everybody but me lykke li


i. everybody but me - lykke li 

vibes: 12th house (esp. in sun)/

“Though my jeans are too tight
Don’t feel like dancing
And all this light is too bright
Don’t feel like shining
Though this room is too small
I’d rather stand against the wall
And hope that no one sees me-e-e-e-e”

ii. oh me, oh me - ghost mice

vibes: 7th house/12th house

“Oh lover, oh lover, why won’t you save me?
Why can’t you be everything?
Oh me, oh me, why won’t you be happy?
Oh me, oh me, oh me.
Oh ghost, oh ghost, why won’t you just die?”

iii. old joy - noah and the whale

vibes: water signs/1st house/4th house/neptune/pluto

“You say this is the life of the influence of dreams
Tall buildings and a wife won’t be enough for me
There is more in the world to be found than dreams

And you will sing day by day, old joy comes back to me
You’ll sing day by day, old joy comes back to me

Forget the things that get away, forget the things that get away
Don’t dream of yesterday, don’t dream of yesterday”

iv. china white - he is legend 

vibes: pisces/8th house (esp. in venus) 

“Why won’t it rain
They need the water
They die faster than you
I’m not in pain
I’ve got my flowers
It’s happening

You better get your gun
I’ve seen them watching you
This pain has just begun
“You will see me in the news”
I know you will

(I love you)”

MONEY POWER GLORY: a mix made exclusively of female artists. featuring: Lana Del Rey, HAIM, Sky Ferreira, and Lykke Li.

01. boys - sky ferreira || 02. oh no - marina & the diamonds || 03. 22 - lily allen || 04. dont save me - haim || 05. dont wanna dance - MØ || 06. money power glory - lana del rey || 07. ribs - lorde || 08. waiting game - BANKS || 09. youth - foxes || 10. everybody but me - lykke li || 11. mushaboom - feist || 12. first love never dies - SOKO || 13. eet - regina spektor || 14. doubtful - gregory and the hawk || 15. it’s all okay - julia stone || 16. teenage dirtbag (wheatus cover) - B.P. Venezuela || 17. wait for me (motopony cover) - lotte kestner || 18. girl - sea of bees

listen here

SONG + BIOGRAPHY (TINY) MASTERLIST by { allaboutindies } ;

Enclosed is a list of 8 songs and lyrics picked from them that can help you establish a biography. Some are underused, some overused, but I tried to make each point unique. These lyrics come hand in hand with a couple of traits or plot points that you can use for your muse. These are just ideas, so you are free to use them as you may, but please do not steal them. I expect you to grab inspiration from each song/lyric to make it as your own. I hope this helps!

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