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  • <p><b>Me:</b> Alright, time to do this homework!<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh, shoot...Fairy Tail is on. Well, I guess one episode wouldn't hurt<p/><b></b> *2 seasons later and it's 3am*<p/><b>Me:</b> What...just happened?<p/></p>

Things that amuse me: imagining Darcy visiting each of the nine realms and then ranking each one like she’s leaving a review on Trip Advisor:

Muspelheim: Volcanoes!!!! Also humid as heck. Pretty sure I’m stuck with poofy poodle hair for life now. 4 stars.


You should really check out this bands music and share it! Its amazing and they only have 85 subscribers for some reason?!
Please check them out and share their music, they definitely deserve some more recognition!


westallen appreciation week: day five
favorite funny scene

Thanks, Barry.

Now Playing: Every Little Beat ( Myon and Shane 54 Remix) - Above and Beyond

I heard this track from one of Myon and Shane 54’s live sets and instantly fell in love with the lyrics (see below!). 

If you know that the person you’re with is in love with you yet you don’t feel quite the same, do you stay or do you leave? Maybe you’ll stay and hope that things will get better and you’ll eventually fall in love. BUT the heart wants what the heart wants. There’s no real ifs, ands or buts about it. Give it time and it will always tell cause at the end of the day, you can have hundreds of replacements but there’ll always be that one person that will always have a place in your life. That’s why people stay together for years, get married and start families. Sometimes, they lose their way, get confused and fall off the wagon. But again, only time will tell..