every time you talk i love everything you say

I already know that we are going to pretend that the other has never existed. I know it from the way you start replacing your promises to return with drunk kisses on my cheek. Bad choices we don’t mean are easier to forget than words. I know it from how the pain dulls. An old echo dying, killing itself over and over again every time you say my name like there is still love attached to it. I can already tell we won’t hate each other– we’ll just forget. You will look back and find that the last time we were happy, my hair was still black and everything afterwards will just blur in the peroxide. I will think of you and wonder if your birthday falls on the 4th or 14th and why that still matters; it will feel like nothing when I realize it doesn’t. Some people talk about how it hurts to remember. I wish I could tell them it feels like nothing when you forget.
—  I don’t know if forgetting is a good thing

Dark times are coming, dear friends, acquaintances, followers, little bees. Yes, we know that. We saw the trailer, we heard them talking and saying “dark” every minute. Perhaps they intended to pursue with the plan which involves us crying because everything is sooo dark and will end terribly bad and them laughing while eating honey. However, tumblr’s best friend, our dearest guest, all of you, say hi to Benedict Cumberbatch, did the favor of screwing up their evil plan. 

He said one little sentence, he thought “harmless nobody will mind.” 

Love conquers all.

And when I saw that video I thought that he was kidding with me, because that was utterly romantic, like in a fairy-tale. Couldn’t he be so obvious, could he? Oh yes, Bennie could. And he deserves hugs, kisses and many gifts for saying three words. Oh, and Steven’s + Mark’s + Sue’s faces were fabulous, so kiss the guy again, he deserves. They were like “You didn’t do that, we wanted to play with the fans and you go and become this flag of hope”. We should put the gif of their reaction on a frame. 

The casuals don’t know this is a romance, a slow-burn one, to be more specific. After seeing the cold Sherlock Holmes (wasn’t he a sociopath?) saying “I love you”, they are probably freaking out in the bad way. Or just not caring. They usually don’t analyse every single second of every single material that is released. But that was huge, and nobody expected something like that. But I’m not here to discuss theories, anyway.

The storm has already taken it’s place, right on our heads. And dark waters are coming. Deep waters. Really deep. We’ll cry, and suffer and want to punch Moftiss faces and kiss them. But be calm. First because Sherlock’s trailers are usually more darker than the own show and don’t reveal much from the real central-plot. Second, because he said, and I’m going to repeat so you all can calm down and sleep well so tomorrow there will be amazing metas around and people that are over the “December 10th generalized freak out”. 



Now let’s tag someone who inspired me to do this: @badsnowfo, I’m with you <3 

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Au where everything is the same except Dex only speaks in Melanie Martinez lyrics and it pisses Bitty off to no end.

“William. Please. For the love of pie. Stop this.”

Or, if we consider the popular fan canon that Nursey is an English Major™, 

“Dex, I know that you computer nerds don’t really know this stuff, but at this point every time you talk it’s plagiarism, and I’m going to have to stop talking to you for the sake of my Academic Integrity™ since you don’t cite your quotations.”

Dex just starts saying “ (Martinez 2015) “ etc. after every sentence

For @wellyfullofale ’s 10 Day Robron Challenge 

Day 2 - Saturday 11th Feb: Favourite Aaron quote to Robert. 

“You’re not a disappointment; you’re amazing. And he was made not to see that… No, I mean it. I love you. I mean it. I love you… Well, I’m not great at talking about this stuff either. But you know… I never stopped.” 

I never stopped is just the most amazing thing that Aaron could ever say to Robert. When I watch this scene I always have to stop and go back because that line just punches me in the stomach every time and I miss that beautiful perfect kiss. Through everything, everything Robert did to him - to Katie, to Chas, to Paddy - all the things he said to him, all the lies he told, Aaron never stopped loving him. Which is why I find it difficult to understand when people say Aaron doesn’t show his affection enough. This here is why Aaron’s feelings are never in doubt. Because he never stopped.

I tired…I tired to have conversations with you, but every time I message you, you never reply..do, do I bore you? Do I annoy you? Do I say something that makes you never want to reply? Did…did I make you hate me…? I try everything in my power to make you happy, I try, I try I try!

Maybe I shouldn’t try anymore, if you wanted to talk to me, then you would…

I guess you can always tell when your worth someone’s time…and I’m not worth yours.

—  I try. (Via poems-she-wrote)

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hi!!! honestly im just dropping in to say ive been enjoying your work for awhile now and i'd just like to say that im really??? honestly??? in love with everything you write??? like w reverse and backslide you somehow manages to neatly fulfill some of my fAVORITE TROPES and honestly all of your writing is really beautiful and enjoyable to read. and the fact that youre married and?? have a wife?? is such a big thing to me as a young lesbian writer myself idk just hearing u talk ab her (1/2)

fills me with such a sense of hope for the future and it just makes me feel really happy every time you mention her and use the word “wife” im just really happy for the both of you and you’ve been a really big inspiration to me in every way and i just wanted you to know that!!!

