Dear Stiles,

First off, I don’t intend for you to ever read this letter. As soon as I’m done with it, I’m tucking it between two books on my bookshelf never to be seen by the light of day again. But I need to let this out somehow. I need to see my feelings on a sheet of paper in front of me and face them head on, instead of hiding from them as usual.

I remember third grade. I know you don’t think I do, but I do. I remember how tiny you were, and how you wore the same green hoodie every single day. I remember sitting next to you in class, and you chasing me during games of tag on the playground. I remember you tugging on my long ponytails and calling me strawberry head. But most vividly, I remember you congratulating me every time I got an A on a spelling test, or got an answer right, on the rare occasion that I raised my hand in class. You’ve barely changed at all.

I never spoke another word to you until two years ago when our lives started changing and our paths crossed again. That is one of my biggest regrets. Not because I owed you my attention, but because once I started giving it to you, I never wanted to stop. You are gentle, and kind, and thoughtful, and you listen to every single word I say. You’ve never given up on me, even when everyone thought I was off-my-rocker-crazy.

I play it off like it’s casual, but you don’t know that every time you touch my back to guide me through a crowd, or hold my hand, it’s as if your fingertips are matches and my skin is sandpaper, and a fire is lit in my veins.

The way you look at me is a whole different story. Nobody else has ever looked at me like that, and it scared me at first. It scared me a lot. I’d get lost in your admiring gaze and forget where I was, what was wrong, who’s life was in danger. I didn’t feel like I deserved that. But now I know I do. I give you partial credit for that.

Before I kissed you that day in the locker room, I wasn’t sure of my feelings for you. Until then, you were my dopey partner in non-crime, and I wasn’t completely sure why I was drawn to you. But while I sat there, watching you panic and struggle to breathe, the first thing that came to my mind was to put my lips on yours. I expected it to be clumsy and awkward, but what I felt was the opposite. The clarity that came with your kiss was like putting on glasses and finally seeing the world for how it should be. It wasn’t until we broke apart that I remembered that holding your breath could stop a panic attack.

Since then it’s been clear. I love you. In more than one sense of the word. You are my best friend, my partner, and my hero. I have found a home in you. You are the wall I lean on for support when I am dizzy, and the blanket I wrap around me for warmth when I am shivering from cold and qualm. My life without you in it is hazy and dim. I have put the glasses on, Stiles. I’m never taking them off.

If you ever do end up reading this letter, I want you to know one thing: Whether you still feel the same way or not, I will never stop being for you what you are for me. I will never stop loving you.

Love always, Lydia

-an unopened letter to Stiles, inspired by this post


Viktória Bach
Lofoten Islands, Norway
Nikon D5100

You’re Hungarian but living in Norway. How did this come about?

Well, it’s a bit complicated. My stepfather had a job offer from Norway, so my family moved here. But I wanted to finish my studies in Hungary, so I spent the last few years with commuting between Hungary and the Lofoten Islands. And then I’ve finished my BA program this year January. So I moved here too, to learn some Norwegian, to work a little and most of all, to figure out the next step.

Did moving to Norway allow you to explore your interest of photography and filmmaking? If so, what effect has it made, and has it improved anything within your work?

Norway can be inspiring for anyone, because wonder happens every day - it’s just the same with me. It’s a beautiful country (especially the Lofoten Islands), so photography and filmmaking are things that I must do here. The scenery and the weather are changing in every moment so Norway taught me to act quickly and be vigilant and just ‘seize the day’ because you’ll never have another opportunity. To sum up, I’m more susceptible here, I guess.

Tumblr: csendes
Behance: bachviktorf914
Vimeo: bachviktoria 


No Shootings Since 'Army' of Moms Set Up on South Side - But They Need Help
Mothers Against Senseless Killings said more volunteers are needed to watch blocks in Englewood.

Right now there are about 15 adult volunteers who have pledged to be out there every day until Labor Day. That’s about the same number the group had when it started a few days after the June shooting.

Manasseh said she didn’t think it would be this difficult to bring in more concerned residents.“What we’ve learned since we’ve been out here is that people’s attention spans are short,“ she said. "It’s hard to keep their interests between tragedies.”

The block and surrounding area where the "army of mothers,” as she refers to it, have set up have been peaceful since the group formed, she said, but the lack of adult volunteers surprised her.

“It’s like some people want to put their children in a bubble because they have good kids,” she said. “They want to separate their good kids from all of these bad kids, but your kids are going to grow up in the world alongside those very kids that you tried to shield them from. So wouldn’t it be better if you tried to save them all instead of just yours?”

She said she had higher expectations for the adults, but underestimated the teens from the neighborhood. At least two dozen teens have taken an interest in keeping their community safe and have taken part in the patrols, Manasseh said.

The ultimate goal is to get people on other blocks to follow her and start their own neighborhood patrols. She said she wants to hold an orientation in the near future to teach them conflict resolution and strategic placement.  

