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*reads everybirdie, gets 100000% happier* nice.

Thank you..?! I’m surprised you birds like it so much…!


Telling my mom that i'm trying to date birds.

Me: Mom
Mom: what?
Me: I wanted to tell you about a game i just downloaded.
Mom: alright.
Me: Just letting you know its really weird…
Mom: …okay?
Me: and its from Japan. Have you ever heard of a dating sim?
Mom: yeah I watched you play that on your computer.
Me: No mom. That is The Sims game, not a dating sim. A dating sim is like a story that you can choose the conversations and actions. Based on what ones you pick, it gives different outcomes. Like goosebump books. But usually you have “bacholers” that your trying to go out with. Its really popular in Japan.
Mom: so your trying to date a virtual person? And they arent real?
Me: yeah pretty much.
Mom: okaaay. And that what you got?
Me: Yes but not exactly. I got one called Hatoful Boyfriend. It-
Mom: Hatoful boyfriend?
Me: Yup and its a dating simulator about pidgeons.
Mom:… . your trying to date the pidegons?
Me:Yup. Well birds in general *shows the title screen
Mom:*takes of glasses and rubs her forhead.
Me: Its weird but it has a really good story and the more stories you complete the more you find out about the doctor and why birds became so intelligent.
Mom: … … where did you come from?

I then took her through the beginning prompt and she lost it at “everybirdie”.

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Holy shit, I actually started to combine Sponge Bob and Patrik with Nalu, everything make sense now. Think about it. Everybirdy must know this.

Don’t even think that bird went unnoticed

ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀ˋ  ✿ ✿ ✿  - Leaving internet for few days and then  see i‘ve reached +500 followers

//URG/ // //cries// ThANk  U EveRyBirDie .

i’m preparing an awesome surprise for celebrate that HohOHhoHO. ôuô


+ i saw many MANY rebloggs of my perryschmirtz ‘s artworks .Omg This made my day.  //thank you C2ndy2c1d  ! thank you everybody ! ;OO: //roll roll//

//gives cookies to everybirdie//

OOC;; I am on vacation for a week but I think I will be able to rp in a day or two. So… semi-hiatus for two days?? Maybe.

Have an amazing day, everybody~ ((i had to urge to say everybirdie, hatoful boyfriend ruined my life))