Ahh, you’re so sweet, thank you! I wish you all happiness!  💕

Then I started to remember you again.

How we first started talking. How we became friends. How we met. I remember us busy talking and chatting and babbling and yapping about almost everything, even our own shits, everyday. I can still remember the little things, your birthday, your favourite number, color, your nose, your throat, the plainness of your face, your skin and your body, even how you laugh, your lovely laugh the first time you laughed at me, I was addicted to it, and your soft voice that still plays in my head every time I remember you saying my name for the first time.

Even your smile, yes, I remember it clearly. And your hands! How your fingers move gently as you touch things, how warm your palm is when you hold on to just anything. I remember even the way your eyes look when you tell stories, how you stare and gaze at things that caught your interest, how fast they can get teary when you talk about your family.

I also remember the way you made me feel like you need me, the way you cling to the people you want in your life for a lifetime. The way you become this and that, and the way you get moody most of the time that even you, yourself, don’t even know why.

And I remember not leaving you even when you want me to leave. I remember being along, trying to catch up with you just to know how to understand you more. I remember being crazy just to make you smile, or even cracking jokes just to make you laugh when you don’t really want to. I remember trying to make you feel better when you get ill.

I remember them all, the memories, the history. All in the past, never can be brought back again. They’re buried, deep under the events of the present. And in the future, I know you’ll remember them as well, maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow, maybe next week, or month, or year, or when you finally become happy, or when you grow out white hair on your head.

But you won’t remember me.

—  sometimes, remembering hurts too much; lm
the signs when confronted about talking shit
  • Aries: ??? I absolutely did, now can we move on?
  • Taurus: I have never ever said nor will I every say anything bad about you *when they think you're not listening* bitch..
  • Gemini: ..........gtg
  • Cancer: yes but it was only ONE time..anyways I heARD someone say that Brenda said that YOU said I was-
  • Leo: *was just talking shit 5 min. ago* how dare you accuse me ?? I would never do anything like that.. *turns everything around and makes you seem like the bad person*
  • Virgo: ...I've done nothing but love & support you. It's unlike you to pit women against each other. Maybe one of the men to-
  • Libra: ho-how did you know?
  • Scorpio: ....who the fUCK snITCHED
  • Sagittarius: I've said all of this to your face tho??
  • Capricorn: I can't believe it took you that long to find out
  • Aquarius: oh c'mon I never said anything THAT bad
  • Pisces: my mom is calling me she says I have to come home right now immediately

Hmmm… Lets talk about @littlepuffy4ever
Every time I think, talk, hear, or see her, I smile like a love struck idiot~ I giggle at the cute, sweet, and funny things she does and say. I love her so much.
Puffy, you are beautiful, cute, and mean everything to me. I don’t care that you get upset about something, it’s normal! You are my one and only, an I’m glad your in my life!
I’m glad I met you, we fell in love fast, but that’s alright.
We’ve been together for 6-7 months now, and it make me so happy!
You are perfect to me, and I hope you know that, cause if not, ill help you see it.
I will always be here for you, even if I’m a bit late, or forget something a lot, I’m always still here.
I love everything about you, your personality, looks, interests, just everything.
You are perfect the way you are, and I would never want you to change, I know this is long, but oh well. I need to tell you this! I love you so much, and Ty for being here for me when I need you :‘3c

you’re the type of person that I’m going to wonder about years from now. how’ve you been? have you made all the dreams you talked about come true? do your eyes still crinkle when you smile? have you found anyone you love? we had great times back then, didn’t we? I hope you’re doing well, you deserve every good thing in the world. thank you for making me so happy when we were younger…I miss you.

@zullysdrawinghole *GLOMPS* I may not have known you long, or know everything going on in your irllife but I mean it, I Care and you are LOVED! And I bet anything that I am not the only person that will say that. your soul is such a lovely bright star. please don’t let anything dull your shine ok? you can pm me any time(I tend to keep weird hours,lol) and if you want let me know ani’ll give you my skype info  so if you need to talk know i’m always willin to lend an ear or two :3 ok?

Exo Reactions To Giving Their Kids “The Talk”

omg, love this. Hope you like it xo

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Baekhyun: *keeps making obscene hand gestures & laughing at himself* 

Chanyeol: *hides* “I can’t do it! I can’t take away their innocence!”

Chen: “Sometimes mommy likes to-” 

You: Jongdae! WHAT THE FUCK?”

Chen: “What?! You said tell them everything…”

D.O.: “Why can’t you do it?!”

You: “Because. I gave birth to them.”

D.O.: “But I helped make them…”

Kai: *starts laughing every time he says even a single word*

Kris: *suddenly has work to do*

Lay: *prepared a special dance for the occasion*

Luhan: “You should see your faces!”