Community policing in Englewood and on the South Side is important to Manasseh, she said, because she wants to help save her own children from becoming victims of the violence.

 Hey! This is my first masterpost I’ve made!

So since I’ve seen absolutely nothing when it comes to Astronomy, I’ve decided to gather some helpful resources when studying this subject!

Hopefully this covers all the basics: I am by no means an expert! I am just obsessed with space.

Warning: Long Masterpost.

General Tips:

  • Get a telescope, if you can.
    • It doesn’t have to be a super expensive one! Having a telescope allows you to see some of the dimmer stars in the sky, and learning how to use one is important if you plan on pursuing this subject.
  • Use bug spray when stargazing.
    • You would be surprised at how many mosquito bites you can get by standing outside for even thirty minutes.
  • Stargaze often.
    • Go outside the same time every day, or every couple of days. Note the differences in the star’s positions as time goes on!
  • Sketch out constellations.
    • Not only will this help you familiarize yourself with them, it will also help you note the differences in it’s position and orientation as the season progresses! Try graph paper, and see how many stars you can see in the constellation’s region!
  • Do not, do not use a bright light once your eyes have adjusted.
    • If you can, try to find a slip of red plastic to cover your flashlight with. Red light prevents the deterioration of your night vision, unlike normal white light.
  • Make sure all the lights you can turn off, are off.
    • Light pollution, no matter how small, will make it more difficult to see the stars. If you can, try going to a place far from the city!
  • Use star map apps.
    • These are very handy when you’re first starting to recognize the constellations, stars, and planets.
  • Have Fun!
    • Enjoy what you do! Don’t compare yourself to anyone!

Alright! Let’s get to the resources.

Free Apps:

Online Courses:

TV Shows:


Astronomy/Science Magazines:

Other Websites:


Star Charts:

Inspirational Videos:

Movie Recommendations:

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) 
  • Alien (1979) -favorite for sci-fi horror
  • Aliens (1986) 
  • Apollo 13 (1995) 
  • Contact (1997) - favorite
  • Elysium (2013) 
  • Europa Report (2013) 
  • The Fifth Element (1997) 
  • Gravity (2013) 
  • Interstellar (2014) -favorite!
  • Moon (2009) - favorite
  • Serenity (2005) 


Astronomy Playlists:

I think that’s all!! Please notify me if there is something more I can add!

EDIT: fixed formatting.


ART GROWTH LIKE WHOAH !! when I started GREY I didn’t even realize how much drawing a page of a comic a week helps your art develop, dANG. I couldn’t recommend it more, seriously if you want to push yourself artistically draw every day. Especially if you’re drawing the same characters/places, it gives you an amazing reference to see how far you’ve come.

These are just a FEW examples I pulled from GREY the webcomic and I’ll probably post more !!

In order: The Battaglia Kitchen, Franky/(??? hehe), and Mason

Change your actions to show you care about animals.

It’s fucking easy to say you’re never going to kill a lion and become outraged at anyone who does. But killing a single lion (that is past reproductive age and therefore cannot contribute to repopulating lions, voiding the endangered species argument) is arguably not nearly as bad as killing hundreds of animals a year, thousands in a lifetime, for food.

Most people complaining about this Cecil situation could choose to eat a plant based diet but instead choose to pay for animals to be killed every single day while simultaneously condemning someone else for doing the same thing.

It’s easy to say you love animals and it’s easy to avoid killing lions becuase you weren’t going to anyway, it’s harder to change your lifestyle and stop killing farm animals, but it’s a whole lot more meaningful.

anonymous asked:

Abby Johnson is an idiot if at 35 she can't remember to take a pill at the same time every day. By the time I was 10, I had learned to take a pill each evening at the same time for a potentially life-threatening medical condition. I managed to do so through high school and then while living on my own in college and beyond. If she can't remember to take a pill she has no business having 1, much less a herd of kids.


She is a “natural family planning” advocate now.

Also making up the story that PP deliberately will give people BC they can’t use correctly so they will “buy” an abortion from them?

She just made that up.

anonymous asked:

To come to an heathly weight you need to eat heathly and exercises but there's more to it, avoid more than one snack (an heathly one), between meals (barring other medical conditions, you aren't in danger if you're hungry for 2 hours), eat slowly (put your fork down between every bite, it helps to slow down) and more or less at the same times every day, try to sleep well and the amount you need, and again regularly, stay free of stress as much as possible.

