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Jasper & Corruption theory

Honestly I don’t think Jasper got corrupted because she fused with an already corrupted gem. If it were to happen like that, as if it were contagious via fusion, She would’ve started getting corrupted whilst trying to hold back the gem.

Only when Jasper was at the brick of her emotions was when her physical form began to change. Seeing “Rose Quartz”, the Quartz that supposedly shattered Pink Diamond right before her. Not to mention the confirmation from Rebecca that Jasper was literally drowning in her own self-pity.

Jasper was just so beaten down (more emotionally than physically) that she just began to subliminally confess to Rose/Steven that she’d do anything to just stop feeling like a failure. To stop being rejected by everyone.

Her mind was so deteriorated, her spirit hurt and soul broken that in the reminder of her Diamond being dead, she just became into this ferocious beast in pain, agony..

**Peridot bubbled her first gem, and it so happens to be a corrupted one. But this unique one seemed more playful and happy, maybe gone crazy or in deep denial.**

**Centipetle is probably the most cutest corrupted gem ever. Understanding, intelligent, comprehensive & protective. However, I don’t think it was the fabric of her mind being torn apart (-Garnet) ,there’s also this theory about the strange light that shined on earth when all the ships left (Though when the ships leave every single one has this little sparkly thingy.)**

A war can’t just end and you’re alright. It’s a fucking war ffs.

So yes. Heavily agreeing with Garnet, I believe that a gem gets corrupted when they are emotionally broken.

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How would UT/HT Sans and both SwapFell/UnderFell Sans & Papyrus act when a badass looking human comes along? Like the MOST badass looking person to exist, covered in scars, missing a limb or few, tatoos, sharp teeth, a glare that could make UF king Asgore piss himself, a weapon in every pocket, & a constant serious face. Has lived through wars since young, can fight & ends it quick, has high stats, & has killed. Only to find out they're the biggest sweetheart & are extremely gentile.

UT! Sans: at first he’s very worried and doesn’t want you near him or Papyrus. But when he finds out how sweet you actually are, it doesn’t bother him at all. You’re super sweet.

HT! Sans: it doesn’t even phase him. Still talks to you like he would anyone else. I mean, what are you gonna do to him he hasn’t already been through? Oh you’re nice. Cool. Didn’t matter anyways.

UF! Sans: Stays clear of you at all costs. One day you end up talking, he kinda loves you. Weather it’s platonically, or romantically he wants you in his life.

UF! Paps: he wants you as an ally. When he finds out you’re actually a sweetheart he’s like oh. Never mind then. Still would be friends with you, because you’re intimidating though.

SF! Sans: challenges you. When you decline his challenge he starts to stalk you a little, eventually you become friends. He finds out you’re really sweet, and for some reason he wants to protect you? Even though you don’t need that?

SF! Paps: well shit, be my friend? Let’s intimidate people? No, really he wants to ne your friend. Finds out you’re a total sweetheart, so that makes it easier.

I placed myself in the dirt a year ago. I saw the worms crawl through my thoughts and I let the ink run dry, my, they never taught us how to cry about people. They never taught us how to love, so we have problems when it came to the mirror. Lately, my reflection is a little better. Lately, the muddy puddles show the midnight sky. Lately, the rain has been. The rain didn’t leave and we shouldn’t stay outside for much longer, we lose winning battles, but a losing war is never the end. Every book has a place on my shelf and yeah, we’ve died to feel something. They never taught us about needs and wants. They taught us our abcs and 123s, I can’t spell some names and I can still count my lovers all down to the cell. We change every year, we change every day. I guess the dirt grew more roses than I can admit. That’s why I can’t take a compliment. My apologies.
—  5 minute poetry

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heyo tell me about roman!piper please

