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Steph. There's a post going around arguing that our John doesn't love Sherlock but despises him (it's not an anti johnlock post tho) and it made me ridiculously sad. Can you give some examples of John loving Sherlock? :( It really bothered me

Yeah, Nonny, I saw that one too. While I can understand where the argument lies, Uhhhh I just don’t see it the way they do. I’ve written a similar meta before, but I never broke it down before. This isn’t all of them, just a short little list…for instance:

  • FIRST OF ALL: JOHN’S BLOG. If I didn’t know that it was official, I would have thought it was a fan-site. It’s terribly romantic and John essentially fawns over Sherlock in almost every entry. Read especially the entries done during the hiatus. They’re… just… JOHN, PLEASE.
  • Martin’s acting. Just, every time John is around Sherlock, his face does 300 different emotions, but the most blatant is lust / adoration / incredulity. 
  • Anytime the show is in John’s POV, it’s just… Sherlock is this ethereal being that John “can look but not touch”.
  • THE FUCKING PILOT. Just… The whole Pilot. John is literally one step away from jumping Sherlock in a back alley. And the really gay rooftop music. Just. Listen to that and be amazed at how gay that is. That’s ALL from John’s POV. AND John had this look on his face:
  • ASIP:
    • John had a limp until Sherlock came into his life and gave it new meaning.
    • John has trust issues – Mycroft confirms this and says John doesn’t trust easily – yet for some reason he was okay with Sherlock. “And the madman himself? He’s fascinating.”
    • He hits on Sherlock the first night. Granted this isn’t a sign of love, but dear god John had no idea that one little thing and rejection would start his endless pining.
    • Laughing against the wall together, and in awe at Sherlock curing his limp.
    • The eye sex. Good god, the eye sex. 
    • He stands up to Mycroft DEFENDING Sherlock and he has no idea who Mycroft is or what he’s capable of.
    • Even though he didn’t know Sherlock that long, he ran after Sherlock when the phone pinged.
    • He killed a man for Sherlock after knowing him for only about 24 hours, and had no guilt about it.
  • TBB
    • His PIN is “SHER”. Like at this point he’s only known Sherlock for a couple months and he already changed his PIN to “SHER”???? COME ON, JOHN, PLEASE.
    • He goes after Sherlock rather than protect Soo Lin, because he is worried Sherlock will hurt himself.
    • Spends his whole date with Sarah thinking about and talking to Sherlock. He constantly checks over his shoulder to see Sherlock’s reactions to literally everything.
    • And this was all after he just constantly lingers his gaze over Sherlock for the first half of the episode.
    • Eye sex.
  • TGG
    • He has incredible guilt about the blog post that causes the Yard to make fun of Sherlock.
    • “I thought you would have been flattered”. Literally John is hurt that Sherlock seemingly doesn’t like his blog. They had a fucking DOMESTIC because of a BLOG POST and John’s hurt feelings. Hashtag MARRIED.
    • John races back to Baker Street from Sarah’s AFTER SHE’S SUGGESTIVE WITH HIM just to make sure Sherlock is okay.
    • John’s jealousy towards Jim flirting with Sherlock.
    • *sighs* EYE SEX.
    • John was willing to kill The Golem for Sherlock.
    • John, strapped to a bomb vest, took an opening and grappled and held on tight to Moriarty, told Sherlock to run. Essentially, he was willing to sacrifice his body to a slurry of gunfire and an explosion if only Sherlock would be safe from Moriarty.
    • “People would talk.” Why does that concern you so much, John.
    • Then, John was willing to die with Sherlock, without hesitation. They shared one single look and it was done.
  • ASiB
    • John’s jealousy throughout the entire episode; he wouldn’t be jealous if there wasn’t some latent pining.
    • MORE eye sex and toffee eyes, or John looking like a kicked puppy for half the episode because he is sad that Irene seems to have taken his place.
    • John essentially gives up dating in this episode.
    • John goes on a case for Sherlock because Sherlock was too lazy to go on his own.
    • John checking out Sherlock in a sheet. 
    • Followed by them being silly.
    • The unnecessary tackle.
    • John had a date the night that Irene drugged Sherlock, but John stayed home to take care of Sherlock instead. Oh and the bum pat. JOHN, PLEASE.
    • John’s concern about Sherlock’s danger night has him teaming up with both Mrs Hudson and Mycroft.
    • John decided to try to pick up Sherlock again, only to be cock-blocked by Irene.
    • Even though he was with Jeanette, John consistently pays more attention to Sherlock at Christmas, eventually driving Jeanette to call John out on his obsession with Sherlock, naming Sherlock as her “competition”.
    • Irene knows EXACTLY what John likes. 
    • John confronts Irene and tells her to tell Sherlock she’s alive, because he hates seeing Sherlock upset; he thinks Sherlock was grieving about her, and not over his confused feelings John.
    • Irene essentially tells John HE LOVES SHERLOCK. She compares herself to him, AND JOHN DOESN’T DENY IT, but silently acknowledges that yes, he and Sherlock are a couple.
    • John wants to talk about what happened at Battersea, but Sherlock denies him because Sherlock’s scared of his own feelings and thinks he’s protecting John from Moriarty by keeping him at arm’s length.
    • John thinks Sherlock would be hurt to discover that Irene is for-real dead this time, so he chooses to lie, because John doesn’t want Sherlock to go into a sad fit again. John chose the “kinder” option, and then gives Sherlock what he wants when he asks for the phone even though it is not allowed.
  • THOB
    • John goes on a holiday with Sherlock. Just… they go on a holiday. There’s no argument about it, just… they go.
    • John doesn’t deny that he and Sherlock are together when the Innkeeper assumes they are together, rather he deflects, because it’s too close to the truth.
    • John pulls rank to show off to Sherlock for a change.
    • The cheekbones and the coat collar, essentially revealing that he stares at Sherlock all the time.
    • John forgives Sherlock for his brashness, experimentation, and ignorance of John.
  • TRF
    • Eye sex.
    • Another “people will talk” comment when they hold hands, and THEN John still holds onto Sherlock’s sleeve while Sherlock is babbling on.
    • John’s anger at both Kitty and Jim, defending Sherlock’s honour.
    • The rooftop exchange between the two and John’s unwavering faith in Sherlock (“I know you for real”).
    • John’s complete breakdown at seeing Sherlock dead.
    • The graveyard. Fuck.
  • MHR 
  • TEH
    • John physically goes to Baker St. to “move on”. John couldn’t, in 2 years, bring himself to stay at Baker Street because it reminded him too much of Sherlock. Mrs Hudson calls him out on how he was “after” and John doesn’t say anything. Then he is angry about the comment that they were a couple because THEY WEREN’T. He blames himself for Sherlock’s death. 
    • To “move on”, John jumps into a relationship to get over Sherlock believing that his miracle would never come, only to have Sherlock come back at the worst moment and Mary manipulate John into a proposal.
    • Donde Estas, Yolanda? This song pretty much is John’s heart speaking.Actually, most of the music selection is really very “John” and his inner turmoil of trying to understand if he should try to make a move on Sherlock. Music in Sherlock is always important; it’s always projecting the feelings of either John or Sherlock on a subtextual level.
    • More eye sex.
    • John returning to Baker Street on his own, before the bonfire, dressed in his old outfit… It’s the only time in the whole episode he dresses like “pre-S3” John"… And his oscillation on the pavement and all that. 
    • And John’s RETURNS to 221b a second time. Because he can’t stay away.
    • I know it doesn’t look like it, but John forgave Sherlock.
    • “I was hooked. He’s like a drug.” JOHN, PLEASE.
    • #SherlockLives means #JohnWatsonLives. JOHN H. WATSON, PLEASE.
  • TSo3
    • SURPRISE! More eye sex and toffee eyes.
    • Stag night, pretty much all of it. It’s clear John is trying to loosen Sherlock up to make him more receptive to John’s advances. John tries to hit on Sherlock one more time before the marriage, but Sherlock was too drunk to understand what was happening. John assumes, with finality, that Sherlock doesn’t want him that way.
    • The obviously staged tumble forward to grab at Sherlock’s knee, followed by, “I don’t mind” and an indifferent shrug.
    • “I’m there if you want it.”
    • John’s first reaction to Sherlock’s adorable confusion after the best man speech was to hug Sherlock; he loves him so much that he is very moved by Sherlock’s admission to the whole of the room to how much John means to Sherlock. John even cried beforehand, and you can just SEE his FUCKING FACE glow every time he looks at Sherlock.
    • John ALSO grabs and holds Sherlock’s neck not once but twice in this episode.
    • John cluing in at the end of the episode that Sherlock does indeed feel something more for John when they share a look, and not being able to deal with his mistake, so he no-homo’d out of there because it hurt too much.
  • HLV
    • Only a month into their marriage, John is having wet dreams about Sherlock, and is visibly disappointed when Sherlock is not the one at the door.
    • John contacts Mycroft when Sherlock is overdosed.
    • Only to kick him out shortly after because he is upsetting Sherlock.
    • He tries to make Sherlock laugh and succeeds.
    • John’s jealousy once again, this time over Janine.
    • John’s longing looks to Sherlock.
    • John’s subtle “I want to come, too” when Sherlock mentions the case.
    • When John is searched at the flat, he makes a joke about his dick IN FRONT OF SHERLOCK to another man.
    • John’s immediate reaction to Sherlock being shot.
    • John’s off-screen acceptance to let Sherlock show him the truth about his murderer.
    • Mary knew that John loved Sherlock. It’s the whole reason she needed Sherlock gone, because John was starting to stray.
    • She didn’t want John to name the baby.
    • “John, you are addicted to a certain lifestyle. You’re abnormally attracted to dangerous situations and people.” [x]
    • Not really confirmed, but fandom assumes John left to stay at Baker Street during the 6 months we haven’t seen to care for Sherlock.
    • John’s acceptance at Sherlock’s plan for Appledore, even though it’s Christmas.
    • John not even flinching at the “damsel in distress” line.
    • John begrudgingly allowing himself to be flicked in the face just because Sherlock begged him to.
    • John’s horrified expression when Sherlock kills someone for him.
    • The Tarmac Scene, pretty much the whole thing. It’s set up like Casablanca’s plane scene, and John knows he has to let Sherlock go; he fumbles to find the right words to say to Sherlock. John, though, knew exactly what Sherlock was going to / wanted to say, and I think it hurts him that Sherlock never admitted his feelings.
  • TAB 
    • Because this episode takes place entirely in Sherlock’s head, I don’t think we should really include it in this list, but I’m going to anyway, since Sherlock actually picked up on John’s love for him. He knows that John will accept him regardless of his faults if he confessed his love for him. I think this is why S4 doesn’t sit right with me, because it completely diverted from this HUGE revelation that Sherlock had made in TAB.
    • Sherlock understands that John will always choose him, in the end. Again, another thing that makes S4 so OOC.
    • Also something that should be noted, running on the assumption that the modern scenes may possibly be real, John is concerned about the overdose and the fact that it could kill Sherlock.
    • Mycroft’s plea to John signifies that Myc knows about how much John cares for Sherlock.

And these are a crapshoot, because the whole series did a 180˚ with the narrative and John’s character. I’m so angry because I don’t believe for one second John would choose Mary over Sherlock. Anyway, here goes:

Granted, it gets less and less obvious in S3 and S4; S3 because I believe that we are in Sherlock’s POV and he perceives his relationship with John differently, and in S4 because I believe that S4 is a false narrative and it literally took great pains to keep them separated for some stupid reason.

Finally, I’ve also written about why John loves Sherlock in past posts, because of similar discourse:

I hope all of these help you feel better, Nonny, and please, everyone, I most likely will have missed many-a-point, so please add to them – I study Sherlock’s character more than John’s, so I have a harder time seeing John’s cues!

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okay so reece king aka real life nursery posted some pics on Instagram of him in nothing but tights and CAN YOU PLEASE JUST IMAGINE DEX GETTING SNAPCHATS OF DEREK IN JUST FISHNETS AND JUST DYING PLEASE

There are reasons that Nursey and Ransom aren’t allowed to get drunk together unsupervised.

Very good reasons.

Very logical reasons.

Reasons that they both forgot two hours ago, when Ransom walked into his dorm room with a handle of Jack Daniels and a liter of Coke.

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How would the boys react to Candy in her prom dress? (Being that they finally can date out in the open, amber isn't mean as much etc. All the drama is over)

Mmmm one thing i love about prom is how lit everyone looks just woW. Prom headcanons are too short so i’ll add some things they would do at prom. i wanna also add some songs that the boys and Candy would dance to bc i’m extra like that. I also added some dresses bc, again, i’m extra like that and so y’all don’t ask



Reaction to her dress: Honestly, Nathaniel would be in awe. He would probably stop in his tracks, for a moment, then smile. Thinking as if Candy just can’t stop being beautiful, she always is. Tad cliche, but those are his thoughts. Being the prince charming we all know he is, he’d give Candy a complement; “It’s as if I can’t believe how beautiful you can be,” Nath would kiss her, before he takes her by her hand and leads her to prom.

Song: Janet Jackson - Doesn’t Really Matter.

  • Honestly, has one of the best suits in prom.
  • Back of his mind he’s sweating bullets he doesn’t wanna touch the dance floor
  • On the look out for the other guys, he honestly should just chill for a second.
  • Lets Candy have her space if she wants, but is usually behind her
  • Drinks some punch,, about one or two drinks
  • If Candy’s off with her friends, Nath would chill around his own - preferably Armin or Kentin.
  • Melody tries to make a move on him but he’s just “Melody…Could you please just not?
  • Though he’s not annoyed, he looks annoyed - with his infamous “natural look of displeasure”.
  • That one guy that will go to a party and want to leave an hour later.
  • Won’t dance - he might if Candy wants to, though.
  • A slow dancer, definitely - he’s not some boogie kind of guy.
  • Avoids the buffet and every single sweet on the table, doesn’t know who or who didn’t touch all over it.
  • Raised his own money to buy his suit and tie.
  • The closest thing he’s went to eating something sweet, was a dark chocolate covered strawberry.
  • Such a romantic on the dance floor, he’s the; charming dancer.
  • Gets very tired, he’s not a party kind of guy.
  • Thought the prom would be more formal.
  • Complements the other students outfits, likes seeing different styles.
  • Dances with everyone - he’s not getting on the dance floor alone.
  • Seriously, this song has no rhythm - how do they expect everyone to dance to it?
  • Obviously, the two end up being the prom king and queen.


