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I just don't get how you are so inspired by Anime and fictional characters to workout, I love em too but I just can't get behind em cause I know I'll never be able to accomplish feats like they do

See that right there is the type of thinking I fucking hate

The amount of Anime, Comic Book, Video Game and Cartoon, fans I know who love these characters, can tell you everything about them, and say they want to be like them in real life yet do nothing cause it be “impossible“ to be like them makes me shake my head. For every character In my life I’ve seen and I’ve admired I look at what type of training needs to be done to be like them.

Mikey is my favorite Ninja Turtle ever since I was a kid

So I started practicing chucking skills back then

I saw Vegeta doing One Arm Pushups in a Gravity Chamber and thought it was beastly

I gave it a try until I got it and I Now I can do them with my 50 lb weight vest

I saw Samurai Jack increase in Jumping ability 

so I made Box Jumps a daily thing

even made a Samurai Jack workout


And ya know how, cause.

The point I’m trying to make is, the only one limiting you, is you. Seeing all of these character pull off these phenomenal feats inspires me more than any real life athlete. Sure I know that from doing a few hundred pushups a day I wont be able to open the Eight Gates 

Sure while doing my sprints I’ll probably never compare to Sonic or the Flash

But no matter how unlikely it is, As long as you’re pushing you’re hardest to be the best you can be Anything is possible. 

Hell everything is Impossible until someone does it

, do you really think in the 1800s they thought we could communicate through tiny light rectangles like we do today. Maybe one day someone might Fly defying all science xD

At the end of the Day I’m just a bigass nerd/geek who loves Anime, Comic Books, Video Games and Cartoons but if it wasn’t for them (and an awesome cosplayer diet) 

I wouldn’t look how I do today

So never give in, Never give up. You want to be as smart as tony stark start reading more, you want to make money like Bruce Wayne start working harder and saving. Anything is possible if ya believe in yourself, and 

here’s the kicker 

I believe in you too, 



this one honestly gives me chills every time. I wish they still included this song in their live performance