everybody era


Still my favorite SHINee era 😍

- James and Sirius start an underground business at Hogwarts called Moonywear in which they sell off Remus’s sweaters.
- All the Gryffindors secretly have at least one.
- They’re really soft okay
- And they smell nice.
- And everyone low key has a crush on Moony.
- Remus is just confused as hell.
- Like where are they all going?
- he’s just glad that his mum’s neighbor back in Wales (fite welsh moony is life) gives her free wool.
- Sirius keeps the most worn ones to himself. They have the most memories attached to them he could never let just ANYBODY where them.
- James insists that he ‘test drive’ them all before selling. ’ What if one turned around and strangled out customer pads!? That’s bad business!’ He’s just too dignified to save any for himself.
- Peter keeps the one with the Apple and pear patterns.
- They pull in a lot of profit from it though. Everybody wants some Moonywear. It’s the new trend.
- it’s actually kind of hilarious seeing all of these people walking around in oversized jumpers with hideous patternry like they’re top shit.
- Remus gets more confused
- They spend most of the money on blackmarket pain medication and chocolate.
- And if a new pair of shoes show up under his bed just after his ancient boots finally give up the ghost then who is Remus to complain.
- also Remus DEFINITELY recognises that jumper and why the fuck is Ted Tonks from HUFFLEPUFF wearing it!? It is NOT a coincidence James I KNOW my mother’s stitching!
- he only finds out after Hogwarts when he’s visiting James and Lilly and a bunch of his old jumpers are hanging out on the line.

Everybody era

Lemme tell you why EVERYBODY era was the shit:

1. Symptoms (especially that little jongyu moment they sing to one another)

2. Very cool concept and babies in military suits

3. 4 vocals got high note in title track. They should repeat that with all 5 members high notes

4. blonde Onew


4:36 minutes of Onew/Lee Jinki saying

There’s no reason to be calm and orderly,
blow the whistle of excitement that can’t be hidden

jilseojeongyeon hal iyuneun eobseo
gamchul su eobtneun heungbune hwiparameul bureo

질서정연 할 이유는 없어
감출 수 없는 흥분에 휘파람을 불어

cr: Jinki1214ONEWS2