Reaction to her dress: Oh yes Castiel would be looking up down and all around. Maybe not all around - but you get my drift. He’d put his hand on his hip and give Candy such a big smirk “And I thought I looked good tonight.” he’s only half-joking.

He knows he looks good too - just not as good as Candy. Wraps his arms around her waist and gives her a very deep kiss, before opening the door for her to prom.

Song: Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like.

  • Came for Candy, there’s no way he came by himself.
  • Has his ponytail up, it’s a rare sight to see with other students - except Lysander, that’s normal.
  • Would have his arm around Candy the whole time.
  • Candy’s gonna have to lead bc inside, he’s lost on what to do here.
  • Would show off Candy if she’d let him.
  • Kinda eats from the buffet but doesn’t really care for it.
  • Obviously if Candy to talk with her friends, there’s no doubt he’s talking to Lysander.
  • Drops a complement or two to his friends about their outfits, thinks they’re cool.
  • No one can tell him he can’t have punch, cause he’s having enough to be satisfied and enough not to get drunk.
  • Doesn’t know how to dance ?? Like what is dancing anyway-
  • Isn’t dancing Candy might have to drag him.
  • Proud of his choice with his suit, might wear it to special occasions more than this one.
  • Always has that red drinking cup in his hand.
  • Amber could try to flaunt her outfit around he and Candy, but he’d honestly ignore her.
  • Doesn’t waste his breath on anyone he doesn’t like, it’s supposed to be a good night.
  • Sits down when it’s time to dance like - he’s not gonna move, he’ll drink and watch.
  • If Candy somehow managed to get him on the floor ??
  • Honestly, if you didn’t come here, then I wouldn’t be here.
  • Likes the DJ’s music, probably recognizes some of the songs.
  • This boy can tango, his mom probably danced that way and he caught onto it.
  • Acts a tad kinky when they dance together just to get a reaction.


Reaction to her dress: Lysander be in awe for a few seconds, but give the most prettiest smile to her. Such a pure warm smile, it needs to be put into a frame. Lys would kiss her before saying anything about her dress.

You’re just getting more and more beautiful everyday, Candy.” probably kisses her another time, but a little more gentle. Obviously, he’d open the door for her and lead her in.

Song: Kucka - Honey (Medasin Remix).

  • Nathaniel can wear all of the suits he wants, but Lysander is always gonna be the best dressed.
  • Looks like his hair is a bit more fluffy and curlier tonight.
  • Had to fight the urge not to wear a top hat that night, thinks he would look out of place if he did.
  • The best dressed out of everyone, he slays everyone in the room.
  • Looks very content about everything, doesn’t seem uneasy around all the people.
  • Doesn’t like the flashy lights, probably rolled his eyes because of the “extra-ness”.
  • Hangs around Candy, she’d be in charge - he’d want for her to be happy first.
  • Misses cuddles,,
  • Glances at Candy every now and then, was teased by Rosalya.
  • Wouldn’t mind dancing, but would prefer to do it when everyone else was on the floor.
  • Is actually SHY to complement her as he usually does. Gdi Candy Lysbaby can’t with this,,
  • Engages in conversations with other students, takes it as a “joyous occasion to talk to peers”.
  • Formal and kind to most of the students, probably serves some students their punch.
  • Honestly has been teased by Castiel as well for blushing around Candy lmao
  • Would ask Candy if she’d like to dance, she wouldn’t need to drag him making her job easiER
  • Loves seeing different styles on the students, thinks it’s interesting to see what they can come up with.
  • A lot more observant of the prom room rather than he is verbal with anyone else tbh.
  • Tried some pastry tarts from the buffet ?? And he fell in love with them.
  • Is the; charming dancer, we all saw this coming.


Reaction to her dress: Let’s be real, Armin would be very forward about Candy’s looks. Had a surprised expression on his face, that turns into that sexy smile of his.

Wow…! You’re looking super hot tonight,” adding onto his sentence, “Not like you aren’t everyday, anyway.” He’d give her a deep kiss, that lasts a bit longer than usual. He’d open the door and let her in and let the party begin!

Song: Daft Punk - One More Time.

  • Considers the prom more as a “party” than it is a “prom”.
  • Candy would have to explain the slight difference in it, bc he’ll ask about it.
  • …Basically the boring version of a party and everyone dances?
  • Alexy had to pick out his outfit, there’s no way that Armin was gonna pick out a suit on his own.
  • Doesn’t drink, he doesn’t like how people get drunk or have hangovers - sounds like it sucks. Nor does he want one tbh
  • That one guy that starts a dance fight just for shits and giggles.
  • Dances like a dork just to embarrass Candy, but he can boogie
  • So, Sweetness, what did you think of my cool moves back there?” knows he was dancing like an idiot.
  • Doesn’t really look at the other students outfits, they’re just outfits.
  • Pretty impressed with the decor of the area, glances here and there - thinks it’s pretty fancy for some highschoolers.
  • Such a picky eater when it comes to the buffet - takes years to make a decision on what he wants.
  • Actually likes his outfit, thinks he looks good - looked at himself once or twice in a mirror.
  • Didn’t leave his PSP behind, he played with it in the car - it’s resting in his tux pocket.
  • Still wearing his beanie some suit that Alexy picked out won’t stop him.
  • Won’t hesitate to give her a quick kiss on the cheek if she’s leaving or if he’s leaving.
  • Is the “boogie down” dancer, likes spinning Candy around when they dance.
  • Always ends the dance, spinning Candy around, and catching her from behind with a smile. He loves that move and he loves doing it.


Reaction to her dress: Pfft - Kentin is easily flustered, that’s for sure. Would almost tumble, but maintain himself. He’d try not to be super awkward checking Candy out, managing to say “You….You look absolutely stunning,” gives her a sweet kiss. He’d hold her hand, entering prom the same time she does.

Song: The Isley Brothers - For The Love Of You.

  • Wasn’t ready for so many people to be in the same room, he’s not very extroverted.
  • Follows Candy around, not very sure what to do.
  • Ok but he’s glanced at Candy LOADS of times and still isn’t over her beauty tbh.
  • Got teased by Alexy and then double teased with Armin, tag team teasers.
  • Drinks the punch somewhat, two or three cups of it, he just likes the fruit.
  • Lives at the buffet, helps around and takes some pastries - gives some to Candy.
  • Tried to give Candy a piece of his cake and got it on her face,, he felt bad but - Candy ate it anyways.
  • Surprisingly, the best dancer on the floor…only if he wasn’t so awkward to the idea of being in front of everyone else,,
  • Feels like he looks good tonight, glad he does too.
  • Super blushy when he dances with Candy like now he has a closeup ?? Candy would have to tell him it’s “alright” and it’s “okay”, he knows it is but - he’s just timid about it all.
  • Likes spinning Candy around and catching her, probably kissed her.
  • The type of dance he’d do is “swing” basically the retro version of the waltz, with spinning.
  • Thinks his suit is basic but figures it’d be classy to wear.
  • Always straightens out his tux, he doesn’t want it to be wrinkly
  • I remember when we had a prom in middle school, it was nothing like this.”
  • Likes slow dancing, has his head resting in Candy’s neck and holds her close by her waist.
  • If Candy was his dance at their middle school prom, he’d bring it up like “It’s funny how we grew up, doing this again”.
  • If not, then he’s timid to it but alright - now that they’re together.
Lost and Found (M)

Originally posted by vminv

Summary: The only thing bigger than Park Jimin’s ass is his ego. After one too many scandals, after one too many mornings stumbling back to the dorms drunk or ruining the reputations of other idols, Jimin is given an ultimatum: complete a rehabilitation program in America or leave Bangtan.
Pairing: problematic idol!Jimin x reader
Word Count: 20.088
A/N: not what I should have been working on but what demanded to be written. Jimin’s hair goes from orange to black to blond to silver, and you’ll see why. The story begins in mid-August, and conversations in italics are spoken in English. I hope you like it!

Read on AO3 if mobile’s having issues

The first thing Park Jimin hears is, “Rise and shine, superstar,” and then cold water is poured on his face.

“What the fuck!” Jimin snaps, jerking up in bed. He’d been warm and content, wrapped around a pretty brunette he couldn’t recall the features of, couldn’t remember the name of to ask her to please shut the fuck up, your screaming is really annoying this early in the morning, the fuck. She’d been splashed with some of the water, and maybe if it wasn’t so early- the sun wasn’t even in the sky yet, the fuck- then Jimin would feel a little bit of sympathy. “Don’t you know who I am?”

Jimin pushes his wet bangs from his eyes, narrowed and pointed in anger when he comes face to face with his manager, grinning victoriously over an empty bottle. Jimin’s starkly naked, but his manager has seen him in worse conditions before. On his hangover scale this morning barely registers as a five, so other than the ice cold wake up call, Jimin’s doing pretty hot.

“Unfortunately, I do. Now get up, Park. Your flight leaves in three hours.”

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Dirty Laundry

Request I picked up from @wwe-smutfics: Anon: QUOTE SERIES: Johnny Gargano. The two of you are relatively new roommates with the quote “I DIDN’T MEAN TO WALK IN ON YOU NAKED AGAIN! YOU REALLY NEED TO LEARN TO LOCK YOUR DOOR!“

Summary: Life wasn’t perfect. Most people weren’t perfect. My ability to spot trustworthy people wasn’t perfect. But Johnny Gargano? Oh yeah, he was perfect in every sense. Except his issue with locking doors and leaving his dirty clothes in the hallway. Ambiguous gender reader character.

Warnings: Admiring of a butt [Johnny’s], swearing, theft, skeevy ex, seeing the roommate without clothes on, and Raini’s usual potty mouth.

Rating: High PG-13?

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Tricher (Thomas/Reader/Alexander)

Ah yes, time for a little angst and cheating brought to you by an idea I got at like 2 AM that someone probably already did. Enjoy, my friends. I didn’t go through and check it much so there may be some mistakes, but I did my best.

Warnings: Cheating, angst, swearing (a lot of swearing), kind of a neighbor AU, modern AU, the beginning of a pretty rollercoaster-y series.

Words: 1402

Second part | Third part

The couch of your boyfriend’s apartment never seemed to fail to bring you some joy after a long day. Whenever your boyfriend wasn’t there, the couch was always there instead, to comfort you. Especially lately, since your boyfriend was growing extremely distant day by day. He’d spend more time with his friends, always be home late from work, always be taking the long ways to and from places- a ton of suspicious stuff.

It was currently 9 PM on a Saturday. You hadn’t seen him since 7 AM yesterday, when he left for work. You trusted him, though, even though your friends didn’t. Thomas was a good man who wouldn’t do any wrong, like your friends thought he would. He was probably just spending the night at a coworker’s place after overworking himself, which he tended to do too often.

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“Skam Imagine Part 1: Chris Schistad cheers you up at your surprise birthday party”

Inspired by Fickle Game by Amber Run

warnings: Chris is the world’s best kisser, pass it on

[I do not own the gif above!]


You’d had many dreams about coming home to house a chaos and screaming, in fact it was one of your most recurring nightmares. Mind you, it usually involved watching your family get murdered or something only of nightmares. Coming back from the library to find half of your school already waiting at your house was just as traumatizing. You didn’t think even three quarters of the partying teens knew who you were, but no one passed up a good party. 

Was it a good party? Were people going to talk about your birthday party for days to come? 

Maybe it wasn’t the end of the world. 

You knew it was Eva who had set it up but the way she opened the door with a sly grin and a big gift box that she kept shoving in your direction. You had taken the box and opened it before Eva tore it apart for you, not worrying about the beautiful yellow ribbon around it. 

“You’re giving me a dress?” Your eyes skimmed over the silky red number and internally cringed. It was gorgeous, absolutely stunning, but it wasn’t exactly… you

“Don’t look at it with such disdain, Y/N, it’s your size and everything. You’re going to be the hottest person here. Besides me, obviously, but it’s your birthday so you get to be second hottest.”

You gave her a pointed look and then glanced back down at the dress. It was insanely gorgeous, and it was your birthday. Maybe you could wear it just this once? 

“But really, it’s going to look amazing. And Kåre is here, so not only can you ask him out finally, but you’ll be in the perfect outfit.  

Somehow you had wound up in the dress quicker than you would have thought possible. The mention of the boy you seemed head over heels for, for the past two years, was at your party. 

You bounced down the stairs and gave hugs to your friends who seemed a little tipsy and quite excited to see the birthday girl. Noora handed you a gift, too excited to wait to give it to you, and you opened it quickly. Noora always gave the best gifts, usually from second hand stores or homemade. And every single one was chosen with love. 

You look at the silver bracelet that had an amethyst stone in the middle, a small hairline fracture down the middle. It was one of the prettiest thing you’d ever seen and instantly recognized it from the homemade jewelry store across from where you worked. You were always tempted to buy the entire store. 

“Noora, it’s beautiful, thank you so much,” you gushed to her loudly. 

She gave you another hug and Chris came bounding around the corner in one of her crazy outfits that always looked fabulous on her. She gave you an almost forceful kiss and grabbed you by the shoulders. 

“I’m poor, Y/N. But I’m a damn good kisser,” she exclaimed drunkenly, making you laugh and hug her tightly. 

Eva suddenly was leading you away from the other girls and pushing you in the direction towards him. Kåre was standing only a few feet away, a drink in his hands and one of his friends by his side. His black hair was covering his eyes and your hand twitched, longing to reach out and push it out of his face. 

That boy had totally consumed your thoughts. 

