everybody loves grant

Oh my GOD. I have not played much dragon age, just absorbed it through my dash, but I just learned Solas is straight. This is possibly one of the gayest elves I’ve ever fucking seen and you’re telling me he’s straight??? Bioware what are you doing…


digging into my 8tracks - F O U R  M I X E S  F O R  O C T O B E R
(made in 2010-11)

i. A l l  H a l l o w’ s  E v e [ l i s t e n ]
for midnight walks in cemeteries under the full moon, wolf girls, leather-clad vampires and spell-whispering witches.

if i had a heart fever ray | gallows cocorosie | night tasseomancy | warpaint warpaint | kill the clown soley | magic rabbit my brightest diamond | red right hand nick cave and the bad seeds | touniquet rasputina | werewolf cat power | repos jorane | the score sarah slean | under ice kate bush | ghost song patrick wolf - [ image credit ]

ii. W i l d  M a g i c [ l i s t e n ]
the wildness and calmness of dancing under the moon.

into the woods cilla jane | darken her horse austra | if i had a heart fever ray | we were sparkling my brightest diamond | against the sky vashti bunyan | won’t be long sea of bees | healthy hands (will mourn you) tasseomancy | majesty warpaint | two planets bat for lashes | get some lykke li | wolf & i oh land - [ image credit ]

iii. D a r k  W i t c h [ l i s t e n ]
the night of the souls. the day of the dead

how we quit the forest rasputina | keep the streets empty for me fever ray | something of an end my brightest diamond | the wizard bat for lashes | everybody loves you jenn grant | dead things emiliana torrini | constant craving charlotte martin | invisible ones guard the gate orenda fink | en cendres émilie simon | blue planet jorane | iiee tori amos - [ image credit ]

ix. C o m e  L i t t l e  C h i l d r e n [ l i s t e n ]
for the fun side of Halloween, the silly and not so scary, but still a bit spooky. for the candy collecting children.

i got a rock charlie brown | anything can happen on halloween tim curry | beetlejuice main titles danny elfman | i put a spell on you (and now you’re mine) bette midler | friday the 13th theme harry manfredini | double trouble (harry potter & the prisoner of azkaban) city of prague philhamornic orchestra | come little children sarah jessica parker | ghostbusters ray parker jr. | monster mash bobby ‘boris’ pickett | remains of the day (corpse bride) danny elfman | the addams family theme song vic mizzy | ding dong! the witch is dead the fifth estate | this is halloween danny elfman | dance of the witches danny elfman


Max: At one point I called appetisers mappetisers, and then I spent the whole rest of the date wondering if he heard that or if he cared. You know what, I’m gonna text him just to make sure everything’s cool. Will you proof read this text?

Dave: Max, I say just leave it. If you want to bring it up again, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect mopening.

Penny: Yeah, maybe he didn’t even motice.