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i love your art it's so so adorable!! every time it's on my dash it makes me smile... anyways i literally just saw wonder woman and i feel like i can appreciate ur steve 'n jim convos now and they're pretty damn funny lmao

Steve and Jim’s significant others thank you. The half  that’s not in shock anyway (Diana’s just really happy that Steve is back)

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just wanted y'all to know your rick counter has helped me keep track of how long i've been clean ever since i got out of rehab, every time y'all are on my dash i think "oh yeah! another day has passed!" and the numbers line up pretty well even though they're not the same, so thanks for doing the lord's work 👍

Sorry it took so long to reply to this, but this message really struck a cord with me. I’ve struggled with addiction in the past too. I’m really fucking proud of you! This message makes me happier than you can imagine.

☀️ Mod Summer ☀️ 

another star wars au cherik sketch (x)

padme!charl and anakin!erik au but where no one dies or goes vader ok

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Why do you keep reblogging your fic like 4-5 times every day? If someone doesn't read it the first time they're not going to read it other times no matter how hard you push it onus.

Well, I don’t know about other people, but I pretty much never make it through my entire dash, which is why I appreciate it when artists reblog their work for different time zones so I don’t miss it. 

Also - and marketing research has shown this - people typically need to see a new brand/product 3 times before they consider taking any action based on it. “Asy wrote a new fic, but it’s not really my ship [keeps scrolling],” does actually become, “Well, maybe I’ll give it a shot anyway,” if they see it a couple more times. People have actually given me that feedback about my books/fic for 10+ years. 

And you feel like I’m pushing it on you because I am. That’s how self-promotion works. Indie authors and fanfic writers do actually push their stories on you by sticking them on your dash at various intervals. The question is, why do you have such a problem with it? Should I be ashamed of what I write? Should I hide it somewhere? Should I consult you and let you decide if I’m allowed to promote my work or not? 

I do self-promote my work, I’m not ashamed of doing that. Writing is half of how I make a living and, unfortunately, I don’t have a marketing team to do it for me so I have to do it for myself :)

everyone.. please follow @pluviofleur if you aren’t already.. i love them and they are incredible.. you’re missing out on the happiness of ur life

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I'm really in awe of your work Ula!! It shows so blatantly that you put so much though and love into each and every piece you create. You're a genius at adding in little details (i often notice new things each time i see them) and it just makes me so happy to see your pieces on my dash. Thank you for the indescribable joy you bring me with your beautiful pieces and I can't wait for what else you've got in store. Wishing you much continued success.

 I’m just so humbled by you guys. You make me cry, truly. It’s hard for me sometimes to fully articulate what I feel…so I just want to say, it’s nothing short of magical that though we have never met one another in real life, you don’t hesitate to offer me such support. You guys helped me grow so much as an artist over the years. And you always inspire me to keep trying to get better so I can live up to your words. 

Thank you!

Does anyone else get absolutely garbage recommendations from tumblr for other blogs to follow? I feel like I get a lot of ones that are completely opposite of things I like. Plus, every time I follow someone new, it bombards me with suggestions for blogs that are basically the exact same. Also, please stop pushing the most popular blogs on me. They have enough followers.

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There is MK and KA hate going around right now big time and it pisses me off because KA shippers still have to fight for korrasami even though they're canon in every sense of the word. But noooo people can hardly see a relationship between 2 women.

I honestly (and this isn’t directed at you) couldn’t care less. I don’t see it on my dash, it doesn’t show up on my blog and the people I follow usually only post positivity and support of Korrasami. At this point, anyone who is spreading negativity about a show that ended almost a year ago is living a pretty sad life and I hope they find something better to occupy their time with soon because it’s pretty pathetic at this point. 

Korra and Aasmi are canon, they’re together and their relationship will be explored big time in the comics coming up. No huge negative text post or blog with cute pictures with circles around the expressions trying to point out what they mean is going to change that. They can type until their fingers bleed for all I care. It’s not going to change what happened and it never will. 

They don’t give a damn either. 

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I'm so tired of how every time one of these shootings happens and it's a white guy, my dash for weeks is filled with "white men are dangerous. white men are toxic. they're a huge societal problem." But then when a shooting is carried out by a non-white Muslim, my dash immediately explodes with "RELIGION OF PEACE. THIS WASN'T TERRORISM. DO NOT BLAME THEM." It's just so incredibly two-faced and shitty.

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hey I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing the Birthday Unending. I struggled from chronic depression and anxiety and every time a Birthday response comes up on my dash, especially on bad days, it's like a little blotter of sunshine that makes things just that much better. even when they're not strictly applicable to my situation, they're still comforting, like a favourite sweater or a good pair of shoes. they always help. so, thank you.

You are so very welcome.  <3