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My Tips for Highschool Freshmen!

So, summer is halfway done, and I know a lot of my followers will be starting highschool soon, so here are my tips for all of you on how to make your highschool years the best they can be~

  • If you’re going into a new school with a lot of your friends from middle school, don’t feel like you need to only stick with them. There are going to be so many new, great people at your school, and you don’t want to miss out! Think of this as a new chapter of your life. You don’t want to be stuck in middle school!
  • Talk to new people! Even if you meet people who seem different from you, still try to get to know them. They may have more in common with you than you think.
  • Don’t feel like you have to change your interests or personality in order to make friends. It’s always good to try new things, but don’t change your interests or personality in order to fit in! It’s really not worth it. If you’re shy and like anime but you want to be friends with the loud theatre kids, go be friends with the loud theatre kids! You don’t have to change!
  • But don’t expect to be friends with everybody, because you won’t be. Sometimes you just won’t get along with some people, and that’s fine. Don’t let those people discourage you or make you think you can’t have friends or have fun!
  • And don’t expect to be enemies with everybody you don’t get along with either. If you don’t like someone and they don’t like you, don’t talk to them. There’s no need for drama!
  • Remember that not every highschool is like the ones portrayed on television or in books or movies. A lot of highschools aren’t nearly as clique-based, and some are.
  • You might lose your best friend from middle school, and that’s okay! You’re growing up and moving forward, and that’s very very important!
  • You don’t need a boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, crush, or even really a best friend. You’ll survive highschool without them all, I promise!
  • But do try to find people you can trust and talk to! Highschool is a whole lot more fun if you try and talk to people and make friends!
  • There’s no shame in eating lunch by yourself! Take out a book or pretend to study, and people will understand.
  • If you have a crush on a person and you think you’d like to be in a relationship with them, just try to talk to them! I know it sounds impossible, but reality isn’t a television show. They won’t magically know that you like them if you don’t try to befriend them first.
  • It’s also alright to have a crush on a person without wanting to be in a relationship. That’s totally cool too!
  • Okay! Back to less intense stuff.
  • Start to plan ahead this year. This doesn’t mean you have to start looking at colleges or stuff like that. Just try to figure out what you’re passionate about and what you’d like to do one day and whether or not you’d like to go to college! Otherwise, you’ll be stuck making bunches of un-thought-out decisions when you graduate, and it’ll suck. Your 18-year-old self will thank you!
  • Try out different clubs and activities! And take fun electives! Don’t think you can’t try out for a sport or audition for a role just because you’re a freshmen. Because later you’re going to feel awkward for not starting clubs and stuff at the beginning of highschool.
  • Try to take classes that you think will benefit you later too though! If you’re interested in becoming a doctor, try to focus on taking as many biology classes as you can!
  • Dress however you’d like (within dress codes, if you don’t want to get in trouble)! But try to wear things that are comfortable! And if you go clothes shopping, stick with solid colors so you have more items to mix and match!
  • Avoid wearing too much makeup though! You can wear it if you’d like, but countless times I have fallen asleep at lunch or rubbed my eyes by accident, and I would look like hell. Also, if you miss a makeup day, a lot of people will ignorantly ask if you’re sick, and that won’t help your morale.
  • Upperclassmen at your school will probably be sort of dickish during the first weeks of school, but they’ll chill eventually. Just stay out of their way and feed their ego for the first weeks, and everything should be fine!
  • And don’t crowd the hallways. If you feel like you’re in the way, move so you won’t be!
  • Don’t think that you have to drink, smoke, have sex, or do drugs to be cool and liked! I know people have been telling you this since the 1st grade, but it’s really just fine to say no to things. People should respect your decision if you choose not to do these things, and if they don’t, then they aren’t good friends.
  • And if you’re the friend inviting someone to party hard with you and they say no, don’t be a dick! Be supportive and kind and respect their decision.
  • Also, people aren’t having sex or partying nearly as much as they say that they are. Just saying.
  • If you do do drugs or get involved in all that, don’t bring them to school. Shit happens, and you don’t want to get expelled.
  • In general, support your school! Even if you think it’s sort of lame. Go to sports games and concerts and performances! Buy a cookie from the library club’s bake sale. Donate money for fundraisers, if you can.
  • And don’t forget to support the girls’ teams!!
  • Don’t be a jerk to people who aren’t like you just because they’re not like you. Don’t make fun of people who do sports, people who do band, people who do theatre, people who don’t do anything, etc. You don’t want to turn into a Mean Girl!
  • Use a planner! If you didn’t need one in middle school, chances are you’ll need one now! Use it to plan out your afternoons and evenings, so you aren’t cramming for every test. Time management is key!
  • Make lots of lists! They are very helpful when it comes to organizing tasks!
  • Try to sleep as much as possible. Avoid all-nighters at all costs! You work slower and less efficiently when you‘re tired, and if you don’t sleep enough you’ll be sluggish in school (and you won’t learn anything and you’ll end up doing poorly anyway) and you’ll get sick (which means missing school). If it’s 1am and you still need to finish your homework, just do the bare minimum and focus on getting to sleep.
  • Oh yeah. Do your homework. It’s not an option anymore!
  • And that includes studying too. I was one of those kids who didn’t study freshman or sophomore year because I didn’t need to, and by the time APs rolled around in junior and senior year, I realized I didn’t know how to study and I was fucked. So yeah. Study. Even if you don’t think you need to.
  • Go to your classes. You’ll be happy you did in the end!
  • Talk to your teachers! They’ll be more willing to give you extra credit or do you favors. Plus, it just makes class easier to bear!
  • There’s no shame whatsoever in going to extra review sessions with the teacher! All the smart kids go to extra review sessions. I should know ;)
  • If you go to a highschool where they made you buy your own text books like I did, check Amazon first, before looking at textbook websites. Sometimes you can find a $200 textbook for $5 on there. And then you can sell the textbook for $50 at the end of the year to other students, and boom! You’ve got profit.
  • At the beginning of the year, splurge on school supplies! And make sure you have a sturdy bookbag, even if it’s expensive. The last thing you need is a sore back or shoulders! Avoid one-shoulder bags (I know they’re cute, but I don’t know a single person who kept their one-shoulder bag for longer than a month) and rolling bookbags (everybody will hate you probably). Try to find one that’ll last four years! I personally used a standard North Face bookbag through highschool, and now I’m using a Kanken bookbag for my college classes. Both have been excellent investments!
  • If you don’t have to wear a uniform, make sure you always plan your outfit the night before! You’ll be happy with the extra five minutes the next morning.
  • Set alarms and alarms and alarms in the morning!
  • When you do your homework or when you’re studying, make sure you do it somewhere quiet. I know you think you work better with the television on or with Netflix or tumblr running, but you probably don’t. You’re just lowering your productivity, and soon it’ll be 1am, and you’ll have nothing done!
  • Also, try listening to classical music when you study or do work! Either classical music or piano covers of your favorite songs!
  • Take breaks when you work! You’ll get more done if you take ten minute breaks every two hours or so!
  • Avoid caffeine unless necessary! You’ll probably get antsy, which won’t help you. Or you’ll become dependent on it. Remember caffeine is a drug.
  • If you’re studying a topic and you’re stuck or confused, google the topic! You’ll probably find great Youtube videos or websites explaining it. Also look at KhanAcademy and Quizlet. Both are super helpful and saved my ass a lot!
  • Also check out the studyblr side of tumblr! Going through studyblr blogs can help with motivation, and those bloggers have lots of great ideas for studying and time management.
  • Don’t cheat!!! You’re not as clever as you think you are. Your teacher will get suspicious if everybody has the same answer to an essay question or if you solve your complex math problem without any work. Plus, you’re just going to suffer when you take the test or exam.
  • And don’t plagiarize! If you don’t know how to cite something, email your teacher and explain the situation! They’ll be happy to help, or at least they’ll know you didn’t have any ill intent!
  • If you feel like everything is getting too overwhelming, talk to your teacher, counselor, or parents. At least one of them will give you some guidance and pity and help you through it!
  • It’s okay to take a mental health day once or twice a semester! Just make sure your day off is doing more good than bad.
  • Also, if you are breaking down, remember you don’t have to finish your homework or cram for that test. Sometimes it’s better just to go to sleep and deal with things in the morning when you have a clear head! Getting a below-average grade is better than becoming mentally or physically ill with stress.


