everybody likes flowers

Furuta does something fucked up tg fandom : OMG troll amazing so complex

Eto does something fucked up tg fandom : OMG queen amazing so complex

Donato does something fucked up : OMG savage amazing so complex

Anyone in tg does something fucked up : OMG amazing so complex

Mutsuki does something fucked up tg fandom : DIE bitch kaneki wannabe he should be put down ! do not apologize his actions!!

 Me : ……alright

things have changed for me, and that’s okay


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Word count: 859

Warnings: Angst, implies death

Author’s note: Just in the mood for another angsty scenario. Short but sweet.



Definitions: noun; the quality of not doing something or arriving somewhere at the right time.

“I will be there in 5. I promise”, he panted into the phone. You knew it. Just a usual saturday evening where you were waiting for your boyfriend to come to the little restaurant you used to eat for 4 years now. He came jogging around the corner with bouquet of flowers in his hands.

”I’m sorry babe. There was such a long line at the flower shop. Like damn it is not even Valentine’s day. Why is everybody buying flowers like crazy?!” It took him some minutes to calm down completely. “Let’s go in.” His hand was on your back gently pushing you towards the entrance. It was your fourth anniversary today. And you couldn’t care less that you had to wait 15 minutes before he came. Because you knew he would be late. Not even on purpose.

”I guess it’s just karma”, I laughed.

”Do I seem like such a bad person?”, he pouted.

”Maybe you are living a secret double life with a wife and kids at the other end of the world”, you raised an eyebrow and looked at him daring.

He burst out into laughter. “Shit, you caught me. I guess I have to do something about that now.” He stood up from his chair just to let himself fall onto his knee right away and fishing a small box out of his pocket.

Your breath hitched. Of course you had thought about marrying him. But not at this very moment. And you didn’t knew he would think about it too. As confused Jungkook sometimes is he never fails to surprise you. Obviously you agreed.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining so brightly through the mosiac windows. Your eyes scnanned over the people sitting on the benches. So colourful. You would say that the clothes were as colourful as the windows you fell in love with when you choosed this church. You looked at the wristwatch of your bridesmaid.

He will come soon. He is propbably on the way. Unpunctual like always. But at least on our wedding day he could be punctual. These thoughts ghosted through your head while your were standing at the end of the aisle. When the doors finally were pushed open you relieved a sigh only that it stuck back in your throat.

She ran up to you and whispered something into your ear: “He is not coming because…”

You wouldn’t hear the rest. You just couldn’t. You sank to your knees. A horrible cry echoed through the church. She tried to explain everything the waiting crowd. Some already got up to be at your side. Some hurried to the door to leave this place as soon as possible.

Jeon Jungkook! How could you do that to me?! This thought wouldn’t let got of you. You were still at the same spot you used to be this morning. Exactely 4 hours ago you should have be a happily married woman. The man of your dreams right next to you. But he wasn’t.

“Y/N let’s go.” You didn’t felt like walking. You didn’t thought you would be able to take one step. So it was to your surprise that your feet were moving on their own. Left and right your body was supported by two of your friends.

The car ride seemed so long. You weren’t sure how long it really was. You have lost all sense of time. Everything was black. You almost couldn’t recognise this beautiful church anymore. You made your way through the aisle first. Just two weeks ago you, the soon to be bride, stepped towards altar in your white dress. Now you went to the opposite direction. Dressed all black. Like everyone else who followed you.

You weren’t sad anymore.  For two long weeks you have cried your eyes. But not today. You promised it to yourself. And to him. You could keep that promise till the very end when everyone already left.

You were alone now. Standing infront of this stone. All that’s left is this stone. Summing up what kind of impact he had in this world.

Beloved son and brother,

Good friend and partner

Loving husband.

Jungkook you will stay in best memories.

Rest in peace.

You insisted on mentioning the word “husband”. It was your only wish.

Suddenly it hit you. You broke down to your knees and cried out loud: “This is not fair!

Jungkook wanted to be on time and he was that’s why he was at this junction when a big truck drove too fast to catch an already deep red street light. The truck slammed into Jungkook’s car.

If he would be late as usual. Even only two minutes. He wouldn’t have been there. He didn’t had to die at this too young age. He would be with you. Happily ever after.

But isn’t it ironic…only once in his lifetime Jungkook wanted to be on time…how cruel is this world?!

Done :P I’m creating a masterlist because I feel like it and I just want to say I’m pretty dope. Writing 3 scenarios in one week I’m gettin’ better ;) Just kidding! I really enjoy writing angst scenarios :D