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what are some of your fav blogs on here?

ok i follow probably like 50 new blogs every day sjfbasdkfn i either fall in love with their blog or them as a person and its really all over the place from celebs to tv shows so imma just name some that pop into my head this isnt an entire list

@graintgustin @selenagomezaf @suprcorp @archerie @promoteselfsoothing @leamichelerps @goldenglider @wally-iris @gomezes @zendayar @yourstrulys @llastjedi @andialmostdo @babyv @marieselena @maliatait @meandstherhythm @selenangomez @beyoncegiselle @beyhive4ever @veronicalocge @selmaries @supercanaries @rodenly @wokuspokus @beautifulstragic honestly there likes so many but thats all i can think of rn, you can check my blog roll if you’re just looking around for some blogs to follow!!

I envy the writers who can write good quality fanfics in one sitting and get it out the day they started writing it. I envy the writers who can give their followers new fics every fucking day. I envy writers who can easily get ideas and build from them without having to drive them self up the wall. I envy writers who don’t have to ask their friend for fanfic ideas or prompts because they don’t fucking have a single creative fucking bone in their motherfucking body. I envy writers who don’t have to spend days trying to put their thoughts into words and even when they do they can only manage to do two fucking paragraphs because they’re that fucking useless at what they love. I envy writers who find writing easy and simple and can do it without a fucking second thought. I envy writers that don’t need constant fucking validation to feel good enough because they’re that fucking paTHETIC. I FUCKING ENVY WRITERS THAT DONT FUCKIG HATE THEIR WORK THE MINUTE THEY START WRITING. I ENVY WRITERS THAT CAN PUT OUT WORK WITHOUT FUCKING SHAKINGN WITH FEAR OF IT BOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH. I FUCKING ENVY WRITERS THAT ARE CONFUDENT WITH THEMSELVES AND THEIR WRITING. I FUCKING ENVY MOTHERFUCKJNG WRITERS WHO DONT FUCKIGN THINK EVERY THING THEY DO IS ABSOLUTE SHIT

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I just recently realized I might be non binary now after 26 years. I was thinking back on my childhood and how I used to be a "tom boy" and how some children now, like Jazz for example, felt like another gender and were allowed to transition. I don't feel like a boy completely now, but I definitely don't feel like a girl completely either. I'm really unsure where to start figuring out what I might be in the non binary umbrella and I feel like maybe I don't know enough about being NB to say I am

You don’t need to be an expert on nonbinary to be nonbinary! That’s the beautiful thing. Yes, you need a basic understanding, but you don’t need to understand every identity under the sun, because I’m not sure that’s even possible. I’ve been identifying as nonbinary for two and a half years now, and I’m still learning new things every day. 

As for figuring out what you are, it’s okay just to have the broad “nonbinary” label. No one can fault you for that. If you want to try to find a more specific label, I suggest just looking up lists and examples of some of the genders out there. There’s so many! There might be one out there that fits you perfectly. [Here’s] a list for you.

Tragedy. It was a constant. Like the fading sun and rising moon, every new day seemed to bring on something more to break against her bones, something new to find purchase in her throat and threaten to choke her. It wasn’t easy – none of this was. Protecting everyone in Red Creek had always been what she’d wanted; but the spotlight growing hotter on her own coven’s back and the newly dead soon buried among those others before them made it difficult. The grass that grew to meet the headstones of ancestors irritated her skin, but she’d hadn’t enough power of will to move. She didn’t know what to do – and all she had was the strength that resonated from within the ground beneath her. Perhaps it was heartless of her, to have barely thought of the hunters – the people she knew, the people she’d shared this town with; but her heart didn’t bleed for them. She bled for her people. She could feel their very essence fade from the air around her. A loss to her coven was staggering, they’d come to learn to channel each other — to trust the powers each member held, and suddenly two were gone. Their power with it. Had they not already been weak in the face of a town wide magic ban – of which she had no part of voting it in – such a loss was devastating. A waning flower held between delicate fingers grew to bloom by the mere will of her power, uncaring to the ban – uncaring of much at this point in time. JD was still missing, Nolan was going out of his mind, and she didn’t know where to go from here  – how to help, when so many now saw the Fontaine Coven as something they never had been before. A threat. “White Carnations. Symbolic for remembrance.” She muttered lightly as the presence behind her became known, the flower soon laid cross the stone Savannah knelt before. “As if anybody could forget the things that happen here in the first place.–”

You know what’s depressing is that 2NE1 only had two full length albums….like you listen to them over and over and over and the eps and singles and none of their music ever gets old but then sometimes it hits you that…that’s it. Like they don’t have any more music after 2014 and we actually don’t know if they’ll ever make music together again and it just hits you like a ton of bricks thrown at your damn face

Do you ever just find a Carry On post that you’ve never seen before and it has like 500+ notes on it and you’re just like HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS??? I THOUGHT I KNEW EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS FANDOM. But then you get really excited because this is a new post, not the same ones you see everyday.