“cast some light & you'll be all right”

Cassian has had so little opportunity over the years to be gentle. He wants to be gentle with Jyn.

Or, the one where Cassian doesn’t like one-sided sex and Jyn isn’t used to having a partner who wants to make time for her.

Expect the day where I don’t rec porn with feelings to be the day where I have died on the inside.


Sometimes when I’m out and about and everything seems kind of boring and gray, I look around at the other people passing me by and think “none of them know just how much Santa Claus porn I’ve written” and that’s one thought to smile at–but then the second thought is that I’m just assuming that they haven’t written more Santa Claus porn than me, and that, ultimately, there’s just no way to know that when you see a stranger. And that usually makes me laugh

Too many ships

Like, seriously, I can ship just about anything, though admittedly I only like some in very specific ways.

  • Destiel
  • Denny
  • Demara
  • Drowley
  • Megstiel
  • Cas/Bela
  • Cas/Becky
  • Samifer
  • Sabriel
  • Sam/Sarah
  • Sam/Ruby
  • Sam/Meg
  • Sam/Bela
  • Sam/Eileen
  • Sam/Jody
  • Sam/Dorothy
  • Sam/Rowena
  • Sam/Chuck
  • Sam/Max Banes
  • Sam gets a dog 2k17
  • Crobby
  • Chuck/Hannah
  • Chuck/Amara
  • Chuck/Becky

I’m sure there are more. I just can’t think of them at the moment. And yeah, I pretty much ship Sam with everybody and really just want him to get a dog.

Thanks Guys!!!

Wow! You all really came through for me on my tagging dilemma regarding Gideon’s latest besting of Killian in 6x14! I got so many good suggestions from you all that I can’t respond to all of them individually, but I love each and every one of you for helping!!!

It seems like the common consensus is to go with “kidnapping” for what Gideon’s doing there, and I think some of you had some really good ideas for WHY it counts as kidnapping - especially @goldgirl1239 who said, “If you close a door and chain it up on someone where they can’t get out its kidnapping plain and simple.” Very well put there, and an excellent point. Thank you!

So “kidnapping” is going to be the final winning tag, but I also loved some of the other suggestions. @chrissascorner suggested “falsely imprisoned” which would definitely be accurate, and @revanmeetra87 reminded me of the word “shanghai” which, in its modern usage, is actually perfect for what Gideon’s done to Killian here. However, shanghaiing is considered a form of kidnapping, so I guess it’s another sign that kidnapping’s the winner.

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give a shout out to my favorite funny responses. @killiarious offered this firm opinion: “THE BOAT KIDNAPPED HIM!” which amused me greatly, especially since this would be the second time it’s done so and I smell a new ship in the air (pun intended?)… culminating in an epic showdown between the Nautilus and Kraken-san with the winner taking Hook for themselves. (Meanwhile, Hook’s off to the side going, “No, no, I didn’t agree to ANY of this!” while Nemo, Liam 2.0, Ariel, Ursula, and the rest of the seagang get some popcorn. Prince Eric would probably come too, if anyone knew where he was ever.) I also loved @annaamell‘s suggestion of “scuttled” - mostly because it made me picture Killian being carried away by this guy:

…which is now my new favorite mental image, especially if he carries Hook to Ariel and tells her he’s a “floofenjagger” and starts making up uses for him, and Ariel plays along while Killian’s sulking and pouting in angsty offense at… absolutely everything about this entire scenario. I also liked @notoriouscs‘s suggestion of “Seaxiled! (Like, instead of sexiled)” which I think she meant instead of exiled, but again, I have the most hilarious mental image now of what, exactly, would be entailed in “sexiling” someone (I’ve since learned this is actually a slang term for banishing one’s roommate from the room so one can entertain their paramour, but my mental images are way funnier than that).

And, of course, a shout-out to @onceuponsomechaos who was too busy laughing over “forceful erection” to hear the question (haha :D) and @ioriunn who reblogged the post literally moments ago to compliment my GIF usage. GET A LOAD OF THIS FAST TURNAROUND TIME ON RESPONDING. Yes? Yes? XD I’m glad you guys got some laughs :D