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Dating Jean Grey Would Include...

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  • Meeting at Xavier’s Home For Gifted Youngsters
  • Immediately being in awe of her powers
  • “Seriously, you’re more powerful than Charles, Magneto, or any other mutant I’ve ever met! And you’re a teenager.”
  • Jean trying not the get flustered by your remarks, but she always ends up a blushing mess
  • Scott being jealous
  • “I mean, every time I compliment her all I get is a smirk or snarky, telepathic remark. But when it’s you, it’s always blushes or smiles.” “Well, we’re dating, so, I hope she’d have a cuter reaction to my compliments.”
  • Jean teaching you archery
  • Comforting Jean after she has a nightmare
  • Sneaking into her dorm almost every night so she feels safer
  • Doing lots of cute, cheesy things for each other whenever you can
  • Because cellphones didn’t exist in the 1980s, Jean would use her telepathy to send you her dirty thoughts
  • Jean promising to never read or control your mind
  • Lots of hugs
  • And kisses
  • Passionate, hot kisses
  • Jean was very good in bed
  • So you had sex
  • A lot
  • Being worried about her every time she goes off on some crazy mission with Charles
  • Making Charles promise to protect her
  • Even though you both were well aware she could take care of herself
  • Jean always going to you for comfort after a dangerous mission with the X-Men
  • Saying “I love you” a lot
  • Jean vowing to protect you to whatever end
Chanyeol Masterlist

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Getting a dog

Calling him Oppa for the first time

Long distance relationship

Finding your lost sketchbook

Suggesting nicknames

Teasing s/o after she loses her glasses and falls on him


Morning after

Trying to set you up with Baekhyun

When you tell him the reason (friends memorial) behind your tattoo sleeve

Texting you while you’re sleeping so he sends good morning texts

Cute everyday text 1

Cute every day text 2

Worried you’re overdoing it with school work

Teasing you for being clingy

Telling you to get up and go to school

When you faint from lack of sleep

Being used as a model to help gf study for anatomy class

When you wear his shirt

When you’re homesick

When you walk in on him singing Beauty and the Beast


Concerned because you’re locked in your room w/ loud music

Finds out EXO didn’t use to be your bias group

When he finds out you used to ship Chanbaek


Spamming you w/ memes and jokes

Finding a stash of pictures of him on your phone

When you burn the kitchen/food

See you lost in thought

When you’re on your period

“Needy” ~~~

Finds out you’re past your bed time ft. Baekhyun

Says something he regrets due to stress

Forgets your birthday

cute things the signs are likely to do
  • aries: tell you about their crazy ideas and genuinely ask what you think
  • taurus: hand the popcorn bucket over every 3 minutes at a movie
  • gemini: acknowledge your story when nobody else in the group heard you
  • cancer: talk about you to their mom all the time
  • leo: cook for you and ask if it's good after every bite
  • virgo: whisper the answer when the teacher calls on you
  • libra: talk to somebody that's mad at you to try and get them over it
  • scorpio: pop out from behind things and scare you but laugh with you, not at you, when you scream
  • sagittarius: pick you up at midnight to go to dairy queen
  • capricorn: stay up all night to listen to you complain about something stupid
  • aquarius: mooch your food 24/7 but always offer you a bite of theirs when they have some
  • pisces: buy you things after you've had a breakup

corruptself45  asked:

>:3 Bts reacting to you having the cutest moans ever.

Jungkook : He’d continue pleasuring you but more than before just so he can hear your cute moans louder finding it very lovable.

Jimin : Makes sure to express to you how cute your moans are during and after sex and cannot help but smile down at you.

Namjoon : He loves cute things, he wouldn’t be able to control himself. He wouldn’t even be able to finish what he was doing to you because he cannot take it seriously anymore.

“You’re too cute..”

Taehyung : He’d do something random such as mocking you every time you moan or smiling widely at you.

Yoongi : He’d burst out in laughter breaking the very intense sex session you two were having.

