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“What I’ve learned most from traveling while shooting Sense8 is that humans are all the same. Everybody gets married or mourns the loss of a loved one, but it just looks different. A wedding in India is very different than a wedding here, but it’s still a wedding. It’s because it looks different that people get scared. They try to label it because they don’t understand it.”

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To the previous anon : Be aware that a lot pf the people involved in this BL Hobby and providing you your load of happiness are in their 30s.... And not everybody is meant to get married and have children. Please respect other people if you want bto be respected, and assume your words, because by being anon, you're not!

True, scanlation is full of old people ;P

They’s nothing to add to that ^^ 👍


Day 7: In-Laws

AN: Here is the back story! Day 9: Tea

Sasuke returned from his long-day mission. When he reached the vicinity of their house, he heard voices, very familiar voices. He walked slowly, suspiciously opened the gates. His eyes narrowed at the thought that their house was awfully loud and full of unnecessary noises.

He went straight to the main door, and to add more suspicious events, the door wasn’t unlock. He opened it and to his horror, their foyer was full of shoes and sandals of every size. “What the hell?”

He walked straight to the kitchen and dining area, the living room was too empty to be a genjutsu. As he entered the dining room, every one went cautiously silent while his mouth was agape and his eyes narrowed at every relative he saw, decoding what was this random family reunion happening. But the chattering continued amidst of his confusion.

“Hey! Little bro! Welcome home!” Itachi greeted as he offered him a can of soda. Sasuke accepted it anyway, even if his face said no.

“Oh! Sasuke My Man! Congratulations!” Shisui greeted as he bro-hugged him. Sasuke hugged back anyway, even if he mouthed ‘what the hell’ again and again.

As Obito was approaching, he could not handle it anymore. He drank the soda in one gulp. “Why is everybody here?!”

“You’re getting married right?”


“We just met your fiance!”


“She’s nice and Aunt Mikoto can’t wait for grandchildren!”


“Sasuke, I approve your marria-”

“What the f-… Father?!…”

He was even more confused in his entire existence when he saw a glimpse of his late ancestor, Madara Uchiha. Madara just winked at him, nodded suggestively, while raising his drink towards the youngest Uchiha male. He disappeared to his vision and imagination.

Mikoto noticed her son and motioned him to take a seat beside her. But as Sasuke walked closer to his mother, as he took another step, he noticed that there was another female seating adjacent to her: her hair was as dark but not as dark as his mother’s, her hair length was not as long as his mother’s, and her skin complexion was pinkish-paler than his mother’s.

Everybody in the room had a pair of onyx eyes while her was opal. When their eyes met, she only shrugged and mouthed she was sorry.

He pointed at her as if he was remembering someone stranger’s face and name; trying to know somebody he never met. His expressions said it all.

Hinata shared a laugh with Mikoto. She leaned forward to her and whispered but the Uchiha household became quiet as if an angel had passed and every one in the dining area heard it. “I told you he didn’t even knew me…”

Mom, years after I first tried to tell her I was ace: ok, but if you really *think* you might be ace then you need to find another asexual person to date

Me: *has zero energy to spend the next 3 years trying to get her to accept that aromantic is also a thing*

Love Potion: Kim Seokjin

Love Potion: Kim Seokjin

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x Reader

Rating: T

Genre: Fluff

words: 5 k


-Admin Taettybear

“Isn’t it about time for you to find yourself a man?”

You paused at grinding the herbs in a bowl, looking at your grandmother, who sat on a stool, “That was out of nowhere,” you laughed awkwardly, going back to making the potion. Although you were feeling quite uncomfortable, you add on, “This village is too small Grandma, all the men are promised to the village girls. There’s no space for me to step in.”

“Those boys went after those village girls after you rejected all of them,” the older women noted, making you sigh.

“I wasn’t ready to be tied down, Granny. And I never had time. While the girls gossiped with each other, I had to learn all the potions to keep this business going. We are the only white witches in this area,” you nonchalantly state, waving your hand over the bowl, your power being transferred to the light blue potion.

You smiled proudly, feeling quite accomplished after finishing the fertility potion, which was rather hard to make. This potion took a good amount of time and concentration to brew. At the same time, it was always in demand because the number of people in the village was slowly declining, all the youngsters moving to the city. The remaining couples often asked you to brew them some so the likelihood of getting pregnant grew higher.

