Back to School with Les Amis
  • Enjolras:Believe in yourself. Never doubt that you can accomplish great things. You will get through that exam. You will finish this paper.
  • Combeferre:Be curious. We often forget that learning can be fun and exciting. You're learning new things every day. You know more than you did yesterday, congratulations!
  • Courfeyrac:Be passionate. Even if what you're passionate about isn't your field of study. Find something that fuels you to keep your head above water.
  • Grantaire:You know more things than you think you do. You're good at something. You are not the worst. You are actually quite knowledgeable, whatever that knowledge may be
  • Joly:Self-care is important. Take breaks. Treat yourself. Take a warm shower. You brain needs to rest to process information, let it do its thing
  • Bossuet:Failure is okay. It happens, and they don't make you a bad person. You are much more than that grade. You have survive this far. This too shall pass
  • Jehan:Romanticize your studies. Buy the prettiest notebook. Buy those glitter pens and highlighters. Take the most #aesthetic notes. Find the studying technique that suits you best and go forth
  • Feuilly:Hobbies and things that you like to learn outside of school are great too. They can even be useful later in life. Never feel guilty about taking time to focus on those
  • Bahorel:Be bold. Never be ashamed of what you're studying. Even if it's Law. And Hell knows Law is... well. You can do this, prove them wrong.
  • Marius:Feeling inadequate and like the future is scary and uncertain is okay. No one really knows what they're doing. You're doing just fine. It'll all fall into place

anonymous asked:

Hi Gabi! how's your fic going?? I'm so excited to read it <3

Hi there, I think it’s going great! I have exceeded 50K, so with every new word I’m making a new record compared to AIMH.

I’m very excited and cannot wait to share it with you when it’s all done. 

The details are still not worked out, I think the best would be to post it in parts, every 3 days a new chapter or something like that, because it cannot be read in one sitting. It’s already more than 6 hrs reading time. 

I have been working on it for a little bit than a month, so I think in max a few weeks it will be done.

I have the title and I have a strong idea about the photo montage used for the AO3 post.

Thanks for your lovely message! :)

I have posted a teaser before but here is another one:

“Are you gonna tell me what we’re doing?” Harry inquired when they passed the grand staircase.

Louis’ eyes darted, paused then shifted again, scurrying across a few open doors. He guided Harry by the waist, occasionally digging his fingers in the flesh to keep the younger boy from face planting the floor. Harry couldn’t walk straight even on even surface to save his life.

Harry narrowed his eyes to crinkled slits as no answer came. “What are you up to?”

“What do you mean?” Louis stopped in his track again.

Harry addressed him with a pointed look. “Lou you really think I didn’t notice you’re dressed like a burglar?”

The older boy grabbed the younger boy’s hand to get him walk again whispering Clear.

“You didn’t reply.”

“To what, actually?” Louis tipped his head back.

“You. Me. Black clothes. Sneaking around. Flashlight poking out of your back pocket. Wait, where did you even get that flashlight?”

“Are you implying I’m a burglar, Harold?” he asked back mock-offended. He was checking frantically if there was anyone around and when it was all clear, he pushed Harry along.

Harry stopped and Louis halted with a sigh as well.

“We’re gonna be late, Haz.”

“Late for what?” Harry asked, eyebrows shooting up. “A burglar is never late.”

“For the third time I’m not a burg–.”

“It sure looks like it.”

“–just dressed like one.” Louis grinned. He took Harry’s hand in his own. “Will you come with me if I guarantee no harm will be done to animals and inanimate objects?”

“You sound like a disclaimer from Jackass.”

Louis was barely able to hold back his laughter. He put his hand on his lips to control himself. “You’re fucking up our cover Haz!” he whisper-shouted.

“Ahha! I knew you’re hiding from something.” he narrowed his eyes. “Or someone.”

Louis rolled his eyes. “I didn’t deny the hiding part.”

“Keep telling that to yourself.” Harry followed Louis’ disappearing silhouette to a dark corridor. “Hey, wait up!” he whispered and quickly caught up.

Louis slowed down and waited for him. As soon as he heard Harry’s loud steps he began walking. “You’re as silent as a factory.”

“Well I’m sorry for following you blindly, risking my own life for the unknown.”

“Bloody hell, I already told you’ll be safe.” Louis chuckled.

“You can’t know that. What if we’re hiding from someone because they want to hurt you?”

Louis stopped abruptly, not even fuming about the nose bumping into his back as it poked a crater in his skin. “Jesus, no one wants to hurt us and no one is in life-threatening danger!”

“Well if I had kno–”


Harry opened his mouth to tell his boyfriend he was going to fuck up their cover but judging from his eyes which seemed a darker blue than usual, he decided it was better to keep it shut. For now.

I am twenty-five years old,

and whenever I tell a child this, or tell a peer, I get a weird feeling, from which blossoms a weird face, like Mr. Yuck from the chemical bottles, like the emoticon XQ that my friends invented where the tail on the Q is either a tongue or vomit, depending on the font.
I make this face because 25 seems way too old for how I feel.
Bjork described herself this way once:

I am half child, half ancient.

in which i find a kind of kinship;
something with a small body and a free spirit and a mind full of forgetfulness and the unexpected,
a creature within snuggling distance of one of life’s bookends,
a creature with a secret and bright eyes.

I am twenty-five years old,

the average life expectancy of a trans woman of color in the U.S.
and whenever I read that fact something in me heaves like a hard stop in a car.
and every day a new small thing reminds me that I am living on time that has been lent to me by the fists and feet of strangers.
that without my whiteness I might already be dead.
that if I were missing just one layer of my ghillie suit,
my massachusetts zip code,
my keep-to-myselfness,
they might find me
and come collect.

I am twenty-five years old,

and tomorrow I go to church with my dad for the first time…ever?, to see a family friend preach “on trans issues”
and I’m sure it’ll be okay, I’m sure, and if for some bizarre reason it turns out that it isn’t,
I will turn my cowardice into something performative and strong and I will walk out, but I’m not worried.
I get to live so little of my life in worry.
and next week or so I will come out to the little ones at work
and their parents
and there will be no more secrets.

(and yes I’m worried about that.)

Every New Day
  • Every New Day
  • Five Iron Frenzy
  • Our Newest Album Ever!

When I was young, the smallest trick of light,
Could catch my eye,
Then life was new and every new day,
I thought that I could fly.
I believed in what I hoped for,
And I hoped for things unseen,
I had wings and dreams could soar,
I just don’t feel like flying anymore.
When the stars threw down their spears,
Watered Heaven with their tears,
Before words were spoken,
Before eternity.