J-Hope : Your cute moans would be music to his ears driving him insane. It would make him want to just completely dominate you.

Jin : He’d try not to laugh so he wouldn’t mess up the mood but fails.

“Are you doing that on purpose?!”


Nico di Angelo and sneezing


nico di angelo has a tiny cute baby sneeze and you can’t tell me no

also nico di angelo never sneezes just once instead it’s like between 6 and 15 times in a row and you still can’t tell me no

and will solace tries so hard to contain his laughter when nico has a sneezing fit but fails every time and no matter how hard you try you just can’t tell me no

dating jonathan byers would include...

•long drives to nowhere

•"just one more picture"

•him taking you to the drive in every friday

•"i made you a mixtape"

•cuddling under 500 blankets

•him trying to surprise you in anyway, but failing every time

•him taking pictures of you in your most candid of times (sleeping, eating, laughing, reading)

•taking will to see movies

•joyce always wanting you to stay for dinner

•you taking his cardigans

•him looking everywhere for them, only to have you show up in one

•"everyone of my shirts smell like you"

•him trying to teach you about photography

•thumb wrestles

•showering you with random and cute compliments


•wrestling around on his bed

•when he wins, he kisses you all over your face

•running your fingers through his hair as he falls asleep

•him never wanting to get up in the morning, scared he may wake you up

•so he just lays there and watches you sleep wondering how he got so lucky

•you being will’s favourite human because you can never say no to playing with him

Here are some winter aus too

- I slipped on ice outside and you ran over and tried to help but ended up slipping too so now we’re both just kinda lying on the ground

- You built an igloo this morning and every time I look out the window you’re just kind of sitting in it doing nothing- are you okay?

- We had a snowman building contest and I built a really cute family of them and you built a cannabalistic snowman eating another one- jfc there are children here what’s wrong with you

- You were walking your dog by my house and I was aiming to hit the tree behind you with a snowball but I just nailed you in the face I’m sO SORry do you want hot chocolate??

- Would you stop trying to sell the neighborhood kids yellow snow saying it’s a lemon slushee-honestly I don’t know why I married you


Dating Stiles Stilinski Would Include:

