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Gom teacher AU ( -murasakibara ) where they notice their feelings towards one of the students .

Kuroko: A bit of a hopeless romantic, Kuroko would be lying if he said he hadn’t imagined a forbidden love between himself and his student. Of course, it wouldn’t be forbidden any longer if they were no longer a student of his. He still keeps his feelings to himself, not sure if his student felt the same way or not, though every day it gets harder to keep it all in.

Kise: It was easy to tell that Kise was playing favorites with his students. He would always call on the same one to read for class, craving to hear their voice in any way possible. He was smart enough to know that nothing could ever happen between them outside the classroom though, so he kept his fantasies to himself with the confines of his school room.

Aomine: Did it come off as creepy that he would ask his student about their personal life? It shouldn’t matter if it happened on their own time, right? Aomine was careful about keeping things just between the two of them though, knowing any sort of special relationship he had with his student could not only affect his career, but his reputation as well.

Midorima: His job meant so much to him, Midorima couldn’t jeopardize it because of an infatuation he had with a student. The moment he realizes he’s developing feelings, he makes an effort to stamp out any affection he may have. Even if this meant changing the class he had to teach, he’d do it. It’s not like a relationship between them would work anyway.

Akashi: Despite his feelings, Akashi knew there were certain lines he just couldn’t cross as a teacher. He doesn’t go so far as to switch his position on the school board, but he does distance himself from the student. It comes off as a little cold, going from having a favorite to suddenly treating everyone the same, but it’s what he has to do.


It’s out there you know, that big beast with a thirst for life.  It’s coming for you and you know it. When it catches you, you’ll be Right Back Where You Were Before.  You’ll be ordinary. You’ll be starved for art, you’ll be wading through the muck of every-single-day-the-same-fucking-thing. Chained in your cubicle, growing pale under florescent lights.  Waiting for payday, waiting for the weekend and that two week vacation when you’ll swear you will change your life someday.  But the Beast found you there, didn’t it? It found you wandering aimlessy, and bouncing off walls. It found out you’re not who you thought you were. It Knows The Truth.  Doesn’t it?  We’ve called the Gods, they’re bringing your Prozac.

Mamo Blog - 2017.04.24 (Eng. Translation)

Living as Izmir

Today as well,

The musical「Crest of the Royal Family」,

For coming and watching,

Really really thank you very much!!

Every day isn’t the same。

Everytime isn’t the same。

That’s right,

Living on stage。

Living as Izmir。

Next time,

What kind of time will be born。

What kind of emotions will be born。

To my heart’s content

With my soul。

With all my strength,

To the stage………!!

With that said,


Full body Izmir☆

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Holy s***! Has it really been 4 years? I have been on this hellsite for far too long...Welcome back!

lmao i tell myself the same thing every day, anon. i feel like a tumblr granny.

thank you!!

I wonder if you see me everywhere, in the small things. 
If, when you smell coffee, you see me smiling over a warm cup.
When you wake up in your bed, alone, you wish I was in it too.
When you see a nice bunch of flowers, or the ocean, you think of how much I would enjoy them.
When you watch a sad movie, of how you would hold me while I weep.
When the sun sets, if you think of me sitting somewhere and watching it, and smile that I do the same thing every day.
When you see a dog or any animal, you take a picture to send to me, because you know how I love them.
When you walk past a chocolate shop, you think of me.
Or a book shop, and how many hours I could spend in one.
When it rains, and you think of how I’m probably curled up in my armchair with a book, hiding my expressions behind my glasses and a big cup of tea.
When it’s sunny, and you think of how I’m probably lying out in the sun by the water, taking in that fresh sea air I love so much.
When it’s cold, and you think of how I’m probably walking down the street, wrapped in my biggest coat and scarf, silently shivering away.
When it’s warm, and you think of how I’m probably in the ocean, swimming away, or licking an ice cream in just a t-shirt and shorts.
If a song reminds you of me that I’ve told you I liked, or if watching a movie I’ve watched makes you wish I was watching it with you.

Because I am constantly reminded of you. There is not a point in my day where something won’t lead me back to you. You never leave my mind, because you never leave my heart. It’s like my heart wants me to see you, to never forget you, or how I feel for you. It never lets me forget how much you mean to me, how much of my world revolves around you. How much I wish you knew.

—  24/04/17 9:30 p.m. 

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Ah! Maybe it's the girly part of me lol but are you gonna have her wear more dresses?! Since it's Balem, I doubt he'd let her wear the same thing every day ;)

Oh yeah, girl. I have two other dresses in mind lol Balem is going to spoil the living hell out of her. She’s his little play thing as far as he’s concerned right now, and he needs her to look lovely 24/7.

See, Balem is more in lust after her. And in my story, once he saw her in the dungeons he wanted her, so he’s keeping her alive because that’s his toy. Until he falls in love 😏


q: Is there a reason that among the members, the two of you in particular got close to each other?
cy: I think the way we play is really similar.

When you see a hot girl for the first time and realise that you might not be as heterosexual as you first thought.

I would honestly die for tarjei like,,, he is so precious and talented and so young yet so deserving of all the recognition he’s getting now, and that he’ll get in the future. I’m so happy that we, as skam fans, got to see his journey right from the beginning, and get to witness his career taking off. I hope he knows how extremely proud of him we are