“I’m just worried for you, sweetheart. Everybody your age is getting married and I’m not getting any younger. I would like to see grandchildren before I go and it would calm my heart knowing our knowledge will be passed down,” Your grandmother sighed as she took the bottle of the potion you made, examining it carefully with her wise eyes.

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finn and rey! 💞

proposes - neither of them would think about it much until one day they are just laying in bed late at night and rey would suggest it out of nowhere and they both would be super chill about it. but then they would wake up in the morning and be like ARE WE ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED?? HEY EVERYBODY GUESS WHAT WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!! LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL FIANCE!!! and everybody would want to hate it but they are just too cute together 
shops for groceries -  rey likes shopping for groceries bc she likes cooking and buying all the extravagant spices and herbs she needs for their meals! also they often bake together so finn will come along and pick out sweet ingredients that he wants and they will make up their own recipes using what they bought together 
kills the spiders - rey kills the spiders until finn catches her and then makes sure that they all get taken outside to safety
comes home drunk at 3am - finn will come home drunk and shake rey awake dramatically bc he wants to bake or go hiking or cuddle and they have to do it right now at that very moment yes rey this totally cannot wait
remembers to feed the fish -  they feed their fish together before they have their own meals, looking at them and pointing with big smiles bc they both love their fish so much 
initiates duets - they both love singing and can be found walking around base holding hands and singing duets together. they start at the same time bc this is a ‘thing’ they do so they will argue about which song to pick and start at the same time
falls asleep first - finn is a night owl and rey is an early bird so rey is out soon after sunset (finn gets agitated and bored without her and tries his best to get on her sleep schedule but it’s harder for him)
plans spontaneous trips - finn bc he likes discovering the galaxy! rey still has trouble with change and gets home sick easily so they keep their trips short but she loves going bc it makes finn so happy!
wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes - finn does, sometimes he just feels like pancakes at 3am but he’s too tired to make them himself. rey just tells him shut up and let her sleep
sends the other unsolicited nudes - i feel like either neither of them would do this or both of them would do it very enthusiastically and shamelessly 
brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt - rey bc she can get really competitive and sometimes may exaggerate if things get heated (although she could obviously kick anyone’s butt)
comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops - they both do and they have so much fun looking at all the different candies! the first few times this happens they buy like. everything in the store, so they have create a rule where they can only get 5 things each so they don’t go broke
blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit - rey does this once and finn thinks it is hilarious so they make it a ‘thing’ and now they both blow sarcastic kisses at each other all the time
killed the guy (also, which hid the body) - they both kill kylo and throw him into a volcano on mustafar and everyone cheers :)
wears the least clothing around the house - finn sleeps in his underwear and sometime he’ll just stay like that all day until rey forces him to change
has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason - rey does! finn will just be making their bed or reading and she will just tear up bc she is so happy to have made her own family (finn and their fish and all their friends) that she loves and trusts and who would come back for her no matter what :’)

HOME SWEET HOME!! Spent the entire day doing day-before-last-min prep for a baby shower tomorrow. 😩

Note: don’t ask me to plan your baby shower. 🙅🏻 I will gladly attend though.

Here’s the banner we made! That took forevs.

The Car

It was shiny.  It was black and sleek and powerful.  It was also old and kind of ugly, but it was the most beautiful car he’d ever seen.  It was a 1967 hardtop four-door Chevrolet Impala that his father had bought him for his sixteenth birthday.  His mother had pitched a fit because it didn’t have two-point seatbelts or air bags, but his father had argued that an old American car was a tank and would rip through the newest Japanese 1991 models.  Besides, he’d only be able to drive it to school and maybe to run an errand or two for his parents.  His mother still wasn’t happy, but she didn’t take the keys away from him.

After a few weeks, he realized why his mother hadn’t taken the keys away: she basically wouldn’t let him drive it anywhere.  It got to the point that he would drive Sam and his friends around the neighborhood just so that he could drive it at all.