  • him always sending you a ‘good morning beautiful’ text
  • being equally sarcastic
  • having star wars marathons
  • joining stiles in trying to get scott to watch star wars
  • cuddling
  • more cuddling
  • so much cuddling
  • him telling you how cute you are every moment that he gets
  • “stiles, that’s like the tenth time you’ve told me that today”
  • “shut up y/n, you’re cute”
  • fighting over who gets to be batman and who gets to be robin
  • dates in unique places because stiles has a unique mind
  • bitching about jackson and then theo together
  • wearing his lacrosse jersey at games
  • “you look really hot right now”
  • studying which always ends in the two of you making out
  • nerdy references that only you two understand
  • sex
  • sex sex sex
  • jeep sex
  • basically a lot of sex
  • him being really protective over you
  • especially when other guys try to flirt with you
  • “oh hey girlfriend, did you meet my girlfriend? yeah she’s my girlfriend”
  • fighting over which superhero is the best
  • being on different teams in civil war
  • “team iron man; i’m telling you, okay? tony stark knows what’s up”
  • “it’s a captain america movie! why would you be on any team but team cap?! honestly, you stress me out”
  • sending each other ugly faces on snapchat even when you’re in the same room
  • nose kisses
  • forehead kisses
  • neck kisses
  • passionate kisses
  • angry kisses
  • lust filled kisses
  • kisses in general 
  • both of you fucking loving it when the other plays with their hair
  • going to mcdonalds in the middle of the night
  • sending each other pictures and gifs of cats throughout the day because cats are great
  • “fat cats are the best, i think we should get our own fat cat”
  • “i agree, stiles”
  • wearing only his shirt and panties when it’s just the two of you in the house
  • hearing him curse under his breath every few minutes because of it
  • sexual frustration 
  • defending each other in arguments against others
  • high-fiving each other during said arguments because no one can compete with your joint sarcasm 
  • helping stiles through his panic attacks
  • being there or each other through everything
  • long hugs
  • hugs from behind
  • hickeys
  • “shit, stiles; my parents are going to kill me, and then kill you”
  • doing rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to be the little spoon every night
  • knowing his real name and calling him it when you’re play fighting
  • him setting his text tone to the loudest one so when you text him during the night, it’ll wake him up when you need him
  • the two of you having an unbreakable bond
  • “y/n, y/n, y/n”
  • “what, stiles?”
  • “i love you”
  • “i love you too, you egg”
Pet AU Prompts
  • You rescued my cat from a tree, but you also feel out the tree afterwords. I’m so sorry this is all my fault are you okay . You’re still cute though?
  • You dog always sneaks into my backyard at the same time every day.
  • I feed your dog once and now he likes me more than he likes you. I’m so sorry.
  • Your fucking cat keeps on stealing my spot on our bed and every time I try and lay down, it hisses at me. My back hurts from sleeping on the floor.
  • Your parrot spilled the beans that you like me. I’m so happy cause I really like you. Wait, should I be listening to a parrot?
  • I’m at the vet because my dog needs a checkup after it’s been sick for a while. Oh hello. You’re a very attractive vet. I wasn’t expecting that.
  • “Hey cute dog. Is someone is stuck in a well?” Aka Lassie situation.
  • Our dogs had babies together . I kinda wanna have babies with you. Wait what, did I say that out loud? Fuck.
  • I work at pet smart and every 2 weeks when you get your paycheck, I see you buying more and more accessories for your hamster. I’m a little concerned about your finances.  
  • I work at a shelter and you walked in drunk and crying, saying “I just want to pet a dog. Is that so hard to ask for?” 
  • I was at your house for a party and kinda stole your dog? It’s a long story. I’m so sorry.
  • My pet rat accidentally got out of it’s cage a few days ago and I’ve been really worried but then I heard you scream “RAT”
  • You’re getting really annoying about our strong Cat Vs. Dog debate. I kinda just wanna fight my mouth with your mouth.

• Jonathan taking pictures of you at random times.

• Modeling for his pictures every once in awhile or whenever you feel cutest

• You would have dinners often with Joyce and Will that’s always full of laughter and funny stories

• Jonathan would make countless mixtapes for you with new songs he thinks you’d like

• Screaming the lyrics to his favorite songs in his room or in the car or anywhere else

• Will trying to teach you how to play Dungeons and Dragons but you not understanding at all

• “Studying” that usually end up with make out sessions and cuddles

• Cute little cheek forehead kisses

•Looking through Jonathan’s baby pictures with Joyce!!

• Jonathan always listening to you if you’re having a hard time and being the best shoulder to cry on


The 13:06 convo on Christmas Day is killing me I’m laughing so hard

  1. Zen bringing up Jumin Han all by himself AGAIN (I swear EVERY time he’s in the chat he does this)
  2. Zen trying to understand Jumin and failing
  3. Jumin calling them heaven and earth is kinda cute?
  4. “I hate talking to you” “WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME” jesus Zen your tsundere is showing so bad
  5. And bickering like an old married couple kekekekeke

these dorks keep activating my shipping heart help I can’t calm

can someone write a thing where Tater is traveling home with Snowy and he’s way hungover from celebrating last night (it was also his birthday), and Kent is the cute flight attendant with the nice ass. Following scenario ensues: 

