every time she talks to me i feel like im interacting with a celebrity

Starry Night

 The stars were beautiful tonight.

 Deep brown eyes stared at the night sky. It was a peaceful night. Stars gleamed and twinkled. The moon shined and beamed. Birds were absent, save for a few owls who hooted peacefully as if they acknowledged her presence. A small smile curled the corners of her lips. Knees tucked close to her chest, Kiran took a deep breath and exhaled slowly through her mouth.

 “There you are, Kiran.”

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anonymous asked:

List all your Tumblr friends and how you became friends with them + which meme you associate them with.

this is actually an insane ask. who are you. why would you do this to me,,,,, im gonna do just the ones on this blog then reblog it on my main and do that okay!!!

some that i havent talked to in a while but i will always keep close to my heart are: @pctter @lilyevansh @loqhart @remusluvpin @thunderbjrd @lilyevcnz and more that im scared to tag because i dont know if they just forgot about me sdhjfahlgj

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can you send me receipts about that incident bc this is literally the first time i’m hearing about it. this post is the first time anyone has personally come to me (this side) to boost anything, you know, rather than use extreme cases to fearmonger and derail actual discussions (like..how i said..in the op..that we just get radio silence except when you shaladins come here to tell us we’re bullies). I dont check up on shaladin accounts (and most antis dont bc we tend to want to avoid you guys).

“Most shaladins actively campaign against hate that’s what their accounts exist to do” same for antis yet many of the asks/submissions/responses we get are hate! next

“How many posts exist that say along the lines of ‘antis should die?’ A very small amount” I’m just wondering how much content antis receive do you actually see bc this seems to be a very one-sided view lol. do you want like an exhaustive list of how much hate/harassment antis get cuz you’d be waiting a while lol. it’s not just posts but asks, submissions, dms, and I don’t get how you can say we DON’T receive the hate we do when you’re not an anti.

also WHO are the fandom moms you are talking about? bc the only ones ive seen are shaladins/non-antis. could you link to evidence of predatory ppl pls? so i can actually do something? instead of just talking on my post about how bad and awful we are? this is literally the most useless response ive ever gotten.

“You were attacking her, harassing her.” the minor who had an issue with bex wasn’t attacking her. people were rightfully upset that she joked about a pedophilic ship—a ship that she said herself she doesn’t support in canon because it would be an inappropriate relationship and “shiro is not a sexual predator” and is not in a relationship with any of them. that’s in her words btw. AND she encouraged a sexual homophobic comment about a minor as well. people had a right to be angry with her, and with her platform/celebrity status she should’ve known not to react the way she did. she doesn’t deserve to get called a pedophile and other antis as well as myself have made posts about that for our own community. but what she did was not okay, and even she knew that when she tried to apologize. but still because of her that minor was sent death threats and harassed off of tumblr by who? shaladins. bex was NOT abused jfc for people who love to say we don’t know pedophilia is this is a laughable response.

and now “I have never seen a pedophile shaladin” ??? your entire community is built off of “it’s just fiction” and “don’t like don’t read” content/content-creator shielding rhetoric. guess who that protects? lol here are some examples: x / x / x

plus EVERY shaladin who interacts w sexual content of the underaged characters (ESP where they look really young/younger compared to shiro, don’t ignore that), EVERY shaladin who makes the “age of consent is 15 in X country” argument, “fictional child porn is just fictional” argument, “my parents got together when one was 15 and the other was 20″ argument, “as long as they’re post-pubescent it’s fine” argument—that is ALL predatory rhetoric/behavior. you’re telling us we’re watering down the definition of pedophilia when countless shaladins like to say anyone who hits puberty is suddenly eligible so it’s fine if a teenager dates someone in their twenties??? nasty. you guys refuse to examine the danger in age gap relationships if one or more person involved is in their teens so don’t tell us we don’t care about minors or survivors.

“You actively ignore when someone brings to light a real life case of pedophilia.” where??????? link me please??? or hey remember when i mentioned above when a shaladin called a CSA defense firm (a firm that defends pedophiles for a living) to confirm that child erotica is not in fact illegal #DiscourseEnded :)

this is literally hilarious that you’re telling ME that antis put fictional arguments over real people. that second to last paragraph is just a bunch of bullshit. your whole community is a cesspool that aids pedophiles and abusers and makes it easier for them to feel safe grooming kids because fandom has been brainwashing everyone with this ridiculous mantra of There’s Nothing Wrong With This Abusive Relationship If It’s Fictional. where criticism of fictional content/fandom behavior is suddenly harassment and the Good Old Days of fandom were when everyone could do whatever the fuck they want (i.e be racist/homophobic/consume pedophilic content/ship incest/etc etc etc). do you not see how dangerous that is? nowhere am i saying the anti community is perfect but shaladins fit perfectly in this whole “fandom is not your safe space/it’s just fiction” shithole where people like lohkay and todokaras and jakeira thrive and call kids stupid for being uncomfortable with pedophilic/abusive/etc content.

