Cutie. Deftones. Team Sleep. Filter. Goo Goo Dolls. Honor Society.Katy Perri. Kid Cudi. Kanye West. MCFLY.

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Pride and Prejudice. Glory Road. The Princess Bride. Goonies. Center Stage. Ocean`s Eleven. Seven. Newsies. 300. Robin Hood Men in tights.Love actually. Garden State. Donnie Darko. My best friend`s wedding.Anchorman.Drop Dead Gorgeous. Wedding Crashers. Elf.Zoolander.Austin Powers. Clueless. Mean Girls. Hairspray. Moulin Rouge. Fight Club.Rocky. Pulp Fiction. What a girl wants. Kill Bill. 17 again. 8 mile. Office Space.Say Anything. The silence of the lambs. Superbad. The Prestige. Just Friends. The Devil Wears Prada. Titanic. Because I said so. Catch and release. Stick it. Step up. The Fast and Furious. Joyride.Halloween. The Italian Job.Crash. Must love dogs. The last kiss.Chicago. Harry Potter. Shooter. Meet the parents.Dirty dancing. A Christmas story. Rudy. National treasure. The Matrix. Good will hunting. Adventure.Phantom of the opera. Lord of the rings. Click. The Notebook.

  • Tv Series (Bold the ones that you`ve whatched)

ER. Grey`s anatomy. Saved by the bell. Man vs. Wild. Scrubs. South Park.America`s next top model.  Gossip girl. Sex and the city. Friends. Dawson`s creek. The Big bang theory.The Office. Lost. Miami Ink. Family Guy. The Simpsons. Veronica Mars. Bones. Iron Chef. Alias. Gilmore Girls.The daily show. Will and Grace. 24 . Everybody loves Raymond. What I like about you. Survivor. The O.C. How I met your mother. CSI. Boy meets world. Supernatural. Beauty and the Geek. Dancing with the stars. Degrassi. Greek. Glee. The Hills. Laguna Beach. One tree hill.

thesilentriot  asked:

Reasons why we should hate you: (1) your writing is too damn good, (2) the facts you provide are better than the facts of reality, (3) Trump told us to, and (4) we need you to provide more facts about the history of hate (all we know so far is that it "occurs in the nerves of the solar plexus" and that it "is a strong word, ranking 14th out of all words in all languages for bench press and maintaining the record for pull-ups").

(1) Thanks!

(2) Thanks!

(3) I don’t think Trump specifically said to hate my kind, I’m just a type that some of his supporters say people should hate.

(4) The History of hate:

  • August 3rd, 37,000 BC: Grunk learns to hate when Ungh steals his rock. Ungh hates Grunk back and beats him with the rock, the first hate crime.
  • March 13th, 10,000 BC: Kinku incites hatred against scorpions. The scorpion cult of Ur is persecuted to death.
  • April 9th, 3,000 BC: Nemhat hates cats, and is thus hated himself. Word reaches the Pharaoh, a cat person. Nemhat is mummified alive.
  • January 28th, 323 BC: Mepliles, unable to get a job, blames Alexander. Several Macedonians are slaughtered by the family of Mepliles.
  • April 13th, 33AD: The Romans get damn pissed off at some Jewish guy and nail him to a cross. For some reason this makes everyone hate Jews.
  • March 19th, 1232: The Pope hates heretics, Mel Brooks benefits.
  • October 7th, 1633: The Pope hates Galileo, Dan Brown benefits.
  • January 30th, 1933: Many Germans hate Jews, Hitler benefits.
  • May 8th, 1945: Everyone hates Hitler, Stalin benefits.
  • March 5th, 1953: Everyone hates Stalin now, Joseph McCarthy benefits.
  • June 9th, 1954: Everyone hates McCarthy. But everybody loves Raymond, who is born shortly after.
  • February 12th, 2005: Everybody hates “Everybody Loves Raymond,” and the show is finally cancelled.
  • November 8th, 2016: Donald Trump is elected, many say on a campaign based on hate. Many of these people hate Trump as a result, leading others, who hate them, to accuse them of hate.
  • November 13th, 2016: Many people hate this post and its author, who personally hates only mint toothpaste. Why don’t they make orange anymore? Mint sucks.

Sometimes I watch American TV shows when I’m sad.

I remember hearing my mother laugh in her room as a kid whenever she either had Friends on or Everybody Loves Raymond or Ellen DeGeneres’ Show. I used to sit in with her and feign laughter each time I didn’t get the grown-up jokes that she found funny.

Recently, I started watching Ellen as well even when my mother isn’t around and to close off the show, Ellen would say “be kind to one another.” I’m not sure when she started saying it but it’s something I now subconsciously expect to hear at the end of the show, like crickets at the end of a long day or coughing at the end of a rope.

I was raised by kind people who often reminded me to be kind to my siblings and to be kinder still whenever I treat strangers better. Despite that, kindness has never been an innate quality of mine.

As I was walking home during a downpour one day, a girl in a pleated skirt scurried past me. Her white blouse clung to her torso like leech to flesh. My mother always reminded me to carry an umbrella whenever I leave the house so I was never the girl soaking wet and running for cover. I immediately wanted to offer her a place underneath my umbrella, so in my head I frantically rehearsed how I would speak to her; what I should say to catch her attention; what hand gestures I would make. Should I smile or would that just be too creepy and uncomfortable? I never really liked the way I smiled anyway and it more often than not comes across as a grimace. And just like that, she was gone. I watched her sprint across the street and over a puddle to a door painted green.

My mother used to make me sandwiches for school but I never wanted them so she started slipping them in my bag when I wasn’t looking. There’s a homeless man around town known for his charcoal feet, who carries a sack on his back, who collects bottles from the streets, who never begged for money, just walked around living his life. I saw him one day when traffic was at a standstill. There was a parade. Children were singing Christmas songs. On that particular day, his skin seemed to hug his bones even tighter, I was afraid he’d rip wide open at the blink of an eye. I wanted so much to hand him my uneaten sandwich but I was a wind-up doll. My feet marched on like the baton twirlers, never missing a beat.

Kind thoughts aren’t considered kindness when they are never put into actions. A priest told me once. And it’s nights that follow after incidents like these when kind thoughts turn violent. They grow arms to beat me up, and mouths with voices so loud, they’re all I hear when I open mine. And they taught me how hard it is to be kind to others when you aren’t even kind to yourself.  

the signs as stupid things my friend rachel has done
  • Aries: asking her mom what a 'tampoon' was
  • Taurus: becoming obsessed with the sitcom "everybody loves raymond" and various shows on pbs kids after her parents decided to cut cable
  • Gemini: getting a citation from a cop for underage drinking after having 1/6 of a can of beer
  • Cancer: telling her dad over the phone that her mom and her brother were running around a tree because she didn't feel like getting them so he could talk to them instead of her
  • Leo: thinking that judge judy was the head of the supreme court of the united states
  • Virgo: thinking people only get their periods once
  • Libra: getting a passive aggressive "parking ticket" from her neighbor for parking badly
  • Scorpio: accidentally convincing her ultra religious grandmother that she is the spawn of satan
  • Sagittarius: thinking her teacher was part of a cult because he gave them too much homework
  • Capricorn: telling her brother she wasn't home when she was home and then laughing about it for like an hour
  • Aquarius: not knowing where her brother went for a good day and only figuring it out when she went on his instagram and found a picture of him sensually stroking a statue of ronald mcdonald
  • Pisces: jumping into crab infested water to get a raw chicken leg for an xlarge ice cream