Snowy (nudging Tater): Hey, that flight attendant is totally your type.
Tater: What you talking about?
Snowy: The blond one with the cute ass. The one you’ve been staring at every time he walks down the aisle. 
Tater: I’m not stare.
Snowy: Yeah you did. He said, ‘Can I help you, sir?’ and you almost came in your pants.
Tater: ShHHH. (He looks around for Kent.) Snowy, please shut up. Drink too much last night.
Snowy: I know! You had so many shots, I thought you’d be dead today!.
Tater: I feel dead. 
Snowy: Just say you want to bone the cute flight attendant and I’ll leave you alone.
Tater (hissing, blushing furiously): I don’t want bone flight attendant. Snowy, this is sexual harassment. 
Snowy: Just say it. 
Tater: No.
Snowy: SAY IT. (He’s shaking Tater’s arm and being generally annoying. If he shakes Tater too hard one more time, Tater might just puke on him.) PLEASE PLEASE
Tater: Okay! Fine. I’m want pretty flight blond attendant with cute butt on my lap so he drink with me, and then kiss him a lot and–and have babies and spoon him! I don’t know. Happy? Shut the fuck up, Snow– (Snowy’s face is frozen, and when Tater turns around, Kent is standing there, staring at him. Tater is mortified) Oh God. Oh no, I’m not meaning say that. I’m so sorry. So sorry. Please forget. I’m so hungover. I’m sleep forever.
Snowy: Yeah, what he said. Please don’t sue us. Tater’s single and horny and kind of dumb.
Kent (laughing, after a pause): Cute accent. Buckle up, please.
Kent leaves, and Tater buries his face into his hands.
Tater: I’m actually kill you when we get off plane.

But then Kent winks at him when they leave the plane, and eventually they meet again and date and Tater gets to spoon Kent for the rest of his life the end 

Dating Park Chanyeol Would Include

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In the Daytime

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  • Him being the best boyfriend in the world world.
  • But before asking you out he would be the flirtiest and kindest man.
  • Always bringing you hot drinks whenever he comes over to your house from the local cafe he passes every time he comes to see you.
  • Him giving you cute nicknames.
  • “Princess? No… hm, maybe honey? No, that makes us sound like an old married couple. Oh! I know, I’m going to call you love! Actually no, that’ll make me sound like your grandma. Uh… I know, I’m going to call you sweetheart!”
  • Him always offering to help you even though you’re trying to convince him not to. Like, you could be arguing over this for ages and he isn’t going to let up.
  • “Come on {y/n} just open the door for me. Let me carry the washing just this once”
  • “Fine.”
  • “Thank god you finally agreed, my triceps are killing me.”
  • Him hugging you
  • All the time
  • And will use any excuse for PDA
  • “Hold my hand {y/n} I don’t want to lose you in the crowd!”
  • “There’s like ten people, Chanyeol.”
  • You having to share Chanyeol with Baekhyun and Kyungsoo the majority of the time.
  • Kyungsoo coming over to cook for you and Chanyeol because he fears both of your safety if Chanyeol is let near the oven.
  • Chanyeol teasing you on a day to day basis because he can.
  • But teasing you in more ways than one ;)
  • Feeling you up underneath the table in public places while you blush and tell him to stop.
  • Him being warned by management on multiple occasions because he finds it really hard to keep your relationship on the down low.
  • Chanyeol talking about you
  • All the time
  • “{y/n} can do that, you know.”
  • “Yeah chanyeol, you’ve only reminded us eight thousand times.”
  • Chanyeol being the happy virus in your life and gives you a reason to smile every single day even on your worst days.
  • But he has his bad days sometimes,
  • And he loves having you around to comfort him.
  • Unless you two have had a fight
  • He’ll sit in his music studio room and make music until he falls asleep in the most uncomfortable positions.
  • “Aish, how does he sleep like this?” *puts a blanket over him before leaving him there*
  • Fighting with you is his literal worst nightmares brought to life
  • He hates it
  • So it’s a good job it doesn’t happen often.
  • Chanyeol is pretty chilled back when it comes to a lot of things.
  • But hates being away from you for a long time
  • On tour he turns into a puppy
  • Looking at photos of you on his phone when he’s lonely, and if it’s not a stupid time to call then he will.
  • The sound of your voice will soothe him and make him feel so safe in more ways than you’ll ever know.
  • Him reminding you that he loves you every single day.
  • He loves cuddling you on the couch
  • Especially when he’s lying with his head in your lap and you’re running your fingers through your hair
  • Or he’s leaning with his head on your chest
  • Not in a dirty way, just in one of those comforting ways
  • But he also loves holding you close into his chest too
  • He can’t get enough of cuddling
  • He always talks about the future with you, and always has big ideas for how he wants to live with you even after his contract ends with EXO.
  • “I want a red front door to our house. And a pretty garden where I can write songs on hot days. And I want a big bedroom for us, we can cover it in photos. Ah I can’t wait to buy our house, we’re going to make so many memories.”
  • “Hold your horses, Chanyeol. We’ve still got a few years yet.”
  • Him falling in love with you more and more every single day
  • Him writing songs for you all the time
  • Him wanting you to listen to his songs before anyone else because your opinion matters to him the most.
  • So many kisses
  • Him kissing you on he forehead and cheeks all the time
  • Pecks on the mouth
  • Or full on make out sessions
  • There isn’t much in between
  • Chanyeol being in love with you and showing that every single day

