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When you see a hot girl for the first time and realise that you might not be as heterosexual as you first thought.

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Fan Fiction gif Trailer: I’m not pregnant with Chuck Bass
Rating: T; Genre: Angst, Romance
LINK: I’m not pregnant with Chuck Bass
Locked in her cold bathroom, one winter morning, she was afraid to count how many days her period was late. December 18… to December 26. Eight days, she muttered under her breath.Eight days, she repeated. Her edginess grew every time she went to the bathroom to check if something has changed, as every symptom she had could be an alarm of her period coming, but they never were what she wanted them to be. After the Christmas holidays were over and she had to return to school, all the things remained the same. She was even touchier every time she heard about blood.She tried to think that it was just a normal late period like could happen to every woman she knew, and thought that her remedy could be getting back again with her boyfriend Nate, with whom she had broken up the very night she was possessed by Chuck Bass.

145. We are not allowed to hire a singing group to follow Professor McGonagall around.

She did not like that. - PP

She rarely likes anything we do. Or any gifts we give her. - SB

I don’t know why. We’re always so thoughtful. - JP

Yes, having a group of not so great professional singers following you around everywhere is exactly what every woman wants. - RL

See? Thoughtful. - JP

Exactly. - SB

anonymous asked:

There is a lot of chat about how "you're not like other girls" is an insult. I personally think this is taking it too far. How about we look at it as appreciating the unique and individual talents of a person compared to another, and not automatically assume it to be a degrading sweeping statement about every woman? Just a thought!

I think “you’re not like other girl” is problimatic for a few reasons. 1) It begins with the basic assumption that all girls are alike and this one girl is different and special, thus saying that other girls are not special. 2) It perpetuates the idea that women are in competition with each other, it makes us think “I need to be different, I need to be better, so that people will like me more” and we should be standing toghether and supporting one another. These are just thoughts that run through my mind when I hear that phrase, and the point is that they make women see each other as competition which holds us all back. Thanks for sharing!

-The Daily Feminist