Sehun: “Listen up, you little shits. I’m going to tell you all about how I so masterfully created you.”

Suho: “I still have no idea how any of this works.”

Tao: “So, now I’m going to have Kris help me demonstrate what you do if you like other men.”

You: “Tao… we have all girls.”

Tao: “They should still know how it works.”

Xiumin: “Watch my hip movements carefully, okay? That’s a very important part.” 

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

“I love you”. I know words are not enough to make you feel how much i love you. I love you this much and my heart beats only for you. I never knew that i’m capable to feel this way. I never imagined that i’ll fall for you like this. But as you can see, everything’s worth it, you are worth it, just so you know. I don’t have to say i love you all the time just to let you know how i feel. I want you to feel it in my every actions, the way i care, the way i treat you, the way how i deal with you, the way how talk to you, in everything i do, i want you see and feel the love i have for you. I want to make you feel that despite of this distance, there’s this one person who’s loving you from a far. I love you. I love you, baby.
—  i love you / J.C
My heart aches

I should be over it all by now, after all I probably lost the pregnancy at 4 weeks but didn’t know until 6 weeks, but I can’t help but sit there and think about the fact I should be 8 weeks pregnant nearly, excited about the announcement, waiting for my bump to grow. Everything has changed! My love was so strong from the moment I found out. I used to talk to my stomach every time I had a cramp, I used to say things like “your big brother used to give me these sort of pains and I worried just as much,” or “be healthy for mummy, we can’t wait till you start to grow,” it sounds silly, it was the size of a poppy seed, if that, but as soon as we got that positive pregnancy test, the excitement took over and you forget about all the things that can go wrong.

I always thought, these things don’t happened to me, I mean why would they? I carried one baby totally fine, this would be the same.
Everyone would tell me the same, you’ll be fine, you had the same with Lucas, and I wish they were right.

I feel by now, I should get over it, or what right do I have to be so upset over something so small, when people suffer much worse miscarriages or lose a baby to a still birth, but I am hurting. I pretend I am okay m, but actually I am not, I am breaking and wish that this was all some sort of nightmare and actually I could wake up and still be pregnant and excited and not, not pregnant and sad.

I totally don’t know how I should be feeling right now, am I feeling right, am I feeling wrong. It’s so hard.
There’s no pamphlet on “the right way to deal with a miscarriage between 4-6 weeks,” but then again, what would you put in it.

I remember the way your eyes looked at me everytime we looked at each other. I remember those lips touching my lips everytime we kissed. Our kisses were the best I’ve ever had. Your lips were the best I’ve ever tasted. I remember the way you touched me. I remember the curves of your body, I remember the smell of you skin. I remember our late night talks in bed, just the two of us like nothing else mattered. I remember the way we used to make love, I remember the way you kissed me and touched me at those unique moments. I remember the way you used to say ‘I love you’ every time after we had sex. I remember our bodies looking just like one, our souls looking just like one. I remember being happy with you. I remember our love, company and trust. I remember everything we ever had. The only thing I don’t remember is how to not love you anymore.

What He Likes About You


Your Hair. He loves to twirl your hair with his fingers when you guys are laying around on a lazy day. Also, he loves how you can put your hair in all different types of styles


Your Laugh. The sound of your laugh makes his heart skips a beat. With the crinkles by your eyes and how you lean your head back when you laugh makes him smile every time.


Your Eyes. He could stare in them all day. He loves the way your eyes sparkles when you talking about something you love. Looking into your eyes, his heart swells and feels safe. Honestly, he could stare in them all day.


Your Smile. He says that your smile brightens up his day when he is down. Your smile is his world. Whenever you’re down he’ll try everything possible to make you smile. ‘Cause if you don’t smile his whole world might fall apart. 

x I’m sorry this is such a small update I couldn’t think of anything else to write. Hope you enjoy! Follow and Heart.

Why do people keep pretending karma exists?? And I’m not talking about actual Buddhists who believe in karma on a spiritual level but just the people who keep saying “Karma will get them.” Like, no, it won’t. There are way too many people who are complete assholes that have everything they could ever want and die peacefully in their sleep never caring about anyone but themselves. Then there are other people who are always helping others and being lovely to others and they just get used and hurt. Every time you do something good, you are making the world a slightly better place in that moment. But that’s it. If you want something good to happen to you, you have to make it happen. 


“There is a song called ‘Soap’ on the album. It is the song about her re-falling in love after being heartbroken by the dude in "Carousel.’ It’s her falling in love, washing her mouth out with soap, since every time she says she loves him, it’s like throwing a toaster in the bathtub. That is the whole mentality behind the song. It is super personal for me, when I started talking to my boyfriend, who is now my drummer. There are complications when trying to figure that. How do you date someone you work with? That is always an issue, but it hasn’t been one for us. But we were cautious in the beginning. It could have been a huge issue but it isn’t. ”