Omg Roman Piper is my shit, okay here we go

  • It was Venus not Aphrodite that Tristan met
  • Tristan still refuses to tell her anything about her mom
  • After the BMW incident and their fight wolves show up to take Piper to the Wolf House
  • Piper is sure there’s no way she is Roman and there has to be a mistake
  • She also is sure she won’t live up to Lupa’s standards
  • It nearly kills her, several times, but she lives and Lupa sends her to camp Jupiter
  • Along the way she has a run in with some ghouls who start chasing her
  • Piper uses her charmspeak on a museum curator to get her hands on a dagger
  • By the time she makes it to the entrance of New Rome she’s dirty, scraped up, and covered in monster dust
  • She’s also super pissed
  • They take her straight to Reyna who eyes her dagger and tells her it’s not a fitting weapon for a Roman
  • Piper however refuses to give up the weapon
  • Jason shows up late and stares at this new girl in awe for a second
  • The question her and out about her charmspeak which worries Reyna
  • Piper still gets the approval from both Praetors
  • Jason takes her to Octavian to be cleared to join the Legion and starts talking to her on the walk
  • He explains how things work and shows her the mark she’ll eventually get
  • Piper may mutter that she thinks his tattoo his hot
  • Jason definitely blushes
  • Octavian hates her from the start
  • She has a dagger he claims was used to kill Julius Caesar and can charmspeak so he freaks out
  • Piper tells him to shove the teddy bear he’s gutting in his mouth and he starts to do it
  • Jason laughs and likes Piper 100 times more now
  • She joins the third cohort after both Jason and Reyna get irked that no one is stepping up to vouch for her
  • She ends up being claimed during a gladiatorial war game she wins using her powers
  • Venus appears to tell Piper to always follow her heart and makes it rain rose petals on Piper for the rest of the day
  • She still doubts herself and doesn’t think being a daughter of Venus is such a great thing
  • Reyna introduces her to Michael Kahale who starts teaching her how to fight
  • Reyna also spends some time training this new girl who pisses Octavian off so much and makes him look like an idiot a few times
  • For some reason Jason ends up training around the same time she is most days
  • Piper and Jason are just starting to get close when he disappears
  • In the time Jason is gone Reyna and Piper bond over their mutual hatred of Octavian and their stubbornness that Jason is coming back
  • When Percy shows up Piper takes a liking to him
  • She stays behind when Percy, Frank, and Hazel go on the quest helping Reyna run the Legion
  • During the attack on New Rome Piper shows her strength by using charmspeak to rally the Legion several times and make the enemy fall back at key moments
  • She earns her first mark and praise from Reyna after the battle
  • When Jason returns with the Argo II she runs to greet him
  • Jason remarks that she looks incredible in her armor in front of the entire Legion and embarrasses himself and her
  • During the feast that night Reyna pulls Piper aside and tells her that Jason could vanish again and Piper should make her move
  • Piper blushes and admits she never thought she had a chance against Reyna
  • That’s when Reyna tells Piper about what Venus told her about not finding love with a demigod
  • Piper says her mom is a jerk anyways
  • When Leo opens fire on New Rome, Piper takes her mom’s advice and sides with Jason
  • At the end of the war she has every intention of retiring from the Legion and living in peace but she gets elected as Centurion
  • She decides to stay and serve for a few more years since Jason is going to be running around being pontifex maximus and besides, Reyna is going to need help running the Legion

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During the Cold War, there was a theory. One agent, in the right place, at the right time… with the right skills… could be more effective than an army. The thing about war? I hear it never ends. Every war has three components. Some parts of it happen in the open. Some parts happen in the shadows. And then, there’s parts, well… there’s parts that are just plain black.

In Times of Peace: Chapter Fourteen

Summary: The war is over, and like Konoha, Team 7 has rebuilt itself from the ground up. Everything has changed, but Sasuke and Sakura remain much the same. Eleven years, she thinks, is a long time to be in love.

Rating: Mature (for sex and violence)

Sasuke takes his chances and goes to the hospital. At first he thinks he got lucky and missed Sakura, but then she walks into his room and says, “Akiko tells me you have two fractured ribs and contusions all over your abdomen.” She washes and dries her hands, approaches him. “Let me guess: you and Naruto were sparring.”

“No, we had a fight. A real one.”

Sakura examines his chest, her hands gentle but clinical. There is no warmth to her touch, no tenderness as she begins to heal his ribs. “What was it about?” she asks.

Sasuke hesitates, then says, “You.”

She makes a sound between a laugh and a cough. “Me?”

“I told him about us.”

The flow of Sakura’s chakra breaks for just a moment, but she recovers quickly and asks, “Well, this is a little funny, don’t you think?”

Sasuke scowls. “I don’t quite see how my broken ribs are funny.”  

“You were the one who was so dead-set on not telling anyone about our—” She pauses, bites her lip, and says, “Our relationship. Then after it’s over you tell Naruto. See, funny.”

When he doesn’t answer, she just goes on, tone flippant. “Though I suppose now I can fill in Ino and TenTen and Hinata, so I guess I should thank you. Really, I bet Temari would want to know too, she’s said before that she’s curious about what you’d be like in bed. Next time I’m in Suna I could tell her all about how you—”

“Sakura,” Sasuke says. “I know what you’re doing.”