“Kåre, have any words for the birthday girl?” You flinched at Eva’s incredibly loud voice and froze when he looked right at you. Eva seemed to slither into the crowd and abandon you to face Kåre coming right towards you. 

“Y/N! What’s up? I didn’t know this was your party!” 

You opened your mouth and closed it, twice, while trying to decide if you should be offended or not. It wasn’t a big deal, so he didn’t know who’s party he was it? It’s not like Eva had sent our pretty invitations or anything that he had been looking at for a week. At least you didn’t think so; you assumed she’d just spread the word at school. 

“Yeah, it’s my birthday. Gettin’ older,” you mumbled with a forced laugh. 

“Cool. You look pretty hot,” he said a little bluntly, making you realize he was definitely a little tipsy. You were dumfounded at first, even excited, that he found you attractive. Then you felt insanely awkward. 

“You too,” you said shakily, hoping he didn’t realize how nervous you were. The two of you’d had classes together and even group projects, but you’d never really talked that much. Not outside of classes at least. 

“Anyways, I have to find some of my friends. And tell your friend, Eva I think, to come find me later.” He winked at you and seemed to disappear so quickly you wondered if he had even been there. 

What did he mean about Eva? 

Realization dawned on you and you slowly felt every part of your body crumble into a thousand pieces. Every little bit of hope that you’d had for you and Kåre disappeared. He was into Eva. Suddenly your birthday, your dress, and even your friends couldn’t cheer you up in the slightest. You turned away from the crowd of people in your living room and decided to hide in the kitchen. 

The two people making out against your counter seemed slightly irritated that they were no longer alone and scrambled out, not noticing your depressed expression. 

You saw of the alcohol used to make drinks out in the hall and grabbed the bottle of peppermint vodka like it was a long lost friend. The smooth mint flavour burned down your throat deliciously and and four shots later, you felt like your body was humming. Getting drunk wasn’t your style, but you did enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling a little bit could give you. 

Unfortunately it was only moments later that the tears began to flow down your cheeks like rain drops against a window pane. You grabbed a cloth from one of the kitchen drawers to wipe your eyes but you were crying too hard to really make a difference. 

When was the last time you had cried like this over a stupid boy? Your friends used to warn you about him too, saying he was too into himself to be smart and notice you. 

“I’ve seen many girls cry at parties, but I have to say, you look the most heartbroken, elskling.” The voice startled you and you looked up at it’s owner with wide eyes. 

Never in your young years had you imagined Chris Schistad calling you ‘darling’. Never in your young years had you ever actually imagined him showing up to your party though either. It was like a rare sighting of an endangered animal. Or a unicorn for that matter. 

“I’m trying to suffer in silence.” 

“Somebody is snippy when they’re sad,” he commented with a hint of amusement in his tone. You shot him a glare but by the way his lips curled into a smile, you knew it wasn’t very effective. 

“Up up, elskling,” he said motion to the counter that you were leaning against. You shook your head and his gaze became harder, more demanding, but oddly still kind. You rolled your eyes and did as he asked. 

“So tell me, what does it take to make a girl cry on her own birthday?”

He knew it was your birthday? Chris was full of surprises apparently. You couldn’t decide if you were more shocked or flattered. 

“Stupid boy wants to fuck my best friend,” you said bluntly, reaching for the bottle of vodka again. Chris lightly slapped your hand away and grabbed the bottle for himself, taking a couple of swigs and putting it out of your reach. 

“Drinking won’t solve anything,” he said pointedly before resting a hand on your thigh. You looked down at it and felt a small rush in your head, from the alcohol or maybe from the effect of Chris touching you. “If he makes such a nice girl cry, fuck him.”

“Thanks but already I tried actually that,” you retorted with a miserable pout. Chris choked on a surprised laugh and moved slightly closer to you on the couch. 

“You’re funny too, why haven’t I see you around at school?”

You looked away and pretended to be deep in though, biting your lip gently. “If I had to take a wild guess, I’d say it’s probably because I’m not much to look at. I’m not your type.” 

He took a sip of his drink and watched you carefully for a moment, his eyes slipping over your body as smooth as the alcohol that had rushed down your throat earlier. You felt your body numbing and you wondered if Chris Schistad really did have magical powers. Here he was talking to you at your own party; you supposed anything could be possible. 

“I beg to differ. And while I truly appreciate that dress,” he said with a longing sigh, a little too suggestive, “you’re really, really too pretty for some asshole to ruin your birthday.” 

Your stilled and Chris’s hand moved up your thigh to where your own hand rested. You prayed he wasn’t going to just shove his hand down your pants and be that guy and was pleasantly surprised when he put his hand over yours. The rough yet incredibly warm hand covered your own and matched the warm feeling in your chest from the alcohol. Perhaps Chris Schistad was his own form of alcohol. 

“Maybe we just hadn’t found the right time to meet then,” you suggested in a low voice. 

He gave you one of his wicked smiles and nodded, tossing his blonde hair out of his eyes. “Now seems pretty good though, doesn’t it?”

Before you had a chance to nod, he’d gently pulled your thighs apart and pressed his body between them, resting one hand on your cheek and the other on your back. You breathed in, regretting it a moment later when his lips touched yours, so gently you almost didn’t feel it. 

Worrying he would pull back, you breathed him in and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling his lips closer against yours. Something needy and passionate washed over the both of you and his teeth were tugging at your bottom lip while your tongue grazed his top lip. 

Soon his tongue was sweeping through your mouth, peppermint an overwhelming flavour on both of your tongues. You leaned him into, your back slightly arched, and his palm against your back sliding upwards, pushing your shirt with it. His pinky grazed your bare skin and you made a small sound in the back of your throat. 

He moved his hand back down and covered your exposed skin, his finger tips kneading gently into your lower back. Your finger nails tug into his neck and he stopped breathing for a second, seeming almost enticed by the quick sting. 

“Happy Birthday, elskling,” he whispered into your lips. 


A/N: This was so fun to write and since I’m looking for fun with these, I didn’t edit. Editing makes me uninspired and tired unfortunately. This is part one! I’ll try and write another part or two tonight :) 

Dark Shadows (2012)   {Sentence Starters}

  • “Are you stoned or something?”
  • “I think we’re going to get along fine.”
  • “You’re gonna have to go through me!”
  • “No! I will not make you suffer as I have!”
  • “I’ve spoken of my feelings to not a soul.”
  • “I have an urgent need to be human, again!”
  • “And I’m pretty sure he called me a hooker.”
  • “If I can’t have you, my love, I’ll destroy you!”
  • “They tried stoning me, my dear. It did not work.”
  • “You never loved me. You wanted to control me.”
  • “I don’t feel comfortable discussing this with you.”
  • “Do you have any idea what you put me through?”
  • “I am neither good nor gentle! And I do not forgive!”
  • “Every year, I get half as pretty and twice as drunk.”
  • “I’m a ______, okay? Let’s not make a big deal out of it.”
  • “However, it is with sincere regret that I must now kill all of you.”
  • “For if a man can become a monster, then a monster can become a man.”
  • “Do not fear, my child. I simply seek advice on the art of courting a woman of this time.”
  • “You may strategically place your wonderful lips upon my posterior and kiss it repeatedly!”
  • “I don’t know why, but in some ways I feel I can tell you anything. It’s like I’ve known you forever.”
  • “But I shall call you ______, a name so wonderful to me that I could not stand to lose a single syllable of it.”
Open hearts | Conor Maynard imagine

Open hearts | Conor Maynard | Imagine
Word count: 5297
Request: Can I have a Conor imagine where the reader has been good friends with Conor since 2013 and they become friends with benefits after two years old friendship. Conor later realizes that he’s in love with the reader once he finds her kissing a stranger at a party. He later confesses his feelings which the reader returns affectionately. Lots of angst and fluff pls!
A/N: Thank you so much for the request! I was working on an idea that I had based on “Trust Issues” by Kiki Rowe (Young Bombs’ remix) and this request completed it perfectly, so I twisted things a little and combined the two things. Hope you gonna like it!
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“Can I turn the radio on?” yous asked to Conor, who was driving.

You two knew each other since you were kids. He was a couple years older and you were a little annoying, but as you grew up, you and your neighbor started getting closer, especially after a party of a classmate that both of you were way too drunk.

When Conor graduated and pursued his dream of being a singer, you were busy trying to survive high school, so you went in separate ways. Then success hitted Conor and you moved to London to try to do something with your life. Things were moving fast, however you randomly bumped into him at a friend’s party.

After the years you didn’t spoke to him, it was expected that things would be a little awkward or the conversation would be kind of lame with the old “How are you? Any news?” “I’m fine. No, nothing has happened” conversation, but you started talking just like the old days: anything was ten times more funny than it should be just because you two got along so well.

This time that both of you could drink without having to keep a secret from your parents, you were the life of the party and, because of Conor’s fame, you were pretty damn down to the finest parties in the country. It was insane. And when Conor’s career slowed down, you two continued to spoke to each other.

When you met him for the second time, he was on a relationship. You two never talked about it, it was something almost forbidden. By the time they broke up, it was almost inevitable. He would invite you to go out even when he was dating, when he wasn’t anymore, you and Conor were at the same parties and clubs every weekend, so eventually you got together.

You two kissed once, then twice and then again. And again. And again. Now you didn’t know anymore how many times you kissed Conor or spent the night with him. Despite this, you and him weren’t nothing but friends.

“Are you asking to a singer if you can turn the radio on? Are you fucking insane? Of course not, it’s my work and today is my day off. Also, I can’t handle that Styles guy singing, he’s on radio every time I turn it on and he’s shit, I’m so much better than him.” Conor joked and you rolled your eyes.

“Is it a yes, then?”

“Yes.” He said. “But only if you play my music.”

“Shut up, Conor.” you told as you turned the radio on.

You and your best friend were driving to Brighton to his mom’s birthday party. You usually didn’t enjoyed going to family parties. Seeing boring aunts and talking to selfish cousins weren’t what you would describe as fun activities however, although the Maynards were your second family as growing up, you haven’t seen them in ages. Also, you didn’t know why, but they were blessed and were a really nice family, even the boring conversations they could turn into a joke. You loved the Maynards and were more than glad to join Conor at Helen’s party.

Your parents moved away from your old street to another part of the town, besides that, they were travelling to Italy (after your mom talk about it with your dad for 3 years), so Conor offered you the alternative of staying at his family house. You were worried, but you said yes anyway.

Worried? Yes, worried. Because here’s a thing about Connor: when he likes a girl, he don’t keep quiet about it and you knew Conor long enough to say he fancied you. Sometimes you weren’t sure about it and others you would be 100% convinced of the idea. Maybe he didn’t realize that yet or maybe he was waiting to tell you or maybe it was only your desire of having him to like you again more than what Conor really felt, you couldn’t tell.

When you two were at school yet, you knew Conor liked you. You didn’t corresponded him and it was by a short amount of time, soon he was off school and distance got in between. One of your greatest mistakes was letting him go. You knew you tried to correspond it and couldn’t, however, in your head, everything would be okay if you did. Now that you thought that he might like you again, you were half freaking out and half wanting to be truth.

You found love only once in your life. He was at the same class as you and had the same tastes to everything, so you couldn’t help yourself. When he didn’t corresponded you, you broke down. You were afraid to risk your heart, not wanting the same “I need to recover” time you had to pass when you fell in love for the first time. All you could think that maybe Conor would lead you to this path, however, maybe Conor would be the only one you were more than happy to be hurt by, because he was pretty awesome.

You were singing along to the tune that came out of the speakers when Conor laughed.

“What?” You asked.

“You just sing as you are the singer and not me, it’s funny.”

“For God’s sake, Con.” you rolled your eyes again. “You know me for a crazy amount of time, you always see me singing, get over it.”

You were right, by the way. Conor did liked you. He didn’t figure it out so far, but it wasn’t an issue. The only thing he knew was that seeing you in that passenger side, while the sun shined through the window, singing like no one was watching, gave him a warm feeling. He knew that as long his had his best friend, he would be pretty fine.

It wasn’t always like this, of course. Conor and his depression was another topic that you two never discussed. Not for the same reason as the other refused subject, this one was because you couldn’t handle thinking that sometimes Conor started feeling that alone and you couldn’t help. He said that it was something only he could deal with, but it hurted you seeing your best friend in such position.

“I was kidding, Y/N.” Conor said when you were getting close to Brighton. “You don’t need to hear my own music.” You laughed and continued to sing “Are You Sure?” like nothing happened. “For the love of God then, don’t ruin my gorgeous tune with your horrible voice. You know, it was hard archiving this level of perfection.” he joked. “Actually, no. My voice is like this even if I’m ill and dying.”

“I won’t say nothing because this is actually accurate.” you told. “But fuck off, Maynard.” he laughed.

“Well, thank you then.” He recognized your compliment despite his self centered joke.

“Any time, Con.” you winked. You weren’t kidding, this song was one of your favorites.

“My mom will freak out when she finds out I brought you with me.” he commented.

“Oh my God, Conor, didn’t you tell her?”

“Hum… no?”

“So I will just show up saying I’m staying in your parents’ house? Oh no. You know, I brought the keys of my parents’ house, I can stay in there. Wait… Helen don’t know I’m going to be at her party? What if she didn’t want it to be more than a family thing?”

“Y/N, relax.” Conor looked at you quickly before turning back to the road. “My mom loves you, she won’t say a thing. I was saying she will freak out of joy.” You took a deep breath, why Conor just couldn’t make things easier? “Actually, thanks God there’s Anna, because my parents could easily adopt you as their little girl. It would be awful.”

You blushed. “Con, you know it’s not like that.”

“Yes, it is. I don’t know how they can possible like you so much, but they just do. Even if was an event closed to family only, what are you? Part of the family.” He shrugged. “Also, Jack probably told them already you would come.” Jack got in Brighton the day before you two.

You smiled. “Thank you.”

“Any time, Y/N/N.” he said, imitating you.

The last 30 minutes of the path to the Maynard’s house were filled with nothing but the music you played. You were lost in your thoughts and apparently, so was Conor.

