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sh cast: there’s a lot of malec, very sweet, romantic moments

sh promo team: *spoiling every little malec scenes* stills, teasers here you go guys

*episodes air*

me: where. are. those. FULL. scenes. ?

sh prod: yeah we had to cut out a lot of it, the episode was too long, you will never get to see them but they were filmed don’t worry


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

Some thoughts about the boy who has watched all he loves fade:

  • Raphael Santiago carefully rewriting every single one of his mothers recipe’s while he keeps the originals in a little box for safe keeping. The paper’s yellowing with the years, but it’s comforting having a little piece of her. Comforting to see the same sweeping y’s and the undotted i’s of her handwriting reflected in his.
  • Raphael made a promise to his mother to take care of all of them. The first time his mom placed Sergio into his arms at just 4 years old Raphael knew that his heart wasn’t his own’s anymore.
  • He goes every Sunday to see Lucia, makes her meals just like mama used to. Spends hours trying to make them as exact as possible.
  • Sometimes Lucia will look at him and he swears that the way she smiles so symbolic of her name that she recognizes him.
  • Lucia was the only girl in a family of hermanos mayores. And while Raphael was the one that looked most like their mama, Sergio having all of mama’s charm, Arturo had that same wildness as their father, but Lucia’s eyes, Dios nos libre, it was like having Guadalupe Santiago stare right at him.
  • Lucia’s health was declining and she usually fell asleep early in the night. Raphael would spend  countless hours singing to her, despierta, mi bien, despierta mira que ya amaneció. Ya los pajaritos cantan la luna ya se metió.

Christ even the Sanvers stuff in this episode is frustrating just kill me.

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Sensually peel Lemon. Kiss the shade s. Insert a straw. Suck the liquid: lemon blood. Get a knife and smile like the sadist you are. Lemon screams fall on deaf ears. Knock knock: Its the police.


literally all i did was peel a lemon omg

like listen that juicer isn’t mine okay i’m holding it for a friend. this has all been a set-up i’m innocent dude

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal

Victor and Yuuri Skinship / Relationship Progress
  • Episode 1: Victor is naked
  • Episode 2: Victor is still naked + Victor flirting with Yuuri + light carress on Yuuri's face and hand + Yuuri being scared to get close to Victor
  • Episode 3: Still naked + touching Yuuri's lip at close proximity + WHISTLING AT YUURI'S EROS + Yuuri initiating a hug + Victor initiating a hug
  • Episode 4: Still naked + Victuuri naked stretching exercise in the onsen + Yuuri's 'Head Boop' + BEACH SCENE + Yuuri is no longer scared to get close to Victor (naturally close proximity)
  • Episode 5: Victor is finally fully clothed (in a suit) throughout the episode + VICTUURI HUGS EVERYWHERE???? + SUPER CLOSE PROXIMITY LIKE ITS NOTHING???? + "Your lips are chapped" + "Victor is the first person I've ever wanted to hold on to. I don't really have a name for that emotion but I've decided to call it love."
  • Episode 6: Goddamnit Victor why are you stripping in a restaurant + an underwear flew onto Guang-Hong's head wtf Victor + Victuuri's entwined fingers + Yuuri initiating an intense forehead touch + "Don't you DARE take your eyes off me" + "I'm the only one who can satisfy Victor" + "I'm the only one in the entire world who knows Victor's love" + Yuuri Eros Upgrade - ADDED TONGUE TO HIS SHORT PROGRAM + Victuuri casual touches??? Like that hug from behind while watching Chris??? Again, like its nothing???
  • Episode 7: Yuuri and Victor sleeping on the same bed + Victor made Yuuri cry (in a good way) + "STAY CLOSE TO ME!" + *inhales slowly* THEY DID IT. THEY FUCKING KISSED. ON THE LIPS. YOU READ THAT RIGHT. VICTUURI KISS HAPPENED.
  • Episode 8: Victor on his knees - tying Yuuri's skates + Yuuri pulling Victor by the tie + Yuuri seductively whispering to Victor + Yuuri Eros Upgrade - Kissy Face w/ Sound + Victor on his knees (again) - kissing Yuuri's skate + Victuuri went from boyfriends to Proud Parents TM in 0.2 seconds + Yuuri putting Makacchin above his own FS program for Victor's sake
  • Episode 9: Victuuri Hugs (x3) eventhough Victor's screentime is less than 3 minutes + Yurio supporting Yuuri + Yurio smiling at Yuuri + Yurio SHARING with Yuuri for his birthday + Yuuri is hugging everyone + Yuuri's "Until I retire, please be mine!" proposal to which Victor responds by kissing Yuuri's hand and then "I hope you'd never retire" + Makacchin is a-okay
  • Episode 10: Holy fuck Yuuri bought almost 800 euros worth of a pair of golden wedding (engagement) rings + Victuuri exchanging rings at a church + Victuuri being totally flashy about their rings + confirmed wedding if Yuuri wins GPF + Yuuri just found out that he seduced Victor first at last year's banquet party + Yuuri pole dancing with Chris + Yuuri drunkenly challenged Victor to a dance-off + Victuuri interpretative pair dancing + Victuuri smiling and laughing even before they met (sober) + Yuuri dry humped Victor and adorably requested Victor to become his coach + Victor fell in love with Katsuki Yuuri that night at the banquet party last year and Yuuri doesn't remember shit

I mean you already got that one promotion that was supposed to be for me, you don’t need the last slice of pizza.

based on a one-sided conversation i had with my cat while heating some left over pizza

mchanzo week day 7 - holiday season

and that’s a wrap folks! thanks to the mods of @mchanzo for setting up this wonderful week and thanks to everyone who supported me! this week was super fun to do and i’m glad i got to draw my favourite boys :’-) happy holidays, everyone!