“Stop pretending you’re doing what you do for the greater good because it’s been shown time and time again when that was put to the test that all you actively care about is your ships and your petty arguments regarding other people’s” literally shaladins are the ones who pull all this shit out of their asses for the sake of a fictional ship. how’d you get that backwards lol. come back after you acknowledge the predatory arguments your side uses.

and yeah im 21, I’ve had more time to unlearn the gross hive mindset of Dont Like Dont Read that fandom is currently trying to break out of. Me being against glorified pedophilia/abuse/incest/etc. isn’t the problem here and I hope you can realize that.

anonymous asked:

why do you like sansa stark? i see you blog a lot about her, i'd just like to know why.

friends. family. children. everyone. this is gonna be a long one. buckle up. im not even putting a tl:dr because honestly it doesnt do my explanation justice. but i will put it under a read more to spare y’all. its gonna be long. 

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Merry Christmas ! 

Thank you all so much for supporting me in my time here, I really wouldn’t be here without all of you. You all mean so much to me and I wish I could express that more than in a bunch of words. There’s so many of you here, and I wish I could go to you one by one, but because I can’t I’ve made way with a big long bias list like this. I hope we continue to be close for many days to come ! So, to celebrate a happy holiday, and a landmark of 333 followers, onto the read more!

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                       520+ FOLLOWERS. THANK YOU!!!

So.. I basically reached the 500 followers mark, and I’m??? I don’t even understand why y’all are even following me?? Like, I’m barely here because I’m a busy as fuck mun?? Ahhh T_T I wish I could roleplay with all of you.. Like any other person, I have my mood swings and just sometimes don’t want to come online to roleplay. It’s just a hobby, right? I feel like Caleb’s developing more and more thanks to all of you! I feel really comfortable roleplaying him, even though there are times in which I could just slap the fuck outta this boy- but don’t we all wanna do it sometimes? I’m sure as hell I ain’t the only one feeling this urge. I wanna thank you guys for giving me an amazing roleplay experience. I hope my writing doesn’t confuse you, though- I’m an ESL mun, obviously still learning English, and I wish to improve my writing skills! I hope you guys help me with my wish~ ANYWAYS, below are people that have made my stay amazing and/or are close to Caleb!

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To celebrate my blog’s second birthday (which was actually early January but I’m a small potato with very bad memory and the tendency to procrastinate until the very last moment) I thought I’d do another Follow Forever because I haven’t done one since Christmas 2014 when I hit 1k lmao 

This post is gonna be long af so I’m gonna put the rest after the cut :)

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This looks bad. It looks very bad. I’m not going to deny that fact. But first of all, why is this only a few second long video? Where’s the minutes of her standing around with fans, actually laughing and carrying on nice conversation with them? Why is this only showing the charade of Tiffany being followed and having things shoved in her hands? You know that’s how it went, because that’s how it always goes when she’s at the airport. That’s how it goes when SNSD as a whole go to the airport, that’s what happens when every idol goes to the airport. Anyone into kpop knows that an airport is like a personal hell for most idols. They’re all pushed, pulled, prodded, groped, yelled at, and followed like their animals in the zoo. This is exactly what happened when she went to France as well, or has everyone forgotten that? Airports are hectic, and then for her to experience all of this by herself without her other members next to her? She looks frazzled. She looks on edge, which is probably why she ended up snapping at the fans the way she did. There’s only so much people can take before they end up snapping. And that’s what most of you like to forget, idols are people just like you and me. People have breaking points.

How would you like having your every move followed when you just got off of a 14 hour flight, are already super tired, and ready to just get to where you’re trying to go? How would you like having bag after bag shoved into your face after your hands are already beyond full? Admittedly, I don’t like how she spoke to them. Admittedly, Tiffany sometimes has a way of saying things that make you want to clench your teeth and go “Tiffany…!!” but that’s just how her personality is.

However, this video is in no way an accurate depiction of her relationship with her fans. Every single fan account out there says that Tiffany is one of the sweetest and kindest celebrities. She takes her time with the fans she meets, she talks to them, she makes them feel like they’re the only people together in the world for just those few minutes. She’s kind, she’s respectful, she’s nice to her fans. This video goes against everything that anyone ever has to say about meeting and interacting with her. This short, out of context video is just proof that people have breaking points, and shouldn’t be demonized for reaching them.

she left a week to roam [2/??]

Fandom: Gravity Falls
Previous Chapter: Chapter 1
Word Count: 4,057
Relationship: Mabel/Pacifica, also Pacifica being friends with multiple people.

Summary: Mabel isn’t here. If she had simply moved back to California that would be one thing; the distance to Piedmont is trifling to someone with Pacifica’s resources. But it’s beyond that: on a fundamental level, carved in stone on the world’s foundations, Mabel isn’t here.

Warnings: Mention of underage drinking by a high schooler, and I guess some non-canon-typical swearing?

Additional notes: This took an age and a half, which is sadly pretty normal. Anyway, enjoy some non-sequential bits. If you’d like another relevant song, here’s one


so basically ur a recluse


ok, rude. do i look like a recluse to you?

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