When he parked in front of the residence, you smiled right away. You got out of the car and took the stuff that were in the rear seat, Conor took your baggage out of the trunk. He rang the front door’s bell and you choosed to stay behind him.

“Conor!” Helen said excited, giving her son a hug.

“Your favorite son has arrived, mother.” he joked.

“Shut up, I am the favorite.” Anna told, coming to see her brother.

“You wish, little girl.” Con teased. “Happy birthday, mom.”

“Thank you, honey.” The woman smiled. “Oh, Y/N!” Helen exclaimed when she saw you, giving you a hug too. “I missed you, dear! Conor explained that you are busy with your work stuff, but it’s a long time since you last came to see us.”

“Yes, I missed you guys so much.” You agreed. “Happy birthday, Helen.” you said, giving her her present.

“Oh, that’s so sweet of you. Thank you, Y/N.”

Conor teased again: “And I declared that you have your own family too besides your work, Y/N, but mother doesn’t understand you aren’t a Maynard.” yet. You completed in your head as you smiled to the lady.

“For now.” Anna said as she hugged you and you gave her a sweet smile. She was your favorite Maynard, without any doubt. “I mean, you clearly are going to marry my brother.” she winked and then confessed: “I missed you too.”

“I missed my girl as well.” you told her.

“Anna, please, don’t tell Y/N my plans for our future, you’re going to ruin it.” Conor joked. “How the hell I’m going to propose and get the Insta shots of her horrendous shock face? I need to boost my Insta account, you know.”

“It’s not a secret you’re deeply in love with me, Con.” you said back while giving Anna a kiss on the head. “It’s only a matter of time.” Anna giggled and her older brother rolled his eyes.

“Where is father?” Conor asked, entering the house. You followed him.

“On market, we forgot some things to the party.”

“As usual.” Anna completed.

“Hey Y/N.” Jack greeted, sat in the sofa.

“Hi Jack, how are you?”

“Fine.” he shrugged.

“You don’t want to tell Y/N how you missed her too? How she’s the lost Maynard?” Conor asked.

“I don’t need to miss her.” Jack told, standing up to give you a hug. “We have a kick ass relationship that works through telepathy.” he mocked. “I bet you don’t have this kind of connection with her.”

You and Jack saw each other almost every day, because this was the amount of times you saw Conor, so of course he wouldn’t miss you.

“Yeah, we have this and, also, we have Whatsapp.” You said, winking to Jack and making him laugh.

“Is this the voice of a certain young beautiful lady?” you heard a man ask.

You turned around and saw Gary entering the living room. You smiled.


“Hey, kid. How are you?” He asked, going to you and giving you a hug.

“Fine. You?”


Conor snorted. “Why you guys don’t switch me for her? I’m the son, dad!” You all laughed.

“Conor, there’s a gorgeous girl in the room and then there’s you. Who you recomend me to great first?” He asked, giving Con a hug too, but he didn’t hugged back.

“Don’t touch me.” Con joked, laughing afterwards and corresponding the hug. “Yeah, you’re right.”

“I’m the wisdom, kid.” Gary winked.


The party went really well. As usual, the Maynards were amazing. You laughed the hell out of you with Conor and Jack teasing Anna and she being even sassier than her older brothers. The other guests were pretty fine too, you knew almost everybody already and those who were introduced for the first time asked if you were Conor’s girlfriend or Jack’s. You weren’t none.

“Hey.” Conor called you, you were talking to Anna.


“I was just settling with Jack about going out tonight.”

You looked to the youngest sibling, thorned. Going out the three of you and leaving her behind didn’t feel right.

“I have homework, Y/N.” She told.

“Okay then.” you smiled to Conor and he return it.

Usually, the Maynards’ parties ended not so early. It wasn’t out of nothing that Con and Jack were used to hang out late at night, their family was always excited about reunions. So no one cared when you and the brothers wanted to go out and leave the party. Helen was pretty fine with that too, knowing that all her children would be home the next day.

You knew Jack and you knew Con, of course you brought a club outfit with you on the trip. Therefore you hitted upstairs to get change. Anna followed you.

“So…” She started.

“What?” You asked, putting mascara.

“When you and my brother are going to admit to us that you two are dating?”

You looked at her sat in bed through the mirror. “You know we are not, Anna.”

“C’mon, Y/N! You like him, he likes you. What are you waiting for?”

You gave a smile and continued to put your makeup. “I am not that sure that your brother feel this way about me.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can sweet talk Jack with that, but not me, Y/N. I’m the brain of this family. Just admit that you fancy him, so Conor can realize you’re the love of his life.”

You laughed. “Anna!”

“I mean, for a singer/songwriter he’s kinda slow for not comprehending this about you two.”

You rolled your eyes and then admitted: “I don’t know if I want him to do that.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Shut up.”

“No! Y/N!” She exclaimed, anguished. “You always were his person and he always was yours! You two pretend you have a friendship, well, you don’t.”

“Since when you are an expert in relationships, little Maynard?” You asked and snorted, giving up to finish your makeup and going to join Anna in bed. “Fuck off. You are a little baby still.”

She rolled her eyes. “Y/N, I’m a few years younger than you, I’m not a baby.” And you already knew that because you would never have this conversation if you didn’t trusted her and knew she wasn’t crazy to say some kind of bullshit about you and Conor just because it would be what you wanted to hear. “Why everyone keeps saying that I’m so young? Fuck off, people.”

You smiled at her and gave a hug. “It is because none of us wanted to grow up, you shouldn’t too.”

“Well, guys, you are already late.”

“I know.”

Anna moved away from you, breaking the hug. “So, let’s talk for real now. Stop playing me, I know you’re trying to avoid the Conor topic.”

“You really are the brain of the Maynards, aren’t you?” You asked, impressed.

Anna smiled. “Yeah, I’m fucking amazing. But again: what the hell is wrong with you? Why you don’t want to be with my brother?”

“It is not that I don’t want to be with your brother, it’s only that I want to be with him later, you know? You think that I didn’t realize that he’s the one, well, I did. I always knew that, if we liked each other, we would be pretty awesome. But right now? I’m so young, we have all our lives in front of us. Why now? I don’t even want a boyfriend. I don’t need to fall now.” you sighed. “And I don’t want to admit to myself that I’m in love with him. I can hold it back, I know I can. Just for a short time. One year, two… Well, I really don’t want to fall in love for real until I am 25. And I don’t know if I can take another heartbreak.” You were out of breath, you didn’t know that you had all of this inside of you.

“But it won’t be a heartbreak, Y/N, he loves you too.” Anna said. “He just needs to realize that.”

“For fuck’s sake, Anna. Are you hearing what I say?” You laid on bed and took a deep breath, she laid by your side. “I don’t want Conor to correspond me. I want us to be together, but I want us to be together later. When both of us will be ready to commit to it, to find out if we can handle being on a relationship that we don’t have how to avoid talking about our problems. We are just friends, this is all we know. What if I’m wrong? What if he isn’t the one?”

Anna laughed. “You are a freaking mess! You’re being the least logical as possible, Y/N.”

You sighed. “I know.”

“So why can’t you be illogical for real and tell Conor how you feel?”

You stared Anna, seeing her eyes that were in the same color of Conor’s.

“I just can’t.”


Conor didn’t know what happened with you, but since you went upstairs in his parents’ house and spoke to Anna, you were acting all strange. He would kill his sister for messing up with you. She was just a kid and had fucked you still. She isn’t a kid, Conor. That’s what you would tell him. Well, what could he say? Yes, she was.

“Let’s go, Jack!” You called, taking Con’s brother by the hand and pulling him to the club without a single eye contact with the older one.

“Fuck Y/N. You are going to be a crazy bitch today, huh?” he joked.

“Maybe.” you smirked and Conor frowned. What the hell?

As soon as you all entered the club, you were nowhere to be seen, something that made Conor sighed in every corner of the place. He thought you two would be together for the whole night, just talking and drinking together. Maybe dancing too, if you were into it.

“Conor!” You exclaimed, finally finding your best friend in the club.

Conor was sit on a sofa, looking around. “Y/N?” he saw you were holding hands with a stranger and, for being so excited, you definitely had some drinks.

“Look who I found!” You pointed to the guy and then laughed. “I mean, you don’t know him. Actually, neither did I before tonight. I actually found that guy from our school, you know? Sage? Everybody knows Sage. He was amazing at the football team.”

“I don’t have a clue who Sage is.” Conor said, already losing his mind.

“Oh, maybe you weren’t in school anymore by that time.” You giggled. “You know, Adam, Conor is a few years older than us, so he was so much better than us, juniors.”

“I never said that.” Conor was confused. “Actually, we were best friends, even if I was older.”

“Yeah, I know… Friends. Best mates, me and you!” You said, so drunk that you just couldn’t shut the fuck up. “Anyway, Conor, I met Sage and this is his friend. Conor, meet Adam. Adam, this is Conor.” you introduced them and they nodded to each other, not excited as you for the meeting. “Alright, now that everyone knows everyone… Con, I’m heading to Adam’s place.” You informed and Conor loose his breath.

“No, you are not.” He said. “You are staying at my house, Y/N.”

“Oh…” Adam said. “I didn’t realize that you two were boyfriend and girlfriend.”

You laughed, you wished that! Unfortunately, you weren’t Conor’s girlfriend. “Because we are not, Adam.” You smiled at him, putting your both hands in his pectoral. “And actually, I was crashing his parents’ house, because, you know, Conor is a big boy and he moved out from Brighton before anyone could think in getting out from here. It was nice at the time…” you giggled “You see, he fancied me and I didn’t correspond it, so things were a little awkward. But now we are over it, right Con? He got over me, then he had a girlfriend and they broke up, he was torn apart, but he’s back at the game for years now, so it’s all good.”

“Okay…” Adam said, not being sure about what he should do. “I will get my coat and we can go, what do you think about that?”

“Perfect!” you agreed. “I will be right here with my best friend, Conor Maynard.”

Immediately after Adam get out of sight, Conor took your hand and sat you down. “What the fuck is going on, Y/N?”

“Nothing, Con!” You assured. “Something should had happened?” you asked.

“You’re acting weird.”

“Well, I am a weirdo.”

“No, Y/N…”

“But why are you saying that? I know that you know that I’m a weirdo by now.”


“Con? Spit it out.”

He rolled his eyes. “At first, you were quiet all the way here, then you disappeared and the next thing I know is you with this guy that came out of nowhere.”

“Adam didn’t came out of nowhere, he is Sage’s friend!” you exclaimed, more happy than you should be about the situation.
“And who the hell is Sage?”

“Urgh, I told you already, Con. He was the football player in…”

“I know that, Y/N.”

“So why you keep asking me about him?”

“I didn’t ask about him!”

“Well… Someone is losing his mind.” You said ironically.

Conor sighed. “Y/N…”

“What, Con?” you asked. “What now?”

“I just thought you were staying with me tonight, that’s all.”

“Tell your mom I’m sorry, but I won’t going back to your parents’ house.” You told, suddenly acting sober.

“Ready to go, Y/N?” Adam asked, appeared.

“Yeah.” You smiled and got up. “Let’s go.”

Adam put his hand in your back, pulling you to a kiss before going. It pissed Conor for real. Conor knew the only reason Adam was doing that in front of him was because you snapped out, so he was trying to show that it was him who was taking you home and not Conor. Well, thank you very much, Adam, I know this already.

And although you and Conor weren’t dating, he didn’t know when was the last time he watched you leave the club with another man. You two got so used to hang out together that neither he spent the night with another one besides you for a long time.

“Oh, that was something to look up to.” You said when you and Adam stopped kissing.

He smiled and took you out. Conor watched, feeling shitty.


“Are you back already, son?” Helen asked, seeing Conor enter their house.


“What about Jack and Y/N?” she was at the kitchen, so Conor went there to give her a kiss before heading upstairs. “I left some cake for all of you because I thought that you would come home wasted.” she said.

“Jack will take an Uber back home and Y/N isn’t coming.” He gave a weak smile, pretending everything was fine. “How was your party?”

“It was okay, it just finished.”

“Nice.” he nodded. “I’m going to sleep.”

As Conor were leaving the room, his mom called him.



“Don’t let her slip again.”

“We been there, mother. She wasn’t into me. Now, we are just friends.”

Helen smiled softly: “Are you?”

Conor looked her. Were you?


Your phone rang and you looked around Adam’s living room, finding the electronic device among your clothes on the floor. It was a message from Con.

Call me when you done. I’m picking you.

You took a deep breath before answering him: Thanks Con, but there’s no need.

For fuck’s sake, Y/N, please. I don’t trust this guy.

I’ll go by morning. You told. I’m heading straight up to London, I will take the train.

Why? What about your stuff?

I can pick that with you later this week.

Ok, but why? You didn’t respond instantly. Y/N, why?

I just can handle this right now.

This what? Are you okay?

No, you weren’t. You were falling apart alone in that place. Adam was taking a shower in the suite, you didn’t even wanted to go to the bed when you and him got to his loft. You felt your stomach contracting just for thinking in that night being sweeter than rough sex on the living room’s carpet.

Your phone started ringing. You didn’t need to see the name on the screen to know who it was.


“Y/N.” Conor sighed. “I’m worried. How are you?”

“I am fine, Con. Relax.”


“Con, honestly, I’m fine.” You told, but tears started falling from your eyes and Conor could hear you. Even if you weren’t crying, he never heard you sound as sad as you did in that moment.

“That’s it. Tell me where you are, I’m picking you up right now. I don’t care what this dick has done to you.”

“He didn’t nothing but what he should have done.”

“Y/N, the address. Now.”

You are the dick, Conor. You are the reason why I’m crying. You sighed.

“I’m sending my location through Whatsapp.” You finally gave up.


You didn’t wait to Adam to finish his shower. You putted your clothes back on and left the apartment without thinking twice.

You hated how you got after drinking too much. Following the alcohol’s euphoria, you always got sad and needy. Why you were crying? You would hold back your feelings for Conor, what you were crying about? Which reasons you had to tearing apart like that?