At nighttime

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  • Him always looking after you afterwards every time.
  • Him constantly wanting to be the big spoon because he’s tall and you’re smol and he loves that about you
  • He also just loves the feeling of you in his arms where he can hold you and protect you from harm
  • After a long day of working he’s probably going to be tired
  • But that isn’t going to stop him from getting physical
  • Lazy sex
  • Unless he’s really in the mood
  • In which case, be careful
  • This man may look cute but he is basically the embodiment of a sex god
  • Him being dominant
  • Even when you’re on top, you and he both know who is really in charge
  • Round two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Him not really being very kinky but is up to try anything that you want to try
  • Him doing it basically anywhere in the bedroom
  • Skinship
  • Neck kisses
  • Love marks in discrete places
  • Him not caring that the stylists and makeup artists constantly tell him off for receiving all these marks because it just feels so good getting them
  • Him being rough
  • But always passionate 
Christmas at GOT7′s Dorm
  • Christmas time at GOT7′s dorm should be happy, Christmas decorations and the smell of delicious food.
  • but its not
  • it was pure and utter chaos 
  • it started with mom and dad Jinyoung & JB agreeing to take the kids the members out to the city to see the lights
  • Youngjae would pet every dog he would see and then say “you are so cute but not as cute as CoCo.”
  • Jackson wanting everyone’s attention but Mark is the only one that is semi paying attention to him.
  • Jinyoung is trying his hardest not to kill Yugyeom
  • JB regretting bringing everyone outside of the dorms.
  • but during the trip to the city Bambam got an idea.
  • It was just an idea that meant no harm but it did start the whole crazy chaos.
  • His idea involved around 8,000 multi colored Christmas lights. He bought them on sale.
  • Bambam got Yugyeom to help him put the lights up
  • But since they live in a dorm and not a house they can’t anything on the outside of the dorm so take a guess what they’re about to do. 
  • yup that’s right they put all 8,000 lights all inside the dorm.
  • It doesn’t sound that bad but since the dorm is small and messy it made it bad.
  • All the lights literally  went through every room of the dorm including the restroom except it stayed clear of the shower.
  • How much tape they went through hanging the lights up.
  • and poor CoCo her little area was covered with lights.
  • It was a miracle that they had the dorm to themselves
  • but the rest of the members didn’t know what the two young one were doing 
  • so when the rest of the members arrived home Youngjae was happy, Mark was indifferent about it, Jackson wished there was more lights, and Jinyoung and JB wanted to murder the two idiots.
  • It took a while to get use to.
  • Lights everywhere.
  • Since Bambam was responsible it was his job to unplug all the lights well one week while they were away in a different country for schedule he didn’t unplug it.
  • well lets just say all of GOT7 got a 2 hour lecture because the sitter for CoCo ran out of treats so they had to go into the dorm to get her “favorite treats”
    • if she eats any other treat youngjae will throw a fit and scream at the poor sitter saying they tried to kill his beloved dog.
  • and the lecture was pretty much said “electricity is expensive so stop wasting money”
  • After that JB was starting to be strict on their Christmas decorations
  • Jackson wanted to get a real tree 
  • So with a lot of begging and crying JB said that Jackson could get a real tree.
  • JB was expecting a small or normal sized tree 
  • NOPE!
  • Jackson got a 12 foot tree and poor Jackson cried a little bit when it didn’t fit in the dorm 
  • Than he started bawling his eyes when they had to cut some of it off so it could fit properly into the dorm.
  •  Since the whole dorm was covered in lights the guys didn’t know if they should buy some more lights for the tree or just use whatever they have in the dorm, taking it away for some of the rooms.
  • Bambam already heard the word lights and already went running out the door to go buy more.
  • Few days later after the whole tree incident Youngjae saw a cute recipe online for doggy Christmas cookies. They were shaped like Santa Claus!!
  • Well as CoCo’s parents Mark and Youngjae had to make the cookies for their precious little bean.
  • No one in the dorm knew what they were making it smelled okay but not amazing. Yugyeom and Jinyougn didn’t know who the cookies were for so they each ate a few.
  • Youngjae screamed because they ruined CoCo’s treat, Mark was dying of laughter
  • and that’s when Jinyoung and Yugyeom realized why CoCo was staring at them.. lets say they instantly found trashcans and threw up.
  • It wasn’t even Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day yet and this was the only the beginning of the chaos.

