Greetings, everybirdie! The club has a cool announcement. As you can see, this club has just freshly started- and although this just does reblogs and such, the other mod and I have decided that we’d like to start a nice little group.

The Hatoful Dub Club!

Basically, it’s just how it sounds- a skype group devoted to the shenanigans of voicing our dear pigeons for the sake of fun. It’s not professional, but in the long run we might actually try to put up dub projects on youtube? From ‘dubbing’ the actual game (not pro. We can still be nerds with commentary.) to even posting a fan dub of the audio dramas. If you have the talent to voice and just wanna hang around with peeps who like pigeon dating, we would love to meet you!

I repeat- we are not anything like pros who want to do great big projects- We simply would like more people who share our interests to join in our fun during skype calls. That being said, there are auditions. But we are very lenient! If you are interested, here are the basics:

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Everybirdie [even nonkin] block chinanman right now. Not only are they against otherkin, but they’re against nonbinaries and flat out tell them to kill themselves in very specific ways.

anonymous asked:

what everybirdy's singing voice sounds like?

For now I’ll just say the VOICES OF ANGELS. //slapped
Ryouta, Hiyoko, and Tohri: Would have a happy tone even when singing sad songs.

Yuuya and Kazuaki: Would be unexpectedly emotional only to be hidden by false happiness.

Shuu: The doctor has ‘the-kind-of-singing-voice-girls-fall-for’ kind of voice. Slightly deep and sexy.

Okosan, Azami, and Ryuuji: Energetic af

Sakuya and Anghel: Really pleasant and excellent vocal range.

Sweet and really, really, emotional.

Nageki: *clears throat* THE VOICE OF A THOUSAND ANGELS. *coughs* That is all :)

I’m not sure if this is what you meant in your question.

Greetings, Aperchirp Science employees, Birdcage Johnson here. Just got word that there have been rumors going around the aviary that I am a lowly, filthy human and not actually a bird. Now, I know that the Hawk Party officials signed an execution order for all of humankind, so I just want to let you know this is not the case, and that if I ever get my hands on whoever started these ru–

(off-side mumbling) What’s that? (more mumbling) Ah.

My assistant, Greg, says–

(and some more)

–Greg the Parakeet says that I shouldn’t use human terms like “hands” when I mean to say “feathers.” Probably what got these rumors started. Silly me.

(and some more) …That partridge said he was gonna do what?!

Ahhhh, a-anyway, just setting the record straight, we are 100% birdkind up here, everybody.

(one last bit)

Birdie. Everybirdie. Look, just…let’s all just get back to bird science! Cave Jo–aah, Birdcage Johnson, we’re done here.

Greg, grab the multiverse portal thing and let’s get the hell out of here. God…bird science, pfft. What the hell was I thinking…

raspberrymonsta asked:

whenever you see the sakuya mememe picture i love it but at the same time i keep thinking "sakuya are you ok" because he looks SO HAPPY....

Perhaps everybirdie told him it’s part of old Japanese culture (well it would be by 2180s) and then Yuuya had a bit too much fun editing the photos? For Yuuya’s sake, Sakuya better not see them himself

Thank you so much, I love ME!ME!ME! Sakuya too much 

Awesome Hatoful Boyfriend Fanfics
rest well, old star by MiniNephthys “Everybirdie has a time.” Characters: Nageki, The King. No ship. 635 words. (nageki meets the king once again on the train)

Birds Bearing Gifts by NightsMistress “Ryouta’s latest visit to the infirmary is livened up by an unexpected visitor: Sakuya (and his ego), bearing gifts.” Characters: Sakuya, Ryouta. 1460 words. (sooooo cute 11/10 would read again)

Make a House a Home by distantattraction “Yuuya has lived alone in his apartment for a long time. It’s strange, now, to have Sakuya come for a visit.” Characters: Yuuya, Sakuya. No ship. 2014 words. (WOW AMAZING)

Spite by KivaEmber “Yuuya’s love was a selfish, vindictive thing.” Characters: Yuuya, Sakuya. No ship. 1339 words. (warning: describes the smashed egg in quite some detail)

The Agreement by garrisonrose “I’ll give you what you want. You will see your brother again. But… You need to return the favour.” Characters: Shuu, Nanaki. 2237 words. (WARNING: THIS IS A SUICIDE FIC. I read it last summer and it stuck with me ever since. I can’t read it without crying even now. If you like sad fics, it is absolutely amazing. Garrisonrose, if you’re out there and reading this you are a truly incredible writer, this is seriously my favorite fanfic of all time.)

This is by no means a complete list, not even close, so feel free to add on to this if you want. ^^

anonymous asked:

Catkin positivity, please?


Well it’s too bad Jim isn’t fronting- he loves cats. No, really, he had 9 cats (ask him about it- he’ll love to answer). Cats are the best! They’re not as everybirdie says, they aren’t mean or stand-offish as often as birds seem to think. They’re incredibly smart, agile, and can learn just as much as any dog can. Take my main coon, for example. She knows sit, shake, “up” (on her haunches to grab the treat), stay (working on it), and come! Cats are also cuddly- which is great, especially if they lay on your lap and keep you warm. Really, there’s no downside to a cat! Those of you allergic, you’re missing out!

anonymous asked:

i have a fiction kintype that im afraid to reveal bc she's the main antagonist of the game, and she had bpd, dpd and psychosis and im afraid ppl see her as abusive :^( she's not an evil char though!! but idk if the fandom hates her..?

Ah gosh- you’re not alone in scary antagonists. Surf her tag a bit and see everybirdie’s comments on her. Perhaps she’s not as hated as you might think :>


Hatoful Boyfriend 21 Day Challenge

1. Draw your favorite character.

2. Draw your concept of true pudding.

3. Draw everybirdie from 2-A in the classroom.

4. Draw your own King-esque storybook.

5. Draw any two characters in the middle of an argument.

6. Draw your least favorite character.

7. Draw any part of the holiday star.

8. Make pixel art of any character you want (bonus points if you can animate it).

9. Draw original Nanaki/the king being happy (please).

10. Draw any character sleeping in class.

11. Draw the inside of Hiyoko’s cave.

12. Draw your OTP (or a paring you like).

13. Draw a page of Anghel’s manga (like, what you imagine he would draw.)

14. Draw something in comic format.

15. Draw two characters with swapped outfits (or swapped personalities…OR BOTH).

16. Draw a character acting extremely OOC.

17. Draw Miru and Kaku wreaking havoc.

18. Draw Azami and Rabu’s traffic-abiding gang.

19. Draw Hiyoko working at the cafe.

20. Draw the king/his subjects/Ryuuji traveling together.

21. Draw everybirdie (and I mean EVERY single BIRDIE) together in one picture.