It was cold outside and you started tremble as you waited to Conor to arrive, being out of the building and feeling the wind in your arms.

“Y/N!” You heard him call you, spotting him a few cars away.

You walk there and entered in his car. “Hey Con.”

He hugged you. “What happened? Why are you crying? What the dickhead has done to you?”

“It wasn’t him, Conor. I swear to you, it wasn’t him.” Conor held you and believed in you. Your voice was so fragile that he wouldn’t dare not to. “Drive us home, Con.”


“I will sleep on the couch.” Conor said after laying you down on his bed. “You can call me anytime, for anything.”

You nodded and heard his steps leaving the room. “Con?” You called, before he was too far away.

He almost ran to you. “What?”

“You can sleep in here, you know. I wouldn’t be the first time we share a bed.”

“I’m fine, Y/N.”

“No, Con. I mean I want you to sleep with me tonight. Please.”

He sighed and laid on bed. You turned back to him and he understood the sign to hold you close.

“I hated seeing you leave with that guy.”

“He didn’t do anything, Conor.” You guaranteed.

“I don’t care, Y/N. I hated it.”

“You were just jealous.” you teased, giggling a little, tired.

“Yes, I was.” he admitted, making you lose your breath and stop laughing.


“Even my mom knew it before me, Y/N. I just looked at her and it was all written in my face. She knows, everybody knows.”

“What, Conor?” you asked again cautiously.

“That I love you. I always did, I always will.”

You gasped, trying to be reasonable. “It wasn’t always like this, you know. You had Victoria.”

“Yes.” He agreed. “I loved her, but I didn’t give a fuck about her when you spoke about her today. All I could think was that I didn’t wanted you to go home with that guy.”

Your heart was racing, you didn’t want to turn and look into his eyes because you knew that if you stared Conor, you would lost your mind.

“Conor, I guess you had too much to drink today.”

“Fuck off, Y/N, you know I’m sober and I know you love me too.”

Your eyes widened. “Wh-what?”

“This was the motive you went crazy tonight, right?”

“Conor…” you sighed. “You can’t do this to me.”

“Why? Why not?”

“Because you brought me to tears just for being sweet and bringing me home.” you confessed.

“So that’s why you were crying?” he stopped hugging you.

You nodded. “I love you so much, Con.”



“Look at me.” he asked.



“I’m not looking at you, Conor.”

“Y/N, please.”


“Why are you so difficult?”

You snapped. “Damn, Conor!” You screamed, realizing afterwards you could had waken up the rest of the Maynards. “Sorry.” you took a deep breath, facing the empty wall of his room. “Look, everything that’s passing through your mind already passed in mine.” You sighed. “I can’t handle see you right now because I now if I see you, I’ll be a few inches from your lips and I will kiss you. I know you, you want to kiss me too.”

“So let’s kiss.”

“No, Con.” You told convicted. “Because if we kiss knowing our feelings for each other, there’s no turning back.”

Conor realized you wouldn’t give up so he gave up and got closer again, holding you another time.

“Why are you avoiding us getting together? You don’t make any sense.”

“Because I thought in everything, Conor, and I can’t handle getting hurt again. If I was that hurted before, I can’t even think about how much I’ll be hurt by you.”

“But you won’t. I love you, I won’t hurt you.”

“We will hurt each other, Conor.” You said. “We aren’t ready, we are too young.”

“Don’t say that, Y/N.”

“I’m just finishing college, Con. I just began in my first real job. We are so young, we have so many mistakes to make.”

“So let’s make them together.”


He interrupted you. “Look at me, Y/N. Please. I’m serious.”

You gave up, turning to him. You lost your breath, you forgot how beautiful were his eyes. “Here I am.”

“You broke my heart once. Victoria broke my heart. I know you’re fucked up and afraid, but so am I.” He held your head in between his hands. “If we don’t work things out now, we will break up and eventually we will get back together and everything will be fine. I know we will always bump to each other just like we did years ago, because someday we will meet and we will be exactly where we were meant to be. You know why? Because I know I love you and I know I love you even when I’m not loving you…” He gave a side look, thinking it through. “If that makes sense.”

“It don’t.” you giggled.

“I know it don’t.” he admitted, taking a deep breath. “I know I loved you even when I was with someone else. That was what I meant.” He got closer as you opened a smile. “All I know is loving you and loving you is all I will ever know, so, please Y/N, just let me in.”

“Con…” your lips brushed his. “I’m scared.” you admitted whispering.

“I know.” he whispered back.

“Please, don’t break me.” you asked.

“I won’t.”

And finally you kissed him.

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142 “Hold my hand so he gets jealous.” please :)

a night out

“Isn’t this great!” Eskild shouts over the loud techno music pulsing through the nightclub as he dances in his seat. Isak looks over at his friend a small, reluctant smile coming through in the face of Eskild enthusiasm. At 19 and having been out of the closet since 17, Isak’s used to Eskild dragging him to gay clubs, but it seemed the older man never got tired of it, probably because Isak made him work for it when it came to bringing him to places like this.

“Not really,” Isak shouts back after taking a sip of his beer. “I should be back at the apartment studying, I have an exam for biochemistry in a few days, you know.”

Eskild rolls his eyes in return. “Yes baby Isak, I know, and Noora knows because you ate her last yogurt as a late night study snack and Linn knows because your whining about how you are going to flunk out of Uni in your first year kept her from her nap. We are all aware of your all mighty exam, which is why we are here, to get you out of the house and to relax before the girls smother you in your sleep like they have been planning.”

Isak blinks at the Eskild’s diatribe. “That seems a little extreme.”

Eskild shrugs as he sips his cocktail. “Well, you’re annoying.”

Isak gives Eskild a grim smile in return. “Thanks, Eskild, that’s nice.”

Eskild shrugs once more as he stands up. “Not my job to be nice, my job was to dress you and bring you out,” Eskild answers giving the Isak’s outfit a once over. It isn’t anything out of the ordinary, just some skinny jeans and a short sleeve shirt that is tighter than Isak is used to, but can admit shows off his shoulders nicely, and the green makes his eyes in Eskild’s words pop.

“And since my job is done, I’m going to dance, try to have some fun even though I know that’s hard for a grump like you.”

Isak raises his half empty glass in his friend’s direction as he goes off, he lets out a deep sigh as he turns back in his chair. He knows Eskild is right and that he’s been moodier than ever, but between school, his mother who is a constant struggle and just life, in general, he hasn’t found any time to have fun and if he’s honest with himself, he’s also lonely. His last relationship ended over nine months ago, and it hadn’t been serious, to begin with. Just some guy who he hooked up with when they were both a little drunk and horny. He wanted more, or at least better he just didn’t know how to go about it, and it wasn’t like the man of his dreams was just going to fall into his lap, right?


Isak looks up and continues to look up until he finds bright blue eyes on a gorgeous face. No. Seriously, stunning.

“Ah, hi?” he stutters in the face of so much pretty. The guy is tall, taller than him, lean but fit in a simple black tee and tight jeans that hug his hips low. There is a teasing smile on pouty pink lips, blue eyes that crinkle at the corner and artfully swept hair.

“Hi,” the stranger repeats as he takes a step closer to Isak. “So there is a guy at the end of the bar that won’t take the hint, think you can help a guy out?”

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Party embarrassment

Could you do a one-shot where the reader is an avenger but really really shy? And at one of Tony’s parties when he approaches her she becomes nervous because she likes him and she embarrasses herself, so she leaves early and stays up in her room. And later that night Tony goes to see if she’s okay and see what’s wrong and she tells him about her crush on him? Fluff and maybe some smut?(((:

“I swear to god, I can fight the bad guys but I can’t even think of walking in 7-inch heels, what the hell is wrong with me?” You murmured in a low voice as you kept your eyes glued to the floor.
It was Tony’s monthly ball he hosted at the tower, everyone was invited and you were part of that everyone. You had got the invitation just a few days earlier and it was brought the host himself. The word was out that you were not fond of parties, and in the years of avenging, you hadn’t gone to a single party so he was making you go there as an obligation as important as saving lives. You just couldn’t say no.
The small card of the invitation didn’t say anything about a dress code, but as it had the word “ball” well you thought that a dress would be more than appropriate. You kept a dress in a bag so it wouldn’t ruin due to time effects, it had been forever since you last wore one. You took the comfiest looking shoes and you had your outfit ready.
The two days previous to the party you spent hours and hours just looking at YouTube make up tutorials; you had bought one of those palettes girls used to get the perfect make up and you were a quick yet patient learner. The day before the party, you dared to try to do your make up, it took you a good hour to get it perfectly done. You appeared with a paper bag on your face and went to brag to Natasha who was truly impressed. You had just learnt the basics and you were ready to use it for these kind of moments.
The party itself was great. Music was great, people were great and you were having the time of your life. The only thing that you were missing was a good drink. The glass on your hand had some fancy drink you were not fond of. You wanted a good old beer and you were on your way of making it.
The heels were making things hard, and as you had your eyes glued to the floor you couldn’t see up. You were really near from the bar, but on your way appeared someone out of nowhere, making you spill your whole glass on your dress and the other person had also spilled a bit of their drink on you.
“For fuck’s sake, can I be that unlucky?” You growled.
“I’m sorry” A manly familiar voice dragged you out of your whining “You should’ve seen where you walk (Y/N)”
“I know Tony” You pouted, finally looking up “Is just that being pretty is quite painful and dangerous” You pointed at your shoes and your shaking legs “God, I even spilled some on your shirt” You threw your head back in “I’m more than embarrassed right now” You rolled your eyes “Excuse me, I’m gonna go change” You started to walk away but he held your arm tightly.
“You look really pretty” He said before letting you.
You blushed uncontrollably as you took off your shoes and made your way again to your dorm. Enough embarrassment for the night.
“(Y/N)?” A soft voice joined by a knock startled you. You were already in your jammies ready to call it quits for the night. You had embarrassed yourself for the hundredth time in front of Tony and you were not going to do it one last night before the night was over… Perhaps you would; the fluffy pink pajama was enough disgrace. You had your hair tied in a high bun and your make up was well placed on a wet towel in the litterbin in your bathroom “Are you awake?”
“Yeah, come in” You sighed.
His hair was already messed up and the first button of his shirt was open. His tie had disappeared from his neck and you thought that maybe it was stolen by his pick up for the night. Everyone thought Tony would go back to his old self, but apparently he had learnt a lesson. Soon you realized the tie was wrapped on his hand. He looked incredibly hot now that he wasn’t that formal; not like he didn’t loo hot all well-dressed. This was a nice change.
“I thought you’d go back to the party” He said, closing the door with his weight “I kinda missed you back there–I mean, we” He hurried to add “We all did” He stopped for a second to look at you. You were on your worst look, considering how pretty you had been just a few hours ago, you looked like a hobo now. Somehow, a smile still sneaked up his lips “You ok?”
“Yeah, I mean, after embarrassing myself in front of you and the most eccentric people in New York City, I’m totally fine” You shrugged “Are you on your way to somewhere? Cause if you are I don’t want to interrupt you” You asked after a slightly awkward silence.
“I was actually here to see you” He flashed you with a smile and finally took the daring steps to sit on your bed “I kinda wanted to tell you again that you looked really pretty today, well, you are gorgeous”
“Too bad I took it all away” You said almost apologetically “Tony, are you drunk?”
“No” He shook his head and frowned completely confused “Why?”
“There’s this one thing I’ve been wanting to tell you for like a long time, and I need you to listen to me really, really carefully, ok?” He nodded twice so you could go on “This super hard and I swear to god that-”
“Spit it out” He let out a breathy chuckle.
“I kinda, not so kinda, like really like you…” You pursed your lips when you finished, eliciting another puzzled frown from the millionaire “I like you Tony, like a lot”
He threw his head back with a great smile on his lips; you were the one perplexed and frowning now. When he looked at you again, he still had that huge grin across his tired face. By then, you held your legs tightly to your chest and rested your forehead on your needs. Tony hopped closer to you and placed his hand on one of the arms that wrapped your shins.
He draw formless trails on the portions of skin that the pajama couldn’t reach. You looked up and only found a pair of hazel eyes looking straight at you. The corners of his thin lips were curled up into a soft smile. He was just centimeters away from you and you could feel it in yourself. Your heart pounded in your chest quickly and a buzzing filled your ears. You bit your lip every 2 seconds, only in anticipation. Anticipation because he was leaning closer and closer and closer…
His lips were gently pressed against yours. The first few seconds you were like a statue; immobile. Tony tilted his head to the side to gain more access to you, and your hands slowly crept their way up to his unbuttoned shirt. The soft material seemed to blend with your skin. He made you spread your legs and adjusted himself in the space they now granted him. You threw your bock back into the pillows and he followed you.
Your legs instinctively wrapped around his waist, only making the kiss deepen as he tentatively made you open your mouth. He rocked his hips gently against yours and maybe it was because he had a belt on, but something was hitting your wetting core and it felt pretty damn good.
He had his strong arms on each side of your body, helping him not to crush you on the bed. You held on for dear life to his shoulders and lifted your body just enough away from the bed.
His lips left yours as he traced a path of open mouthed kisses down your jaw and to your neck. You arched your back and gasped for some air as his hands slid down to the hem of your ridiculously oversized shirt/pajama.
“You should wear things your size, (Y/N)” He crooned when the fabric was covering your face and revealing your torso “And you should get an anti-scar cream too…” He whispered after throwing it onto the floor. Tony took a lustful look at each one of the tiny scars that decorated your chest “How did you get this one?” He asked and gently kissed one that conveniently laid on the valley of your breasts, just above your bra.
“A year ago…” Your breath got caught in your windpipe when he sucked on the wounded skin “We–we were… I–I don’t know” You ran your fingers through his dark hair and pulled his face closer to your skin
You hurriedly pushed down his arms his fancy vest and impatiently tore his almost immaculate white shirt apart. His perfectly trained torso had you hypnotized. He complained, but he was silenced by your mouth devouring his. He had some scars too, ones worse than the others. He sank on his knees on the bed and you followed. Your fingers parsimoniously traced the marks on his pecs.
“How did you get these ones?” You purred “My god, they give you such a badass look…”
“I’m not sure” He breathed when your lips met the rough skin “I can’t quite remember”
“This one is cute” You said as you leaned to kiss a scar on his neck, eliciting a soft moan from him “Crazy ex-girlfriend?”
“More like a crazy suit” He corrected “Blame it on the Mark 42”
You threw yourself to him again and made him fall back onto the mattress. You unmade his belt and he lifted his hips to help you remove it completely. You folded the small leather piece in half in your hand and made it sound loudly. You licked your bottom lip in anticipation and threw it away. You were straddling him and slowly rolling your hips back and forward and in circles. Tony had his eyes shut tightly as he held your hands again.
“Don’t be such a tease, (Y/N)” He choked “Let’s just fuck already”
“Is that the way Mr. Stark wants it?” You leaned and spoke softly to his ear, making him shiver with your warm breath.
Following a path of kisses and nips on his neck, you kept rolling your hips against his growing bulge. His hands squeezed your ass, making you throw your head back. You helped him get rid of his pants and finally free his erection. You gave him a knowing look, but he had some other plans in mind. As a revenge for his expensive shirt, he ripped in two your cheap booty shorts, exposing your moist pussy.
Overpowering you and pushing you against the mattress, he teased your entrance with his thick fingers making you whine in pleasure. Once he made sure you were ready to receive him, he slowly pushed himself into you. This also counted as payback for all the teasing you did to him. You maintained the eye contact every second he took in filling you; your jaw quivered and you bit your bottom lip every once in a while.
“Keep looking at me like that and I swear to god I’m gonna come right now” He said before placing a rough kiss on your lips.
Once you had adjusted to his size, his pace gradually increased its speed and your sighs became cries and pleas. Tony nibbled the sensitive skin of your nipples, driving you even crazier.
After working your breasts with his mouth, he lifted his torso and decided to play with your throbbing clit. You closed your eyes tightly as he drew rough circles making you writhe under him; he was driving you mad and there was no way of over powering him at all. You cursed the Lord’s name uncountable times.
Tony hoisted your legs on his inner elbows, reaching a deeper point inside of you. He hit your sweet spot perfectly, and you were truly about to come when he pulled out from you. You looked at him with a frown.
“Turn around” He said. His voice was deadly serious. His eyes were dark and filled with lust.
You obliged, and he slid inside of you again, way quickly this time. The angle he had gained was completely different, and it was glorious. You felt in outer space now. His fingers traced a way down your spine and to your hips, where he dug his fingers. You arched your back and threw your head back.
“Fuck, Tony!” You yelled “I’mgonna…!” Your announcement was left unfinished as the fire that pooled on your abdomen spread throughout every inch of your body. Your head rested on the beddings as your body shook uncontrollably. Tony followed suit a bit later.
He pulled out and threw himself on the foot of the king sized bed. The sheer layer of sweat that had found its place on his forehead made gave him a strangely innocent look. You crawled and curled next to him, burying your face in his chest. His heaving chest and beating heart were soothing, but the night was slightly cold.
“Wanna crash here for the night?” You sheepishly asked, not daring to look at him.
He answered to your question by placing his hand on your chin and kissing your lips tenderly. You didn’t even care about putting your pajamas again. He had already seen you naked and on your worst state. After standing up to turn off the lights, you turned on the lamp of your night table. You rested with your back against his chest while he crossed an arm over you and pulled you closer to him with his hand on your stomach.
“Do you like me, Tony?” You asked in a barely audible voice, feeling the guilt of a one-night stand with the guy you liked creeping up your spine “Like… really like me?”
“Why do you ask?” He asked back “Of course I do, silly bird” He nuzzled against your neck “And after you say yes to being my girlfriend, I will buy you jammies of your size, are we clear?”
“How do you know I’m gonna say yes if you haven’t asked yet?”
“(Y/N), after this incredible first time and considering the undeniable chemistry between us, do you want to be my girlfriend?” His voice was serious again, but you could tell he was being honest.
You turned around and placed your hand on his chin, the same way he had done with you. You looked at him and smile; then, you leaned to kiss him one last time before calling it quits for the night. You still had a few hours before dawn to have a nice rest. You turned around again and dozed off to his soft breathing. The silly smile on your face lasted until the next morning.

