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temporary url change bc the book of dust #1 comes out on the 19th oct (;;; still Disbelief) and i couldn’t Not??? so yeah i’ll be masquerading as a hdm blog but i’ll still be blogging hp lmao.

if y’all could reblog this to spread the word? i will love you eight (8) humble beans 

ps. reminder that i now track #useryenna

i cant believe i didnt post this yet,,, my piece for the oxenfree zine by @nightsurprisestudio !! The Oxenkids out on a harrytur…. the finest example… of norwegian culture…………….

hello i love sakamoto tatsuma

hello i love sakamoto tatsuma

hey guyz itโ€™s gray!!! :D iv had this blog 4 abt half a year so i decided :o lets make a ff!!! i rlly hope this doesnt mess up mentions n if it doesโ€ฆim sory heheโ™ก thank u all 4 being my mutuals it means alot n i hope u hav nice days!!!!

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hello u are a lovely darling angel and i am here for you and im here with you and i know that u are pure and every accusation that comes ur way is nonsensical... every1 is s t u p i d.. love u