everybody break a glass

The Signs As Lights Songs (Siberia)
  • Aries: Timing Is Everything
  • Taurus: And Counting...
  • Gemini: Flux and Flow
  • Cancer: Peace Sign
  • Leo: Suspension
  • Virgo: Banner
  • Libra: Toes
  • Scorpio: Fourth Dimension
  • Sagittarius: Where The Fence Is Low
  • Capricorn: Cactus In The Valley
  • Aquarius: Everybody Breaks A Glass
  • Pisces: Heavy Rope

baby, you wanna see me crazy
well I show you what that’s like,
and then I wave goodbye as you run for your life

a bubbly, slightly creepy brainweird / psychosis playlist. trigger warnings for ableist language, knives, death, and violence. listen here

tracklist: // 1. aspiring fires by mother mother // 2. saltkin by purity ring // 3. control by halsey // 4. axe to grind by bastille // 5. everybody breaks a glass by lights // 6. knife going in by tegan and sara // 7. white noise by pvris // 8. flood on the floor by purity ring //

“If you’re not challenging yourself, you might as well be dead. I’ve had it with the rap game. Time to focus on other things. That’s why I’m retiring. There is a glass ceiling for blacks in the record business. I’m in a position now where I could break that glass ceiling and open doors for everybody else.”

Jay-Z, photographed for the cover of Paper magazine by Richard Phibbs in 2004.


This is probably one of the best things I’ve seen in a while. Fetus Lynn is so adorable.


LIGHTS- The Making of Siberia: “Everybody Breaks A Glass”