If you ever need any advice or homework help or anything at all, let me know! I’ve been through it all, and I survived! And you totally can too! <3

The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

After all the gloriousness of what we’ve seen so far from season 10, one morning I woke up with a mighty need to write some bi!Dean meta that wouldn’t be centered around any ship… Before I begin, I’m aware that Dean Winchester isn’t (and probably never will be) canonically, explicitly bisexual. All we can hope for is more of delicious subtext. I’m not trying to be disrespectful in any way, I know what it’s like to be told that your sexuality isn’t valid. Dean thinks he’s straight, good for him. I’d just like to point out what I see. Let’s take a closer look at our lovely ladies’ man.

First of all, I think we all can agree that neither Sam nor Dean are homophobic. I’ve seen cases of people stating that based on those two scenes:

These are the situations where EVERYBODY would be at least a little intimidated, no matter what gender they’re attracted to. Seriously, even if someone’s generally attracted to males, I bet they wouldn’t be comfortable with a giant naked dude hugging them from behind. Also, the meeting with the Chief takes place about half a season after Dean comes back from hell. After all the tortures he had to endure, It’s obvious that being confronted with the idea of being tied up and helpless would creep the heck out of him. Not to mention that he expected something else when he went to see “the Chief”…

I’ve never seen the Winchesters acting homophobic, not with Charlie, not with Corbett (that guy from Ghostfacers), not with the cosplayers, not ever. Heck, they even posed as a couple for a case once. 