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Can i get a scenario where bokuto takes care of his female s/o? And she's a lightweight? I LOVE your blog keep up the good work 😘😘 and thank you in advance!!!

i woke up from a bad nap and even worse dream and every time that happens, i gotta write bo to make myself feel better!!! it goes without saying, that i had to age him up here. i think he also might be sliiiiiigghtly ooc because i did have to paint him as being the more responsible one in this situation

i’m looking for new admins to co-run this blog with me! details are here for anyone interested

if you like what i do and want to show your support, consider supporting me on ko-fi!

After some deliberation and recounting of the evening’s affair up to this point, you’ve figured out your answer to Bokuto’s question: how much have you had to drink?

“That’s… two.”

You lean into him again without considering the ambiguity of your answer. If he’s at least half as drunk as you are, then it probably wouldn’t matter to him anyway. For as long as you’ve known your boyfriend, he’s always down to make-out with you. You’re a little more hesitant on that front when it comes to that. Take this party for example: sober you would have suggested that you two find an empty bedroom at the very least. Drunk you doesn’t care where. The couch you’re seated on together right now will more than suffice.

The fact that his hand cups your chin while his fingers squish your cheeks together is not a usual part of the equation anytime you’ve kissed him. Bokuto snorts when you knit your eyebrows together.

“Two shots or two drinks?” he clarifies.

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Philip Hamilton x Reader - "Angelica Happened."


A/N: Oh my word, I actually did a Philip fic! This was so fun to write, I hope you guys like it so I can make a part two.

TW: Swearing

The pouring rain hammered down onto the rattling windowpanes, tree branches scratching and knocking. You sighed; the storm had been non-stop for over two days now, and you needed to get home.

Your father, a New York politician, had been discussing Mr Hamilton’s debt plan, and was forced to take you with him. Your mother, a formidable yet kind woman, had been taken ill and wanted you out of the house. Huh! As if you were some silly little child who needed supervising at every waking moment.

Oh well. You had befriended the Hamilton’s son, Philip, and his little sister, Angelica. Philip was slightly older than you, but was a decent conversationalist and shared many of your views. Mrs Hamilton was a dear, offering you tea and refreshments, but you were taken in by her son. He was tall, with a sturdy build and, quite frankly, adorable freckles that dotted his face. Completed by a cheeky grin and a flirty demeanour, what else could you ask for?

Hoisting yourself up into the voluminous armchair that resided next to the softly glowing lamp, you made yourself comfortable and opened the large book that was settled in your lap. The Complete Works of Shakespeare. You adored Shakespeare, able to lose yourself in worlds of fairies and pixies, in romances and tragedies, in comedies and daring adventures. While the world outside seemed to be turned upside down with turmoil and discord, you were warm and tranquil, lost in a world where even pixies, fairies, and men with donkey heads could find love.

Time passed; the grey sky turned to black, rain and wind continuing to throw itself down and make chaos. You were almost at the end of your book when the door to the library was slammed open. After almost jumping out of your skin, you recovered your composure and looked over to the source of the noise.

The sight that greeted you was so comedic that you couldn’t help but stifle a chuckle. Philip, decked out in frilly pink bows and soft ribbons, stormed into the room, his cheeks red in embarrassment and – and makeup?

“Oh gosh, Philip, what happened to you?”

Rolling his eyes, he roamed the room in search of the hand mirror (that was placed on the table next to you). “Angelica happened.”

“What do you mean?”

Philip, having spotted the mirror, made a beeline for you and was a little too close for comfort. “Dad just had to give Angelica a makeup set for her birthday. I mean, talk about favouritism! But no, she couldn’t test it on herself, it had to be me.”

“Oh dear. Well, I must say, that’s certainly an interesting predicament.”

With the mirror now in his grasp, Philip began to frantically pull at the bows that were tied in his curls. You smiled softly. “Let me.”

Huffing, the extremely feminine-looking Philip placed himself beside you, allowing you access to the ribbon and metal grips. You started with the biggest bow that had obviously not been tied properly and was now sagging. Gently undoing the material, you placed it onto the table, straightening it out and turning back to the pouting Hamilton. After methodically removing the assorted hair accessories and sorting them into piles, you let your fingers simply run through Philip’s smooth curls, untangling any knots.

You felt him relax against you, and, despite your silent protests, your body tensed up as your cheeks flushed. The room was quiet, so you decided to strike up some sort of conversation.

“So, uh, what did you mean by ‘favouritism’? Did you ask for a makeup set on your birthday?”

You smirked as Philip turned red in indignation.

“O-Of course not! What I meant was, dad dotes over Angelica, always helping her with her piano practise, and whatever. Meanwhile, all I get is a glance and my hair messed up.”

You paused for a second, your fingers still, before continuing your ministrations.

“I’m sure he loves you just as much as Angelica, or any other of your siblings.”

“Doesn’t seem to show it.”

“Hey, I know how you feel.”

“What do you mean? It’s not like you have a million and one siblings like me.”

“Your father is a busy man, as is mine. Especially with his debt plan. You should hear what people say about him! I’m certainly glad my father is with him.”

“Ha, I’ve heard just about every slander, snub or dig at my Father there is – twice. New York isn’t exactly known for its compassion.”

“True.” People had the nerve to insult your Father’s views to your face, frequently commenting on his closeness to Mr Hamilton, or even Senator Burr.

“But still; even though he may not show it, deep down, your Father cares. I mean, he comes home every night, before leaving every morning – and then coming back home.”

“Almost every night.”

“It’s better than nothing.”

Philip sighed. “True, I guess.” He stood up, your hands falling to your sides. Yawning, you looked over at the mahogany Grandfather clock in the corner of the room. The hands showed it to be around half-past eight.

“Hey! I have an idea.”

Oh dear. A particularly mischievous look spread over the Hamilton’s (handsome) features. “Oh yes? What idea would that be?”

“Just you wait.”

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … . .

“Are you sure of this?”

“Yes, I’m sure of this. You’ve asked five times.”

You bit your lip, still unsure. The two of you were boxed together in Angelica’s wardrobe, after Philip had come up with the ‘genius’ (stupid) idea to hide in her wardrobe, while Mr Hamilton asked her to fetch something. When she came up to her room and opened the doors, then “BOO!”

Weak, yes, but the storm continued to rage on outside, and you felt as if you had read every book in the voluminous library. Anyway, your close proximity to the Hamilton meant anything could happen…

“Besides, we got my dad’s permission. If he thinks it’s a good prank, then why not?”

Mr Hamilton had been taking one of his rare breaks when Philip had cornered him. Making sure that Mrs Hamilton was out of earshot, he had explained his plan, and Mr Hamilton’s role. He had raised an eyebrow, and suggested a different prank for next time (would there be a next time?), but he had agreed.

Now, all you could do was wait.

“Hey, [Y/N]?”

Well, and talk.

“How well do you get on with your father?”

You appreciated the way that he said ‘father’ instead of ‘dad’.

“Well, we get on enough. He doesn’t particularly support me going out alone at any times, but we compromise. Usually, my mother is the peacekeeper.“

“Oh yeah, I’ve met your mother. She came over, what was it, ‘bout two months ago?”

Even though he couldn’t really see it, you nodded in confirmation. “Yes. She enjoys conversing with your mother; says she is well educated and sweet. I can now support that statement.”

“Yeah, my mom’s the best. Don’t know how she’s put up with my Dad all these years, the amount of times he gets into fights with other politicians.”

“My father’s probably too afraid of my mother to get into too much of an argument with another.”

“Wait, is your mom scary?”

“To most people, yes. She doesn’t really have the best first impression, but once you know her, she can be a great laugh.”

“Talking of laughs - did you know that I’m a poet?”

This was new.

“You’re a poet? That’s, well, that’s amazing!”

The Hamilton blushed, looking away. “Yeah, well. I used to write these little song-raps, and sometimes I would perform them. Don’t really remember most of ‘em, except my first one.”

You smiled. “Would you mind doing one last performance?”

“Sure! Only one last time, though.” Oh, you couldn’t wait to hear this. “Uh, just saying, my mom was beatboxing for me the first time.”

You learn something new everyday.

“Uh, here goes. Just saying, I was nine.”

My name is Philip,

I am a poet,

I wrote this song just to show it.

And I, just turned nine,

You can write rhymes but you can’t write mine!”

You couldn’t get the image of a small, freckled Philip out of your head.

“I practise French and play piano with my mother,

I have a sister but I want a little brother.

My daddies tryinga’ start America’s bank!

Une, deux, trois, quatre, cinq!”

“Bravo!” You had to admit, for a nine year-old, that was pretty good. Philip’s face was warm, and he looked away, blowing his hair out of his face. “I can’t believe you asked your parents for a little brother.”

“Honestly, neither can I. Especially with the amount that I have now.”

You breathed out, suddenly nervous. The conversation had grinded to a halt; should you say something?

“Hey, have you heard of a ‘George Eacker’?”

“George Eacker? Yes, I believe I have. Um, why?”

“He’s a right old prick. He spoke on the fourth of July this year, calling my father a ‘Monarchist’ and other things like that.”

“Really, a Monarchist? Even I could come up with better insults.”

You were pleasantly surprised when Philip creased up laughing. His curls bounced as a grin occupied his freckled face.

“Oh, I’m sure that you could.”

“Don’t think too much into it. Your father has impossibly thick skin; almost everything bounces off him.”

“That’s what my mom says. But still, late-night conversations can reveal some interesting things. For example, they’re already trying to find ‘suitable suitors’ for Angelica.”

“Wait, really? Isn’t she a little young?”

“My parents don’t seem to think so. I mean, my mom was married when she was only one year older.”