“What do you mean?” she asks innocently.

“Stop trying to make me angry.”

“Why, is it working?” She gives him a bright smile, false but beautiful, and moves on to mending the bruises across his chest and stomach.

“No,” he says. “It isn’t.”

Sakura stands so close to him that he can smell her soap. It’s unfamiliar, a citrus scent instead of herbal, lemon maybe, and Sasuke wonders what else has changed in the months since she stopped sharing his bed.

“Are you seeing someone?” he asks.

She looks up from her work, briefly, to frown at him. “You know I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Are you sleeping with anybody?” Sasuke clarifies.

A pink flush spreads across Sakura’s fair cheeks. “That really isn’t any of your business,” she says.

“Maybe not, but I’m asking anyway.”  

She steps away from him and crosses her arms around her middle, even though his skin is still marked by a smattering of blue bruises. “What is it you want to hear? That there hasn’t been anyone since you? That I’m not even tempted, because other men can’t possibly compare to the great Uchiha Sasuke? Are you that arrogant?”

He knows he should sit still, shut up, and let her finish healing him so he can get out of here. Whatever Naruto had in mind when he told Sasuke to fix things, this certainly wasn’t it. But he hasn’t seen this much emotion from Sakura since their last mission together, and instead of being quiet, he goads her. “Well, it’s true, isn’t it? You haven’t been with anyone, and you aren’t tempted.”

Sasuke can’t know this for certain, but he suspects he’s right—he suspects, because he feels the same way. The last woman he slept with was Sakura, and he hasn’t once in the intervening months had the desire to have sex with anyone else.

He thinks for a moment that she might give in to her temper and smack him across the face, like he deserves, but she doesn’t.

Sakura opens the door and summons the brown-haired medic nin who admitted him. “I’m done for the day,” she says evenly. “Sasuke is your patient now, Akiko.”

After she leaves, Sasuke swears so violently that Akiko puts her hand over her mouth. He doesn’t much care though; all his regret is reserved for his dealings with Sakura. He can’t seem to do anything right where she’s concerned.

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are we really surprised that Connor came out before Jude though? The Judicorn made it clear from the beginning that he didn’t like labels, and he was fair more comfortable discussing his sexuality than Connor was. I do think it’s because he had the support of his family, but it also might be a personality trait (because we know he hadn’t always have it easy), Jude is strong enough that he doesn’t care about what people think, at the point that he doesn’t like Callie’s little speech about ‘living low key’ in season one. 

Connor, on the other hand, has been raised by a homophobic father had him fearing to even utter the word 'gay’. As a gay person, it must have been a nightmare to be forced to negate his own identity, to be taught how to ‘act straight’ since before he even knew what it meant . When Connor met Jude, he was well aware of the difference between ‘acting gay’ and ‘straight’ and i’m sure that he was very endeared by the boy who could go to school wearing blue nail polish and stand up to the bullies without blinking an eye.

The point is, Connor didn’t have the privilege of discovering his sexuality in a healthy environment, and in a perfect world we would all act like the Judicorn, not using labels, not judging and never caring about what people think. Nevertheless, the world portrayed in the show is very much the real world and Connor has experienced a side of it that we all know too well. Labels are important to him because they are to his father, and as much as i wish this wasn’t the case, that same label that his father made him fear is the only instrument that he has to stand up to him.

I noticed that people tend to misunderstand Connor’s actions with ‘confusion’ and ‘playing’, and so many times Jude has been portrayed like the pining gay boy with a crush on his straight friend. In reality, Connor’s situation has been clear for a long time. Yes, Connor was questioning himself, yes, he probably wasn’t sure of his identity when he first met Jude, but for a boy raised in a homophobic environment, he’s taken pretty big steps and i’m impressed on the beautiful development that the writers have made him go through. I don’t blame Connor for having kept dating Daria, I don’t blame him for having wanted to keep his and Jude’s relationship a secret, and I am certainly not surprised that he came out before Jude. Connor needed to make it clear, to his father and to himself, that no matter what he’s been taught, no matter how much of his identity has been negated before it could fully develop, he can’t hide who he is, and who he is can be defined with a specific label that does matter a lot.


Dragon Age Inquisition: The Hero of Thedas

Demons plague the world and terrorize the people of Thedas. The faithful cling to their belief in the Inquisitor, who must lead a team of legendary warriors into battle and bring the conflict to an end before it’s too late. Every war has its heroes. What kind of leader will you be?