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hey i want to start watching overwatch twitch streamers. who do you recommend?

OMG i dont keep up w many streamers tbh?? if anyone has suggestions feel free to reply but ppl I personally like/support:

💖geguri is literally one of the best tank mains in the world (its honestly p easy for western followers to catch her streams cuz she is. hm. this chick needs to fix her circadian rhythm or some shit cuz u can catch her staying up til like fucking 5am korean time)
💖eeveea is an insane top500 mercy one trick and shes absolutely sweet and really patient on her twitter and stream. i jus like her
💖rammyOW is a top500 lúcio! shes really cute! she has a tumblr!
💖kolorbastion is a top500 bastion player and from what ive seen of her vods + streams shes just honestly rly down to earth so i like her
💖animetic is also soo sweet i dont watch them stream but they post youtube videos every saturday and their girlfriend comments on every single one of their videos with “💖alimetic💖” which is their. fucking ship name
✨i hate ryujehong but hes so fucking funny. hes SO fucking funny
✨wraxu is basically a human turd in disposition but i watch him a lot cuz hes a pro hanzo and hes p chill in an upsettingly charismatic fashion as people have admitted 🤷🏻‍♀️ he also upsets xqc a lot which i find extremely entertaining
✨seagull hasnt streamed in a while cuz hes been playing for dallas fuel but i like him hes just all around a nice guy

yeah thats all thats coming to mind rn. u can find most of these players on youtube tbh cuz obv catching streams can kinda suck if u cant keep up w their schedule

ID #54995

Name: Shanleigh
Age: 20
Country: Australia

Hii everyone, how are you!

First off I’d like to say my ultimate goal is to make some really good friends here
I am a 20 year old girl from a small town in Australia who loves
🎮gaming (we can vs each other)
🌿 nature (crystals, plants, stars)
📺Tv shows including, SKAM, rick and morty, suspicious partner, daria, orphan black, riverdale, the vampire diaries, anime
🎧 music
✏️Drawing and art- if you’re also interested in art we could send each other things!
🧡I love animation and would love to Make animation videos I think I follow every animation channel on YouTube I also upload some vlog videos on YouTube sometimes

I think I have a big personality, I like jokes and sarcasm and laughing
I would love a penpal that would be willing to write snail mail possibly straight away or if that’s not possible chatting on any type of social media is a-ok 😊 I am a very caring person by nature I am also quite outgoing, so if I seem a bit forward at first it’s only because I’m excited to meet you!
I also plan to send photos of my dog, cats, plant babies so be ready!

Preferences: 20+ but if your 19 that’s cool too, I’d love snail mail but will also love chatting on other social media (maybe both?)

ive watched just about every black beauty youtuber roast the shape tape foundation shade range today and im weak as hell that tarte even fixed they mouths to even announce that bullshit lmao, the shades are literally white whiter white beige beigier beige sand sandier sand and then laura carrot orange and peanut butter baby brown

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I love how every fucking wannabe critic youtuber is trying to have a feud with Matthewmatosis and he doesn't even care.


would you want beef with him

he’s what every youtuber critic should aspire to be

even when I DISAGREE with him I don’t automatically hate his ass cause he doesn’t phrase it in some stupidly obnoxious way and go around acting like he wants internet fights every day of his exist-



the news: seemingly every week: this youtuber with FIFTEEN MILLION SUBSCRIBERS just posted the most HORRIBLE and OFFENSIVE video

me, every single time: i have never heard of this person in my entire life 

Imagine Flug as the type of gamer who rage quits in games like Mario Kart 8.

Black Hat and Demencia are the lil’ shits that enjoy them, mainly because it’s one of those rare moments they get to make the doctor truly mad. And make him curse like a sailor.

Flug: *is first on the final lap**only has coins and a banana*

Demencia: *has six red shells**throws all of them*

Flug: Oh geez THANKS Demencia. I absolutely LOVE getting fucked in the ass with- HOW THE FUCK DO YOU HAVE SIX FUCKING RED SHELLS??!!!

Demencia: Pfffffffhahahaha! git rekt.

Black Hat: *throws blue shell**was already locked on Flug before Demencia took first* 

Flug: *is instantly thrown to last place at the end of the race*

Flug: *smashes anything within a five foot radius*

Black Hat and Demencia: *currently on the floor laughing their asses off*

Flug: FUCK THIS! I’d rather slave myself to death in the lab than deal with this fuckin’ bullshit! *leaves*

Demencia: *sings while in tears* Baby come back~

Flug: *in a distance* FUCK YOU.

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Ahahah! I love your youtuber Amami so i wanted to possibly see a youtuber Shuichi who would do something along the lines of Buzzfeed unsolved and occasionally conspiracy theories...? Thank you very much, hope you have a great day!

yes! here’s a snippet from saihara’s youtube channel!! 

You’re not a real lesbian if

you never watched a 3 hour-length video on YouTube called “ Every *gayshipname* scene of *ShittyTVShowName*”.

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Do Kokichi and Miu ever colab in your yt au????

yep! here’s some of kokichi’s collab playlists