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ghostofghostspast  asked:

Do you think acceptance of others is more of a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff trait?? I was discussing this with a friend and I thought it was a more Ravenclaw trait but they were arguing it in favor of it being Hufflepuff because of the "loyalty and kindness" aspect of Hufflepuff.

hmmm good question

Acceptance is a key philosophy of both houses; ravenclaw is full of eccentrics and celebrates our individuality, whereas hufflepuff comes more from the equality standpoint and values fairness in the sense of treating everybody the same

I would tend to associate acceptance primarily with ravenclaw but it’s definitely strongly ingrained in the hufflepuff philosophy as well. However it’s important to note that neither house is immune to judgement

As much as ravenclaws preach about valuing eccentricity, we see Luna being constantly mocked for her unusual behaviour, and hufflepuffs can be equally cliquey as shown by their attitude towards Harry during Chamber of Secrets

However it’s interesting to note that the hufflepuffs make a point of apologsing to Harry and owning up to their mistakes whereas we never see the ravenclaws acknowledging their judgemental behaviour towards Luna, so maybe acceptance is more of a hufflepuff trait after all