Kingsfoil - medical question (Hobbit based)

Guys, can you help me out?
We know that if you have Kingsfoil (Athelas) and an elf, you can heal Morgul wounds, right?
So why do you need both?

If I got it correctly, the elf gives you a certain strength via their magic, like transferring life energy. Something they as immortals have in abundance.
And the plant?
There must be a substance useful directly against that kind of poison in there. Otherwise the elf could do it on their own.
So what if you find a way to extract that substance from the plant?
Would you still need an elf around?
(asking for a bearded friend with too many Orcs in the neighbourhood)


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Here Kitty kitty by youfluttermywings

Rating: General

Word Count: 3147

Derek finds an abandoned kitty in the back of an alleyway.

It may not look perfect, but to him it is.

It’s also named Mr Bubbles.

Stiles thinks it’s the cutest thing in the whole entire world.

*quick notice about short delay*

The font and how I’m uploading it is literally all that’s left to do, but I rarely have free time now that I’m in Japan. Tomorrow’s homework is pretty much nonexistent, so after I hit up the post office I expect to work on finishing this all.

Sorry for the delay! It will still be out before the end of September. B)

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i can't believe i managed to pause and send that ask before the ultimate moment of fei liu shouting for water buffalo and jingyan coming to be like "what's wrong?" and oh my god i want to dig a hole in the ground and just bury myself. forever. ... if this is the episode where that one gifset "jingyan, don't be afraid" comes from, i'm going to possibly need to pause every second and anon scream at you because JINGYAN MY PRECIOUS WATER HUFFLEBUFFALO