how it feels to live in suburbia, CA, in the middle of summer

-the sun is ominous, relentless. I burn myself on my seatbelt every day after work. I pray for tundra.
-pool filters hum a chorus that every day sounds more and more like the soundtrack to my death. One night the power went out, and they stopped humming. I couldn’t sleep without their song.
-all the houses look the same, all the houses are the same. I enter a home that isn’t mine and I know exactly where everything is. no, there’s no need for a tour, I already live here.
-the ice cream truck drives past my house every day at the same time. the doppler effect warps its cheery tune into something a little more sinister. I’ve never seen anyone go out to buy ice cream from it. I’ve never seen the driver’s face.
-every lawn is somehow green in the middle of a drought. a neighbor asks another, “what kind of fertilizer are you using?” but it sounds like, “what are you hiding?”

anxiety keeps me from doing the stupidest things like i wear the same t-shirt and jeans outfit every day because if i dressed how i actually wanted to dress then the barest amount of attention would be drawn to me and id spend the entire day holding back tears and breathing like a just ran a mile


Every single day is the same, I wake, I wallow, I fear for the loss of my life as it once was, it’s a fear of the future because I feel like what I had will never come back to me and then I sleep again. I’m in such a dark place. Every day I question the circumstances that brought me to this place. This train of thought always stops at the station marked ‘Husband’. The husband I don’t have according to my lawyer. My lawyer wanted to play the mental card during my trial because I was so avid that he exists but no one could find any record of him. I hadn’t made my husband up. How could I? 

How do you know he’s not a fabrication of your imagination

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They keep playing the same teen titans go episode every day and its the one where beast boy and raven are fake dating and its so hetero and obnoxious I want to barf

Edit: this post has raised a few questions, and I’ve tagged further analysis with ‘sandra’s signature’ - please please please check that tag before messaging me about this. Thanks!

I am inspecting the Sandra Bland arrest documentation (available to view here) and I actually… think I have found… some fucked up shit…

Here is a sample of Sandra’s signature from every signed page except for page 7:

I underlined strange spelling errors in the paperwork because I’m not familiar with American police policy and was unsure if documentation would be created anew for each inmate. I’ve enlarged her surname in each of these pictures, because this is where I found a discrepancy on page 7:

For reference, page 7 is the female inmate intake form, which is the form in which Sandra states she is not taking any medication:

compared to the unsigned page 2, in which she states she is taking medication:

It’s kind of hard to spot - and to be honest, if I didn’t deal with contracts on a daily basis at my own job, I might not have spotted it - but that B is not the same on this signature. I noticed a difference in the way the base of the letter was formed, and on closer inspection, it’s apparent that it has been formed in an entirely different way to any of the other signatures in the arrest documentation, which is unusual for a signature as the individual generally writes it the same way each time. That’s, y’know, the point of a signature.

I’ve made some comparisons of my own to show exactly how this signature differs from all the others.

Firstly, here are the other signatures again:

And here is the signature on page 1 compared with the signature on page 7:

Here are my own attempts at replicating each letter B. The first B is a copy of the letter as it appears in the image. The second is an exaggerated depiction of the letter to show how the letter was formed. The arrows on each second picture show the direction of the line I was drawing to form the letter in one fluid moment without having to remove my pen from the page (as you would in a signature).

This is a copy of the letter B as it appears in Sandra’s signature on pages 1, 4, 5, 9 and 10:

And this is a copy of the letter B as it appears in the signature on page 7:

This image shows each individual component / pen stroke required in order to form the letter in each signature:

As you can see, the only stroke that these two letters have in common is the first downward stroke. The second stroke takes the letter in an entirely different direction - Sandra usually forms an upward stroke behind the first one, then comes around to form the two curves, then makes an upward stroke to join the B to the next letter. The signature on page 7, after the initial downward stroke, makes a horizontal and upward stroke to form the two curves, then a downward stroke to form the base of the B and join it to the next one. 

This difference cannot be explained due to normal signature variation. No-one’s signature looks exactly the same each time they sign it, but they write it the same way – they make the same fluid movements with the pen. The letters are formed the way they usually write them, and any apparent variation is simply due to circumstance – pen pressure, paper quality, time etc. This signature is not the same signature as the others. There is no reason for Sandra to form her B this way in one signature only. The only conclusion to be drawn here is that Sandra did not sign her name on page 7. 

I also noticed this funky looking area on the very first page (the booking sheet) which definitely looks like the paperwork has been doctored, but without seeing the actual paperwork, it’s hard to speculate whether the actual arrest template has been amended (ie all booking sheets use this edited template and have this unusual area on them) or whether Sandra’s has been doctored after the fact.

I don’t think it’s uncalled for to ask the Waller County Sheriff Department to explain the inaccuracies in this arrest paperwork, and I strongly suggest that people inspect the documentation themselves to see if anything else is amiss – I know literally nothing about the American police system, so I can only spot errors like this. I don’t know if any of the actual information is inaccurate. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it was.

Edit 25.07.2015: Another reading that has been presented to me of this signature is as follows:

I do not personally agree with this reading, and view it like this:

but it’s important to keep both ideas in mind and rely on fact rather than suspicion, which is why I’m adding this amendment here.