“I hope they find someone where the love is true. Unrequited love can be heart-breaking.”

“Haven’t heard them discussing any plans for marrying me off, though.”

“Wait, really?” You were shocked to hear this. Philip Hamilton, the one who schedules threesomes and flirts worse than a drunk Thomas Jefferson (don’t ask), was single?

You could work with that.

“Yeah…” Philip sighed wistfully. “Maybe they think I’ll find someone on my own.”

“Well, have you?”

It was now that the Hamilton looked away – was he blushing? The dim light obscured your vision. Your face felt hot. When was Angelica going to appear?

“You see, well, there is one girl who, uh, has appeared to run off with my heart, so to speak.”

You felt your stomach drop. Philip liked someone?

Really, you shouldn’t have been surprised. A suave demeanour, completed by handsome looks and flirtatious remarks – who would pass up that?

“Uh, what about you? Has your father tried to marry you off yet?”

If you didn’t know better, you could have sworn there was a hint of resentment in his voice.

“No, no one for me. My mother has been nagging, saying how she always wanted grandchildren and all that, but they haven’t forced anyone on me – yet.”

The atmosphere in the cramped closet seemed to change. You flushed as Philip moved closer to you, his body warm, smelling slightly of cinnamon.

Your heart thudded in your ears as you looked up into his watchful eyes. Nothing else seemed to matter as you stared into each other’s eyes – not even the footsteps thudding up the stairs.



“Tell me to stop at any time.”

With that, Philip leaned down, placing a sweet kiss on your lips. You could finally understand why people said ‘they took my breath away’. Hundreds of emotions flooded you all at once, ranging from bewilderment, to confusion, to pure euphoria.

Suddenly needing more, you reached up and grabbed Philip’s collar, bringing him down so you could kiss him once again. You felt him smirk as his hands circled your waist, holding you protectively. Letting go of the now slightly-rumpled collar, you placed your hands on either side of Philip’s face, once again marvelling at how many freckles dotted his face – especially up close.

The kiss gradually became more heated, as hands started to wander. You knew that you were safe with Philip, and-

The door swung open, the baffled face of Angelica peering in. You froze, watching as a malicious grin appeared on the girl’s face. Before you could move, or even make a sound, she ran out of the room, screaming, “I’m telling mom!”

A beat passed as you tried to process what had just happened. You were startled as Philip ran after Angelica, shouting frantically. Left alone in the empty room, you slowly walked out of the door and down the grand stairs after the siblings.

A shout rang out from the kitchen.

“Mom! Mom, you’ll never guess what!”

As you peered in from the doorway, you saw Philip gesturing wildly at his sister, but she paid no heed as Mrs Hamilton raised an eyebrow at the ecstatic child and the pair of dishevelled teenagers standing in the kitchen.

“Dear lord, Philip! Whatever happened to you and [Y/N]?”

A quick look was passed.

“Angelica happened.”


I want somebody to write about Ahsoka. About how she walked out of the Temple with her head held high, and a tiny bag containing the sum of her life outside the Jedi Order, because Jedi are not encouraged to keep mementos. She has two changes of clothes, a cloak to hide her blades and enough money to live for a week. 

Ahsoka hugs her master, and kisses his cheek too because she can do that now. And maybe she had a crush on him for about half a minute when she was twelve and didn’t know him and maybe she didn’t. Because she’s been his padawan for three years and she knows his worth she bows to him and calls him Master Skywalker. And because she’s been his padawan for three years and she knows his worth her last words to Anakin Skywalker in every universe are, watch out for yourself skyguy.

He’ll call her Snips like his heart is breaking and it is, because this is yet another lesson on attachment that he has failed to learn and he wraps her padawan’s braid around his flesh wrist as a reminder (and in the coming months it’ll become a burden weighing him down, giving him yet another reason to hate the Jedi) but he hasn’t learned the lesson he was meant too and this isn’t his story anyway.

I want somebody to write about the shuttle that takes her away from the Temple and how she cries like she’s breaking because she has been betrayed

I want the three days Ahsoka spends in the lower city hunting down her lightsabers because she will not give them up. 

I want Ahsoka going to Senator Chuchi because she like Padme and Lux never gave up on her. And Padme is too close to the Jedi for comfort, and Lux is too close to her for comfort.  Chuchi aiding her because Ahsoka is her friend and because she is one of ten people in the Galaxy who has stood against Grievous and lived and in these dangerous times you never know what friends you’ll need. Ahsoka leaving Coruscant on smuggled onto a supply ship, hopping a ride on a destroyer, taking off in her personal cruiser, something fast and light.

Ahsoka removing the focusing crystals from her lightsabers and fixing the crystals beside the teeth of the akul she slew with her first lightsaber to her headdress as nothing more then pretty trinkets because one day she will take up her lightsabers again but today she cannot be a Jedi and a lightsaber is a Jedi’s weapon. Because she visited Ilum twice and bled for her crystals each time and she cannot, will not erase her past. 

Ahsoka traveling to Kiros, to Shili, to Onderon, to planets she has been before, to planets she has never seen, to planets she has only seen as a soldier glancing at her surroundings after three days of hard fighting in mud and gore.  

Ahsoka on Onderon because she has friends across the galaxy but Lux, Lux who is her friend before many is on Onderon while the Senate is out of session. She rides beasts on Onderon, explores the jungle and city and does the things she never could as a Jedi. Saw and Lux teach her to cheat at cards and drink in bars and if they get caught up in a few bar fights they never struck first. She does the things the Temple denied her. They’ll get drunk and talk about their losses, about Steela, and Mina, and Barriss and this endless war and if she kisses Lux it is because she can now without concern that she is betraying something she holds dear.  

Ahsoka will enjoy peace until it itches under her skin betraying her. She has been a warrior since she was four and a soldier since she was thirteen. She turns seventeen on Onderon and has a proper party with friends for the experience and leave three days later with Saw in tow, because Saw is another child soldier looking for another war. Mandalore has an ongoing civil war that the Jedi are ignoring, and the rightful heir is a friend who cannot accept republic aid without betraying everything his aunt held dear.

Ahsoka Tano with a blaster on one hip and a mandalorian blade on the other training soldiers to fight a war for peace on a planet that doesn’t want it against a former clone of the republic. Three months later she’ll call that irony. 

Three months later they’re winning the war when the Force cries out for all those who can hear it. Ahsoka knows the news before it ever reaches Mandalore. The Jedi are traitors they say. The Jedi are dead they say. Beacons at the temple call for the return of the Jedi, and Ahsoka wonders how many of her friends were caught in the trap before the survivors started to catch on.

She’ll use the force that night to dissemble her lightsabers and refit the crystals to her blades. When she puts them back together she activates them with a touch of her mind and the crackle hum of the blade is comforting. She’ll drop the force and let her blades fall, catching them eager hands and sweep through a reverse shien drill, as familiar as breathing.

(Ahsoka will leave Mandalore and the people she trained will die when the Deathwatch accepts aid from the newly formed Galactic Empire. Korkie’s execution will be broadcast planetwide. She mourns him but can do no more.)

Ahsoka leaving Mandalore behind and trying to raise Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda. When those fail she reaches out to Padme, to Lux, to Chuchi. Chuchi and Lux answers and directs her to Bail Organa and the seeds of the Rebellion. She’s one of millions that attends Padme Amidala’s funeral.

Ahsoka Tano lives openly under her own name. She makes it four months before a squadron of clones cuts her down. Captain Rex leads them.

Ahsoka Tano lives as a fugitive, gathering support, freeing slaves, distinctive green and yellow blades reminding the galaxy that the Jedi are not as destroyed as the Empire would like them to be. Her cell is the best the Rebellion has to offer, and Saw serves as her second for the six years it takes for the Empire to hunt them down. She tells her people to cut and run, but they stand by her in the final days. Her people take out a full battalion with half a dozen bombs and themselves in the process. Ahsoka  is hunted through the sewers like a rat by troops lead by Darth Vader. She separates him from his men and takes a run at him in an appropriately climatic and secluded location. Maybe she hesitated when she felt her old master through the force. Maybe he did. There were only two witnesses to that fight and only one survivor. This is the last time anyone hears from Tano.

(And a Togruta by the name of Barriss books passage off that shithole of a world.)

Ahsoka Tano lives as a fugitive, smuggling, infiltration and sabotage operations, carrying blasters never mind Master Kenobi’s disdain for them. Her lightsabers are never beyond her grasp but she uses them only to kill now, and then only when she is certain there will be no witnesses. She’s the finest operative the Rebellion has and her greatest talent is her ability to wreck a slaving operation in less then twenty-four hours.

Maybe she lives long enough to meet Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa and tell them without remorse the sort of man their father used to be, having long since figured out what became of Anakin Skywalker. Maybe she doesn’t. Either way Ahsoka Tano still has stories that need to be told.


“Hazzy, stop it!” Niall giggles as Harry nuzzles his nose into the blonde boy’s neck lovingly.

They’re in the back of Harry’s jeep, making out lazily during their free lunch period like the crazy love-sick teenagers they are, grinding against one another to some old song by the 1975. But they’re barely paying attention, completely high off of each other and (according to the smoggy air in the car) maybe a little of something else too. Niall’s underneath the bigger boy, legs wrapped around his skinny-jean clad waist, clawing at his black band tee. Harry’s got Niall shirt hitched halfway off, and it’s clear where he wants this to go.

Harry chuckles back deeply as he nips at the blue eyed boy’s throat, “I don’t want to,” He grumbles, a little whine in his voice.

Niall fixes him with a look, obviously attempting to be stern but unable to hide the utter fondness behind his glare. “People are going to start wondering…” He protests as Harry pulls him even closer.

“So let them.” Harry tries, pushing Niall so that he’s back to laying down on the warmed leather seats.

The blonde rolls his eyes, shoving Harry back up. “You know we can’t do that.” He says, sitting up fully and tugging his shirt back down from where it was hiked up around his chest.

“But why,” Harry whines, dragging out the “y” noise, making his tone that much more childish. Niall stays silent, simply grabbing his flower crown from the floor and balancing it When the blonde doesn’t respond Harry’s voice changes to something much more soft, much more intimate, than he would ever use in public, “You know that I don’t care what people think, baby, yeah?”

Niall smiles at Harry gently, moving forward to kiss the brunette soundly, pushing his forehead against Harry’s after and murmuring, “I know.” They spend the last few minutes fixing their appearances, flattening out wrinkled shirts and pulling their shoes back on in a comfortable silence. The bells rings and Harry inwardly groans, knowing that he’s going to have to go back to the stupid plan that Niall had forced them to follow.

The blonde leaves the car first and Harry watches as he fixes his flower crown once more before looking around casually, and walking away from Harry’s car quickly.

Harry sighs, counts to 10, just like they practiced, and follows the boy he loves, glare stuck on his face already.

* * * *

Harry was the official bad boy of school.

He had a deep, slow voice and a permanent devious look in his eyes. Paired with his ripped jeans and combat boots, he was the perfect candidate for his assumed role.

Of course, on the inside, Harry wasn’t a “bad boy.”

Sure, he got into a couple of fights and maybe he wasn’t always in the best of moods and maybe he smoked weed and got drunk sometimes but he liked to think of himself as a good guy. He was a complete momma’s boy and he never treated Niall with anything other than the utmost respect.

But people liked to make assumptions so Harry let them. He didn’t particularly care what people thought like Niall did.

He rolls his eyes as he sees another girl glancing at him, “subtly,” as she twirls her hair absently. It happens every year during every season when there’s a dance. Of course, Harry never asks anyone because the only person he would want to ask doesn’t want to be in public with Harry.

Sadly enough, this season was a traditional, American-style “Sadies-Hawkins” dance where the girls are the ones asking the boys, and Harry wasn’t looking forward to it. He really didn’t like turning girls down, not that it happened that much normally, but he had a sinking feeling that this time it would be different.

He leaves his last class in an annoyed huff as he sees Niall standing at his locker alone, lip jutted out adorably as he tried to get everything out of his locker. As much as Harry wanted to walk over to his boyfriend and kiss away the pout, carry all his books for him, he couldn’t.

Harry forces his eyes away, grabbing his jacket and walking over to his car, ignoring every dreamy stare he got as he walked over to his banged up, black jeep. His second true love.

He throws his bags in the back and starts the car, allowing the car to heat up as he waits patiently for Niall to walk past his car and down the road a bit before following furtively and parking aways down the road.

Niall gets in the car in a light giggle and suddenly, Harry’s somewhat off-day gets better and he smiles over at the passenger side of his car before speeding off.

* * * *

The first proposal happens 3 days later. It’s a Friday, which was officially labeled as “Harry&Niall day” back sometime last year, which makes it all the more dramatic.

The girl is tall and kind of intimidating, even to Harry. She’s pretty, for a girl, with long dark hair and dark eyes, but Harry really, really isn’t interested.

Hell, he doesn’t even know her name.

She does it in a cute way as well, and Harry really appreciates the beautifully drawn cardboard sign that she drew, along with some pun that she probably found on Pinterest, but he still turns her down.

She’s eyeing him with the same look as every other girl does. Biting her lip and half-closed eyes, like she’s ready for him to push her up against the wall and fuck her at any second. There’s only one person he wants to do that to.

So true to the person that she thinks he is, badass and uncaring, he simply shakes his head and shrugs. “No thanks.” He says before stepping around her and moving along down the nearly-silent hall.

Everyone seems shocked and he realizes that later it’s because she’s one of the “populars.” She’s some cheerleader that couldn’t seem to understand why Harry didn’t say yes. Apparently, she started some rumor that Harry turned her down gently, reassuring her that he was just “busy” that night. Apparently, Harry said that he wishes he could’ve gone with her, but was just so damn “busy” that he couldn’t. He rolled his eyes as Louis told him of this, knowing it was just some regular high school girl with her head way too far up her own arse to realize that Harry just wasn’t interested.

Of course, Niall isn’t happy about it.