there will be a post for christmas eve and day later on.

Pentagon To You Being Short And Trying To Kiss Them

Jinho: Honestly you are the same height as Jinho and you two kiss without struggle. And small kisses will take place anywhere and everywhere where he will hold your waist every single time he kisses you- and it looks so precious and cute to everybody because u both look like puppies. 

  Hui: Will grin and sort of fanboy alittle because you are precious to him as edawn. Doesnt hesitate to lean down to kiss you but sometimes will playful pull back before you do plant one on him which you will of course end up either smacking him or not giving him one. “I was jokinggg give me a kiss.“ 

Hongseok: Cannot handle the precious and adorable thing in this world which is you and cannot believe you are his. Will most likely pull you in for a bear hug out of excitement and lean to kiss your lips- then your nose and forehead and cheek(back and forth several times)basically love the shit out of u

 Edawn: You’d only a be a slight bit shorter than him since he himself isn’t tall so he’d make u try your best to kiss him as he looks down at you with a playful smile. ”You’re so close, these lips are waiting for you.“ You end up charging into the kiss and pressing your lips on his too hard. he will pull back all stunned and laughing like. ”Did you do that on purpose??“

 Yeo-one: ”You’re so cute.“ He will say as he grins, then holding you firmly by the waist and bending down to kiss you slowly but softly, pulling his face back afterwards only a slight bit so he can stare at you lovingly. 

 Shinwon: This boy is so rude, he will wiggle his eyebrows teasingly as he freaking tiptoes himself to get even taller. ”Catch these lips.“ ”Forreal you are an idiot shinwon.“ Afterwards will attack you in a hug as he kisses you right away, his arms all the way around your body, pulling you in as close as possible. 

 Kino: OKAY i wouldnt say hed do the most and kneel for you to just kiss him but Im saying he might kneel for you to just to kiss him. If you were sitting on a bench at an amusement park he will get down on one knee to fix your shoelaces and then look up and make eye contact along with a sweet ass smile of his, sending you signals that he wants you to lean in and kiss him (which you do).

 Yanan: Makes his signature baby shy smile as he has his hand in his coat pocket (with your hand in there as well for warmth) and lean down to let you kiss him (cuz there aint no way he brave enough to initiate it). Eyes closed but smiling into the kiss. 

 Yuto: Damn boy is really soft but when in public with you he gets these surge of manliness, wanting to impress you and people around him so he kind of has his arm around your neck almost into a headlock to initiate the quick kiss. You pull back all stunned like what just happened, with Yuto standing there like ‘I did that' 

Wooseok: Type to pick you up and have you wrap your legs around his waist and arms around his neck as he gives you small kisses 5 thousands times. Ends up giggling and spinning until you forcefully get down off of him yourself.