It was kind of fun having Sam and three friends in the back and taking that hairpin curve at the back of the neighborhood where the houses were still wooden frames, watching them crush against each other like a carnival ride.  Except when Castiel was in the car.  He drove a little safer then.  He even let him ride up front sometimes, which was something he rarely allowed Sam to do.

One afternoon after Dean dropped Sam and his friends off in front of the house so they could go do whatever it was seventh graders did, Castiel hesitated before shutting the passenger side door.  Dean raised an eyebrow at him.

“Do you not want to go with them?  Are they giving you shit for being a year younger?”

Castiel shook his head.  “No.  I just wanted to ask you if you’d be willing to drive me somewhere sometime.”

“Uh…yeah.  Sure.  Just give it a little while.  My mom is still freaked out about me driving this car.  She barely let’s me out of the cul-de-sac.”

Castiel smiled.  “She just loves you.”

“Yeah, well.  I’ve gotta put Baby up, so you better catch up with Sam.”

“Okay.  Thank you for the ride, Dean.”

Dean laughed to himself.  “Yeah, anytime.”

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All the Time in the World

When Will gets home from work one day, his boyfriend Nico has a few surprises for him. (1.8k)

A/N: This was written in honor of the first anniversary of marriage equality throughout the US and takes place on June 26, 2015.


The apartment was unusually quiet when Will opened the door, and he glanced around suspiciously as he stepped into the main room. Nico was supposed to get off work early enough to pick up their daughter from school and, seeing as Will had spent most of his day on his feet, he was very tired and had been looking forward to spending the evening relaxing with his family. Usually when he got home, though, the apartment showed signs of life; Nico was frequently in the kitchen cooking dinner or in the living room working on an upcoming article, and Adriana was a rambunctious six-year-old who disliked being still or quiet for very long, and could usually be found playing in her room or the living room. It was rare for Will to come home to a quiet apartment, and he began to wonder if everything was okay.

“Nico?” he called, slipping off his shoes and setting down his bag by the front door.

At first there was no response, but after a long moment he heard a muffled, “Back here.” So Nico was home at least, and Will set off to find him, guessing he was in Adriana’s room. Maybe she was sick or something, he thought worriedly.

“Nico?” he said again, more quietly this time, when he reached the doorway to her room. “Is everything okay?”

Nico was sitting in the rocking chair with Adriana on his lap, facing towards the window. It looked like they were both looking at his laptop. Nico turned his head briefly to face Will and then carefully closed the computer and placed it on the dresser. “Are you okay, sunshine?” Will asked, slowly entering the small room. Nico gently set Adriana on the floor, where she waited quietly, watching the scene before her attentively, and finally Nico stood and turned around.

“Will,” he said softly, and it was then that Will noticed the tears in Nico’s eyes.

Will’s own eyes widened and he quickly strode across the room and pulled Nico into his arms. “Babe, what’s wrong?” he murmured, stroking a hand through Nico’s hair. “What happened?” He could feel Nico shaking his head gently into his shoulder.

“Didn’t you hear?” Nico asked eventually, pulling away from the embrace slightly. He was smiling widely now, and Will frowned at the sudden change, feeling more and more confused by the second.

“Hear what?” he asked, watching as Nico’s smile grew impossibly larger. “What are you talking about?” he added.

“Will,” Nico said, biting his lip as if to keep from crying again. He suddenly pulled completely away from the embrace and tugged something out of his pocket. Will had no clue what was happening, just standing frozen in place, watching his boyfriend.

“I have a question for you, Will,” Nico said, and then, before Will could say anything, Nico was down on one knee, holding up a small black box and saying, “Will you marry me?”

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The One in the Public

Sebastian stan x reader

Summary: Sebastian Stan is in a tv show and you, his girlfriend, are in the public.

(This idea came to my mind after watching the video in which Aaron Paul’s wife is invited to the scenario in Jimmy Kimmel show together with her husband.)

Originally posted by leafierleaf

(Imagine him looking at you like this while you talk in the show.)

Credits to the owner of the gif.

‘So, Sebastian, I imagine you know the fandom of Captain America, and you may know about the relationship the fandom wants between you and Chris Evans.’ Jimmy Kimmel asks.

'Yeah, of course I am aware of it.’ Sebastian says while laughing.

'And what do you have to say about it?’ Jimmy Kimmel asks.

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