He doesn’t specifically say anything about it, but Harry can tell by the way Niall gets into his car during lunch and doesn’t even smile. He gives Harry a curt, “hello,” but doesn’t say much else, simply looking out the window while Harry awkwardly twiddles his thumbs.


“Why didn’t you say yes?” Niall blurts, interrupting Harry immediately, turning to face the green eyed boy expectantly.

Harry leans back, surprised, because out of all of the things he expected Niall to say, that was not one of them. “W-what?” He stutters, completely appalled that Niall would even say that.

“Kendall asked you to the dance, right? Why didn’t you say yes?” The blonde asks, and Harry would think he was angry by the tone of his voice but he can see the hurt in Niall’s eyes. He can see how upset his boyfriend really is over this.

“Baby,” Harry murmurs softly, almost disappointed. Niall doesn’t respond, just sniffs quietly which automatically makes Harry tug the boy into his arms. They’re both in rather big coats so it’s fluffy and warm but also sweet and caring and Harry refuses to let go. “You know exactly why I didn’t say yes, you idiot.” He mumbles.

Niall shrugs, “She’s really pretty.” He says, as if that gives an explanation for why he thought Harry would ever leave him.
“Sure she is. But you’re beautiful and perfect and all I ever want. Please don’t underestimate yourself, Ni, you know better.” Harry says, pushing Niall’s shoulder playfully.

But Niall doesn’t look playful. He simply climbs over the seat to get to the back pulling Harry by the shirt, “Come back here and kiss me.” The blonde orders.
Harry doesn’t need to be told twice.
* * * *

Harry gets asked by three more girls and it seems like with each proposal Niall gets more and more insecure.

Of course, Harry gets extremely defensive of their relationship, measuring the boy as much as he could, which always seemed to get them into the same situation in the back of Harry’s car which– well, Harry couldn’t complain.
They’re in one of those situations now, Harry’s jeans pulled half down while Niall’s are completely off, disbanded somewhere in the front seat. They’re really getting into it at this point, Niall on top of Harry, straddling the bigger boy and grinding on him a bit more vigorously than usual. Harry’s kissing up Niall’s neck, sucking more harshly than usual, trying his best to leave marks to at least somewhat claim his boyfriend.
“Harry– stop.” Niall pants quickly, as if he was reading his boyfriend’s mind. “You’re going to leave a mark.”

Harry nods, eyes still closed, pulling Niall’s neck back down to his mouth, whispering hotly, “That’s the point.”

Niall pushes away, more sternly this time. “Harry, we’ve talked about this.” He says, his voice suddenly harsh.
The brunette opens his eyes, recognizing Niall’s newfound angry tone. “Ni…” He  sighs, running a hand through his hair. “Why the fuck not?” He questions, just as harshly, sitting up and bringing Niall along with him, still keeping the blonde in his lap. “Baby, I’m tired of all these girls making you feel so upset. I don’t want to make you feel unworthy, I just want everyone to know that we’re together. Why won’t you let us?”
Niall’s jaw clenches and he sighs as well, “I don’t want people to hate me.” He says sadly. “Every girl is so obsessed with you, everyone’s going to hate me when they know that- that I’m with you.”
“That’s bull, Ni, why do you care?” Harry asks, still somewhat stressed about the entire situation. “I don’t understand why you care so much.”

Niall shrugs, unsure how to explain himself. It’s awkward then. Something it’s not normally and it’s weird because they’ve never really felt awkward with one another. Not even at the beginning when Niall was just the freshman pestering Harry to help him make some flower crowns.
It stays weird for the rest of lunch, even with Harry trying to defuse the sudden tension with stupid jokes, Niall just smiles shortly and looks away.

It’s weird and Harry hates it.
* * * *

The next day is just as weird.

Niall texts Harry and tells him not to pick him up. Harry texts him 5 times, asking if he’s sick because usually when one of them is sick, the other goes to take care of the other. But, he never gets a response.
With a sigh and a terrible feeling in his gut, Harry goes to school, prepared to have an awful day.

There’s a crowd at the front of the school, which leaves Harry with an angry huff, because it looks like it does whenever someone tries to ask Harry to a dance. It’s become a sort of phenomenon now. It feels like every girl is trying to see if they’re the one that Harry is “holding out” for.
He’s angry now, missing Niall and confused about their relationship, and he’s fully prepared to turn this girl down with a harsh look and maybe even worse words that he’d probably regret later.

In the middle of the crowd, the massive huge crowd, there’s a familiar, shaking, short blonde. He looks terrified, but he’s standing strong, holding a cardboard sign, with no puns or jokes. There’s no funny drawing or anything like that, Just a simple text that reads, “Harry, Go to Sadies with me?” And Niall’s holding a flower crown, identical to the one on his own head and Harry’s never been so in love with anything or anyone in his entire life. 

Everyone’s giggling, looking around at each other like they knew what would happen, like they were so excited to see Niall get turned down and now, Harry understood why Niall was so afraid. Because highschoolers were assholes, but Harry didn’t care. He didn’t care that everyone sucked and apparently, Niall didn’t either. 

Still, as he always does he goes along with everyone’s image of him, stalking up to Niall with no emotion on his face, watching as Niall’s hands start shaking even harder. 

Harry takes the flower crown in his hands, silently admiring the pink and white flowers that were weaved into the base. The giggles and whispers have intensified now and he even sees some people with their phones out. Good. 

He places the crown on his head, grinning as the gasps begin to sound from the crowd and he wastes no time in grabbing Niall’s cheeks and kissing the boy feverishly, gripping at his neck lovingly as he tries to convey just how passionately he feels towards the blonde. Everyone’s silent now, and staring and once Harry pulls away, he begins to feel extremely angry at how vapid these people were for looking disappointed or disgusted in them. 

“What are you perverts looking’ at, huh? Can’t a guy kiss his boyfriend in peace?” He shouts, waving his hand at the crowd before dragging Niall away, back towards his car, ready to skip the rest of the day and spend it showing his boyfriend just how happy he was. 

They get in the car and don’t wait to continue kissing each other, Niall gripping at Harry’s long hair and pulling him even closer.

Harry’s on cloud nine, so relieved to finally be open with their relationship and out. Harry pulls back, kissing Niall’s cheeks and then his nose and then his forehead. “That’s a yes by the way.” 

The only sounds left after that is Niall’s breathy laughter. 

UGH this took me so long and its still late I’m so sorry. I have a break this week but I’m so busy I don’t know how much I’ll be able to update. Wish me luck on my college tours :p :p 

Prompts are open! I do any Niall centric OTP, OT3, OT4, and OT5! You can see my previous writings here and my master post here

history lessons

hello! i have a bunch of requests that i promise i am working on - but this has been sitting in my drafts unfinished for ages and i finally got inspired to finish it last night.


luke hemmings & y/n
word count - 5375
warnings - sexual content, language


“Your boyfriend is waiting for you.”

You rolled your eyes as Olivia smirked at you.

You could already see Luke sitting on the wall, in the exact same spot he sat in every day. As much as you appreciated not having to get the bus home to and from school everyday, you weren’t exactly thrilled that the trade off meant that you had to share two daily car journeys with Luke Hemmings.

“He’s actually reading one of those extra credit books,” Olivia said, squinting so she could make out the title of the book Luke looked engrossed in. “What a fucking loser.”

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A Perfect Family

Originally posted by jinkooks

Character: Yoongi x Y/N
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Length: 1837 words
Summary: You’re a staff at Big Hit and Yoongi takes a liking to you, his stylist. However, no one actually knows you have a child from the past, until Yoongi found out.

“Bye Yoongi. Remember to wash your scalp carefully and gently with the hair care shampoo, and dry your hair. Don’t overwork yourself!” You greeted Yoongi with a shy smile. Yoongi felt a tired smile creep up to his lips and he winked at you, nodding at your instructions before ruffling your hair. “Gotcha. Thank you for your hard work today!” You felt a blush coming onto your cheeks and your ears turning hot therefore you decided to bid the other members and the stylists goodbye.

As you turned to leave, the realization that your aunt would be bringing your son, Daeyeol, back home early today hit you. Inwardly groaning, you packed your items into your bag in a hurry, mumbling something about going to the grocery store to get some items for your aunt to the other stylists. At the same time, you had unconsciously grabbed Yoongi’s treatment foam for his hair and placed it into your bag as well.

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Misconduct, Ch. 8 [Soldier 76/Reader]

You have an extremely inappropriate crush on your commanding officer. Maybe if you work hard enough, you’ll stop having feelings.

[ AO3 Link ]

Author’s Notes: Collaboration with @antiloquist. Follow the blog @ http://miss-conduct.tumblr.com/

Chapter Notes: jesus christ the response to last chapter was the biggest one yet. getting the chance to read all your reviews and concrits and liveblogs was an absolute delight. best holiday EVER. this chapter’s not quite as exciting, i’ll admit, but it features a conversation that needs to be had.

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Sejiou Family headcanons: 1st years to 3rd years

-He has a sister 3 years younger
-Born into a very traditional family
-definitely had a very controlled life outside of volleyball
-Parents forced him to start playing violin. But he really didn’t like it.
-Sejio feels more like a family to him and he’ll miss it when he graduates

-Two siblings. An older sister by three years and a younger brother by two years.
-Single mother
-His brother is a musical prodigy and his mom would much rather go to one of his brother’s concerts than his games.
-His sister is the best sister in the world. She was the ace of her volleyball team and she had to take him to practice once and he decided his sister is the coolest person he has ever known. Because you know “Beautiful+Powerful=superhero”.(Iwaizumi comes in second when it comes to coolest people he knows)
-His sister will be at all of his games no matter how far away she is She could be in Tokyo but will make it.
-His mother is a teacher and hiss sister is studying to be a doctor.

-He is the oldest of three. The two younger siblings are a pair of twins a girl and a boy who are 7 and happen to love and adore their older brother.
-His mother died when the twins were barely one by a drunk driver. They live with their dad and his step-wife who owns a tiny daycare/afterschool program.
-His father got him an Alaskan malamute puppy as a gift on his 7th birthday.
-His siblings love his teammates. Mainly Iwaizumi and Kyoutani because their suckers when it comes to a kid giving them puppy dog eyes. Plus they give the best piggyback rides.
-They wouldn’t trade Watari for the world.

-He has a twin sister who looks exactly (except for longer hair, eyelashes and the fact she has bewbs) like him and has a personality very close to his. She just happens to be younger by 15 minutes.
-He lives with his dad who’s kind of distant due to him working long weird hours.
-They visit their mom twice a month and his mom is a free lance artist and art teacher
-He and his sister can tell if anything is even slightly wrong or different and would kick the ass of anyone who even tried to hurt the other.
-His sister can play piano, violin, and guitar. He can play the piano. They recorded duets they do to see how well they did. They can both sing like angels.
-Over the years, they develop an us against the world mentality. Yahaba also feels he needs to take care of her because he is the older one technically.
-He and his sister have a hard times parting ways when it comes to them going to different colleges.

-He is the fith of six children and is also the only boy.
-His older sisters are 5 ,3 and 2 years apart from him respectivly. His youngest sister is 2 years younger
-He dosesn’t allow anyone to call girl names or to harass them because if he learned anything from his sisters is not to condone any of that because what if one of them were in that situation.
-His youngest sister is exactly like him but more friendly. She can actually hurt him because she took MMA classes after an incident that could have ended badly.
-Kyoutani is the man of the house affter at 5 and a half after his dad walks out on his family. Kyoutani promises to hurt his dad if he ever sees his him after seeing his mom cry.
-His mom works long nine-hour shifts at a hospital and takes online college cources to get her Ph.D in education. She wants to be creative writting teacher.


-He has a little brother who is just like him except he’d rather read or write stories then do anything including physical activity.
-He has unwrully blackish blue curls that are slightly longer then matsun’s.
-He has really nice eyebrows while matsun has catipillers for eyebrows.
-Matsun’s mom is a baker who owns a popular bakery.
-His little brother thinks memes are stupid. Matsukawa felt like he had been betrayed.

-He has a younger sister. She’s only a year younger and they share a birthday.
-Hanamaki has two moms and I will DIE for this headcanon.
-His actuall mom is a florist and his other mom works in the bakery with Matsuns mom.
-He and his sister are pretty close and listen to trashy american pop music together.
-His sister is an amuture model because of hanamaki.
-Her matsun and Makki like to joke , prank and meme with eachother.

-The only child. Like I can’t imagen him having to deal with a sibling And oikawa
-His father is a stay at home dad and his mom is a Pediactric sergeon.
-Iwa has been to a hospital 2 times in his life.
-He and his family + Oikawa always got together and had a movie marathon every friday night and still do it occasonaly.
-He get’s his love for godzilla from his mom.
-His dad uses to be an astroligist and learned all the constilations to impress Oikawa. He still knows them up to now.

-He is the youngest and has a sister 5 years older than him.
-She taught him how to do his signiture pose.
-Oikawa’s mom is a scientist who works from home.
-His love for astrology comes from a trip to a planiterium with his mom one day where she had to go there to do some research.
-Oikawa’s love for aliens comes from the x-files.
-While his sister was babysiting him and iwa. He would to reinact scenes with him as mulder and iwa as skully.

@jeweledbranchofhourai okay this one is a cheat because this one was half-written but I kind of got a block but then what you said gave me a prompt idea and it all worked out so uh

c-consider this a prequel to your idea?

Title: In Your Arms

Pairing: UmiNico

Words: 1,985

Prompt:  Nico wanting that Umi muscle meets the morning-after of a (hopefully not) one night stand.

Someone like her is destined to shine. Someone like her is destined to give it her all, and light up the stage with her presence alone. Someone like her is destined to work tirelessly, chasing that ever-glowing dream of idolhood, and not be led astray by anything–

“Except Umicchi’s muscles.”

“Shuuuut up, Nozomi.” Today, Nico has so far walked into a wall, tripped over twice during practice, and just lost an arm-wrestle to Nozomi, and at least two of those were caused by staring at one of her precious second-year kouhai.

The last one was because she was thinking about her instead.

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