If anyone asks me to ever teach them to make “naan bread”, I’ll invite then over to my house, bake their faces into a thick ass dry bread until their lives become naanexistent and casually laugh until they realise that naan bread is as real as chai tea, which again, if you ask for, I will pour you your own bloody tears and hope you drown in them.


i am so fucking pumped for this album they need to hurry the fuck up alreadyyy, the teasers sound so beautiful and uhskdhsikfs fuck i just can’t wait. KOG is just the besstttt

if you guys haven’t ever heard of them, give it a shot! you won’t be disappointed, i promise!

U2’s Forgettable Fire

Excerpts from Sasha Frere-Jones’s track-by-track guide to the new U2 album:

“Every Breaking Wave”: That recursive U2 trick where they sound like one of the hundred bands who ripped them off. I think this one might be by Snow Patrol. Bono’s vocals sounds like they’re ten feet away from anyone else in the band. Not as good as “Haunted.”

“California (Blah Blah Blah)”: The track sounds like seventeen different bands averaged out in Yelp and turned into an Active Rock Smoothie. Nowhere near as good as “Drunk In Love.”

Photograph by Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

Recording Is The Art of Forgetting: written by Jon Foreman http://t.co/dnvuboKEx3

“Live music will always be better than the recording. Riding on the sound waves of every unique note, our own idiosyncratic experience here on the planet is ratified. Certainly all art takes time to enjoy, but music and the dances that accompany it are the only art forms that require a set amount of time for complete enjoyment. Music is time travel: to experience it you actually travel through time with the art itself. You and the musician are different people when you finish than when you began.”

“Harder,” I said.

And you pushed your words
against me as if you were
pinning me down against the floor. Every word, every sigh
and every breath.
You slammed them all
against my skin.
The words “I love you”
sounded like thunder
just beneath our feet.

“Deeper,” I whispered.

And you started planting
your kisses on my neck,
lips and temple.
It was quiet, you were quiet;
and I let all your gasps sinked in.
Deeper than where they should be.

That’s why the ocean and you
are the same.
The sound you create whenever
there is a storm inside you is
like the ocean when it’s trying
to drown the shore.
Every slam of the waves,
every roar your heartbeat,
every wind above its surface;
they all sound the same to me:

a very calming melody.

There are oceans in
between the breaths that I take
and you are every one of them

Every crashing wave
every echoing sound
you are the epitome
of my every dying cell

Sometimes love isn’t about
the number of butterflies;
instead , it is about accepting
your lovers malignant tumours

Sometimes it is measured
not by how frequent one smiles
but by how often one visits
the hospital

There are certain things
that we should not romanticize;
remember that even Shakespeare himself
never considered Romeo & Juliet
a romance

Well, I guess this is it,
another story must come to a
tragic end

—  If You’d Die Today, I’d Die Tomorrow | (j.d.a)
sorry for being annoying but I need someone's opinion or thoughts on this..

Is it bad that I like distant people and I like being alone?
I like sitting in the dark thinking. I like drinking tea alone.I like watching tv alone and I like listening to music alone sometimes. I like to be in my own world. When I’m around people I feel so fucking annoying and I feel like I give off a weird vibe. Ok like I like talking and hanging out w my friends sometimes but I prefer to sit by myself near the ocean and analyze every sound wave, or take pictures of beautiful flowers. I like when my friends in school don’t text me. Making plans w them is alright w me idec. I like to spend certain days by myself, taking care of myself, and just feeling relaxed w/o feeling obligated to talk to someone.
The only time I’m down to talk to someone for a long time is if it’s a deep convo about life or anything. I don’t like gossiping. I like exploring. I like exploring people’s minds when I feel like it.

Dirty and illegal
and everyone can see it,
the city and the beach
smacking against
your lips—you
remember everything.
You know what face he makes,
know what ugly twisting
you do with the hips
of your life—
you suddenly sounding
like the song
of every Italian heartbreak,
you sounding unlike
the waves you wanted
to drown yourself in
just to prove 
he couldn’t swim
to save your body—
to prove how lifeless
you could get.
Of course
you wanted him to see it,
of course you wanted
him to be there—
for the death, for the declaration,
for the world pummeling every hole,
for the wider, wider, wider
bits of your mouth
you’ve been practicing,
meaning to stretch it more.
And it’s all no good
now that he’s still
right there on the shore
in an old tattered jumper, 
skipping rock
against deeper rock—
the drop
in your stomach
when you go down.
—  Moriah Pearson, Null
Supreveio’s Smash Picks #6 - Duster

Why not Kumatora?!?!?!?! 

Neutral Special - Thunder Bomb. Duster tosses a grenade that explodes into electricity on contact or after a short duration.
Up Special - Rope Snake & Bird Cage. Duster latches the Rope Snake onto the Mr. Saturn Bird Cage. Duster is lifted diagonally upward for a short time before the Rope Snake loses its grip and Duster falls, helpless.
Side Special - Wall Staples. Duster stabs outward with a pair of Wall Staples. If used next to a wall, Duster attaches to it temporarily.
Down Special - Siren Beetle. Duster holds out a loud beetle that causes opponents close to him on either side to turn around. (Basically, Jigglypuff’s Sing with the effect of Mario’s Cape, minus projectile reflecting)

Final Smash - Desperado Crash Mambo Combo - Duster and his DCMC pals perform a song, sending out damaging sound waves on every beat. Opponents hit are somewhat trapped in place, allowing for the song to “combo”. Consecutive hits produce the Mother 3 combo counter, and 16+ in a row causes more knockback than usual.

I picked Duster because he’s a cool dude. Why not Paula or Kumatora? Ness and Lucas already have their PSI attacks, so they’re kind of already being represented. I want to see an EarthBound fighter without PSI but is still pretty badass. And with Jeff as an Assist Trophy, that leaves Duster (and Boney and Teddy, I guess).

Roleplay prompt! (reblog a response if you want to participate!)

Feferi sat on the shoreline of the beach, blankly staring at the coming and going waves, completely lost in thought. Her goggles were in hand and her right thumb was rubbing the lens. The curly locks that flowed from her head was damp, signaling it wasn’t too long ago since she was in the ocean. Occasionally, her fins would twitch with every sound of a wave crashing or a seagull calling. She sighed to herself, watching the sea-foam get her skirt and her feet wet. Feferi eventually let her eyes look up at the sunset hitting the water. Her face felt warm with the heat of the sun, though she didn’t mind the tingle of the heat on her freckled cheeks. Normally just getting out of the water would mean her nose would wrinkle at the sudden smell of salt, but somehow the scent didn’t get to her.