Dean has stated he’s straight many, many times, right? 

I think both of those situations were pretty ambiguous. In both cases it’s difficult to tell whether there was any real threat or not. What I’m trying to say here, is that Dean was depending on the hunter’s instinct. He couldn’t tell if it was an invitation of sexual nature or if he risked getting his throat ripped up. Besides, it’s obviously not something someone deeply closeted or in denial would say, right?

There’s a couple of reasons why he would internalize any kind of attraction towards men, One of them being a theory I’m not exactly delighted about (poor Dean has been through enough anyway), but I can’t help thinking it makes sense. What made me think was Jensen’s quote from Buddy TV interview:

“Dean’s a bit of a pool shark and also a bit of a gambler. It doesn’t really show it all the time, but it’s definitely implied that there are poker games and pool matches that they can win some money on. And who knows? Dean’s a promiscuous kind of guy. Who knows how he drums up the funds that they use?” 

It seems that sometimes playing poker wasn’t enough to get all the money they needed.  It wasn’t stated in the show, so theoretically it’s not canon, but nobody know Dean better than Jensen. Let’s assume for a moment that that’s what happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to deny any attraction towards guys, only associating it with not very pleasant memories. Maybe that’s also why he tends to divide sex from love. (By the way, now it suddenly makes sense to me why Dean would leave Sam alone at Plucky’s and go on “dates”)

Do you remember Dean in the episode “It’s a Terrible Life”? Dean with normal life and loving parents? Dean without John’s influence? I’m not saying I hate their dad (well, I still have very mixed feelings about him), but his expectations were probably a major part of the issue. In “Something Wicked” we learn about Sam and Dean’s little adventure with the Shtriga. We get to see the first time John made Dean feel like he’s not good enough. Maybe that’s when Dean became kind of obsessed with trying to prove himself to their father. He started following his every order without questioning, started imitating him, becoming the “manly man” and doing everything to hide his feminine, vulnerable side. It was never said in the show that John was homophobic, however I wouldn’t be surprised if Dean somehow convinced himself that being bisexual isn’t “manly” enough.

I don’t know how about you guys, but I’m completely stunned with the character development that we could witness in Dean’s case. During all the seasons after John’s death he started slowly, but surely overcoming his influence and letting the other aspects of himself show up. He set his own belief system and allowed himself to express what he actually likes. 

 Heck, He even got himself a pink iPod. That’s also the time when bi!Dean subtext started getting more and more intense.

That’s about everything on why Dean would want to hide any bisexual tendencies. Now a bit on how he sometimes fails to hide them.  Is it just me, or does he always try a little bit too hard to make sure everyone knows how heterosexual he is?

That’s what he says right after he meets Aaron, I’ll talk about this scene a bit later.

It also makes me think about this one scene in “Playthings”.

When they come across yet another person who assumes they’re a couple, Sam just gets past it, Dean’s the one who feels the need to mention it and defend his heterosexuality.

Another funny thing I noticed is that Dean likes to take his own insecurities and project them onto others. Before “The End” where we learned Dean has a thing for pink, satiny panties, he teased Sam three times about wearing women’s undergarments.

 Funny, isn’t it? Makes me wonder what he’s thinking when he says things like 

From this moment on it only gets better. In “Yellow Fever” Dean gets drunk and flirts with the deputy like there’s no tomorrow until he’s physically hauled away by Sam. 

In “Changing Channels” he has an obvious crush on Dr. Sexy and acts like a teenage fanboy who gets to meet his idol. 

In “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo” he instructs Charlie on how to flirt with a guy. Just take a look at his face.

In “Time After Time”, when Dean goes back to 1944, he doesn’t stare at ladies in pretty dresses. He checks out a soldier. Yes, Dean got soldier’s attention because of his modern clothes, but how’s that an excuse for staring at his behind?

I also  wonder how the hell does he know about a gay bar in Miami (though I’m probably reading in too much with this one).

The last one, “Everybody Hates Hitler” is probably my favorite example. I don’t even know where to begin describing this scene to be honest… I had a hard time believing it’s real when I watched it for the first time. After getting a clear sign of interest from Aaron, Dean could just go on interviewing “two hot co-captains”. Well, he didn’t. And this time, his answer to the guy who tried to flirt with him wasn’t anything like “Sorry pal, I don’t swing that way”.  He actually said he couldn’t flirt at the moment, because he was working. Not to mention he was so worked up about it he almost fell over the table. Even later, he seemed pretty proud from his “gay thing”. (Seriously, watch that scene again.) 

There’s also a bit of subtext in the newest season, but those are mostly open for the interpretation. Like Crowley mentioning himself and Dean “doing extraordinary things to the triplets” and putting male twins in the same episode (“Reichenbach”) … But that’s probably just a coincidence ;) 


1)      Nothing on Earth will make me believe Dean is 100% straight.

2)      I’d like to use various literature references as easily as I use the scenes from Supernatural…